Duke Spring 2019 Faculty Books: Alex Dehgan

"background music" Hi I'm Alex Dehgan, Duke faculty and
author of "The Snow Leopard Project." "The Snow Leopard Project" is the story, the
effort to save and preserve Afghanistan's wildlife and create
Afghanistan's first national park out of a country that been at war for 30 years. Post-war Afghanistan is fragile, volatile and perilous. But it's also a place of
extraordinary beauty. I arrived in the country in 2006 to start up the Wildlife
Conservation Society better known as the Bronx Zoo Afghanistan program and
preserve and protect Afghanistan's unique and rich biodiversity, which we
were unsure of what had happened to after decades of war. In the book I take
readers along with me as my team helps create the first National Park in the
country, completes on the first extensive wildlife surveys in 30 years and works
to stop poaching of the country's iconic endangered animals including the elusive
Snow Leopard. The book highlights the stark and surprising challenges faced by
those engaged in conservation and war zones and in transitional countries. And
shines a light on the rich cultural and biological diversity of Afghanistan one
that we don't see on our TV screens. The book offers many layers and insights
into leadership, entrepreneurship, deep Afghan history, geopolitics, natural
history, geology all woven together in a fast-paced story that happens to take
part in a war zone. Ask for the book from your favorite bookstore or your
favorite online distributor or here at Duke. Thanks a lot.

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