Education and knowledge #60 Seawater Greenhouse

hi everyone welcome back in this video I am introducing you to two innovative water companies seawater greenhouse United Kingdom and Sun Drop forms Australia before going further I would request you to like share my video and subscribe to my channel for more videos please click on the bell icon drinking water problem is very acute in cities like Chennai even though they are next to the seashore similarly in many coastal villages and towns drinking water is not available further in many coastal areas in rural places water is not suitable for farming as it is salty I am trying to introduce water technologies for coastal areas in India where people can solve their drinking water problems and also can have their farming seawater greenhouse is a greenhouse structure seawater greenhouse enables growth of crops in arid regions it you just see water as well as solar energy forgetting water this technology is introduced by Charlie Patton in Britain in 1991 first seawater is pumped then it is used to humidify and cool the air then sea water is evaporated by solar heating then it is further distilled to produce fresh water the remaining water is used to produce salt or pumped back into the sea this technology has never has one number of global of earths this technology used in Abu Dhabi and Muscat as they have drinking water problem and also food this technology is useful for places in arid regions and also which are near the sea level this company has further evolved this technology later it has started sun drop forms in Australia this Australian company is much bigger in size please circulate about this technology through social media through coastal cities like Chennai Mumbai Kolkata Vizag etc and also coastal areas some of the people who know about this technology can try to introduce this technology forgetting drinking water this can solve the drinking water problem and food problem in India please click on the links given below in description of my video to get to know more about those two companies thanks for watching my video see you soon in next video bye for now ramesh nadi city from canada

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