"Dracula" graphic novel read by Christopher Lee

14 thoughts on “"Dracula" graphic novel read by Christopher Lee

  1. i read this comic as kid in the 70'ties. we had a wave of horror comics here in Denmark in the early 70'ties to late 70'ties, then it mostly ended.

  2. There’s something so silly about the “dam-dam-daaaaah!!!!!!” musical cues, but it’s a product of its time, and I guess it was effective in the 60’s? It feels more like a minor jump-scare each time to me, cuz of how loud it is XD This is really nice and well made. It’s so interesting to see a portion of the story come to life like this 🙂

  3. The music makes it feel like a Hammer film. The Dracula in the comic looks like John Carradine and the Van Hellsing looks like Edward Van Sloan

  4. Brilliant. Do you know the name of the soundtrack? Coinsidentally I've heard it used in a version of Nosferatu.

  5. Mandela effect here
    I don't remember trains in Dracula, they were 100 years at least after the story took place in my paradigm.

    REALLY , not late 1800
    Dracula was 1700 or 1600
    ya… maybe not , I remember revolvers in DraculA

  6. And decades later John Morris and his son Johnathan Morris would face and kill Dracula in Castlevania:Bloodlines and Castlevania:Portrait Of Ruin.😄

  7. you did a great job with this, I had been looking on amazon and ebay for the paperback of this and didn't find it, had it as a kid and thought it was great job of cartooning the story and adding Chris Lee's narration is fantastic. Great job.

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