Dublin Writers Conference 2018 – update

hi there my name is Tanja hi my name’s Liz and welcome to another support video from Books Go Social today we’re going to talk about our Dublin Writers Conference yeah so this year the conference is
going to be in the centre of Dublin yet again and once again it’s gonna be
taking place in June and it’s gonna run from the 22nd to the 24th of June 2018
yes so what a perfect way to start your summer right in Ireland so this is the
fourth year of the conference and this year the theme is finding new voices and
as a result of this we’ve actually decided to increase the amount of pitch
sessions that we have so more people can come along and get their new voices out
there exactly so you will be able to pitch your book to your Hollywood
producer Ken Atchity and with hopes that he will actually make a movie out of it
yeah and there’s also gonna be a pitching workshop that’s gonna be run by
am Michael Neff and Paula Munier and there are two publishing experts based
both in New York who’ve been working the publishing industry for years and a
number of different roles including agency journal writer and I think
they both write themselves they’ve both worked in publishing so they know
exactly what they’re talking about yes exactly
and it’s the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in a way because it’s
included in the package of the conference and you can book your spot
and even if you’re not planning to pitch your book to a publisher it will be
useful for your book description and just to see what feedback can you expect
from readers yeah so you come in and you’ll pitch with them and they’ll kind of
hone in on what the best part of your story is and what you need to look at and
what readers gonna find the most interesting and that kind of thing also besides that we have sessions on the state of the book publishing industry today and
sessions on self-publishing what to look out for for what are the new opportunities and
of course marketing craft yeah so and also along those things we’ll be looking
at different writing workshops looking or not workshop different writing sessions
so looking at and the craft of writing and also looking at different writers
journeys and then which is relevant for me and Tanya we have a session from one
of our team members Ann Richardson who be talking about author collaboration
and working in a team yes exactly so it will be really useful for your team work
yeah so and at the moment we’re offering some crazy low or anywhere
prices so and if you’re interested it sounds like something you’ve want to
take part in you can buy a weekend ticket which includes Friday Saturday
and Sunday for the low low price of one hundred and eighteen dollars and that
doesn’t include the Saturday night awards dinner which if you’re interested
in attending and you should be because it’s great and the dinner ticket
including the full weekend ticket is one hundred and seventy seven dollars yes so
that’s really really cheap we’re probably going to raise the prices at
some point in the next couple of weeks so if you’re interested and if you want
to book your spot in any of the workshops which we’re sure that they’re
going to book out in a couple of weeks it’s worth booking your ticket now
yeah so we also have a number of one one-to-one sessions as well as the
workshop sessions so if you’re interested in any of them you do need to
have booked your ticket before you can and reserve your place on those so those
are first come first serve so please do book your ticket first and then get
in contact with us also it’s a excellent opportunity to actually network with
other authors there will be a couple of opportunities during the weekend on
Friday night Saturday nights during lunch and during the breaks so in the
last two year three years the feedback was that the networking part was really
really useful and because the being such a lonely business it’s it’s very
nice actually spend the weekend we other authors and work on your craft
yeah exactly and it’s not just that you’re gonna come I learn loads of
things it’s that you can come and be motivated inspired and just spend the
weekend I guess feeling like an author and
really interacting with people and just talking about the stuff that we love if
you’re interested in more information you can always email us leave a comment
or visit our page thedublinwritersconference.com and if that wasn’t
enough we’re also running a competition for all attendees to take part in and in
that competition you can submit a synopsis of your
next book and be in the chance of winning a full assisted self-publishing
package worth over $700 yes exactly so the package will include the editing of
your book your book cover formatting of your book putting it on Amazon and
marketing package for three months so that’s something that should not be
missed so if you are writing a book that’s going to be brilliant for you
yeah exactly so and I think it’s maybe a 50-word synopsis and it just not to be
into July but just to have that on your radar is something else that that makes
it worth attending for sure and yes so everything will be on thedublinwritersconference.com and we’ll have the link below in the comments that page also has
information about Dublin as a tourist destination and also Ireland as
a tourist destination and various places to stay and how to get over that kind of
thing yes so book your ticket now and we hope to see you in June yeah so think
that’s everything bye

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