Eden Robinson, Writers' Trust Fellow (2017)

my name is Eden Robinson I grew up in chemical äj– my father's reserved when I was in grade 11 I just decided to become a writer after one of my English teachers read out a short story in class and the class really liked it and thought it was cool it was a short story where I ended a movie called scanners the way I wanted it to end and it was full of exploding heads an angsty teenagers literary career began as fanfiction son of the trickster came from a moment with my dad and his grandkids he was trying to tell them we get stories that's her that's our trickster the transforming Raven and they didn't get the humor in the story and I realized that a lot of the context had the most and I felt really really sad about that so I wanted to write a short story set in modern times with a trickster that's expecting in a 10 page short story and you know once it hit 50 and went well maybe it's a novella and then once I hit 400 and hadn't introduced the main antagonists maybe it's a novel so it's a trilogy right now and apparently I had a lot to say about tricksters we came to school here we're at Mount Elizabeth mill secondary we were in the same classes what I liked about her writing is that she is um honest she's to the point she's blunt and she gets her point across hot squat annoy yeah yeah one hot swallowin Quinn squat no Meah she'll be Queens nah Tina tchen flaw Heisler Oh homie oh honey Neil how hey no Queens Quay Charmaine Elton's acquittal I like writing it's I enjoy it it's I like to get all my thoughts and stuff out and it's fun I enjoy it I might be a writer but I don't know I read what you eat and I like how she wrote it by kiddin man cuz it's really cool because I like learned from it that where it was from it made me more interested in cultural stuff some of the hardest things about being an indigenous writer was simply you know when I first started out there was a kind of a non interest in our traditional stories they were too obscure too crazy you know it hasn't been until the last few years when the stories that really moved me are becoming acceptable to two non-indigenous people so some of these so the earlier works that I wrote I focused on the horror and I think our communities are more complex than that you know there there's a tendency to shy away from violence and bad language and I'm not really fond of like singular characters where they're you know they're all good or you know they're always likeable family talks everything I grew up in a large close family and I can't really imagine not having that in my life receiving the writers trust fellowship is so humbling to have a juried put their faith in my writing abilities and my future writing it just touches me there's no real words it's just a lot of emotions I hope to write my heart out writing has kept me sane writing has kept me whole writing as medicine writing is a huge leap of faith and editing teaches you discipline so I think they're two great qualities to cultivate

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  1. One of my favorite writers and one of my favorite people. Saw Eden in Calgary at WordFest. Pretty inspiring, hilarious and moving. Really happy for her. Congratulations. 🙂

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