Education for Sustainability | Jaimie Cloud | TEDxWindham

11 thoughts on “Education for Sustainability | Jaimie Cloud | TEDxWindham

  1. She seems to be another one of those people who want to substitute children's education for more schooling and indoctrination.. This is very cruel, as these uneducated children will grow up to be more like animals than people.

  2. Hi Jamie, loved your talk! It was so interesting to learn about the different education models. It was also great to see how creative the kids were as they were inspired by nature when solving significant problems. I am sure these experiences will serve them extremely well as they progress through life.

  3. This is an important talk. "Learning to Learn." That's the only way that people can succeed in an environment where careers rise and fall in the matter of a few years. The notion of "Computational Thinking" really reinforces this. See Patrick Kaplo's talk here and Dr. Marina Bers talk from TEDxJackson.

    Great talk Jaimie. Keep up the important fight. #Ed4Sustainability

  4. Hi Jaimie, Really enjoyed the stories in your talk with the schools and biomimicry – special!

  5. Thank you for sharing your talk with us at TEDxWindham, Jaimie! Small world – blessed to have crossed paths while I was in Maine volunteering at TEDxDirigo.

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