well when the fumble em don't come back to their Wednesday this night education program salon education for all guess what today we'll get a lot of things we'll talk about get something very important we'll also come together and grab midspan because these matters of the hats not CEO I will talk about us sell unions and be more valid and opinion and ideas so that things will go before now we can see but before I tell you I will they talk about family I want to Luna the guests they will get my a suit CP forget madam I sat at our Valley where now one of the vos and and people that will lack few is one of viewers them always detuning to viewers in spirits don't start the contribute to tax and all that thing steady can you help us place of saloon well we go oui madame I certainly can Allah will not see I'm a little it's a luna i do and i'm i said i wanted fumbling I do yes family now all good evening good morning and it's awaiting re wall you know hello so everybody AG land for the Nadi's show and thank you for inviting me thank you so much and also means and voice-off salon people and say I'm glad if you see you because then they see you check so it's a quasi do safe inside this network because it's not Savo all about skin and type of do things the right sweet so I'm glad it what you don't show up today I am NOT and join me and got more fun things the way they push me contigo before when I also know mr. Muhammad Ali mensaje the voice of teachers the president for the voice of stitches inside we don't go for a while but I don't we back for candy we update and for help you work more power to with the tenacity pity mr. Muhammad Ali then addict phone and it will tell family I do mr. Mohammed you want out with people that I do well mr. Mohammed enjoy me from saloon and now we go to with value or we can call the golden voice when I'm a young co-host madam Janet Oona also deep voice I am the the station manager for UK branch it always they will try not a phone for make sure say this program becomes successful for being ideas valued opinion cancer this program David's Benedict phone and it will not do as we get to dance that we don't join me tonight we talk about education to send us alien so I am but ambassador already and fired very true thank you so much and madam Janet I am I won't go to me people live we're not a make with the produce this program when I they make with their suit today we people that we don't join me where they watch you right now I just wanna say thank you to everybody thank you to me Mona – thank you – madam Celica but thank you thank you very much a mulatto for joining us I just wanna say we appreciate soon of America every Wednesday for talk about racial building for talk about education because you not value with the education the tune animation I mean every Wednesday will not be able to be constant so I gotta kindly ask you know that when I will share so that we were able for disseminate this message to many many many people out there like we share so that people don't go join me when I'm gonna be calling or sending text so that will go all go contributes for this topic but before I say anything I just want I wanna say the feet on teacher and freedom city council mayor then they go about four in grade school stem or big schools know if that project but I say a lot of schools now attend or show up not media so we got a picture of that which is displayed in school any about 49 very very very decent classrooms them if you see the class who the inside and so a perfect for for promote learning at the country so now that the fleet on city council mayor they do now when I almost say the president we don't talk about the free quality education and we talk about five things I will push this thing go before one of the things and I forget a food structures without beginning we'll go sit down and make myself comfortable so we don't see that so we know this education program we weren't for sure now waiting good and waiting also they go wrong who are for being the authorities them attention so places that we don't know they see so places that word another guy he puts about but for right now one should not waiting don't go on a salon these few days of these few months whether the displayed and schools and then I do not be don't see another social media now this D president and Mayor they do now there is a new vet school stem pig classroom well-ventilated see the structure acidity the floor you see the board so not some of the good things and this way they happen at the education system right now I will switch for being a camp there were people they know about that another active what we will talk about see there we go ask me in voice of teacher presidents let give you update about that we know say them be strike now we know anything about the strike again but the teacher and say whether they don't pay them is six million loose when and we ask for we don't even on pay them then ok again for update so I reach out so let's disable you guys for coming to be updates about this one I shall I so everything goes down go down so we go ask Allah say one give me one minute updates about that and also a system teachers and they pull off they pay another get paid and all right let us a certain number of teachers and go off the payroll we all know how things difficult that the country now so we want no wider than the pulling off the payroll did who go actually a voice of teacher maguey them a salary and give me two minutes updates for that am this Tooting weather highlights will get a specific show we all will come back and talk about that in detail one if the teachers in longer than six million pay even if not of six million seven was the government's are so why am I gonna take the chicken off the payroll was not a reason and Abu Bakri mr. Mansell I give you two minutes quick I'm gone down on engine and it's a stood out there plenty to talk about in addition to the christianima damages are they ask me with envoys of teachers when we continue with the Navy SEAL or might we discuss this we protest we want for let's engage we've discussed with them we last engagement to gates now with the Minister of Education winner mr. alpha whose man to move engage with an office we discussed them and we hope he cuts another moon and see which therefore come out many starts up to history engage if it ended so we still would oppose do guns we post you if I caught you let's say with a caddis force because that's easy for that I say assisted and it deletes post and because let people see that wide open litigated in the pouch ah so now I don't know sit and pull an eminent voucher because they're calling for mosaic fire and we get program now I wanna be called all teachers from both of the in fact use your PIN code so you name with another system then it's rifle collected database and also now them begin that it will let me beat a salad with a go for verification so most of the teachers when a teacher and a process they done a before eliminates them so now with all CCA thousands hundreds of and teach others I know go get pig inside this June because they know goes a fine so are we they do not fall a before create another way when I google do their verification if they may exist let them do their verification so that number one at the system when I'm go get their faith so this will take me to the next topic I'll say Thank You Velma mama daddy for that quick updates day this go lead you to the next Tom Campbell all those in a saloon what's in the app enough for a big college people that will put you hope and trust to the flower bikes now all on see the diodes with a goodie not all I'm saying no to tutor we don't bring that kind of voice of Selena education show all the people maybe aspire for be President no we inside with my self optional questions wound up calling the sandwich edge will be chance for lead why there were a spare for be President everything was fine within the process and not postpone the election are to tame this so choose the enemy they get a debate not college so all we can see now not only two people have for wound so I will have the discussion I have shown that in the video that will go come back and discuss waiting you see and waiting gonna be the wave forward select anything they are no they happen now we institutions of higher learning even if in a lower line will enforce it things like this people can agree for this I agree do not eat table and talk some sense into other person way to get your opinion and say okay this is not my opinion no need for I agree with you but you could give why you're losing so am i freezing on our way there go carry go forward but stones prepared for promo to care for will you open it and I know it not make sense it does the cause more destruction so family way they watch will never get the opportunity for Kobe and what mods from this program today so we go shown at this guy all to video way up enough so a bit college and we go come back [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] well madam Janet and you yourself don't see these CIOs way they take place up for a big college so the family waited what is enough Rebecca let not choose that is happy- debate whether they do every side for sure and tell a new challenge and tell original plans for Linda institution day so now that maybe they did choose the way desired happen so both sides who see what you don't have to who don't see for yourself now the the police tell me they up there then this did they put them in strategic and position formatting or tell this time problem where they go up there we now say according to the notes people away would record and go for what take care of them runes them and now the investigation they go off the minister of tertiary and higher learning don't say them for investigate this particular Rio Jia we take place now fly by Poland on Tuesday after weather no man who has didn't am union election of Quebec college for six years now the new opportunity for leather make this election the same thing to happen again so now they must burn the election we don't know how long that could take find out it will get back to the ten now is now than the type of find out ordinary puppet theaters them put on are the actors of this particular layers and then we'll be makin two books so now the problem an issue this way Tenafly big college election be supposed for be this Friday when I be forgettin student union president analytical for mayor after six years our axe this question out to me catch them and I was top with madam Janet madam journalist are you see this band and way come up with this election are a big hole it with this diode we don't take place yes this is the first band is allocated third one because six years now the monitor President President the students you know know that the president and so if first they were won't talk about for me it's the importance of Student Union you know mr. Ali me as a my university day so understand President Cheney president represents Chileans them you know for talk about if she's really affect student at the University for being voiced for them for a before help those were coming in their way me to open the beginning of students and finding their political feet you know I find their political forty it worked on a pity you know so if some it was a beautiful name it's almost like a shadow you know a student people Aranda they know work understand issues it was it was such a beautiful college what is lacking here because they're supposed to uses University I said plays a beginning you know find debates no stopping the sheep people and then the debates and talk about issues with patching into the students their their life and stuff like that people want to see more cookies so Jimmy's mother Reza I was a student here I knew go to Michelle for six months today the Sun Russian they said kinda machine you know you add where you see so many thing it took nicely but it for student activities which is really need and a what is lacking purpose you should so you know excited you weren't to be there you know you want understand issues because this is where me my only love to speak for others came from their learning you know listening to people speaking and all of this mother Melissa has been lost mrs. Anderson is a wonderful wonderful University forget the first University will find is footing si Africa our on the star what is going on in place with Amazon because if the students there like the ending from a small number people understand the essence of having a Student Union body when I host the Minister of Education you're right it doesn't get thank you so much man I'm Janet I'll come to Madame I said I'm Adam I said ah I you see this because I'm like please look for a big college when we get intellectual stem then get a debate with everybody they look up to them so people don't see me and they listen I hate you oh so then don't just say it sticks stones everywhere and they take place what do you think people were picking away that door when all hitch decided they looked forward to the end they don't teach and put more a 72 something good but at the end of the day I end up to this education when I forgot that educates people lamb talk about the debate talk about them plans for the university talk about things will improve the university then they end up so loud would you think about with higher institution in a saloon thank you very much for the question and to me I think tonight disappointment because we look forward to them people of higher institution for be with leaders of tomorrow so if today with all waiting I don't teach them from primary school to secondary school then they reach down and University and then filth in a datum for practice that you know middle practice down the ladder when I'm in day before it disappointing but the antenna day that can always happen because you get people from different background different type of food and raise them so me I feel that the government or the police they don't take the right steps well then come forward force for cool detention down without any depth because most of Italian jack is so big so dangerous so I take oh thank you way at least one or get any critical wounded and go see somebody get in a life-threatening situation so but for now going forward now after this fourth step then it falls for investigate without any bias and no matter what I am picking involve even if you daddy be a president even if you daddy be a minister and no matter how old a daddy be be chief make them make sure said and given people and it very drastic punishment and if I be fair for Magnum will send a message for say that kind of attitude they are so in wrong not just because of them that are also member said and get parents then when they look forward to them and all that it's there where the government's can be passed in both the hediye and Jana forgets help for help we from 1 to 10 above the in primary school then they do that because they expect so we get people and I'm one way we will get for expertise they as them grow so then it is still that idea that they utilize them money then they own we not oficina free money then they do daddy because the Wallow become good citizens then tomorrow so that we go try for her for being the country so web people and they involved in riots and they involved in lawlessness they're not just for remember I said not just because not in your own life body for remember for say also spotted always resources finding them parents them then the community the government so then therefore act responsibly so if then the same stones them if you can go and stone somebody else we don't get anything for do with all the right way they go on then maybe you will somebody in your life for nothing or you set up in your life waste for nothing you keep Majid if you distress we go believe you play against Tampa so to me I feel say the first step or the need for the first a plan it'll do so the second step they really really need for big drastic with them then will they really need to get for the bottom of it and after what they don't punish them people and they wait and find out today is touch the world thing madam make sure they educate them back of the importance of the Union nobody not a fuckin one out there for can't talk for them if you know to the Union their students unit very very important because not in the heart of the problem wouldn't get snot in university so this idea spokespeople and this one in the same way the government get for talked to and see within their need so Megan no say where this if debate can a very very important debate they pussy waited debate even if he knows in order for system team way they're in always in your favor they made the call and he bit you bring me on point in dental brilliant point they wanna talk about us so una fight with pen and paper but not with stones so mean Arriaga stuff for now thank you so much it was so madam isatap painting Pippin and effect now this 21st century not so stick not to violence not or anything because another carry go forward what if I don't see that deal in the war all tank guns and machete they use what's at the end of the day they're gonna table talk about that they use pen and paper and do some things we take you from there so for every college would expect much for math so some people that I send message to be said and suppose for van student union election not only from fly back all day but all the University then a saloon now that's a few bytes were joined when I didn't at its phone line and from UNICEF kick over to not think safer band the student union election not only collect Rebecca let me see my guy and I am check all the colleges the way of higher learning somebody said for just burn them for the bow Student Union politics on the other hand who knows another deceptive practice for condom so can be a.m. he does them tomorrow because I am i practicing down but you can begin with area so now they need to plan how then go come and practice good politics with this in your opinion are some of them problem we had a twin-cam probably moved onto national politics now I just receive a text a month and this now say the best in rem Student Union so be banned in all institution in a saloon and who got the phlebitis an awesome moment I'll imagine I take on that form and all politics and we're going on students college they deserve hello yes bad with a lady you what do you think about that for Van Alden student union activities the not ecologist adult but that's not so this solution to the problem with in Abu Dhabi College unfortunate on the part of the student them we didn't do opportunity they will forget representation with advocates on a beer right but fearful first of all therefore and distinguish between national politics because of this problem the way politicians national politicians them which therefore put an insult to the instrument politics now 100 the root cause understand if the loser for separates the one D is to reach this this one to the solution for ban elections for Banda student never telepathic students in politics not so the solution therefore job to address the root cause of the problem address the root cause of the problem student nurse a politicians in Sofia in the politics one peacefully right pass a bansiram imagine considered Somalia chaotic situation ad the election oficial in incidentally six we had a war we L that elections understand prophecy anybody's action is like you don't give way you don't make people them with not the support democracy or get the impression say to the women know you have to tell them that there are no winners you understand super government and show see the boots miracle spirit and staff investigates whosoever contribute if we like a politician disposed to move when I was actually college professor man Jerry Collins minister in the equinox elections every week on today as head of the college with connection and a job maybe president's election with a large mechanic Oh Bobby president if needed Adams in the way there so he could Knoxville on it be President he demos peaceful because of violence you mr. Landon come up with admirers be conservative with participate in democratic process yesterday bandits in it had deep red Jeannine students of the right and students not a right that then position 11 get representation with advocate on their behalf so combine an analysis of the problem feature electrolyzing for understands not then the na college Vanya understand and politician about boots under and then to comply with with Thomas understand the concept of the two ideologies the Grady black ancestry represented by Valley represents a modality then when you identity represents a family then you come here people didn't forget ideologies them for other politicians understand how the student politics debates the DECA now at the misconceptions before ideology same black man the SLPP with my ABCs mr. count problem Evan is finish all in the leadership reform with national elections imagine what miss of the solution optional whistle missing the leaders we get within society because indeed if former college open at the Citadel of knowledge the dictionary to the level of hooligans just by the bells going to an election what if we national memory panache election the organs full of violence by election focusing oak treads Kokomo didn't kill person there call this election or possible daddy come on Shifu because Luke we diversities will universities not building ground people can take the mansion of leadership Nakhon Si degenerated yourself to this table we university rather investigates to solve our and will be honest in position no matter whose cap will start by so you belong to therefore net and Shamu and ban you under Palestine they're limited by any political activities any public office because of dollars where the university will go into Rita sue and he still a geek own you wonder will the window consilina body are millions of gallons the baby please don't do that now so going forward not for bond election the election from go ahead but whosoever way under the way responsible for bigger to move name the she mom then the public office again because in our disappearance one of the flights and after a bit college join with you online for Googlebot Spanish so what do you think family way they watch you feature them for ban all student activities not all the University Dennis alone because of the continuous in iOS really happy and we wanna don't say and how youth really does them what do you do to really does them when I come down in society and that's empty Nintendo 48 and make a sensitive pathway even the guests will be get to not be the experience I would they be chopped for the interference of police politicians them in the Student Union politics the work the student you know politics for me carried out by the people awaken son not outside people away not get business that uprooted and I Election Day and man I'm dead what do you want say about the interference of politician and into the Student Union politics if it's not wannabes in that where the cause is desired it all calls a lot to wanted not to choose over the sea and a various institutions them and about this day they're black and white comes with and gets a this white belong to this party this owner can belong to not pass today some of them things they already bring all the coyote away not a try for em can we couldn't we go before F for being good leadership nervy County actually see in present existence of seen the very happy to be leadership and any second is enough of band a union activities now on the colonoscopy college with an eye take on that well in normalization you know actually answering question very clearly you know and you know the importance of Student Union you know follow get this exposed for a befall speak advocate on behalf of their income freedom for issues than way they affect them inside a so so is the important asset in this student shield has very important place you know enough to the city for Bonham when I seem to say something mr. must be say a small we understands the diminished reading politics or politicians them and then they interfere into the politics on campus and come to very close to the Facebook in 2012 2018 you find our students away from the activities you know because I think missed out on them what's even a doula is it mainstream politics and bronc on to campus which mr. Mossler say the problem is the core of this entire problem so which team if Allah said in the Minister for block yes they will investigate them well like mr. masoorie said when in the hunt after the uncivilized Hindu in the way they go for I have tutoring students the FSA and then for teachers is a in a law interfere into student politics Sudan 46 will be free from violence student politics must pay attention today things are really affected by the camper say they'd be a voice for others you know and it should be a beautiful time for them for able for resolve issues on campus to represent others you know Luke we'll miss summers I mean mister messolonghi we are all a picture of written students in your life is all about so but we don't know the problem now we know now so politicians in it is this interference now we need for remove you know so Mademoiselle should abandon Student Union across the country I don't think so because really there's the university with our Student Union IRA thinks a citizen with a before forget within their wives after the university they have this board last week for them when I think it's about going back to the table and an encourage students in for pay attention to written Student Union 46 mean it is so different from the after 43 think you know how to fight each other in their they don't want to be the local madam I said to say pen and paper and a paper speaks you know speaker sorry you stand there issues you know wouldn't begin learn about the real world you know me banging this other answer is the answer I think it's about encouraging the students go back to the table and teach them and then later on the sunset this place where they finances is the one place that you want to find it to be able to you know be a spokesman for others we come in the real world what a beautiful place should be thank you madam Janet madam I said what do you think you know one of the solutions name where the government to implement all the administrators in Arabic College will go stop their loyalty and the future well if we're late with mr. Messiah don't say so now the writing me who know DD boats Indian artists school now then no not in university and I didn't know it's in ago on D if if for for to the politicians then really really involved inside this then we really need for acts we self now the kind country this way we went for make the world see we ask web election ten common effects election ten don don una interfere back into student then election process and they will not bring chaos day and when I suppose forbidden leaders then they the papaya and the Grand Palais and will be for take example form so really I think ready president in administration really look into this and making all look back because this can bring big problem cannot accounting this not own anything way street for talk if they don't begin for the talk about black and white and two different paths Eden this kulfa be free of all the entire zoo and if he before say they want an award if reasonably lawmakers then are they actuality Intifada wait another reason when they do that for it really as somebody need for going into the bottom of it and see wait another reason and the one I wouldn't go fine stood and guilty of Delphia really than if I bring a can to book and arena for stop dismayed and such then conscience doing this woman we're gonna gonna gonna everybody be the same good bodies University every gonna when we meet them in so nice some default on any talking about the University most people they attendee so a lot say that good name they make you feel proud by fanatics kind attitude then them in the portrait and time then D so as soon as it's you nobody associate you with that same kind of barbaric actress so I think they meet me for bandit in you know an unnecessary your italic safer so you get war always don't forget presidents so how you would teach them you know matter evident if when I wanna go after them so on are the same way this for me if then lawless anybody we do acts of lawlessness delayed and go after them so let it know abandon because you get innocent people still among them so they're petitioning for say until they do they write two novels of stock for go after the people them where they disrupt the peace of other people any politicians then they need for go after then to anybody where anybody know like a mr. Masson easy for others to that they known indeed for brilliant control lights because this Iran does just nigga forty four now thank you very much and indeed I think then I thought the government they do this time because they don't set short set up a committee wait and or ask for carry out an investigation and I got a deadline when I probably puts back when I do like second then definitely put back waiting I didn't find these people away faster actually seen way up is enough Rebecca Larry very unfortunate now the investigation stay on so then go never come back and forth to them in July 2nd and we got a video will show for one of the aspirants them will be kind of a special way and we'll be inside but before we act to show that we will go to Muhammad Ali what did mama alleviate Nara bites what do you fit in our two solutions where the administrators will use or the government will use way to stop this dialogue you think of anything when I will use may be there for export but I find you say you you date so they can activity LF they expel you from the school the Camino said no flab I know University once you go to a family explain a from University code because of Lyoto follow any other things when apart a so what is my own solution what do you think they go solve this problem and in the future my damages are a bit college they get its rules and regulations upon which in your priests ten years ago adorned Arabic College which they are understand Wahby didn't added service to understand in we don't send any students will engage election violence or order ha and a key business then they just a new if you could Morse that it was to catch you yes that nostalrius tickets are collecting body delicate sedated for decisions they don't go instead students body seats left roasted yeah no no never understand we we know since they're to steal moon and so on we know since a at all the university are these two ended video clips the gates then to come to them then get the ideologies he didn't say if people don't understand where your ogia if we do not black man no means universal TV there are people when a black man named there were prominent position in the ABC one example not JFK he former attorney general understand he was different cushion of you karate cockscomb what I wanna know stop awfully WPC hey PC man Minister then you get a people when I watch madam yes and we rightfully witnesses with me himself now the opposition to understand how this be encoded 60 Oak Ridge dr. Kassel we get a black man come you know a sir give me a white man cub you see so now the inject some bad shots into them but we don't cut an ecologist who now says the black white by the win election by the winner will give pleasure to government or the guac we will administration this couple is so grand forward let the nope an election professor Bahji in will be deeply Cincinnati College you know how he be operates when we get elections them replace required commissioned a comedy now that the Minister of Education senior and Tasha English on private college and therefore make this year goes up for work so that everybody could enjoy a democracy but it's down he don't deprive not only the students mercy a double-ended brush hopefully not get become complete that international community because you get students and other parts of the world that gets for they were part of a system restore discipline thank you so much well that that made investigation didn't on now then they tie four investigates and we hope say the no go left no stone unturned H and everyone will participate in this process then we'll bring them to book and justice will take a bitch cause some persons they accept the phone line they open yes the phone line open I don't know if any difficulties but realize they're open when I came join and call and join the discussions about the IATA of Quebec College whether them for burn the election are all universities them or what do you think you can call me and add your voice to this discussion and we go go now to this audio level listen to one of the aspirins will be a spare for become the president of the college pullout and the video just now which I wish to me Felicity to that video and then before the end of the week for any caps of the other a spear on the back to come back for NZ and to show them so let me listen to this colleague Farah writes brothers and sisters let me take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all and sundry and so this earlier debate in council and university administration for such a wonderful program today we made history for the first time ever a student of frybo college we are granted the opportunity to articulate the issues that are affecting us our students but let me take this opportunity to disassociate myself completely from the unfortunate situation that occurred this afternoon at the amphitheater we all saw what happened why I was granted the opportunity to make my final submission some of our brothers and sisters started pelting stones at the other side of the amphitheatre this is unfortunate we must take responsibility for our actions my dear brothers and sisters for far too long now we've been deprived of having representation on campus the time is now or never we must ensure we come together and embrace each other thank you very much that's and we still like I put down the phone line and somebody there text man I'm done I waited make what Mohammed movie in speech the speech way pull out after the diodes not be a bit college you know madam Aziza I am so proud just listening to him you know twenty disbanded students them you know for for for disassociate themselves from violence and stuff like that any actually they condemned the actions you action which at least and I'll probably college day I mean how proud I am just you know listening to him so eloquent you know I mean this is what I'm talking about you know anybody but I speak so you see you didn't foresee a future so you know the justice minister not be a person of a big college stuff like that but I am very proud this listening to him saying please discourage students because a union president for a little while now it is this time you know believe me I would like for you again before we left this program for labels by by audio NASA listen what I said I am so powerful do that somebody'd already checks any values impact children before issue in we go do that but am i said after listening to Muhammad Bowie is speech after denial – wait wait wait what is say with regards to that what did I take on that particular one-minute speech thing I think say a do the right thing and this is not the right behavior in this way will they look for so it really demonstrates a in a peaceful person and a message way sent across our gladware the associates itself and our gladdie for that nothing else we can do thank you so much when Barry Muhammad Ali what did I you take on a particular speech Lee mama Luigi so after that I wrote we do it as soon as you do that in a each outs to me and I will show that and I will get two units even units are not be able for in Serbian at this show but I reach out to him do you know comfort and joy vanatter for gram but trust me if nammed kebabian gets a good relationship soon I pull in video audio we will come back my viewers and flare but for now it timely for let me show my movie video because with a talk about this particular topic at CP mom I will condemn the act and official I don't know how to put that say it weren't for that I gave a presentation of a very college you don't stay for too long they know they get people away they refuse any for six years so it condemned that who now make effects on behalf of any other group one of an aspirin on condemn that what a shame go fight for somebody Don Thomas I mean this virtual method for me I know they do whoever stop this Aditya for the fat fat fat for things where we know say and we came for solve amicably now they know combined election now we don't know who's the mmm election go check this election if I don't take place Friday when I don't get enough student leader the leader will come an advocate owner and try for improve and upgrade now University most times we all it took one day was know it now we must say good Salo force will act saloon would sell office or the IPU tech stoned again stone stone safer would you look at you text on the page stood by chrome pixel Union waffle hotel now that way they they put salon sauce detect somebody text on you pewpewpew where some people a motorcar now that way day they put salon force you text on holiday and all in a bit for millions of aliens now that way they they put cell on first come on now notice the top put seven so let me show the action yeah it's a model recalled from Australia yeah but wouldn't I take on today's show well that's up money for ecology incident okay yeah follow that through and it's rather unfortunate don't think that economy for Hassan not up lately and like we people and get one simple parable see is me watching the effect the idea effectiveness they like way every footstep and III isn't what everyone I knew so now exactly lendo happen so when you look at we not on our politics my replica of that I know happens so that of the shall we they in trend at which we country don't really really go see so at the end of the day it's a Messiah don't oka all as long as national politics the continued for influence the politics of in students them obviously dirty honorable ever thought and if they love us for stock trustingly then they began independent investigators win over be biased the gray Thomas wanna talk am clearly therefore seem them with a vanilla and Simeon and abandoned from holding public office and absolutely with the other students wait a video in place is no the students clearly demonstrate leadership who not even see one day per week for national leader sent for with something go wrong Kokomo out for mmm and encourage people and say no to the way that forbid you know that's why they call it a thief when something goes wrong if you know so much of it come up with a certain format so you condemn the act want or the actual investigation and not that type of what it also it also easy even with national leadership then I'll even get moral standing for talk like me lovable talk I'm so proud of him and it being able to take that the protector at a consider gold Qaeda it's the vision that we get as a leader at a young man let's God protect them from anybody above American today because Allah not a good thing and it will go to the triple killer then we'll cover everbody in life so adding top people now thank you very much thank you mister don't wear and I will go to BM listeners Manawa daily see madam get some comment them but I'm Celica bass a true we must always disagree to agree peace most rain and Nicolas because they please we need an embassy here in Baku well we see you're the listen you gotta take notes of that I become a say this is so this is so song soil some of the student need mental illness they need help what batali watch service Adam Adam selves have the watch which we and got some few comment magnet she says I did not believe banning them is fear my advice is to choose a team leader in all activities responsible and intelligent person once this case a student you know should not be banned it's just needs proper structure in the conduct of student election well because they the riot issue is a disgrace to saloon education system I mean they acted before line open yes the phone line open Bible I said you say when a PC ban student in your politics who said no in the whole country a magazine said of course or say I am giving an example if a mother and father calm took and have a child the responsibility is both parents responsibility it's just like a PC and SFTP they come together to plan better than you so whoever will to deliver the better mess will delete will to deliver the pity the betterment of the country so sorry you'll have to change your mind that is s IPP so sorry you have to change your mind that is as a PP they voted them into sister you'll move forward Chanyeol is tech talking about sell your progress checker Stephen times everybody okay this too long unable it all done so Bama content they say all I could say law and order then justice system would prevail but without law and order from the top yeah will be never be a little bit of better alone so we all see some of the comments there now you go play do the video who commits a call on the line come on I didn't even decided coliform hello yeah mean Abdullah is this you recall from me judge me yes we still issue and I should be delicious seconds yeah avid it every day listen I will just limiting me comment study for recording issue thank you welcome the first in our pussy just like a couple of one or two speakers don't point out on the response of the one of the student has parents them first of all I want pussy I really proud like somebody see a one both yes that statement they are on board a statement if for moms they are really proud of this guy not necessarily for being an aspirant but for the way he put out the statement the various shops did many one minute statement we make I think this now one thing we see a union temper be proud of they wonder we reasonable in the sense even do one of the speaker's live we wait for hearing from the other person his name inside yeah but we know therefore with where you from all parties for call things them out the name of a city right team when something happened you know really you know right and this now one to effect we country all along when something goes wrong I mean for lady leaders then come publicly first of all admit three yes they want and no photography pointing out of people M we're responsible or even general generally condemned in the act I mean it's a back accident in and especially in our country not if they happen Larry with I mean fillet you even see generally don't dissociate himself from such an action now a general condemnation of everybody in no matter whether the people and we commit dent offenses and enough supporters of eating or whatever whatsoever Alinea are very proud of that I really need twenty four thousand because apathy if we we get people really think this way we would get something done for the country and again I want to see to this solution I mean this my long-standing problem I've been part of that institution the University of CLU and I have to be I have to say that between 2000 and 2004 and up to me graduation a detail you know ya know the way stimulating really happen when it comes to Students Union politics but one of the speaker point out one of the primary reason study involvement of national politics or the Association of national politics interest in national politics or the involvement of the politician them with ministers we even to the extent with president compelling you II husband believe but not fact then the involved either directly or indirectly for the fact that when are they gonna hand the into the students than business trifle change their mind see when I know Greeley order posting wind let me win not just a preparation for they will not continue for do wrong in and hide them nobody no we did it for question honor because one thing we didn't value that the relationship between the national politics and Student Union politics by the fact that when things do not go right now the educational institutions there whether in the interest of the student audience then to toss them now the student anger become publicly and point out the make out the noise and in a way of protest and politician and whatever like that so whenever I say strange in on politics I'm telling you from the community colleges to the University I'm telling you then get direct involvement into this this is now a very big problem and again for over and the aspects day somebody's the natural name the people and shame them dancing and they don't see what it's okay but I want to see that we University them because now we get more than one we chance a loss of this university not be the president anymore it all useful pressing the we national president now we and now we we country president now always the Chancellor of the University there and once that don't start from that point they wouldn't see convocation graduation hadn't become I don't feel fanatic both not University even way they're not video for no didi and their fears would be institutions them but these are the Chancellor's and you're not impossible for logia public members therefore serve as Chancellor of the University let them put on the post no we talked this as far as we can go lady here we the president is no longer necessary for be the Chancellor of the University we don't go past that you know so without matter one point and they look at the solution the universities get caught with any university called system we four hundred some of things here although some of the references they are thinking go as far as violating national laws I understand but if you get to that point we didn't move away from the University then letting national law come into play but the politics in a way by and as long as we president not Chancellor you know they ever goodie but again ministers the reconnect we don't come from some of these institutions we call and serve black man white run they noted think reasonably one move that that's in nature was holding power incident political office system for as long as it takes with no critiques no no nobody people come against them at this very primary so are they at filthy let me tell the government let me get to a point now with the president King being blessing Butler the most ever stands the loss of the University anymore whosoever will come from this institution as Minister if you want goodie body because you know black man or white man and when the low hand will you I mean when they handle when it comes to thank you we listeners and viewers know that nasty immune interests you for not investing additional for the best because he was becoming I didn't catch one students will cause now book today because most of the time when they get elections Rosetta do they go down south then go I are criminals and embody that in the gap dude encourage their imagine students horrible college so we will see decoder drama that kind five worthy winner was spoon it is also the goddess one that he will tell me back it would be very very difficult what do you see the Australia the ferocity most of the time it works outside as one of bbbbb problem just a twitter : i usually tell you very very ciose and we have come together and flat for a dresser as the initial a make one suggestion say the president will relinquish in position as chancellor a fan suggestions pasta one def will do with the Constitution because there now we call station – land a republic in a new chancellor of the university so that for doody amendment first apartment so with a hajima we can get them because just like we do with your pitch not only did at them they get some cabinet chokes the cow a Coonskin your prince if then combine them you don't deprive them of the opportunity if I don't like it forbids that is to show needy because you know who they are Quincy she wouldn't be in our College Sebastian she does over for me college what we do what you do that was small corner thank you so much miss have no second queue on the student politics and as I tell you Danny teach me a lot and a lot a lot of things in our life where it will use up to date I can always call me pleasure to say thank you for giving me this position because I already do the work of declare that a student union activity will give me but after college and go with that and I also they use their knowledge the ideas and they wear land I remember the terrible moose convention say very stoic events one would ever forget nummy life so that's some of the beauties and that's where they get yourself involved into student politics and practice are the lights way who got stuck cutter they ever walk within the question they mean is they they they they the government do this cell and chopper and go big with one ball and a lift we can we go my safe zone it was very or so they tell me not be one is here naturally cops are anything I was so happy so that's one of the beauty and I know they'll and I'm not so just that everybody crisis but there are a lot of things that we love what we go to that big convention there are a lot of things that you will learn that you come back to society and use them I'm telling you for the thinnest graphic practice and the lights way and do the right things for nation building not just for self interests who hire people and I don't got a Mandela so come to things they're harmful into college so relax alone puts alone force when I'm on spend thousands of dollars for big picnic College that you see doughnuts look in this store you comfy it affects things that update with a wet have a minute video that will get another topic we go can talk about briefly before time beds we we name that there mmm there the school without walls why make it a topic there when I will know the issue and not forget cell we don't talk about the good things that we may or do but there are things again won't we as Sarah unions need for call the authorities the attention to say a when I don't you order for the nine schools they are so not this part of the city when we see this video when they go wild and social media may be University is my win of us who can let photography book bad and good things and then call attention to things that will be sustainable life so we spend about ten or fifteen minutes for this constant and people they open for coal and then unemployed no water with that video and money asked for going on is the study so that will be the next one after this one minute [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] colleague Farah writes brothers and sisters let me take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all and sundry and so this earlier debate in council and university administration for such a wonderful program today we made history for the first time ever a student of Ravi College we are granted the opportunity to articulate the issues that are affecting us as students but let me take this opportunity to disassociate myself completely from the unfortunate situation that occurred this afternoon and the amphitheater we all saw what happened why I was granted the opportunity to make my final submission some of our brothers and sisters started pelting stones at the other side of the amphitheatre this is unfortunate we must take responsibility for our actions my dear brothers and sisters for far too long now we've been deprived of having representation on campus the time is now or never we must ensure we come together and embrace each other thank you very much not the time for other embraces all that well this one did reach or the second video where we go watch the technical team they get a video they ad this is about interview but one of the school stem with in a bikini modesty he's not a news for some people and I know cm was we were for sure these mobile take a short break and we'll come back so we go less small thank you very much as they to you my family [Applause] online is now commended roc school now you know the headmaster of the school daddy for me too with how the committee scudi the committee our school how the school what not conditions in the school we present distress present building building all again in good condition now how many building would I get well for now only one structure three classrooms I already managed with one heart again where the community they don't build and don't divide that into two classes for class five okay but this building really talk but now in this we team up secondo lay no for don't know the war they know the game break down now this building will not occupy presently and I get them broken broken window the people replicated from Buddha katana dispute Thank You Canada they are the Kitchener occupy these populations sfe fast the rooms they don't make good morning class afternoon the Caminos it is our money our Beruna say good afternoon by this LPC money Carsten I am fine good morning I am also happy to see you building we detox it when I get one stroke two 90s with this one dinger also will be given allow the pequeños a pseudonym so does imagine it in a book this is you know it will cause problem okay and we where the buffer we talk about see the tombola Breanna but why make a decedent picking about fanatic okay exam not in the country also get to then get known across five indeed I said last time I'm fine I'm also happy to see you good morning sit down so this man classify then where disorder class class six classics class time they also happen then get exam then cetera okay so you didn't get the black bottom up now but top the roots of this Yemeni tree of a tree huh so anyway I think not a string smaller so then to cloud is the occupy this muffin also now this before that suppose were occupied but according to you because of the day leak named hakuna don't engage them under attic you know say this nah rainy season it's not doing it heavily ring now the fish a tango continued for the under until after owner don't take exam because they give me this money here in the community not will also come we have the church this main building because this one dangerous me if any sanitary officer Dina disown you know I use this Tamiya because I pick add a small spoon and I block the old ban ban Andy Brooke Brooke and when Alice today allowed epic an addition on the mystery sue I want advice and tell the community people followed I can rehabilitate the school before school open because the zinc the copper in the day now for those come with block on the evening during the SMC meeting we don't put on before the community that just after this exam dengue 4 carrier D theta okay today was much more chance for Kandra although I'm a resident now this community know about me also now I hear from this community so at any terminal you get as I'm submitting now we'll meet there I know so that I will come along all handy to get a lousy with you and the other thing I wanna the manager the school manager this Catholic school money gonna disappear away Nevada model for the mother one day become for complicity yeah well during my own time now look and even before the Richmond the late mama say yes the car twice we have been weakness and twice the time and how long not up don't beat play it don't take a long time Bridget up up to two years three years four years up to three years now okay okay but still the community kupuna meet a minute and tell em tell em about this me they were kilometer even then last month during me I go meter I explain but all the information explain to us okay so how many teachers ametrine on qualified teachers will you get from now but now I'm only the training qualified teachers then the one that we are the work with now community teachers in the school number of common people's deputies and presently we're oh not to four or five 245 245 people how many class one last one well first average economic or class one assist deserve lucky solo to come so 67 we passed class tuna 55 we last three plus three then go up to 38 oculus and across four plus four 32 plus five plus five 23 plus 6 trains okay okay okay well I think is not quite a good number and for this community alright so me I want advice and thus on today's video we do ago Xie woodford on Monday let me see Anagha for also share with other stakeholders in the education process in a sauna I also got from each the DB a negotiation with other people then we'll go which DDD passed by body power ago which other potassium Corazon Tricia media gotta give him some other force Kapoor lungs let's see how how dedication business the back coordinate is part of the country Yahoo do the talk show Jana commended jung-woo section blow up amber achieved on Kenema district so anybody will get is Vidya Disney direction and Monday that is not another location the locality for Museveni talk now community AMA reception guava more achieved on Kenema district without you so thank you very much for helping me to get this information oh we played on video there for me well family now is second topic this UNICEF non sit in school and Alice Cooper came and then I that's cool they another explain why because everybody don't see this you have been there long to much more people are patient and watch this video I will go to madam Janet and man I'm going way tonight take on this video with regards to Upshaw and the safety issues you know madam Susanna one of sadness totally I mean when you first watch it and you say to yourself no will be so almost cool in the sixties we never come across all of the stage so homey for me watch this right so I feel sad and the other thing we can very quickly is how we are set people or a before at least lower bumper achieve them cinema Kissimmee I'm so happy that madam say no nobody on this program ad on the thread madam a school and the sweetness ALU so maybe don't reach em and what I picture everybody listen to this program I like that one poem you get under like it Mike what puts hold it together and let me do something substantial for them picking area because I mean you know one thing you know this video watch are over and over and over and the night was a Nazi for a while you know and then I see where you live in LA I why are you sad say many but this is I said I hear you I said what you know with a boldface manner i cetera you can get education any side could be under the tree it could be anywhere and then she said to me should be a place that is safe for children that's right that's right so now that make you they asked a photo about the safety of the became them the safety issues we all see the classroom made out of Doty block and then to come back with a block not even cement were they before all our farm and it was fact we see say the walls they don't no splits middle what are the community people and do as they all head not stick man I used and type of push the wall back say go go in place so to me this not said when we see this video season for being a continuity they noticed make amends see say this particular school not bombard chief Dominic enema a day it is kind deplorable situation where 245 became a live stay at stick so with a call the attention of the people I waited I care about this see this little salty waited for wait for a government go now now and go out they said within a community day a made mention of the Catholic and possibly the in charge of last school depth forget school districts of this size every shadow got midspan that well welcome to Madame an Isetta is know already within our safety we do know one thing that with a bit of force so safety nothing that is same thing with safety in the teaching field safety no passive madam I said what you think about them would so I'm gonna 45 became a million lives instead of mod how stay with us please still this idea they hangeng getting us to leave for the day before get education what you think about in safety then safety you really know the safety issue they really questionable when you see the building you know say you know safe at all what you want learn the safety net can't force anything we want except not safety falls then anything else can ii and the way out the building kind of crack crack anything can happen at any time and learning about ku students them one you the teacher in okay before do much at all if something any emergency break day you can see possibly say maybe you step up for you do something quick maybe one of them blocked and they just come om photo and it dangerous even one picking is too much for anything happen to them but i commended teacher I commend the villagers and as well the time people and they and the beginner all you see their their needs clean you see say they're ready for land so where they are ready for land we say floor we do with path as community so me with amigos just say in this and cyc the post way come day for they can take the audio and take for counting the message you know take a picture of the place and make this information available for everybody for see we talent tanking then we tell thank you to the teacher as well you can see say the coalition I kind of know favorable right now but you go see the teacher I happy in a happy for Duarte they do any winning for the Witte they do so mean I think saying you go take a village for for others they take a village to raise a child and I for take the whole community for me I felt it a suggestion why waka witnesses I don't believe this country the part of the forelady government see dense FK able help as community people and if not for providing sticks them providing more stem and come up and ask for help of make the government supplied in some cement when a cable for use maybe forget a fresh building and Chuck's image inside if not it was a block how does he block building cells so there could be much stronger and gets the roof about the structure so that the picnic would be safe because anything can happen ranking time and that building they're really not safe at all you even better honor the stick done inside a building day if you ask my opinion so I feel say what we all come together they came for do the young part making gonna now Bush and bring stick and order today but the government says make them safe step in low we know for say the people and not be late then also need help after what I don't know with the city these not pleased over they can think about soon thank you so much madam I said I want magnet she said they say and the view as thyself King head and we all missed a couple we don't from a GoFundMe page where we they get program study education sidewalk they see deployable schools them all over the country who began to avoid I will become a cambiar this kid he can do a program that Buddha made church everybody likes so people have is hello from a GoFundMe page which we did magnets stick and I go phone I think now mr. Cobb you and me and two other people you know contribute that goes for me P so we will remember from another one but we'll call attention to people and we don't know so we can go fund me page on Facebook they can check with a voice of Stallone or mr. Kyle Google send a link where we can go in and chip in and help who said can help the community does that we might get sick but overdose coming Saddam and choking higher so that a lot of you so do I see any audience for go back and give so I tell you plenty tanky magnet and who to work on that who got a call on the line color within a name inside a call before Halloween a name inside a call before yeah this table is a generally call from New Jersey thank you so much mister blue light and when I talk about the school now what did I take on this yes actually foster one see how I express my dissatisfaction where I see that in the I mean an agreeable explain how I feel we see I said on all the public media forum including voices alone you know when I see that Cindy it be so sad he really sad and I still they feel um you know but I mean if we talk of GoFundMe page especially where people and would make the individual contribution I'm all for it is fine because I strongly believe no matter how little somebody in contribution bitter was help in someone's life in order for small you know so I'm all for it but as I look at some more sustainable and a better way of doing this thing I want for thank God for social media because this thing it only happened I mean they're kids but now Tongo then see an OD hide anymore it come out it left the winner with the conscience for dick we responsibilities them I mean for for work according to the level work here will help with communities and we people them you know I mean this not just one instead I did they use the Nina of country are born us alone a lot of this in fact some more deplorable situation and deal they not just did not seen it but then didn't exist all over the country like we want posing text body with two DVDs becoming strange is no this not just one we've happen for come out and addict we know mostly latest any message about the reality of wittingly happen especially not interiors up country now with villages you know so at the advice again this where you talk about how government for Spain with you forum back on now a lot of people look at you as being partial or being partisan or you hate the government in power you know like the previous government everybody the Union we get them bad comments here not this before left with somebody wins dividing you no matter Ishmael G proposed to reach people in our power I mean or not somebody with a against that was indeed you know necessarily we criticized and that we look at the sense out of waiting somebody did say you know for the talk of spending money towards with development rights now you know this can be a different in but just one for draw the connection between that and we had explained we talk of building a bridge I mean that money did two billion we don't need all of that for just if you get somebody ready learn we make we spend not some of these areas with God like traditionally areas then we need for put whatever little money where now we do they develop another country or whether or not somebody learning from these many areas they will put their money on our health care system with schooling system the woods these are very good areas you know in the previous government I would this where they asked everything and do this in I would they make yes if fine there's no way you'll be able access certain areas whether I have not health care service you want go offer an eye education it would stay no day so no matter what a business or to get there one day well we embarked on things then we will believe see between the immediate help and rescue with people in situationally country you know again I would say individual contribution I'm all for it but let me send this message as people which with government officials MC this night cause for concern in video a don't go viral and not something we are not to only another particular place like enema but almost attic guarantee if you go now the interiors of kono and the interior parts of the North Lake McKinney I'm telling you there are worse situations so let me look at this on a broader picture and again whenever that I mean I get the opportunity I would make my own contribution but let me push this as far as we can afford for do make government's agree about this let them take the responsibility as a government for healthy people them when I die in situation thank you very much thank you very much mr. Bruhl I really appreciate you you you were enjoying with today I don't forget another call and we'll get another poll on the line call a little a name and beside the coliform yeah again so much pain yeah yeah my mother gets up by the school without once when I take on that it's unfortunate like where you can view your panel is they already don't talk about it is unfortunate and these now i think the united state of emergency is because not 250 could be in their life be at risk now I shoulda speak I think we the stakeholders therefore therefore acts now and act decisively a mixture see repeating Andy then be nice safe environment for or gets an education in the first place I want for stock foody Coody paramount chief or the section chief would you not achieved on day then get your responsibilities and then the council oh because that must be a concern idea young people and they wouldn't pick another good a school either booted for somebody that is their responsibility the DMP neuron locality day them typically would colluded with their parent and vote for their people and they definitely responsibility the the babies be treat with this kovita educator on the street okay responsibility it gets you get government appointment within the PM taxpayers money there is possibility for sixty welfare of students across the country and all the original will find yourself so and also the Minister for the primary or whatever education on the column then suppose for do a general survey right across the country but issue here is we get people a leadership would only point money into a program not going to be with and be lifted and will buy both from people they then community Danny recordings fiance too small and will get better food daily then not inevitable development but not one of the bureaucracy where they use against the improvements part of the country's we'd be watch all if you know wouldn't a gig in a bigger cities like a frito McKinney book enema that's much more village and I don't get matching the low-key about it but if all gets it not a small village not a make up a fifty it takes a village to make a city then get for pay attention the government gave up pay attention you know inasmuch as all that people in divide own name to they get awarded to a contribute because I'm obviously any minister or that or that local MPs with an elastic body or local council Oh wouldn't received only it I lied to keep a good a school day I don't think so I don't think so we think you company so we hurry out but it is unacceptable because like we're missile magnetometer is be it's right across the board if he's gonna interiors of con law and in terms of martini Kabbalah cumbia put rock for all those places even four corners and in the movie will see a replica of such majority was one day so another area and anything therefore invest money per letter people return fills it then a path of really little of music party this veto negocio na na mafia and bed half of Orlando you're not GU classroom passage a martini before classroom packet a bow before Google classroom right across the ball no matter how you live as long acting like Bonaparte really I did live in Italian is the poor tonight yes thank you so much me and Poland good thank you very much turn on the bed sweet old man Muhammad Ali who time though they done now they're like five minutes well go distribute among all so go give me last word Muhammad Ali way tonight last one about this school and was advised when the quick one minute please Aziza and the first place school is a dead drop example it is that job you understand and I will see most of the new contributors the government government government they will care for understand this school Mission School East a Catholic school he understand what the government for do if for all the Catholic mission responsible because the beginning if we had forty Glenda under the sea under knows whose can is possible mission is fully evil their knowledge can please go to second and press the P key deliver school nearest odd so the mission before mucosal government for serum and the resident change this culture for the right and the other khalaby see this thing Nejad Evander school in Bethel we see so modest Coulomb what I talk see beginning crime it was College this is a busy school while today only.i indentation a muscle man is no need for a MOOC you know believe in animal ddddd understand and watch other aspect the professional aspect of yoga team this school we get 245 picking them now one crane unqualified which I get and the gingival issue now one begin to force it they want each other for different beginner imagine so how would a before achieve so we don't beat you back I tell everybody thank you phone I joined this program and I want to send a message so we all say hello all join hands for build a better civilian not soldiers the government then the GoFundMe page when it come on Miss FD on board everybody analog contributes then achieves them also with the same message so denied then that a responsibilities then this the Novus evidentiary be happy no sería make the step up then game make them see the things they wake need for bid on them bring a cancer delight to the governments and their people awaiting athletes although remember say most people they wanna come off on various whole day and most for the most partner up lines so we're not kind of polyamide level not just constant to get know more drink you know and relax nice it's nice below toes go back to work again at another school area thank you all bye thank you madam I said that's our alley you go join me back anytime way they come with a bhikkhu not know and it'll try and give your input back to this education program out onto my own golden voice madam Janet and I'm debating my last one and what you wanted before you close up well you know mother was is a I feel so sad really at the end of all this now you know I just wanna say see mother my sister on stage is not the go for me for let everybody go go a before for contribute follow it back lower bumper on them then get better school looking so cool be very proud of and all the other things that we happen today you know you for makin a situation and and and everything about education as alien we know so we get a long way for go you know but any game at a mezuzah that's why VRS is here this is here you know to speak on behalf of their people air for bring the obliged to the attention of others we never stop will continue for walk and until until next week will come again I want to say thank you and good luck thank you very much madam Janet mama daddy say picking okay Josie why school my family I was say thank you to me guest name Anna my cetera my medallion madam Janet and a special thank you to one of we brought away those who reach to like 2015 may be too far they come and he come and give a valid contribution mr. Abdul I thank you so much and I give you I appreciate where you said without this video we're and it would don't discuss I will oxide this will impact will reach and authorities them and then we take actions because the beginning safety very very important on the issue of for a bit college we will come back next week and talk about that oh yeah you don't get one of the astronauts will go join me next week just as usual I will reach out to the other aspirin other flat bites them if they want I'm enjoying even if you know to fly bites everyone join the program reach out to me because this was a tough abuse I don't know all my problem so I just want a special thank you to everybody that god bless will ago ppl o fortuna' for what viewers network thank you stay blessed thank you very much by my country I see sin still the text my great thank you thank you my thank you everybody god bless you all bring it on you me the Wonder ending who's that people who get good hearing this Tim from admission of eternal life I don't get the answer now the please not a Canadian College of modern technology we owe you all with simple make your life better from Oakland in business the Canadian College of modern technology then I demand free Tomo – hey we not mine 91 that is silicon hill opposite yes not if less for better you life because the college day looks like quiet and peaceful so that you go feel free for man will get first class local and international at each other we get this savvy for teach you well because you will use the diploma and certificate all over the world because them plenty first of all the college get second turn on material them will make the college be mastered by information technology particularly again self first class mass communication departments and Business Administration yes all and Modi for up you be waiting will make you bet in a life the modern Sunnah power forgive you light for 24 hour what good news now if you register now a new able for Mitch all within the college ones like pay fees and all or Atheneum inside the force women's you go get one laptop computer free for a pupil an e-business way quick one so come on but now maybe opportunity no pass you can register now with the Canadian College of modern technology nominate one that if we talk a week for mid life who pitifully tomorrow my by for no more contact termina $0.99 one Falls you too you it zero seven nine six three zero four zero seven n zero two five three 41-7 five-o you can send an email not a foe at CC MCS delcom – nah IM f4 @ CC m TS l calm or you visit their website when a you can buy the application form not any Union Trust Bank all over the Cody


  1. These unpaid teachers cannot be verified in most cases because they probably don't exist. I mean ghost teachers.

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