Eddie Murphy – Biography (2007)

sorry the position of annoying talking animal has already been taken and Ginter nice to meet you [Applause] is their problem up keep it together keep it together keep it together keep it together to be together half your money your house your paw alimony child support and your children you'll be on the cover the Enquirer latest [Applause] [Applause] there is really nothing more joyful than to share laughter and there is nobody who has delivered more of it in the last 20 years than Eddie Murphy he came out of the gate that funny he was serious about being funny Eddie Murphy's the baddest man to ever step onstage like it there's three four five of his films on television at any one time in addition to being a major star in this film but you also be willing to run errands it's gonna be a major boost for me he knows he's he's missed a box office and didn't worry about anything he was an obsessive about it wasn't like whoa I gotta go on Oh what am i doing you know what a joy that was to be around is the rest of us are like headcases you know yeah I've always had a disproportionately high amount of confidence I'm sure if I hadn't gone into show business I'd been a pimp or something I wanna be a ho much more confident than a pimp you know he's dead wrong with stupid clothes and stuff but they still had all the confidence they really didn't affect him it was almost like he knew he was predestined for it and he was working on it when he was like 15 16 he was just waiting for it to catch up to him oh man we're happy yeah the one thing nobody ever talks about when they talk about Eddie is that family is incredibly important to him my father's standing up in the middle of cookout say it's my house anybody got their mothers that would hit you with a shoe my uncle Gus is the uncle they'd like to work the grill mama bunny got a mustache I grew up in a household where everybody was funny and the Murphy family a given area known for our sense of humor his uncle Uncle Ray is a character you know uncle ray actually is a guy who went to a fortune-teller when he was young and the fortune teller said someone in your family is gonna be a huge star a huge star I see a huge star so Uncle Ray went and start taking tablets and he took all kind of lessons because he thought it with him I'm a Brooklyn girl I grew up in Brooklyn I was a teenager when I met at his dad and we got married when I was like 18 my mother's father had two kids my Italian or 20 and he had a job working it at the drugstore ahead supporting two kids in a way and by the time I think I was 22 we've already separated and he was raised by his father mr. Lynch but mr. Lynch wasn't his biological father it was an amazing man who took on the task and believe me it was a task but Eddie's biological father was killed and I got a thing that the death of Eddie's dad and how he went helped to make Eddie who he was he learned to laugh and he learned to make the world laugh and I think it was the most important thing to him because his childhood threw him a curveball we lived on Linden Street in Brooklyn and Bushwick you see Spike Lee's Crooklyn that's the closest thing that I could say you know would represent what it was like living in Brooklyn we lived on one side of the street my mother my father Charlie Eddie and myself been my dad's sister she lived across the street and then next door taunt Loras was my grandmother my grandma raping so in the summertime there was a lot of kids out but it was a lot of Lynch's and Murphy's and when I lived in Brooklyn like all the kids in the neighborhood would chase the mr. Softee truck I remember how big a deal it was [Applause] I would say it was what we thought was middle-class when we learn later that's not that's not middle nobody one kid on the side they get no ice cream the kids don't care to go you don't have no I you didn't get you didn't get no you didn't get no cuz you are on the welfare my mother kiss me about it cuz we used to be like a little kid down the street they all welfare she would like no welfare to you it was like you had no clue that we were you know poor anything that I had such a happy childhood upbringing and everybody else you know in the neighborhood nobody else had no money so no nobody had no money you don't know you're poor we thought it was all good in the 70s there was this big exodus of people that moves from the five boroughs out to Long Island they had made housing affordable and allowed middle class and lower middle class families moved out there that was a proud moment moving to your house and having your room having three boys they're all different Charlie and Vernon like going out Eddie like staying in the house looking at cartoons and eating Eddie didn't need a clock he could tell you what time it was from the television so when we were out playing basketball or whatever else we you know guys do playing with slingshots don't want to rock through somebody's window Eddie was in the house if I did something wrong my punishment was I couldn't watch TV my brother's couldn't go outside I couldn't watch TV so I was really early on I started watching TV and doing impressions of the cartoons on the TV and he would watch Lucille Ball and Tennessee tuxedo he loved a little rascals Bugs Bunny was just still the funniest cartoons ever the courtship of Eddie's father rode rena and all that stuff you and anybody watched you know he could really just get their voice can we please see what else is on no we can't see what else is on you thought he was crazy I know I did what are you doing man why are you memorizing Star Trek look at captain Craig the coolest white man on the planet why when I come home we have one of these glasses and you're doing Stevie Wonder behind the bar then one day though kicked in you know this guy has been an actor all his life even in high school you were like a star they said used to wear the Ascot have cable your soda in a briefcase it wasn't a Scott it was a scarf and I take a chain and put it over there and stuck it in his shirt and a fedora 16 you could tell me nothing Eddie was the guy that dressed different he would have the attachment case you know with nothing in it absolutely no I never did highest I was in hallway like this but he was sharp he were having this little green blazer and he would think that he was gonna be a business major something like that but he was focused on comedy everything is funny it was comedy with him it was a talent show they would have it the Roosevelt Youth Center I'm talented I know Sam Jackson but I'm talented and my brother went and he performed and I'll never forget when he came out in the opening curtain and all the girls went crazy I'm most doing an impression of how greens and I heard a girl in the audience whoo that's my brother that's that's and I went and that was like one of the girls out screaming him and everybody else was screaming I was July 9th 1976 and I've been gigging since then I was 15 Hollywood back then to the gong show was real big all the bars after having gong show tonight and my brother Child Academy it was a man mr. Hix place they have a gong show $25 you should go up there and do my lead and Stevie Wonder get that money yeah I went up there and I've got their money no and the night I was on stage there there was another guy that owned the club down the street he came to me and he was like I'll give you $1 for every minute that you could stay on stage you come work my club no psycho okay so it's like oh so I tell her a minute my mother had stuff that I did not as a kid she had a list of my comedy and I was like 15 years old a show I was doing in a bar and it said Muhammad Ali Howard Cosell a tribute to Richard Pryor I would come out and do all the Richard's material bad I used to go out on stage when I was 15 and talk and act and walk into everything like Richard Pryor my mother would sit there and watch a little 15 year old son on stage saying some outlandish my whole act back there was about taking because that's all I had done at 15 did the kids in high school no you were like doing stand-up and yeah so that made you real popular oh I graduated most popular from Roosevelt had a lot of people don't know that rosewood High graduate the most popular yeah he believed in himself he dressed the part when it was time for interviews he would call for Eddie Eddie would call for Eddie that's how I got my first representation on Long Island my first agent was in Levittown Long Island and I've called up and referred myself I had a very big telephone bills and I used to complain time I said do you see this phone bill and he would say look I'm just trying to get Batman was like when you first started out the Long Island comics were kind of like a separate little group from the New York comics it was like we were at the the minor leaguers I don't wanna blow my own horn I'm really qualified and I was real super super super cocky I met Eddie at the improv in New York he was 16 and I was 18 we had both been hearing about each other and he came in the club and had watched me do my set and I came offstage and he comes up to me and he goes so I thought I was the only funny black man in New York I guess there's two I had a really strong set now super super dirty now you gotta understand he was 16 so he's doing what 22 a 16 year old it was you know boogers and farts and you know sex any owner of the club came up to me and she said can you do your act without all that toilet humor no and I was like yeah he comes back the next week he does the same act but he takes the curse and she just looks at him it goes I don't chew my cabbage twice and walks away so you get back to me on the job thing he never came back he went to the comic strip became a regular there and that was where he worked anybody's ever get hit by a car get hit by a bus sweetheart you got up and walked away oh you got up and limped away it's cool I'll be all right really hip where were you having your nearby bus he was working for a bus party got the boss Manson I ain't gonna fight wait to she get off I never bombed I think I could count twice the two times I bombed on stage here's a bunch of stuff that I wasn't subjected to that I'm sure if I had to go through when the venom in comedy I never went through trying to find my way and I never wanted to hold auditions a lot of people go through auditions and it beats the hell it beats the life out of you the only thing I've ever auditioned for was sat in my live Larry Flynt on Shatner's Raw Nerve what's it like to look down the muzzle of a gun not fun there are people out there or willing to shoot somebody and kill them just simply because they don't agree with their politics all new Shatner's were on earth next Tuesday at 10:00 on bio the owners of the comic strip called me up and said uh they're trying to find a black guy for Saturday lives what they said you should come an audition and I mean my first reaction was Saturday Night Live I was like I don't know it was I thought I don't even think like because looking remember now I'm not 17 18 year-old kid I'm like I want to be I want to be a stand-up then I thought well if I'd get on that show on my face to get out there gonna be good for my standup to get on that show I remember getting a call saying we're gonna bring this kid in now when you're in the comedy environment know Eddie so he comes up to 17th floor and NBC and when I got there the first script they handed me was the word association sketch I was like oh I know the sketches it was a famous sketch on satting that lighted Richard Pryor done with Chevy Chase we got one more a kind of psychological test we always do here it's just a word association I love throwing out a few words anything that comes to your mind is throwback I mean okay just kind of an arbitrary thing like if I said dog you'd say tree Tree so they had me read of course Chevy's part and Eddie did Richards part spearchucker [Applause] I've seen the sketch I actually even need this script and I've seen it so much then right then and there and then I felt it and everybody felt that this is the guy this is the guy okay next let's go once he got it it was like wow he's really gonna be on television every week it was just like this braid in the worlds like okay how does it work join us tonight as we go in search of the Negro Republican in search of a Negro Republican yeah that was in my very first TV spot to avoid detection my assistant Jim Fowler has disguised himself as a waiter it looks like Jim may have found one already that could be our Negro Republican now however looks can be deceiving and as it turned out this Negro wasn't the Republican but just the owner of a funeral home and after a big best sketch I was so excited that I was on television then what I kept my makeup on then I rode the train home and my makeup like excited like people are gonna know that I was on TV you know there's 18 year old kids and TV makers real thick making severe swelling it'd probably go very well to me when I start with Sarah Night Live and he was not even a cast member he was a featured player and he was very shy guy very quiet guy and I barely you know knew of him but the regular cast wasn't setting the world on fire and Joe Piscopo said you know Eddie's pretty funny you should spend time we can talk to him and maybe write something for him and a judge in Cleveland had ruled that every basketball team had to have at least one white player on and I thought well this would be a funny thing for an editorial and I talked about it with a tee so we put Eddie on a phone book so he appeared real tall and you know the the liveness of Saturday Night Live was going I was about to step onto the Weekend Update set Eddie was off to my right remember this distinctly and I hear any say more to himself anybody else the kids at Roosevelt High aren't going to believe fourth Waveland judge ruling all high school basketball James must have two white players fair in just comment Cleveland High School student Rahim Abdul Mohammed what's the story Rahim Joe better like I'm gonna do it yet Cleveland High going on seven years now I'd like to tell y'all that this is the most disgusting thing y'all done pulled up today you ain't got much I said least let us say a basketball there's nothing sacred in the time we get something going good y'all got to move in on it and the sixties we will platform shoes then you'll add the web platform to the 70s be braided I had then in the late seventies I had to braid your hair now it's 1980 we are welfare by the end of next year y'all gonna be on welfare I'm sure II was nervous he knows his first time on national television but once that camera light came on those nerves disappeared I think that's Eddie's appeal I didn't made 80 really special on the show besides his talented he was fearless I didn't feel any any pressure in fact I didn't feel any pressure about anything going on that show I think the first season when we replace Belushi and all of those guys and the press came after the cast they didn't come after me that much I think it's because it's the other people I kind of nervous and scared this work in general is all of a sudden there's energy poppin LM so happy to be on TV energy you know people forget when we replace the original cast of Saturday Night Live it was an impossible that we had to replace the greatest cast of television history really married Danny Aykroyd man and John Belushi and Gilda Gilda and we went on and we bombed it was a mess from the beginning but I could watch on a monitor the rehearsals for the show and the only incredibly positive thing was seeing this young featured performer almost extra eddie murphy who was the funniest thing on the show maybe the funniest thing that had ever been on the show so I knew from that point that I was going to make this guy the center of whatever cast I kept out of that group Dick Ebersol came in starts firing everybody so mr. Evers salt called the CID to his office well you know I'm gonna keep you too you too I'm gonna keep like that me the idea man yeah great dick look we got to go we got a Gabe you might and what's like that was the attitude that was the attitude so the show relaunched in the fall of 81 who is something called the Little Richard Simmons show it's the little Richard Simmons show and that put Eddie on the map if somebody had missed them in April you know I think more than any other single thing that just blew everybody's socks off [Applause] good that we feel good I feel great please this is disgust you girls have let yourself go the New York Times wrote it I don't remember whether the whole show was the recipient of a glorious review but they were blown away by Eddie's town the problem is is when I move in y'all move away Stephanie would just come to me and uh I just get a funny idea I'd be like nope you wouldn't be funny of the character buckwheat that was just the funniest stuff I've ever seen in my life I remember whole family watching them to compare for you in your nickname pager some of my favorite sound yes they're all here Bernardo Wow the things that I loved about Eddie on Saturday Night Live what I mean he had the most incredible ability to impersonate someone James Brown that was my favorite I think James Brown without question was a masterpiece when he stuck his foot in that tub and hollow cracks me up to this day it used to frustrate Joe a lot because Joe would work not a negative way but Joe would work for months on an impression and get every bit of nuance and Eddie could just pick it up like like that you know if we made us laugh we were sure other people would laugh except for one time we did Gumby and we thought this is only funny to us no one else will ever get this Yosemite Sam he's a nobody I was at the Aladdin hotel last month and your simile Sam came up to me and to a salad in my face I love Gumby it's worth cuz I don't even understand Gumby I didn't understand Gumby was pretty much doing Jackie Mason but nobody told salad in my face nobody Yuto salad in Phineas Jay Whoopi's face you can throw a salad in baba Louie's face but not Gumby don't be a ruin your career I'm Gumby damn it don't mess with me I think the first time Eddie walked on stage and appeared on camera he was set apart Eddie was the star of the show and you know what even Stevie Wonder could see it listen ma cherie more distant as a milky way my [Applause] [Applause] it still sucks Manning could switching to Geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance did the Waltons take way too long to say good night good night john-boy night Mary Ellen night mama good night Erin night john-boy night grandpa good night man night good night JimBob goodnight daddy Geico 15 minutes could save you 15% or more let's go to comedians for 400 Walter Hill chose him for 48 hours based on his performances on Saturday Night Live Kyle who is Eddie Murphy yes I would love to say that they saw my work on Saturday Night Live and they offered the script to me what happened was uh to my agent at the time Hildy Gottlieb was going out with the director of 48 hours and she was like hey you want you to see my client cuz originally I think 48 hours supposed to be a Richard Pryor gene Wilder movie and it went through all these different changes and she said watch you look at this kid on the show and I came out and I read some stuff and that's how I got the movie I'm here to see Reggie Hammond I think the initial name for in 48 hours he's Reggie Hammond right I think his name was like Willie Jackson her son's Willy Biggs and he wouldn't do it when I got on the set of 48 hours I was like Willy Biggs I just didn't I just sounds too you know Hollywood made up you know black guy's name and it was a school dude named uh Terence Hammond who lived in Roosevelt had every of raspy cool voice ingest cold so I was like oh yeah so I said we got the name Hammond from st. let's make this kind of like Hammond and I don't you know Reggie is still kind of Hollywood made up that guy named so we kind of met in the middle I was Reggie Hammond as opposed to Willy Biggs that decision tells you all you need to know about Eddie Murphy he was not going to play the typical black guy the way it was written before he's gonna revolutionize what a black actor can do if you just watch the very beginning of that movie where he's singing Roxanne and the jail cell you got a name cop and right there you know you you know the power of this guy's talent it wasn't even a transition with Eddie it when Eddie who goes from Saturday Night Live and it goes right into the movie 48 hours and you didn't miss a step because he took that same energy only when he was on the movie screen now he could really let it go there was no senses he could be himself they're sure they're gonna like you 28 hours you don't get no better debut than that how do like something to drink some vodka black Russian he sees the moment he sees the moment and he killed it when I saw 48 hours I was sitting in the theater and I'm watching the movie welllook house you start running a respectable business and I won't have to come in here and hassle you every night you know what I mean and when he puts the hat on and he says there's a new sheriff in town you could hear the whole theater just break into applause there's a new sheriff in town and his name is Reggie Hammond y'all be cool gaaaah and it was almost like there was a spotlight on him at that time and it was like this guy is a star I remember reading at the time I think it was a New York Times wrote that that was one of the two greatest introductory scenes of a movie actor in the history of Hollywood it was to die for I have fond memories of 48 hours that was the beginning of an adventure it was like its felt like adventure then it was like why look what's going on what's happening and there was no pressure no wasn't thinking no this is gonna be a hit or anything was AAA okay guy got in the movie then I went back to the show how you're doing there's something I have to tell you about tonight's host Nick Nolte this summer Nick and I had the opportunity to work together in a motion picture called 48 hours Nick and I grew together and Nick taught me a lot about myself and a lot about acting and he's a real great guy you know we were sitting around on paramount slot to some and I said to Nick I said Nick why don't you come and host Saturday Night Live and he said yeah sure anything for you this kind of guy Nick was then when Nick got here and got up to play and he vomit on my shirt Nick Nolte was supposed to host the show and showed up the first day totally drunk totally drunk and while I could were a little worried right and then Tuesday he came in even more wasted and he was literally crawling on the floor oh yeah he was faded and he caught it and they become did a show Sam cool man went crazy Hey and he said but don't go on the go on the show you can talk all about it right and so we did realize Nick was too sick to do the show and we decided to make Eddie's the host but I know you people tuned in to see one of the stars of 48 hours host the show and damage you go and see it because I said it's the Eddie Murphy show instead of Saturday Night Live that cash was like he's out of control you know I was always up for taking a chance and when I did Trading Places 48 hours hadn't come out yet I know what you're thinking you see Paul getting bath last time I had fun making a movie was trading places because john landis just funny just a funny director just fun to work with atlandis head director Animal House and American Werewolf in London and the Blues Brothers say who's the man in Committee on 48 hours I'm Eddy at tremendous presence and charisma but when you see that film he has no jobs by the time of trading places which only the second movies already more sophisticated and how to act for the camera you know what's strange when I went to do 48 hours that's the first film I ever did the people here maybe you know that already when I went into that movie I was like I was like oh how am I gonna make this transition from comedy to serious acting because there were scenes we had to be serious and I went and I did it and it was it was really easy and I was like up there's nothing to this acting thing it's easy and then that come to set here comedy is so much harder to do police we've had some complaints about con men pretending to be blind and crippled oh I'd love to help you man but I ain't see nothing except on that landmine and Viacom back in 72 rub their tape you were in Nam so a week where I was a Nam sang bang dança I was all over that played been a lot of places a lot of places what unit were you in I was worth the green beret especially unit battalions commando and bond technic specialist tactics uh unit battalion yeah it was real hush-hush I was Asian our indelible A&R and special agent are now with me I don't know what to do it it's a wonderful screenplay it's very 30 social comedy kind of thing and when we made that was the 80s with Reagan and we settled the trickle-down theory and I really liked it I liked the fact that it was about class in America hey Julio would show all with me away while I help you mr. Valentine my brother and I run a privately funded program to rehabilitate culturally disadvantaged people we'd like to supply you with a home of your own a car a generous bank account and employment with our company it wasn't practical job Reverend then these dudes couple of magazine huh it was my next move man Thank You Ben Hef was interesting working with Eddie because he was just so full of energy and excitement of making the film I also think that the fact that he was with Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy to such prose those guys were classic Hollywood movie star professionals you know hit their marks I mean they were such wonderful people and they were so respectful of Eddie he's uncanny misspelled he's 21 years old he acts like a veteran of course he's had experience stand-up comedy experience but he's learned the camera he's still learning and admits it but he's great yes he is he's extremely doing and that that stand-up comic routine that he does has helped him immeasurably because probably the most important thing in comedy is a thing called timing I'd either have it or you don't have the ability to do it truthfully and Eddie certainly has back then I was like new whoo-hoo gotta meet you you know as a kid I remember sitting around the set with Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche and I heard him talking to her Ralph Bellamy said back when we were shooting Frankenstein I was like shooting Frankie it's like this guy's been around for a while and now I'm like oh man I got these you know classic actors and that guy on film with some of these guys you know I could really dig this man you know why this kind of thing happens to me every week and when the movie came out it was like Daddy just you know he was a young star and then when Trading Places came out he was a major star if you had a chance to trade places with someone who might that be I don't wanna trade places with anybody I don't envy anyone's life stylist and I'm happy with my situation I would like to be Prince one night but just one night because he's five foot two Eddie Murphy has made a deal with paramount to make five more pictures for the studio he won't say how much he's going to be getting paid at first two movies 48 hours and trading places we did really really well and the studio offered me this you know multiple pictures things I don't want to sit around and talk about how much money I'm getting per picture but I got a raise at the time it was the unprecedented ahead and paid anybody that much money for that many pictures I made a deal that did that many movies with somebody and it was a big deal back then I remember thinking I'm straight for life I network again when I left the show I swore that I would never do Saturday Night Live again because I said the show was terrible really and I did 48 hours and trading places and I felt like I was an actor now it was like Saturday Night Live that was my vibe last year and after did 48 hours of training places all these scripts started coming from everywhere and I picked up a script called best defense there's a movie that sucked real bad I was waiting for Christmas to come sitting in my house by myself so my brother script for a movie called Beverly Hills Cop well originally the movie was written for Sylvester Stallone and he wanted to go more in the direction of that movie Cobra we was a little more hard-ass you know and Don Simpson Jerry Bruckheimer wanted to check some humor into it yeah I think you know you want to put a character who's from Detroit in this kind of a wee world of Beverly Hills and ci reacts to people that he doesn't normally come in contact with the first day of work was the strip club which was a little weird to start you know where John Ashton and Eddie and I were forced to sit in this little pail hey you doing there's a naked lady right over judge comes with his gee whiz kind of quality and Eddie got such a kick out of that and could really play with it there was one scene in the police station where right after the strip club and and he takes out the burglars and we're having to talk to our captain and Eddie is trying to get us out of this thing and talking about what great cops we are sorry for you chastise these two officers I think is something you should know the only reason that they were at a strip bar is because they were tailing me and I went to this place Eddie is just he's flying man he's just he's just on fire right and so when you see the scene my hands are in my pockets I'm squeezing my leg so hard that at the end of the night I had this big big old bruise and then and John goes like this like this and you can see he's trying to hide it because he doesn't want to blow the but he goes like this but he's laughing by did you can see it I feel we weren't here before than anybody you know I don't know what you teach these fellows but they're not just regular cops okay they're super cops and the only thing missing are those guys are capes before Beverly Hills Cop it was the cops were go ahead make my day and it cuts really serious you know I know what you're thinking Punk you know you know I think it was for that kind of stuff in Beverly Hills Cop lightened it up it was yeah the cops and they put humor in it but it was a mix where the danger was real and the violence and the bad guys are real bad guys but there's humor in it and 48 hours and Beverly Hills Cop kind of pioneered that job second team we're the first team yeah we're not gonna fall for a banana in the tailpipe you're not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe it should be more natural rather should flow out like this look man I follow for no banana in my tailpipe see that's more natural fire you can hang out with this dude too long he twisted it in such a you know a funny way that he created these funny moments and remember a moment when there was a guy in a leather suit walking down the street in Beverly Hills and he just turned around and laughed at him and that kind of huge laugh from the audience something you never expect and there was no dialogue but just Eddie has this infectious laugh that you know kind of sends waves through the audience of laughter [Laughter] that started out as a real laugh and then once I realized people thought it was funny I think it may have been put in places where you know it was really wasn't really laughing but I knew I could get a laugh laughing then that became strange because he was late you're here you had a fake you had this laugh that it was weird I would feel weird about laughing because somebody would start laughing no let's start laughing there won't be years of training like let's get a new one and then I'm left like that anymore not even when I need a laugh I'm looking for Victor Maitland you realize that this is a Members Only Club mm-hmm but I have to talk to Victor's very very important I shoot some Victor Maitland you want oh yes Victor Maitland a gray-haired gentleman very dark-skinned Capricorn Victor well why don't you give me the message and I'll take it to it okay I guess I can do that I'm telling that Ramon the fella he met about a week ago tell him that Ramon went to the clinic today and I found out that I have super simplex 10 and I think Victor should go check himself out with his physician to make sure everything is fine for things stuff falling off on a man I'll perhaps you better tell them that you know I think that would be best it was a little movie and of course you know eight million dollars to make and I remember this the script supervisor actually took an alias because he thought the movie was so horrendous and it turned into what it turned into and now they'll do retrospectives and people all the classic Beverly Hills come the first time I saw Beverly Hills Cop I saw it three times in the same day went to the knife Theatre in Queens and sat down for three showings of Beverly Hills Cop so watch it again like and we really the second time we watched it again because we really wanted to see it again and then the third time was kind of a goof it started as a goof but then we got into it again what's great about the movies he kept rolling it just did a big number and then it just kept it that number for such a long time was out for such a long time to do over 200 million dollars back in 1984 domestically it was unbelievable that was as as iconic a movie of that year and at that moment in time I think as you can find and and Eddie's always told me that you know no matter how many years later he's walking around and he's in Europe or something and somebody comes up doing this axel axel yet to this day coming Axel Foley when I go overseas a little kid see Axel Foley I think it's kind of funny in a movie so old but it's still call me extra foodie obviously there was something very unique about that character that spoke to everybody here internationally as news we call you mr. box office the biggest star in the world it must be hard to deal with those things on that trip yeah I don't have a me enough I'm not the biggest star in the world and this interview is over focus on your life's solely on making a buck she's a certain poverty of ambition it has too little of yourself because it's only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential the stories are true the inspiration is endless bio I think everybody's a frustrated rock star everybody that's the ultimate to go on the stage with a hundred thousand people and always go from side to side Eddie hit so fast everything he did is just like boom he decided live he became star his first movie he can start he didn't have the same type of career that the average comic has you know years on the road and then I was finally discovered this guy just came out like gangbusters and then when he did stand-up he became the man [Applause] Eddie Murphy is the baddest man coolest guy to ever do comic to ever tell a joke he was a rock star Eddie was playing concert halls comedians normally played clubs he was playing stadiums Eddie Murphy made it fly man he made a sexy he made it to where women was just like oh my god Eddie Murphy it was as big as anything you've ever seen it was as big as the Beatles it was that big Eddie Murphy doing stand-up [Applause] [Applause] I was just doing my Elvis fantasy that grew up a big big fan of Elvis and when I started doing my list my stand I've got big I was have you look at that footage of me with early footage of me getting in and out of buses and stuff it's like I mama having my little Elvis trip he always saw himself as the Elvis of comedy the only thing missing was I mean ice to tease him about it but that was Eddie with the leather suits and the hair curl he was embodying Elvis like Elvis Presley boy Elvis was bad sing his ass off he sang so good they let him do movies he couldn't act as if you let them sing all this dialogue they did everything Elvis said he's Elvis we gotta win this race big out open miseries Elvis want some lemonade lemon he will refreshing drink as a kid I so wanted to be Eddie Murphy I made my parents give me red leather pants for Christmas and we couldn't afford the jacket so I used to wear a red goose down with red leather pants told me you mentioned why fifty years ago on camping trip and that your wife was Puerto Rican your wife in them and put her again I thought she was enough first man advice because I woke up asta he knows good to meet you my name is Vernon she say hello I'm money goonie-goo-goo-foofie man I probably watched delirious every day for a two-year period I would get home and we'd pop in delirious or you go over to Vaz house hey put in delirious let's watch delirious Ghoulie Gugu delirious and then he had this stand-up concert movie Rob broke records he stalls the record for the largest grossing stand-up comedy movie in history I got a lot of people from other countries that see my films that come over to the United States because in New York is like a tourist place and they get HBO and they catch delirious and they can't speak English and try to do my act on the street and all they got is the curses I got firing us from all over the world walking I'm going Eddie stand up God people worked up cosby called me up one day and said would I mind if he talked to Eddie and he said well I just want to tell him he's got to be careful with a stand-up he can't work that below that would really be a big mistake never met the man before but he called me up about a year ago and picked up the telephone and Bill got Raw on me I was like hello mr. Cosby mr. Cosby was like trippin cuz he will see now it was wild and Hagan crazy and it was this new just a new thing and a lot of profanity was being used and it was a new thing and he was just doing what an older artist would do is give advice to a younger artist people and that's it I never said no filth flarn filth does you know what I'm talking about I can't use type of language do you use but you know what I mean when I say he feels flying flying flying filth that's that I never said no filth flarn filth and I know what you're talking about I'm offended as you call yeah sure I was defiant but you know I never harbored any resentment from it was just you know somebody seeing something new and trying to look out for you know cuz he had been in this business for so many years know he'd probably seen a bunch of people come and go over the years he was just trying to give you a heads up don't you know how to have some longevity and reach the most people [Applause] cuz you fuck out my whole act like I just walked down on the stage and cursed and left and I managed to sticking some jokes between the curses you couldn't give a no Kurt show or walk out and say hey felt for him it's not good night Eddie grew up on a diet of Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby and when you watch him he's kind of a perfect blend ice-o-matic or Richard Pryor's house up and say you're Richard Bill Cosby just called me up and told me I was too dirty and Richard said next time good call tell him I said there's an incredible ability to tell a story beyond stand up jokes setup punchline and that was the Cosby Richard had the edge Richard was you know the doctor of truth so do the people laugh when you say what you say I said yes he said do you get paid I said yes he said well tell bill I said have a Coke and a smile a shot after I did Roy I was feeling like I'm not doing this anymore that was so much scrutiny over what I was saying and doing it was like hey this isn't funding ways to be able just get a parent saying do whatever I want to do with now I say this and the next day we'll be in a newspaper or you say something and somebody be picking in your show and it was like anything no more it is I'll just make movies the idea that a person had been incarcerated for over 20 years and was calling the shots for the largest street gang in the Midwest was astounding mr. Hoover was involved in the sale of millions of dollars with heroin and crack cocaine as well as repeated acts of violence including murders good morning my neighbor's coming to America was an idea Eddie had on a yellow pan and came from real life dating frustration you know people knowing who you are and therefore the perception already exists and it would be nice to meet a woman who doesn't know who you are and what you have and that's where the concept came from I want a woman that's going to arouse my intellect as well as my loins where will you find such a woman in America and his idea was essentially Cinderella was African Prince comes to Queens to look for his bride that was the pitch he pitched it to Paramount and they turned it down why do you know from funny bastard and so I remember him saying if I come to America and I'm the people I meet in America I bet they'll do this [Applause] I've always been fascinated with doing characters and makeups and stuff like that remember young world watching the plan of the Apes movies and The Hunchback of Notre Dame and I thought coming from setting that lab and doing stand-up a type of stand-up that that did was so much with characters just like how about it from all of these different people and how about it for some people they don't even realize it who we are Eddie I want you to play an old Jew in this ready said what I said I want you're a young black man I want you to play an old Jew because I know you can do the accent he said hello look you know look at me and I said well you know I've worked with Rick Baker a lot and Rick Baker's brilliant and I think we can do it I said to the studio please pay for a test for startup fiction this young guy named Eddie Eddie Murphy I think a kid with him oh yeah he's the one oh he's the voice anyone out the studio started flirting with secretaries and just being this outrageous guy ventures beautiful what is that velvet and when I brought him in front of Ned Tannen to the head of the studio and I said Ned I'd like you to meet solid and it's looking at me like hello you know why are we here I said Eddie tell him who you are and then that he started talking his Eddie and I'll never forget it I mean Ned just I mean it was one of these moments it was like you know coming to America it was real work I mean you get up at midnight and get to the set and you sit there days you have straws and your nose so you can breathe while they do something to you it's a tough business I hope you don't mind over here sitting down but I've been watching you all evening and I want to tear you apart your friendship arsenio them you know want to get me act and he was one of the barbers and then Eddie's old friend Clint he played the other barber and so these three young black guys playing three old black guys and it was really fun I mean I I have to say that they really got into it and Eddie really got into it I think the makeup freed him in an interesting way similarly Robson greatest fighter ever Leah oh come on man what about Joe Louis the brown bomber now that was a great boxer you damn right I remember them the most popular critics are rant when a movie came out he gave it a bad review and he said it's a scene in a barber shop where Murphy and Hall are supposed to be playing multiple characters but it gets so confusing you don't know who they're playing if they're playing anyone at all well you're a punch and I remember thinking why we did such a good job you can't even tell who that's a guy would think that that would be something that you would applaud they were saying yes so much bad you can't tell what song is confusing and so but that scene resonated with me and also this scene with sexual chocolate that guys say you know you can't take away my dignity because the radius of all good and terrible and it came out that did very very well and and what was nice was that it was a big hit all over the world and no one ever thought of it as a black movie yeah I was always going I hear people say the most successful black film of all time and it would say like Waiting to Exhale or one of those movies and I'd be like Oh coming to America three times the gross isn't it always people have sister doing them like yeah and it's an all-black cast that the cold cast is black a country like Japan which is an important market there was never a film with a black actor in the lead that made money in Japan coming to America was the first movie to star in African American was a huge hit in Japan huge hit all over the world I will cherish this experience for the rest of my life he's so gifted and powerful he can get a movie made like that where did you get the idea for Harlem Nights my accountant came to me and he said you know yeah almost I have no more money left I'll be back in two minutes doing this next week I remember Eddie first talking about Harlem Nights the era of the clothes doing something with Richard was a huge motivation yeah I thought it was a hip idea back then I was like me Richard and Redd Foxx three generations of comedy black comedy and it's like game let's get us all on screen together did you apologize to her yeah the shooting man I thought the whole thing was supposed to be you know forgotten about no she said that but I think she's still bossing over her she still is I know she don't show it much but deep down inside she's a sweet old woman baby why'd you put this on orange juice in the refrigerator with just a swallow left in the container well swallowed is jut the line you fed you should go talk to her and tell her you're sorry every day we just laugh in fact that we should have shot the stuff behind the scenes and put that on the screen ix Oh heaven is limping ironically it also ended up the project where Eddie did everything including cater the lunch breaks he wrote he directed he starred what was it like direct payment it wasn't as much fun of that and because there's a lot of stuff that they asked you like that actually do you want this cushion like this selection and you're like I don't care about the cushion I don't like stuff like that but I might do depends on how its successful a movie if the movie comes out and is successful and people going all is wonderful I'll direct again if they go high with garbage I'll never do it again it's really intense cuz I was the first time I had a movie that wasn't really successful and it was like he finally screwed up and he the egomaniac and he's out of control it really depressed and got fat oh yeah I remember them ripping the move in I remember four years after Harlem Nights maybe four or five years after Halle nights I wouldn't even watch it then I started seeing it on cable and I was like hey this movie is funny I'm glad I did it I always loved the Jerry Lewis version of Nutty Professor Jerry plays the part of an eccentric chemistry professor who invents the greatest new drink since dracula discovered the Bloody Mary I got a call from Eddie Murphy saying look I have an idea as to how to make Nutty Professor into a film a different film and he said and this is what it is and he gets very energized very very energized yes he said look I think the guy has to have the handicap of being fat as soon as we made the character have a physical problem instead of like Jerry Lewis's guys a nerd this formula would have fall into the wrong hands consequences could be devastating this guy's personalities charming and sweet chairman but you just got this physical problem as soon as we made it physical they made the story contemporary any professor came out after I'd had three or four movies that weren't well-received vampire in Brooklyn the distinguished gentleman Beverly Hills Cop 3 all three of those movies had to come out back-to-back and they didn't perform well I remember the studio had apprehension about me let me play multiple characters theater like it's gonna cost a lot of money can we cut out some of these characters it was like I got to play all the characters anyway we got real people would cut the budget down but Eddie insisted that that in order for this movie to be good he had to play all of those characters and he was willing to work overtime and to work for less money so what Eddie did was take his own money hired Rick Baker to make him into the family in audition for his own movie me and Rick Baker went did the whole process on all the different characters if five hours of makeup and sat down and put him on a tape and edited up little stuff and sent it in and then they got what we were trying to do but yeah that's my own my to auditions ever was a Saturday Night Live and get the clumps and the clump movie all you got to do is believe in yourself and you can do anything now you can't get the brother to let nobody else be in the movie you know I like to be in the movie every now and then you think there's someone in Nutty Professor I could be oh no no cuz you everybody you everybody I mean the guy played five different characters with such precision that when you're watching the movie you don't think Oh Eddie's playing these people these are real people if you didn't tell somebody you know if you just put Nutty Professor on for someone that had never seen me before and showed in that movie it wouldn't think in this for a second that oh that's those are makeups of no sir oh it's all one person I mean I seen his own children we did a nice fest today was they know it was yeah when he said we spoke cinemas skin you know in my day trying be beautiful day family on Sunday and special occasion credibly tedious way of working because Eddie can only do one character a day so one day he'll be in sherman klump and i'll just sit at a table and then be all these tennis balls which are the eyeline of where all the other characters are and he's acting with the tennis ball and he's just a blipping with the tennis ball and he's just going random but he's got to remember what he said the other day is the mother I think I do remember he and something on TV about colon cleansing and the other day is the father you own your own plant and it is the brother I absolutely thought he should have won an Academy Award for that he professor that's one of the you know downsides of being a comedian is that you're not taken seriously yeah and that's the way it goes the comic actors get recognized when they step away from comedy but if I look at Dreamgirls and I look at Nutty Professor a Nutty Professor is a much harder performance and then so much more goes into it as so much so much stuff you know it's like gin Dreamgirls I remember one of the things that everybody kept saying was little moment where was talking I was gonna shoot some dope up and the guy says they don't do it I gave him like a look and everybody's like man when you gave him that look oh the critics was like that look you gave and I was like did you see when I was everybody at the table I did the whole table how about that one second when you look that's your best definitely put away the makeup and all that stuff he created a very real person a very sensitive person who no matter what he did no matter how brilliant he was no matter how kind he was people would only see him as a fat guy Sherman you really feel for Sherman I mean you know no disrespect you're not gonna cry for Austin Powers you know I mean but you cry what Sherman Klump is sad you're sad to see noise in the comic company's being made fun of and the camera zooms in on but that's the moment he became not a guy in a fat suit but a real flesh-and-blood human being so that's my favorite scene of the movie there was a pain underneath that character that he always had and I think that's what made that movie so successful in America the Nutty Professor has sufficient appeal to raking more than a hundred million dollars at the box office fairly or unfairly people in America referred to this film as you're coming back film how you view it if you ever come back after not be working I've been working since I was 15 so you know I'm not coming back the audience is coming back it's you're come back to the theaters have I've been there every every year just alone when Nutty Professor came out and worked it wasn't like yeah who was more like okay you can stay in show business people's choice and we are very happy that people like that movie I am ecstatic about all of this just did that be on who sucks Liz's Nutty Professor one Eddie and I did many things together including Bowfinger said he played these two characters there were polar opposites one was kit Ramsey this monstrous action star and then this really nerdy character the brother of this superstar action character named jiff ah when you look at both finger without any prosthetics braces glasses wig he creates two guys that are so much the two sides of Eddie Murphy I think there's a great line in there where they ask him if he'll cut his hair would you be willing to cut your hair oh yes but it's usually better someone else does it I've had a few accent there's a naive awkward side of Eddie and then there's the side he gives you all yeah that shop a shop do the thing yeah I'm look good in there that's really Eddie I'm just joking no I don't none of the characters it's never ham as always somebody else when the movie was coming at people would be like I am Buffy okay now it's the sky that's you write that character I've done a lot of movies with a bit well that's you you're that good it's like I've never I haven't been on screen yet me me I'm nothing like any of the characters that you see on screen there is a major critic in the business who thinks that Eddie could have easily gotten an Oscar nod for both fingers but he never said it publicly white boys you know what Simon I'm slave rose I get my ass whipped that's when you get the nomination that's what ruthlessly Brogan stands with because nomination Wentworth the idiots nigga dies if I simply give you a family of Scripture the retarded slave good morning and welcome to the critics corner the happy summer season officially starts right now with the jubilant appearance of Shrek the giggle all over and laugh out loud animated movie that's for grown-ups and smart kids from DreamWorks yes I go back with Eddie – maybe 1980 as he came on the scene I really sort of came into my own as an executive and I kind of hitched my wagon to his star to be honest hey I got a great idea so as soon as we started DreamWorks and certainly at DreamWorks Animation you know I wanted to find something to keep that going and that is how donkey came about donkey I'm right beside you okay for emotional support we'll just tackle this thing together one little baby step at a time he came to me we've been friends for years he tell me was doing the Shrek Shrek and I was like yeah but I was going with it because maybe a few years maybe four or five years earlier Geoffrey had come to me and said hey I got this movie that you have to do it's you an animation and you must do it about tell me what the movie was and I was like not a sound like boo but I can't do it only a true friend would be that truly honest then make a long story short it was who framed roger rabbit and I felt like such an that I passed down a movie the next time he came to today we get for every time since then he says you got to do a movie like okay love what is it now I really see what's going on here and it was Shrek and nobody knew going into Shrek that Shrek was gonna turn into what it turned into the story is smart the dialogue is sweet and sassy it really deserves to be a giant hit that was really scary if you don't mind me saying that don't work your breath certainly we get the job done cause you definitely need some tic tacs or something cuz your breath stinks I have to say you know when I look at in animation the most successful marriage of an artist their talent their comedy and the character you know in the 25 years of doing this it's actually hard to find any that or any better or more natural than Eddie and that character dog Ian I can't explain it to you but from the first moment of the first day he owned it Wow it's gonna be champagne wishes and caviar dreams from now when he takes a sentence and says it it's an amazing thing every word becomes funny writer writes a line you know let's stay up late telling manly stories and in the morning I'm making waffles now obviously it's incredibly boring lying when I say it we can stay up late swapping manly stars in the morning I'm making waffles the way he would take possession of these words and then how he creates and how he performs them is unlike anything I've ever seen before and I have to say he does it so effortlessly it makes everybody completely crazy no before this is over I'm gonna need a whole lot of serious therapy look at my eye twitching there pretty specific about what they want those directors say it this way and do it that way and make your voice more this and that yeah really try one just go over the top really upset with yourself really upset that you're still afraid of the doctor you haven't conquered that fear we don't feel bad princess I used to be afraid of the top – I'm – hey no wait I'm still afraid of the dark and then they'll let you do a couple of passes where you improvise stuff the chicks love that romantic crap he has kids and I think that's sort of one reason why he made the transition to doing more children from the movies like Shrek I always think about him in Cosby and how I used to sort of discos be for being this child magnet or whatever and then you look at him now and he's sort of like Cosby was back in the day you know I think because of my age it was a natural progression to do different types of movies I couldn't play the young fast-talking maverick forever especially when you get older and a lot of the stuff that I did in the beginning was kind of like you know fast-talking wiseass and if you're in your 40s or wiseass it's like an ass it's not cute anymore you know the fast-talking wipers it's like I turned the channel [Applause] shrink to what kind of title is that you know these three Shrek films will have done now close to two billion dollars internationally it's pretty special I like the donkey character I like to think it's funny I was in a I always say that when I die they're gonna put the pictures of the donkey in the paper and be like Eddie Murphy passed away that's if I die it's not be presumptuous it may come up with something you know it makes us live forever one day if this is really messed up and then I was so freaked out oh dear celebrity ghost stories Saturday at 10:00 on bio true story do you have a movie like that that you just if you had all the power in the universe to take it out of circulation to make it disappear forever and erase everyone's memory do you have one life it's not like if there are things that I won't watch you know if I'm flipping through the channel and I see holy man or Pluto Nash I don't stop but I'm not like I wish I could erase it from everyone's memory you know cuz you need those movies so you can see you need to judge with is from here to here we know he can do comedy but when it came to dream girls it was a challenge and you know he had to think about it that's a stretch when you start out with the jokes then you cut to you know 20 years late into somebody five six seven eight you've got Haiti and I wanna fear I didn't find it surprising that Eddie was playing the role at all he had done so many musical type characters from his parody of James Brown to his own album that Digi Stereophonics he plays the piano he is a very musical person so it wasn't a far reach for him to connect to dream girls and the musicality of it you look at the part he's somebody who enters the movie as a star he's been a star for a long time and you make a list and it gets very short when you look at people who could actually do that and Eddie was really at the top of the list we went to him had a very nervous making lunch where he sat there didn't say much but he did talk about having seen green girls and they knew the part I love the plaid seem to play the original play with the original cast maybe three or four times so I was able to see that you know this is gonna Kapil condoms talented and Jamie just got the Oscar when I found out Eddie was gonna be in Dreamgirls that's like well I got to be in I don't care if they pay me a 50 cent because I just wanted to work with him a man who was this guy I was always the loud fan it was like really relaxed the first day we film was the scene where we met each other he's gonna work out just fine and he comes up and he takes my hand and he decides that we can all sing with the group exactly what would you like Jimmy I do for you baby well you could teach us the song and Phil says cut and Eddie said you're funny and what he doesn't know is that I bounced my happy ass home and called everybody I do I was like nobody else to say I'm funny ever again in life I don't care you may not think anything I said on this documentary is funny and it's okay he's Eddie Murphy thought I was funny I remember being nervous all the time before I got to the set when it was a big dance number of singing scene because you got these real singers it's real dancers and there's no makeup on me that's what if you put a makeup on me if you put you know inch of rubber on me I could dance and jump but do all that have no inhibitions whatsoever because it was enough now it's no makeup as you stand here and you have this wig on your head and you have to do this a bunch of stuff that was like if this doesn't look right boy am I gonna look like Sharon Davis who did the costumes had worked with Eddie before and she had an idea that I thought was brilliant she suggested we get something that fills in the gap between his two front teeth and so a smile that we all know and love so well suddenly become sexier he's not gonna put himself in any situation where he doesn't look cool you know so I think all of that made him anxious he was also going through a bad time in his personal life I think probably the pain that he had that he was going through the divorce probably showed that pain you know in that character and we do that I mean you know I think anywhere he is a great actor people look at him and I always the funny man I was a stand-up coming out to pull off the things that Eddie has done I'm sure that he drew from those experiences and drew from that pain and brought it into that character and that's what we really felt I think if you get a bunch of stuff going on right under your skin you could see that on film I think a lot of times a lot of dramatic actors you know I can get away with stuff for some guys to be people that'd be really crazy and you'd be like all there they've got this edgy thing on film that just comes across and you meet him for real it's like oh cuz this is really crazy yeah that's what it is you know so if you've got I think if you're shattered you know on the inside and you come and you're smiling I think the camera even though I got a smile on my face the camera can see that you shattered cuz you can't hide all of the stuff that's going on so if you had all this stuff going on emotionally and I think that's why the character kind of resonated it emotion emotion is it emotional it was like it was like I had all that I was going through so all this stuff is right behind my eyes just right there that's usually not there you know when you're a writer you've been a screenplay write something like you know Jimmy Nail CC with a look you know it's a scene where Cece tries to convince of everybody tries to convince him that even though he's suffered this setback that Curtis has rejected his record that he shouldn't shoot up on the Epis Christmas party you know but what Eddie brought to that one look to me it's my favorite moment in the movie because he tells you so much about that character and also you get the sense about Eddie Murphy – you know you really got this sense of complete transparency oh honey you you don't need to be doing that stuff right now come on brothers Christmas generally baby I'm not staying around when you see that scene you got an actor who for 25 years you've been watching him have an answer for everything and talked his way out of everything and he never always will always play fast talking winners or people that the guy that overcomes adversity so it was the first time seeing this guy who you know just beat how about this in Eddie's career the defining moment was the time where he didn't talk it was the time where he didn't say a word and he just let the eyes and he let his pain really move the whole film that's the nomination right Eddie Murphy [Applause] it was thrilling to see him get that award you know it just felt great to see him finally get the recognition he deserved [Applause] thank you so much I'd like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for uh honoring what I did in Dreamgirls and thank you Bill Condon for putting me in your wonderful wonderful movie in to record such a wonderful movie thank you so much just told me not to Andres has since Dreamgirls he's gotten much better scripts but you're only pigeon-holed as a certain type of performer and when you're an african-american you're really pigeon-holed regarded here today but no there's a lot of talk about not having Norbit come out at that time because he'd be in the middle of a an Academy campaign look at Sundance and if Sundance they have like parties and stuff and it got kind of sleepy around four o'clock I fell asleep and I woke up at 7:30 and I was like oh I guess I didn't win any no phone ring or anything let me check with Cherise I was like the whole one who got nominations they get nominated oh I did no then I was kind of like like this for a minute yes I think Eddie was very much like hey you know Dreamgirls is one thing and i do that but i do this this is what i do this is what people love this is you know people come to see me as was told by the huge opening and the box office of the movie and I don't think anybody wanted to run away from that I think what happens sometimes with the Oscars is that you get into rarefied air people wanted to celebrate him and they wanted to laud him for Dreamgirls and when Norbit came out Norbit was a commercial movie and so it didn't have the same rarefied air and then I think that folks just were going well I don't know if I want to be associated with that you know I'm over here it would have been great for him to win the Oscar but without it he's still Eddie Murphy with it he's Eddie Murphy with an Oscar I know a lot of actors feel like winning trophies and the Oscars they validated once you know I got this and I'm now I'm an actor and I never felt like I never felt like I need like I needed that trophy for validation it's very nice to win but I didn't feel like I was like and now I'm an actor it was like I've been in a quarter of a century I've been acting you know so it's nice to win it's a great thing to it there's much better than being in losing Whoopi Goldberg on Shatner's Raw Nerve I liked me but it can really be emasculated if you're out with somebody who is a famous person if you're a guy someone shoves them to the side because they're trying to get to you and after a while it's touched upon them all new Shatner's were all nerve next on bio people think I'm the sky and a leather suit with 12 bodyguards and don't call me unless you got 12 million everybody wants to be an Eddie Murphy business you got an idea and you want to get it out there on the big screen and let it make some money and get some attention you go to anywhere from let's put it this way if you if you were making a big studio comedy you know Eddie's gonna be at the top of the list looking from yeah I just did a movie with him meet Dave where he plays a guy from another world and he plays both the ship and the captain of the ship and the hook is they're very very little people so they build a spaceship that looks like a human being so that they could come down here and interact with us I just don't get out that much 1978 note all white apparel is not as standardized as we thought or so he had to inhabit to rolls so to speak do you liver in yes of course I am just a regular person from right here on earth just like you my biggest fear is when it all stops and I know it's gonna stop because everybody's that no one stays hot forever see early on if you go okay I'm and I want to be famous I'm gonna be famous right and will it into existence and you're just saying the famous and you don't know what famous is love what I do and I love this business I love it all if I wasn't doing this I'll be somewhere like this then when famous shows up then you see what it is sometimes it's it's invasive and it's you know it gets to be a lot we go to restaurant people come over for autograph he goes well if you let me down out there and people would stand and there would be a line going out the door while he's eating his burger waiting for him to finish so he could start signing autographs a while back he told me I went out to dinner with Paul McCartney because he had was weird he says you know what the strangest thing was for the first time in a long time I walked in a restaurant I knew people were not looking at me and he said it felt great there's nothing abstract about that now is it he's judged on on an on a different standard almost every one of his movies have made 100 million dollars yeah in a business where people come and go and where success is the exception not the rule when most movies don't make money and most movies don't work and then you know a quarter of a century so there's no frustration the hell with order the truth is gonna come out here today all right it was the most recent thing I passed on the at rush hour I told you that right yes Russia you know what I did instead of rush hour holy man that's not how it was supposed to be in a rush hour was like you're gonna be in LA you'll be running around doing karate Jackie Chan and fighting and sweating and holy man you go to Florida and weigh a robe I was like what let's go to Florida that's holy holy man it is then two years later it was like oh I promised you'd help us mat the plane people don't know Eddie Murphy wrote a movie that I wish he would make he wrote a buckwheat movie that is sitting on the shelves right now it was a parody of Purple Rain called purple wheat was what we gonna do well with Buckley basically plays the role of prince in a parody of Purple Rain he has songs and all the songs are written out and arranged actually there's a song funnier than purple wheat the title there's actually a song somewhere where I'm doing buckwheat and it song is called because buckwheat has a speech impediment and the girl had a weird name like Apollonia is something like that and in the purple wheat thing this name of the song was it's so hard to say a name that's why I never call you and that's it that's part of purple wheat is well Hollywood and particularly the studio's didn't necessarily take him as seriously as they should have you know I don't think he wanted to be in cry freedom but I think he didn't want to sort of do something that was not all Jojo Jojo before Eddie the comedic style was very buffoonish you know nameís and andy the dramatic style was very Sydney the great Sydney Poitier literally played the Negro in so many movies Eddie he was kind of the first black actor I saw that played things like a person porkbelly's which is used to make bacon which you might find in a bacon and lettuce and tomato sandwich everybody kind of acted like a character or something before Eddie Murphy I don't think you could have had a Denzel Washington or a Sam Jackson have the careers they have without Eddie you know I am the chosen one a lot of the comedian's have followed Eddie but he's still the funniest of them all I'm not blowing that Ches out boy that's not at all that's just where that's where I fit in the mix I can't wait for Eddie to go on the road and to stand up again because he's gonna go deeper this time when I was doing stand-up whatever impact I had as a stand-up comic you know I hadn't really had any experiences other than you know dating some chicks and getting in a couple of fights I'm standing there bleeding my lips are swollen people walking back on hey Jimmy walk on board no I mean I just had a fight I'm curious to see what it would be like to see me do stand-up like you know with this head as opposed to you know in the purple leather suit what if I do this day I promise you there'll be no purple leather suit and no red LED the city I'm Wayne Orange his career is still being defined and he's still defining it I don't think that he has done his quintessential piece of work yet we're blessed you know mean to have somebody of Eddie's talent in this game I know that he's a well grounded person he's a very humble cat I know it sounds cliche but I really wouldn't change a thing I think all of my experiences make Who I am now and I'm cool with Who I am there so I don't have one ripple on it one problem right now so I'm just keeping my little world settled that's when I'm happiest and I thought I could finish this up in about 20 years we could do another interview and then I can wrap it all up real nice for you

42 thoughts on “Eddie Murphy – Biography (2007)

  1. You can tell his mama is well cared for. Sorry they lost Charlie. That is a blow, I am sure they grieve him everyday.

  2. Can't help but notice that the greatest actor in the last 30yrs was always held back by the same white so-call "jews" that backed him.

  3. I think Eddy got rejected by hollywood progressives because he is not one of them. Look at the approval rating of President Trump after over 2 years of 95% media negative coverage, still high for good reason, the majority of Americans still reject socialism. Eddy should do stand up, and laugh at the progressive/communistic ideology that comedy is full of now. He was a star with the people of every race around the world. Now he can be a HERO, and push the "individualism", (the opposite of progressive communism), that allowed him to be a star in the first place! Eddy did not fall to drugs in that industry either, which means,—he has his own individual mind, and uses it.

  4. No way can he do stand up today for anybody under the age of 45. Those older people are the last people who laughed,—before political correctness got in our brains. This bio is 12 years old now, but if he does do stand up, just say, "This comedy is for adults only!", and claim anybody who complains, is a child. Leave politics behind? No, laugh at the left, and over half the nation will laugh with you for at least one more generation. 🙂

  5. Has eddie only ever done raw and delirious. The guy is a legend, a brilliant comedian and actor. Is it me that thinks there isn't many people that compete with the like of eddie and Richard prior.

  6. Eddie Murphy single-handedly saved SNL from cancellation back in 1981. Ferrell, Sandler, Fey etc owe their success to him. Not to mention 30 + years of continued success for that show.

  7. Comedian King number 3 kill my landlord ! Saturday night live cracking I have funny bone.every Saturday when he was up there!

  8. I loved Harlem nights ! It was a great movie with all our stars ✨ it was great !🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🙋🏽

  9. It's actually disturbing to hear Eddie Murphy say he got depressed about others not thinking highly of or liking his work. As he should have seen right through the dislike, but hey. As there is no one that has done what he has done when it come to being all those characters and being a funny hot mess at the same time. Having folk talk ill of you and come with all their side ways talk and behavior just comes with the territory of making a statement without even trying. Being yourself and expressing yourself effortlessly shouldn't cause depression. As miserable and unbalanced individuals are the only ones that can bring that your way…………..this is what these types do naturally!

  10. You kick ass Eddie. Come back on stage with some more dirty stuff! I miss it. Keep on keeping on Mr. Murphy!

  11. Eddie Murphy is funny, or at least he used to be, but he’s an obnoxious arsehole. The way he treated Mel B after he knocked her up – what a cunt.

  12. The trickle down theory was proven & hoed out & sold off to China & laundered through a phoney for profit charity front. Fuck Bill Clinton! Fuck you, democrooks!

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