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  1. I actually wanted to use the rebellion that overthrew the old government, the Ki'anruusi monarchy (a developing nation that suffered through foreign occupations, invasions by machine gods that left the country utterly fucked over, and ended up being a stagnant, deeply prejudiced mess) before the actual story as the current 'dystopia'. They became what they had sworn to destroy, and the plucky teenage heroine, 'revolver dragon' Ikhiraa, was more a figurehead who just happened to be a good fighter, naive, unintelligent, low on common sense, and driven, a good tool for the actual brains behind the whole thing; she is currently (in this world's 1989) the autocrat of the military dictatorship Gyan, which is, in some ways, worse than Ki'anruusi (they're not racially discriminatory, which was one of the things that killed Ki'anruusi, but there's a strict caste system, a tendency to trample over those who aren't 'good enough', and a lot of poverty, hunger, and more rebellions brewing).

  2. There should be a story where the dictatorship actually cares about its people and gives them plenty of rights, and low taxes, then some extremists opposed to the concept of dictators, and monarchs plot to assasinate the dictator. The plans are uncovered and the people involved are publicly executed as an example of what would happen to rebels. The rebels, in turn, use the executions as a rallying call, and before long, they have enough influence to be considered a threat to national security. The government then starts beefing up its military and starts becoming more oppressive in an effort to keep people in line, thats when our story begins. A story about a humanitarian dictatorship that became highly militarized because some rebels decided to fuck it up, the rebels stating that future leaders won't be so kind.

  3. Now to set up our dystopian government hmmm. Do we perhaps make it a once noble republic which has been slowly corrupted over the decades by terrible leadership, corporations buying and gaining more power, and censorship and increasing surveillance lead to the government becoming the very thing it swore to stand against? Nah they were always evil mc evilton

  4. I missed this before, but he uses Newspeak when speaking about using Dystopias to not teach about free thought and knowledge

  5. Villains: “Thinks Undertale is overrated.”

    Welp, in that case call me Hitler because Undertale is ****ing stupid boys!!!

  6. Ok,ok…i think i got this…The antagonist has take over the control about this land called Highscolia with his army Hurricantroopers, he is a young bully like character called Palpateen and has thrown the beautifull..so terrible beautiful and wise and young and…err…beautiful former queen Galadry Sue into his dungeon, so he can force to marry him, as he fas fallen in love to her beauty and wisdom. But a young farm boy named Brave Guts from a backwater moon is coming to save her because he found a foto from her and a 'help me'-note in a bottle …in space, while farming…asteroid farm stuff. While trying to rescue her Palpateen catches him and falls in love with him too, but Brave Gut refuses , breaks free Galadry Sue and they fight of the evil horde with some army that was parked in a nearby forest and ->HAPPY END. …brilliant, that should write itself. Thanks for the advice

  7. Hey! I'm writing bachelor's thesis about this video. Does anyone know what the author is referring to in 0:34 – 0:42? I'm not from USA so this Obama moment is a bit unclear to me :/

  8. Why does every dystopia story have to be about love with 2 teenagers? Bitch, I wanna see people rise up and kill robot alien nazis.

  9. Also, Brave New World (my second favourite book of all time) was made into a movie, but the movie sucks, SUCKS, compared to the book, while 1984 (my actual favourite book) was made into a really good movie. Rest in peace, John Hurt. Seriously, every movie that man touched turned to gold. Go find it on YouTube; I THINK it's here.

  10. What say a past disaster made everything terrible? Just say it was caused by "overpopulation" and you're done! The thought that too many people would turn the world is so known you don't even need to elaborate? It's great for anyone who's lazy.

  11. While I despise Hunger Games I do have to give credit on its ending

    Sort of acknowledging that the people who often rebel are often those seeking to take power from others and that they are often just as bad as the people they claim to be against

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