DUNIYAR MU Episode 11 Latest Hausa Novel

I said I wanted message already back on my decide I said watch chicken one night feeling and it's a tipper Xhosa one day kids wadded up or yellow dirty be in the media Kyle McCauley tap on to neon wonder come on Omaha meteor water you come on I hear Karen tamagushi the masses available Samantha a Bioman Sarnia in dubai hit judges with me come on Kong gonna wanna Abu yeah and the mobile she hears about matter wha mantequilla for our how can you say they get a kill on security cerca de macau my Cassata a motor as a potato chip is a catalina taking any innovations in that ray can say i'm a check Otoniel chicago who mama heated add gb cinematography add heat empirical say he/she may keep a la mesa cabbage a chicken wanting any hard and akiko or amphoteric on gangaji Kunta double Bourbons abba impossible now became atiba go away i been the tagging e one day a house in our motto crania an anemic isaiah he and zu kumazawa to gaba agenda majimak efficient a new jewelry beta highly uncertain a chicken wanna hurry but a llama mu see other data hadn't taken yet yeah Carl good night Peter hunk are you gonna come up as it is was a bit Indian years wah Danny come on mama hoodoo Akiba go ballad you can say I check up to goomy yeah the custom one de Icaza would move on I give me an Colombia chicken local chicken any icy bitch Amara I'm in a canoe I ended up I can get a fire motors are busy animal mallamma ossobucco bubu a jeremiah assume boom a hedge 88 he has submitted a Telugu tender go biking get mutiny Cubans at a college in Holland to see the judge and coordinance antipas park IM country ahankhah riga to one day she got even wanting any area then then test the activity ESI harbour azerbaijan a local monopoly kataifi too humid Alamo why in the – II don't know bison yeah saying yeah he sold in Sarah if you go Dubin sahajiya is so very she the so did he Italy she did she walk yeah Adam Adam we keep our money I am a Bashir Qasim again a Kuwaiti retake about liquid and Dickinson a car car wash again hunama sabaha and I say Madonna a my animal kind of attack you you are how can dedicating again years old in tiramisu no so would I be led a bathroom on Easter who like he can oak anomalous a life here take a look at he can play music on that was a consume cometa ticket a home invasion you need a locator you all right I come you can among be sunny day sugar but the hakama dolorous and sfa1 and team of hunger cow and a guru circa moon grata city commander and came upon gaga a second father emergency Gina chicken adobo chili Gucci kusu-kusu kaha decanted woman salmon day to an impatient Hakkasan Yamatai bent a macaw at a field on fishy to me needed it suyama taking the IQ Gautama but she'll turn the Akasha girl deity jackasses Oni yeah Cassidy the up indelicate inochi Masonic wanted the honkin and allied the comedy data Amina yeah Casa de Abba Danny a key comer by hit Jammu to oddity Oaxaca Turkish on chase she come yeah got a cancer to moon worse ambassador my Peter who Madhava I come with Walter tenía Center but she's a guru are hiking kisses can search she is she a casita masala after a the she won't call Bonnie a garita Hotel a catchy as a Canon cetera yes on kumar sivan sasi oh my z y para tense head okay Sansa Who am I taking the neighbour Girija Busey Hannah a to me Sheba hey Jessica here is our Camaro and after they are all mature almighty Elsa a Kyoko current ID yet have an incentive you had ini bukan say in an improper she okay guru a family I think I take about a is a local teen Aruba like in the akashik l dubba hijack my in a bow and allow Monza abuti haqqin haqqa I retire massara honkin Mitaka other boot over cheated out he hired Senza yabrood junior tonight and touching uncle and the so dat party concern up lady you know it's a deacon sat there you saying okay woody the other mob why should I talk to me look at him yeah I can t he kept on photo came again an Akita when honey but he take it to him Mumbai Sheeran a key for that haka didn't like a woman their curio messenia Polyakov energy quantity a hunka-hunka call my ass hood so it isn't an Allah a giant number he is an energy saying again interrogator here is all my second year hot so good antenna chicken Harlem book at earnest were the linee qua qua artist Harper Gaeta that's an idea Hawkins Uzi ultimate oscillator circulation pageant I'm officially a go-to for Nikita mama get a physical safety from paintable agita then I like doing it you can do hey nya only from ganas Enchantix IME number one answer look at a de minimis our Allah means yet our chicken hiya tenza yeah nice ihe ultimately rabbit Jamaican future Tina Sara tired ahankhah Lanka hey Holly coke wanted the hunker ticking in a generational demo by Sheila T a Monday masala away taco I eat them as a la Papa mama drama – mas animality Jenna Kayla get a kami the monomers our Daniel do rehalia new way I'm another I've been dearmasa Baraka Yesenia she walk away masala among the Sonia kekkaishi a mummy Kolkata masala Tata patha Kadena one waluigi dive in the dark achieve money well machine it is like he gave me that terra cotta mobile ship okay I've been that tagging is Rattata when they matter zoom Paulito this year saying I didn't wanna had the hand impatient okay among whom a he added it is a lied yes the Baljeet Aki may identify cow oh my new mothers it down about the demo machine or physical mobiles in case ago duper Nikita she can allowance on by Energon that year homogeneous radical um boudoir talk are at our water a knee wallow doctoring a committed to our attendance Warner would what he mobile he insists who same aqua say they damn bucket I said I hadn't already been a doctor yet ok yes and there were no mobile second for obvious somebody our bill by a judge Takashi up man but element that Africa to mobile now woody haha wouldn't say if I Ricardo out how come he's up got an idea he done once we can open like in the package etiquette tended out of the orbiting an emoji sama and unsupported dr. Biber she even in Chicago as well in a local center she is a she got a wider home Wacom well one day akka ether our Alaura okay Isabella Annan my hoping for his a fr Thomas articulate yeah st. is woven and over ta nothing in a rugged winter gear in the circle pata you see me I mean converted a what do share Sakina hey I got some economies and to know when I did she gave my Sudoku Comerica so major and that by she the Soviet Jewry I don't gonna want any Delta your granny a muscle worried that you do this holy chicken but I'm back ehe Yaddo couch on top are local the idea a masses an energy way me and sir I feel she got a ticket in economist ain't no me digas he F Anna serum by the Massa so say it dr. ko a shiny new had innocent action hunkered in DaVinci Empire theater she did wanna hide in addition arrow machine circulation painter dungeon doctor Adobe she vomited a kabocha temperate I'm Isuzu ambassador don't say De Luca Marwan dacha see cara de Ulua you can do it on Jacob answer Ichigo dukka dukka al-amin machine does yeah how can that often you're gonna get a better outfit a classic chicken noon about who my Yoko decade ago Berlin column Oh Bashar Hakan nearby mobile diamond say taken secure Melia Correa reality vomit and water gee Wilma she told us he a single Appa Yakka mobile she'll hold up a couple say it is umarete Africa but I luckily at you who my baby went out and chicken sang in the key comida Yaga Macario masa Alaska how cahal CEQA is a chicken I can Tony ceccacci data tell her decade that we were I've been the take it says a pas de woody the sodium oh but she did secure data Yazoo knob I can guarantee canal Malaysian Conahan kadhi here to beta by Hina buddy the hit yet yeah karasuna touch chameleon server Rasheeda Josh a tower but the warpath it will busy since otaku can today how can you can retire the hunk cousins the Soria to be doctor allowance on Karen husky doctoring a chilly cinderfella poop chicken elements Hulu the Rosanna the chemical muta Dana she can on kumatetsu Goku caballo de Iturbide a minor decagon tyaga put a bouquet but I you in dunya I am I in a bow an uppity so yeah why Laden or mobile Shinichi company kappa yetee to miss Amita missing at a chicken in one in journey was an is a my doctor is an energy a llamas any doctor at any indicator palaka – moo moo media by Kumho yeah why I do Burnside up ahead Jesse yeah Kara soon and ha I wonder karma but answer me BA said it at a later book and etiquette haqqin haqqa Rama's are Mishima grant hua ji by his ethnic okay chicolini pharmaceutical walk and I don't want to certainly sing each other how I sing opus Kolkata pata pata how come back Ramirez a number Bathsheba there's only a jab pyar ke me the second water Elsevier kya garage we are ye to be dr. Shumacher Hikaru no Panza dr. Ashida she wanna a manga allowable but I got mad as a pitcher they go by King doctor and how come you're saying out Julia why kind of a hit just do me a say AHA can tap are you taking me so I can take him wanting any military da da sharon kelly maja in a new team was a hawaiian circus sideshow calling Omata said a woman by she decorated it and when I saw her up in the data team until associate a me and peace an entity dish gosh almighty piggy doll Mubasher Saru it and why do moon because I hung up in the Delta te bikina yesterday yes I can see Kenny had a puzzle canoe ago mention I've been dancing entity to wanting any of Mencia Shabana haka but I've been delicate piccata by Keane and degradation Nikki innocent masala desire Michigan a Hollywood corner Katie the girl foreign currency futures suture toss a palm on top of eSATA he G technique America pursue it interpreter so good Alberta Ferretti defy in Turkey Day was sushi onaka to to can carry more when alumina we come on tall ometer dilator golden goose e mobile my navigator kesakhian woundn't amber co-occur bernie na hoshi obeying a compass cursor they really miss a jacketed any haka not oka in atom as an incident do wanna update I maybe need a Costanza 300 mobile here the Soul Eater study is checking any universe and junk elements as a capacity antenna you and knock attached my TP comedian Ikeda my Kinney Takashi by TS aching in Urdu band – you might consider – yes pharmacy Eden Wow yeah palette Arabic and food a masala Hungary Kiku Alan Samantha Daniel atop Arisaka the Saudi attached yeah it's a great a chameleon SVG by HF Nakumatt are taken at you one and honey but you you know even Hakka sake you gotta Sonya Thank You TK Richmond Qin Jia hung honey she market educated you are her daughter in her Akiyama are Binda like I said nomini ma Baracus elemina bah – Nathan – innocent la máquina de Tina tena koe mo patent haka didn't I see a mom beside a la musique antibodies who say say MIDI rigidly the taking any Hawk ambassador Sidhu dhaba Tammy key and then tap the Caracara Pongo do ii by Kissick I go buttons occur SME meta Magana accountability over an acre tower a little power imbalance I can and then mo Bai Shi de casa hooli the Sonia – wait irrelevant at accomplishing way when I even told and kinda dedicated a new bike I would have able to masala the country chicken I were you go say I want a but under the time of Inaba I name to take Akuma some better than here to whom I didn't water she commenced our Hawaiian guru how kinda Moberly again he had a part-timer serenity but Jamie's awake he ain't no talking to her article I work in a no mob at the Chi Omega bar the worried unwanted take what in the circa cut that today judge one how I take is Iggy a compass Carta such a hunches and then 10 eSATA chief mobile committee needed I think of move on duty at I had a Zara UK Nodoka Casa Mata Tia bulletin that a young mature Korean to do Jim o Bashar Bashar al curry Delta J McConnell chicken will your cuca the bento say get automatically commit a mass mass our about hanger but they are today to Puma BA hebba entire idea oppa think it a teletype eg hitch be a tube adult engages only you know Cullen econ alleged he a porn daughter that's my any another why police mama she is a comedic Adama Sakai how can demo page the Agana bash it up bash and doctrinal M&T ginger Nahanni Alamo dia the soul eh we are a patina excited it as a bike you responsibility sierra lobo idiotic economies somehow wanna one day but she mighta me an omission a day might a stinky the Soviet elevator to Michigan médico de que buscar land that ha ha would like a more watch awkward as I went yeah and they do so much it any ill incontinent at a massage yes actually my above and irritated oh she ain't gay if I can Motors up and is a booty Mazzone and Arriba and she goes out Ohio Cooley out under budget there's any a saying at the Soviet it's always a motor didn't buy a taboo HS you got but I release you wanna Ababa then I shake ah hippies the motor Circle Bar Harbor as bitches tender circa Tillich et bow and Diego and encourage chickens Oaxaca Lopez cassava and I'm with a farmer son Mumbai his jaw but to go but they have physical to thousands a lowly I don't want to call up or a techie he doesn't want to ha ha um Adams Delta cos I'm under mobile Pune and the Burma to see a cheeky it and warped golden a gem he take one day I'd say that our citizen girl rumata I've been to take a coma by sanaka Lanka a mama gonna attack I got a meta CVS a case who say how some cousin is AG identity marker and kamana Amina canonical mo but she Lea terribly key there hello but some code Ubuntu B – a motor ha ha consider city re come on amazing in bocce alarming Keenan Co an inside joke wanna die been demo Vasiliki by his jaboticaba so good dunya tunneled out cut hi Lisa Django's who say error my identity Sony kill my tokus artists we limited to none and attic a preheated our attenti ok do went come officer checking and I rapid to it an element so rude as attenti that's ad CK then Tichina suddenly me the unpatented sugar oku the Saudi that I hadn't and current a move by she Chima I didn't look at senior the walkins are kind of yeah comm 110 our current apology yes you the Iran will say automata when a current Carlo my mother caboodle the zoo Chia and Wednesday taking chemo jar their power Kanta Battalion double yoga combo colonies who say in a month Eaton waters Obama's are cleaning the tables with a near 200 me say take walk on and think our chocolate a dagger but I'm car Lanza send entity life here question yet the Moabite in ki Tisa categorize inside our she Louie nice all right the handset is dead as is an energy in an open after them is a kid on my pinky what was lucky kid the capital of India that get a pineapple get my mic he put up his car to be she's young I've been deity let's a bumper and check about it oh but thank you for until about neatly then I like he had a postcard kita when I about some data there were no postcard I suppose I could eat about dedicate a gentle better modern Elmo Beshear Kangas here taking 10,000 temperature up until a human abou in Haryana Hakka chicken Holland am watching and so little oh my – can't that is a Wawa that had any gobble Mortimer open zero contact a towing capacity tests and test any damn I have hinted n ETH element is a current a current sheet a dentist and I've been taking if he put as a cart a todokanai a mock-up together physical to Susie he'll take us up abadeer Samantha need a moi say it done went judo suit odometer seater Holly Anderson a chicken color ja mu TP I'm indebted say the Sheik you know my entire Morocco may say dey jus identity Sandhya tell the moderator Kahana she came in Tanaka Rina circa is a world that rule a lady over here in Sakai fighting Cinderella chicken motor vegetal Hungama Aventa it is about my motor toss it into hock is a Nega bento Buddha or the solely hepatologist singing na na orangey key Tana Assad initiator e th e WA Y I add a nikon cozy on zu create a son queer casa allah Malaysian trumpet ah da kuma I've been Erica I can take any person was away I've been day value then then I know Farah then as a number number hit Jupiter fit her number she is just an insight a DuPont pioneer do bands or some mobile charity I give me chicken motor a llama and an ear / – yes yes – mom another fraternity bar called a file design unique like a chain at our calamity the commodity in the home karate she is taco pita how do I wanna know that she come by hit Jenna casa but I've been development agency boo boo chicken in a nursing indicated ago country up okay Holly when I play motivation yes I delineation be terminally nice only yoga aware a kind of senator de que toman Kalkaji me a mumble some tell Mariana combi can unlock a hurry how come bizarre to say about waba take away a matter new need a new element attaches a tepee vamos suit attached it animals and now can ya en de Luna that she committed it had come on watch okay word who can see so good jump up I'll to take a heretic that seeking either sending it okay then inside started attending fuzzy and here you know / to move actually happy – yeah nobody's buying Acura patient no motors are sick of this as someone saw us about 3 in the upper bigger made a demo Bathsheba then they buy a day Yanukovych don't wanna I being desica are ago but there beneath the talgamite Ida heinken and the koi so take it to home I get a magenta to my aqua tech Natasha hunker in the Hilton karuta inheritors owner I can tempest whom is a year fog what it hadn't at our numbers at temporada but I did that my buddy one and damaged some with Altima hello mater as his Warren and Lopez he – am i coming yet inter-domain Iaquinta the monitor but today I answer I gotta tell buzz look at ya the latter noon hour I do Mukesh Carranza a Kenta Satan una mas a Duke 2010 young kind a is he did she damage she my daughter died from go but I can say hey ha Dae Jin zhiwen I wanta say it out so he must say she love a GI tempest look at gie up in the temperate Akina obey any violent in an illusion deter he studies a lady – England Italy zoo children at Apollo pasa the una de ello patty satalia the Kawada kumoi – can I can also feel doesn't it come connotations wha the entity can get in Mina oh my chicken getting Adam – mahogany zettabyte helmet Altima common nasarah didn't want to go back there Vichy there's a higher chance in cutscenes either come or watch a kawatche our room for Kuno GGO Antigua simply to see me right there at that I reckon I can I see can watch a cat he kind of Kumar the Saudi citizen more where that occur in Topeka yeah she says she's an asset ah yeah the cousins that a borough modulation where attack a Cooney say a genome frantically camera watch it a would then I and I can dream under the where to see kinda in any okay to cashew chicken get her in Iran cutter Allah just Tokyo a little sugar disciple is happy see her and I think it and I walk him over to say hey whoa lady wouldn't let AJ saying itís Odin Julia WA is well over mobile she needs a capitated and winning condo to Hamas Hamas she take a canoe toketee attack or a country mobile sauna coupon oh my get up as he even by the minds iam a beneath the ended and she MoMA to – who obeys and you wanna open e Neda per capita Tanaka Lanza she might a you can you say no Hatice in a haka by me go gardens and colossal cannon so impatient II over encoder cancer chicken genome facility he general were taking on chronic enough they can say LM rank II didn't eternal the ebony about a month making if a diamond I've engaged a bike the chicken one day any but saying about constantly TQ centered any bunny no identity little cancer genius and rate evident antiquing singing many attit e KY fee the general would you Olay scheana Shay hey woody one al-ahmadi so Hakkasan she a Mamba I wanna look at some bar this o dat come on and then Lily but I can simultaneous up a deaf identity gave me the Cullens that Aiden wha wonder some viral chansik allah then allah naru in her fat out for a moment while yet ended a Magana cheeky that of maryam it and then on some fun aside of indicate that mentor how can you thing your mobile she sold on calendar low 40 yeah and then and here so yeah it doesn't want to see doesn't happen interpreter masada fellow ba she can i mean they're fat like any reality that she can't like him but i do bitch about romantic old wall jump actually commentators on a joke or biking god who hadn't at duke view it as about toss-up go when tell me the truth am obama said okay delicacy detaching uncle is a liaison goshiki of America is already an enzyme with actually Nagappa hello comment out we subscribe in intern on who you like in the commercial in the LeBaron Nong Mongolia

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