Dr. Joe Parent (Author of Zen Golf) Talks Mental Toughness in Golf

16 thoughts on “Dr. Joe Parent (Author of Zen Golf) Talks Mental Toughness in Golf

  1. It's me again. The Swiss guy who plays golf in Elkhart, TX. i'm 1:19:13 into this video. Zuschauen Entdecken Nachdenken (ZEN) was a mantra when i grew up in CH from our science teacher in middle school :-). Meaning/Translate: Observe/Watch = Z | Discover = E | Study/Learn/Absorb/Think = N. Much like you Erik, Golf found me at a late stage of life. It made me fall back in love with another game i abandoned for a career in the main stream. I'm happy and grateful for Golf and Snooker / Pool (since i live in the US now).. it's meditation on a green surface, a stationary object has to be hit with a moving tool.. Golf is easy :-). Billiards is real messing with inner peace 🙂

  2. Hey Eric, love the channel. Do you know of Will Robbins or maybe you've already done something with him? He was a young touring pro and He and his wife were badly injured and almost killed in a tsunami. He has a golf system called "the Scoring Method". I think he might make for a good interview and show.

  3. This very well may be the greatest guest, as is Rogan's guest Dr. Jordan B Peterson of the E A L show podcast… Please MORE Dr. Joseph Parent, love hearing from golf sport psychologist, specialist, coaches, doctors, nutritionist, etc. THANKS ERIK keep them coming we'll keep watching!

  4. Great session guys. One topic for your next session is probably about the right amount of focus. Would there be too much focus on the task at hand that it creates stress and tension?

  5. Ok. I have a question for the next session with doc. Do zen golfers like him believe there are legitimate training aids? Are they all gimmicks, or are they all brilliant if you are present enough to stay in the beginner mindset?

  6. Wish I could listen to a conversation with him, Fred Shoemaker, and Rick Ruben. It would be the ultimate meeting of the minds for me.

  7. This was an amazing discussion I read his book when it came out so I got it out so I can read it again.

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