Dr. Mansur Hasib – Global Award Winning Cybersecurity Leader, Keynote Speaker, and Author

Hello. I am Dr. Mansur Hasib. My passion is building the next generation
of Cybersecurity Leaders. Follow #DrCybersecurity to find my important
posts on LinkedIn and Twitter. To learn Cybersecurity Leadership from me,
first watch my free educational videos and articles on my website www.cybersecurityleadership.com. If you like the content, then read or listen
to my book Cybersecurity Leadership. You can also invite me to speak at your conference
or company meeting. You can also take my classes privately or
join a university degree program. The best part in the field is that this field
is so new, that you can find success rather quickly. All you need is the desire to learn, and the
discipline to do the work. Thank you very much!

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