Education research: The perils of narrow training | IN 60 SECONDS

When I talk to graduate students in education policy today, two things stand out: One, the caliber of their methodological training, and two, how little time they say they spend reading or thinking broadly about education. When we discuss what they're learning, the answers tend toward the narrow, ahistorical, and, well, thin. For example, those training to research teacher quality have devoted remarkably little attention as to why career ladder models have failed in the past, or even to what it really means to be an effective teacher. A lack of history and context can lead researchers to overinterpret findings or miss obvious caveats. Just for instance: We should always keep in mind that higher test scores may reflect better instruction, or just increased test preparation, and that the answer really matters! Let's be clear: While methodological chops are great, we need scholars who also possess historical memory wisdom and judgement. I hope those preparing tomorrow's researchers can rise to the challenge. What do you think education researchers need to know? Let us know in your comments. Also, let us know what other topics you'd like our scholars to cover in 60 seconds, and be sure to like and subscribe, for more research and videos from AEI.

4 thoughts on “Education research: The perils of narrow training | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. Not sure anything would help. Since I left public school to homeschool I started studying different methods & philosophies to teaching & educating children. I fell in love with the Charlotte Mason method & I felt as if her beliefs not only matched my own but also would have benefited many of students with learning disabilities. Her methods are more developmentally appropriate and she has a “less is more” approach. My degree is in child development & many of the courses I took contradicted the way & what we teach children. So maybe more studying on child development?

  2. What the hell does this subject have to do with ENTERPRISE? We need more ENTREPRENEUR subject matter coming from this channel. Not more EDUCATOR fodder. For every 10 videos coming out of this channel, there had better be at least 9 that are BUSINESS ENTERPRISE focused. Remember! The title of this channel is??????????>>>>>>>>>>>>>> EXACTLY!!!

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