Education and awareness help protect the Reef

it's at our doorstep so I feel like we should be looking after it because we're very lucky to have something that beautiful right mirror we keep it the same way so if it keeps on the cheap second experience it's the same way the reef Guardian program is something that our whole school is involved in and it's a way of putting ourselves in touch with other organizations and other schools within our community that have got a similar focus towards protecting the reef I think that the reach next we much more responsibly with rain actually it makes me realize that we should be the protective of the reef because we were close we have noticed lots of changes with the kids since we've adopted the reef Guardian program in particular around our nude food sometimes if someone's perfectly packaged lunch it might be I hope you realize you might be you know injuring the turtle today our little reef guardians are very much involved in the advocacy role its pista power at its best I think so I dream I said I'm going let people know that the reef is very important to us and that we have to keep it from the next generation so we don't ruin it now and it's really beautiful so I think I should go and tell people that I need to look after it and not pollute and destroy I feel like I have to protect it at all cost because if we don't protect at them who else's our school is the heart of the community so if we can make sure that that message coming out of our grounds is a really positive one then I think it can only mean positive things for the Great Barrier Reef you

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