Dynamic Content For Divi Is Available Now!

today we are introducing dynamic content to divvy a much anticipated feature that allows you to turn any divvy module into a dynamic element that pulls its dynamic content from the database via post meta custom fields and more you can now transform any static module into a dynamic module that automatically updates itself as it's linked content is changed further enabling you to create fully dynamic post templates dynamic content is content that is pulled from your website's database and managed via WordPress or your plugins examples of typical dynamic content include your website title logo and description your post titles excerpts and featured images dynamic content also includes custom content created using manual custom fields or custom fields registered by your plugins all major content inputs in Divi now support the use of this dynamic content simply click the dynamic content icon to get a full list of available content you can then choose your desired item customize its output and connect it to the module whenever that piece of content is changed it will automatically update within the module on the page and across your entire website for example if you add an image module to your page and you connect the image source to your posts featured image that featured image will be displayed on the front-end and the page will be automatically updated whenever the featured image changes you could connect your post title to a text module your website's logo to a header module a product price to your pricing table module and so much more using custom fields an entire layouts content can be generated from dynamic sources allowing posts to be built automatically without ever touching the Divi builder of dynamic content is available today so download Divi and take a first spin let us know what you think in the comments and don't forget the check back next week for even more great TV features coming your way

25 thoughts on “Dynamic Content For Divi Is Available Now!

  1. Do i miss it or is there no option to add the ''post updated on (date)'' i want to add this next to the date the post was set online

  2. Divi needs their own cms than using wordpress, because it is harder for our clients do make updates to their website.

  3. That was a great update! but can't find the dynamic content icon in divi builder, and doesn't understand how to use it properly. please make a comprehensive tutorial on it.

  4. This update is great! 🙂 I hope that a kickazz header editor is coming soon …;) Maybe the Divi Powered Post Types will be the answer for that wish…

  5. Default page templates please! So when a new page is made it auto loads a preselected page template we specify. Don’t want to have to load page templates every time.

  6. I love Divi, the development team is great!
    One "major" update a week, it is huge! How far will you go?

  7. This is a great start, now if it would allow for URL aliases to load individual data sets into a predefined template and be data set aware to generate pagination controls.

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