Dubler Studio Kit experience: Novelist + PREM

this is the craziest bit of chaos in my life if I if I had something like that when I started making music I'll be completing way ahead sky manga is big Prem and I'm novelist I'm a person who has a million ideas go through my head at once especially when I'm making music my first reaction when I tried the the double of studio kit was I was very surprised at how quick I could get fingers on I think one of the main things that cripples producers is their workflow I use this for the drums getting drums down sometimes a bit strenuous puts all the MIDI into the software in reason particularly and select whatever drums are one it makes the whole workflow way click on them this is like a toy that I meet in serious hardware you're gonna make me a better producer than I was yesterday

One thought on “Dubler Studio Kit experience: Novelist + PREM

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