Education Systems – US vs. India

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  1. American creativity :-

    Scientist 1 :' We have no option but to use rocket engine to propel mars explorer all the way to mars.

    Scientist 2 :- Can we pull it off?

    Scientist 1 :- Yes, we can!! We are Nasa, We are Murica.

    Scientist 2 :- You sure? Because you said the same last 5 times.

    Scientist 1 :- Dont worry, we will be successful this time. We have spent billions of taxpayers dollars.

    After launch attempt :-

    Scientist 2 :- Damn, we did it again. We have wasted taxpayers money for the sixth consecutive attempt.

    Indian Creativity :-
    Scientist 1 :- We dont have launch vehicle big enough to launch mars explorer aka chandrayan along with its rocket engine.

    Scientist 2 :- We should use earth to slingshot mars explorer all the way to mars.

    Scientist 1 :- Sounds like a nice plan, but it will require precision calculation to pull off this trick.

    Scientist 2 :- Dont worry we have great team of mathematicians and scientists.

    After successful mission.

    Scientist 1 :- I cant believe we pull it off.

    Scientist 2 :- and at ridiculously low cost.

  2. My dear Indian brothers, Don't insult the Americans that much. Yes, we have a LOT LOT POTENTIAL, but US also have talents in their country.
    It's just that we all collectively have to make sure every talented student in every country should get quality education, and sadly, the quality universities required for that are present mostly in US and Europe.
    It's very disheartening to see absolute talents in India getting discouraged at one point of time bcoz of the cut-throat competition here and financially as well.
    Just give those young Indians opportunity to study in class universities (which they deserve), whether in India or abroad, and you will see what kind of contribution they can give to the world….

  3. Americans have more creativity than Indians. No matter how much talented we’re we will work for American company at the end of the day.

  4. Just tell american student to crack iit or neet ..only few americans can do that ….you americans are only successfull because you are using indian brain …

  5. Indian education is not good at all …the government has decreased their budget for education…and education in India is expensive

  6. neither – it is Bhutan . Its the only country in the world which has Negative CO2 emissions , REst of the countries decided to fuck this planet so stop using plastic you dumb fucks

  7. I think America Education system is far better than indian
    They make students to learn new things…help them yo become but on the other hand in india you have to solve useless stuff need to remember useless information to clear entrance exams for getting into good colleges. syllabus is outdated not up to date..engineers lack of technical knowledge so the unemployment and most important Indians are not getting Education in their own language you need to learn English anyhow which is bit difficult for plenty students. Just producing donkeys over useful expert.


  8. People in America are probably gonna hate Jay in 30-40 years. He doesn't see the bigger picture!

  9. We should serve our country and make it grow instead of growing a foreign country. We may go there to get modern education if we want and ultimately should grow our nation. We owe this much to our beautiful country. I cleared competitive xms to practice in a foreign country and serve their people, but I got enlightenment and stayed here and serving my people. I am proud

  10. Absolutely right. Our political and social constraints in India don't let us devote our creativity and hard work towards our own country; that's why we have to take jobs under the USA or the UK. It's not good any way.

  11. "Our correspondents are already there and they say a different story". Guess how the western propagandists work in realtime? Bob is trying to make Adolf Hitler understand "We don't need more Penzers, we need more soldiers". But Adolf Hitler is like " No the superior blood lines of our fatherland and our superior culture will drive our Penzers into the allied lines and destroy all our opponents". Logically bald and intellectually bankrupt.

  12. bdw dats great if they have such peoples who think india nd china dnt have great education so dat they dont improve nd we grow more 😂😂

  13. World worst education system india has. Because our society and parents are only allow to take science. F.. K situation in india
    we are producing more engineers .but 90% of them are still unemployed… After a few year indian students will turn into robot's ..and teachers are to poor in india… Forcing as to byhart.. Or memories it with without know its meaning…thats my condition. We have no options to take subject… If u are taking science you have to take all science subject like physic chemistry maths biology. With English and one regional language… Six subject total.. In 11 &12 grade. The option is if you want bio then that or computer or home science… I wish to do history +ecology +business + with English literature.or sociology . We dont have any freedom to choose our subject
    .But our society think like this that if u take Science u are average or above or brilliantstudent. but if u take humanities or commerce. Then u are below average. Damn education system ever .wish to do higher education in abroad. our teachers dont know what they are learning ….then why respect them.?

  14. This idiot James doesn't know for the fact that Indian and Chinese are the inventors in USA
    Idiot racist

  15. India is the dumbest country ever trust me I'm an Indian. That's why we escape this dumbness and go out and never come back !

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