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with eat brillo because that's sort of the one that catapulted you into the sort of stratosphere obviously you've you've written many things since then but just just briefly to go back to that did you anticipate when you wrote Eat Pray Love that it would take off in the way that it did oh dear god no I think he would have to be a psychopath you know in fact I thought I was committing career suicide because I left my really good job at a magazine and I where I wrote about men and I had been sort of known as a literary author and then I wouldn't read this very emotional very vulnerable memoir and I thought I'm sorry world that I have to do this but I have to do this nobody's gonna want it and then I'll go back to doing stuff people want me to do and it appeared that I was incorrect and 15 you said recently that you reread the book at ten years old or something like yeah and what struck you was how apologetic you were so I was so saddened when I read that the young woman who wrote that book kept saying to the reader look I'm sorry that I'm being so irresponsible and running off and doing an adventure and following my dreams I promise it's just a year and then I'll come back to being a respectable person again and that's the only mistake I think and made anyway Pray Love was thinking that I had to become a respectable person I made was not continuing with that that not necessarily the journey but that way of thinking of following my own joy my own bliss my own excitement so did you go back then or did you not continue following your own kind of feelings well I think I felt I mean I ended up getting married again and and buying a house and trying to be every time I've tried to be civilized and responsible it just doesn't seem to work that convention might be the right word is very bad at it as it turns out I just just always falls apart so I'm kind of back to being the girl in your family again your relationship that you develop with with Rhea who was a long-term frame wasn't she who sadly passed passed away and I must note that but how did that develop in the way it did the slowest burn in history she was my hairstylist and then she was my friend and then she was my best friend and then there was this period is 17-year slow ascent there was this period where I lost the ability to even find the word what she was I used to just say this is my person she was the most important person in my life and then she was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic and liver cancer and upon that diagnosis death has a way of making things very clear you know death and mortality and there was something in me that just went oh there is a word for what she is I'm in love with her that's what it is I just couldn't find it until then and so I went to left my marriage and went to take care of her while she was dying and was that for was that because of your need to be conventional at all that you couldn't recognize it earlier today I was trying to be good I wanted to be good and I also loved my husband and she did too and I loved her and I didn't want it I just was never gonna cross that line it was just it worked like many things it worked until it didn't did this make you question your sexuality or for you was it not about your sexuality per se it was about the person as you say that that you felt closest to yeah this moment is probably the first time I've considered questioning my sexuality now that you bring it up I really gave it no thought what I want to say that that is also to be very very honest that is also a symptom of my extraordinary privilege and by privilege I mean the privilege of my skin color the privilege of the city I live in New York City the privilege of the moment that I lived in realism where it's just I actually can just do that and I won't face any severe punishment from my family or my culture and there are a lot of people who don't know I mean you know if you say I'm this friend of mine is female friend I you I was in love with her then most people would assume then that you're a gay woman what they if I was with Mary yeah do you guys think I'm gay that shouldn't be my you know I know I I maybe I'd be very happy to be included I don't care I guess that's really what it comes to into you simply cannot be named I could not imagine Carrie yeah yeah I understand what you mean there gets to a point and and you've explained it previously that you realize that this person that is most special to you actually isn't the one that you then it doesn't necessarily matter whether they're male or female or whatever they are the person who is most special to you now we have to talk about your latest book already latest because of course you've written many things that's the Eat Pray Love now this is a novel which isn't which is rather different setting and in the 1940s piece and it's about showgirls and actors and playboys nation it is delicious I have to say I wrote it intentionally because it's a very stressful time in history everyone's really anxious and I felt like I want to offer something to the world where we can just take a break and I wanted to write a book that would go down like a tray of champagne cocktails like then to write your life story okay I find it more fun it's not necessarily easier I think writing is always the same amount of work but there is something really joyful about being able to create a world and honestly if you're control freak like I am it was really fun to be able to control people's life because I can't do it off the page so I can't do it on the page you were gonna say you were a control freak at the interval I mean we all are in our weird way the things that we try to manage but but yeah it's really fun to create a world and kind of move characters around and how yeah so it's a fun book you'll enjoy it brilliant well we are cuz we were all given copies that we're all loving we are so sadly run out of time but for now Elizabeth Gilbert thank you say [Applause] you

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