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welcome to the ferry and Elliot Joe you sounded like a Michael buffer there let's get ready to rumble game yes I'm Noah typical presenter that's why are you presenting my after son um yeah at the old mill does he hates well that's good because I have no idea where does do you guys uh that's quite nice and they do a good steep pie are you vegetarian or vegan almost vegan right I stopped at 99% I just under the order Cajun I have something that isn't completely vegan only because there's nothing there available but it's just a choice was I said okay after I lost my dog but for four and a half years ago shortly afterwards you know see what it passed away eight cancers born cancer uh-huh and he was sick for like you know three or four months in a vet it said you'll not even last three months but yeah actually lasted nearly six months and and see we need help such a born to an animal then everything you can I mean everything to save his life I mean you name it and a and he developed such a bond that the idea of an animal suffering so that I can eat it just became I just actually had such an aversion to and even though I bet send me after that I remember I was going to give a talk a place I country retreat somewhere and I saw this book Halen CO and it was at there some woollen mill I think new calendar in Scotland I know I saw that spec a link and I stopped and it came right over it mean it's got massive bug head a huge bug eyes and it just stared at me and I just looked in its eyes and I started crying I remember that was such a it was like a shaft and I could just you know you could feel its emotions that I suddenly became really clear that that animal feels it's got emotions I knew that anyway but seek to be actually faced with it after having watched my own dog suffering and then realizing as such feelings and emotions and after that I couldn't lie it was just like what early couldn't a choice I'm doing a talk in the Ilona it must be after your dog passed away cuz I really can i raisiny to be me because you can upset other and yeah well that was actually shortly after that was literally only about three months after anyway um that's what we fortunate it wasn't it we'd May I think before that I was again it was the Ilona it's just always through Siobhan me yeah Angie co-op say that but I think I'd always enjoyed your work I love your books and love your talks you're able to not just see an esky you're sitting in front obviously [Laughter] but that was just a whole new side to you that I hadn't seen before and I thought no just resonated buffed me just I don't know work in the way classes be more veggies like I think that's the things we came when I was watching you thought and you like referrer things to the Bell accordingly and you were tailored and I was the me that was dead except my favorite comedian so I was a steady easy it was born there when you were talking about him when you're doing like here we danced in a boosting like an underpass laughing so I wrote to my friends but I was the it's actually really good bit when you were seen saying it all made sense no it was really really good but it was good because you were very very relatable I thought sometimes and you hear people when you're like what I always judge people would I go for our paint Minh relax welcome I think some of the topics you talked about as well obviously your background you but I sigh anticip in fan kid like the main body connection is eerie theory and all that kind of stuff but does outlay of a lot legitimacy but although it's quite technical the stuff you're talking about you know the composition of the Breen and things like that you start putting in lemons to him that simpleton let me can understand so yeah it's really good and that's what I like most about you I actually remember when I first started writing so I you know what's in the pharmaceutical industry and I left and I felt like my dream my thing was to write books and teach to educate and that was my they even I filled my English at school and thing Bernie but it's funny how you just something's you know you've got to do it uh-huh I named I remember because I'd never written before and because I had read books by other famous authors and I suddenly thought I'm about to enter this field I'm not famous and I feel my English is good I don't even know if I can write so I wrote the first draft of the book and I remember giving a few bets to my mom to read and she couldn't understand it and and what I've done is I tried to make myself look clever uh-huh so I'd felled the book with big wads and complicated sounded things so ironically what I'd actually done is make it really complicated because I was struggling with my self-esteem and whether people would accept me so I I actually made it so complicated to make myself sound clever and after my mom said act I don't you understand it this was like the second page oh and I thought what am i writing it for I'm am I not writing this so that people can understand am I not writing because I want to help people when I educate so from now on it's gotta be simple so my barometer after that was can my mom and dad and managing media and understand neither of none of whom stayed at school beyond the age of 15 right right and can if they can understand it and make sense of it and put it into practice then I've succeeded so every book I've written so far that's been my goal is cued my mom and dad and managing read the book and understand it and so I got rid of all the technical stuff the only thing those big wads of technical Sophos when there's no way around it and yeah he thus tell that don't do it simplest essence and there is no other way of putting it and even then I'll always put a little better simplicity on it or I'll change the context so that it's relatable but it was just I remember I remember that day when I left I had to see I Who am I right for you know if I make it okay no one's gonna read it one or two people make that or he's a clever guy yeah what's the point of that if no one's ever going to read a book yeah whoever some of the you obviously said you're reading a lot of books here by other authors who were the guys that inspired you a time I was reading or I was listening to Wayne Dyer dr. window listening to him a tape CDs to the younger people plastic pencil but even less Nick laid one you especially I had an acorn electron I was are used to have to load a game and of pac-man three quarters you know to Lourdes 5-8 the PAP office I used to listen to Wayne Dyer cassette tapes in my car this was you know back in 2002 I'd left the job in the 1982 so this was the early 2000 I wasn't a window I read a lot of Neale Donald Walsch conversations of God these were my two main authors at the time and then I I remember reading a cart ollie shortly after that I knew I mean I read a book Norman Vincent Peale the power of positive thinking and then one of my all-time favorites the nature of personal reality by Jane Roberts who channel this entity called Seth and and I read all those because it was really it's very metaphysical but almost a blend she's she was a scientist ourselves so it was a blend between science and metaphysics and really and so all I've totally immersed myself and almost the opposite of what I've been doing for four years latterly a bench in the pharmaceutical industry with lighted my three-year PhD with test tubes and flasks and weighing tiny alal atoms and then 40 years in the pharmaceutical industry doing something similar and I literally jumped as far away from that as possible imagine going you know I took a course I learned to do Reiki I became a Reiki Master and I learned to do crystal healing healing with crystals and it was almost like part I mean needed to go part of me needed to break the you know the pattern of where I've been before yeah and I knew that my path was somewhere different from the job that I tired in the past and some things you've literally gotta break it but it was so far over the other side just to escape it and then you can then I can I came back into the middle so I went from pure signs to the way we over to lots of like completely immersed in the spirituality and the angels and all you know all the stuff that people that many people totally enter and I totally enter at that time as well and then I came back to the middle where I'm totally comfortable over there with the healing and the angels and the crystals and I'm totally comfortable talking about quantum mechanics and I'm totally comfortable talking about the weight of an atom and the fact we've got came to the 28th at 10 to the power 20 atoms antibodies okay and the universe you know as belt a you know a stars collapse and give birth to we particles which form other particles which create other stars I'm totally comfortable were there and I'm totally comfortable with the healing and all that kind of stuff but I can I sit in the middle and I'm quite happy in both range between both feels but I had to jump so far away over there just to almost break free of feeling like I was attached too much to the signs was that that wasn't in really difficult because office I was like it's a good job you had a really really good standing a lot of money as well I was on one of these you have one you know a lot of bad companies people listen to those who have been but companies don't know what I'm talking about but you have these lists where you have people who you really believe could be senior possessions and I was on one of those lists a and so I was given a rebuy go opportunity to jump a job that was really where we out my league and I was I got that job internally within the company it was way way back jump from you yeah I'd vet them in the Guardian I remember I was so under qualified for that job I gotta write you know bizarre there was three jobs going and I applied for the junior one and I got the senior one well and that was because they're trying to test my mettle and seen what I'm capable of doing I was literally my career was literally taking off but my heart wasn't in it was an easy decision from that regard then bizarrely it was did you just completely walk up even building and say to me the idea and then I was at a personal development seminar by 20 Robbins uh-huh giant American done my first ever fire walk and we did all these personal development exercises he did a visualization with us and he said to us know think of our time a think of a time in your life when something happened that had not happened your life for the may have taken a different path and I could think of that and he said no make a decision that was changed the course of life and I made the decision what's the next day back at what Kairos ain't whoa you signed with he house not initially I I contact I was rejected by he house and every other publisher in the Yukiya that publishes personal development books and all of them said thanks but no thanks and so I self-published okay and I self public in fact aid I self but I launched it here in this town a with gin gin murder it was organizing an event at the time June has s we shop called inspirations and she hosted us it was a mind/body/spirit event and I launched my book on that day and me 2005 myself published and then fun enough a few months later June was given me a tarot card reading and I we shop and she said you need Popish but you need to contact her house you're gonna be published with he house yeah the card said I mean I know he has already rejected me and she's no no he host of the changed in mind but he host won't publish you and so I literally we synchronistically something you know through a friend of a friend I ended up you know getting an email address for the marketing director videos and latterly it happened so fast and fact what June had said and I also see that don't a–first make sense but you're gonna do our science and angels to her science and angels anyway bizarrely about five years ago I've been with her house about forty four or five years and me and Kyle gray that our science and angels to her of certainly that's he that the angels are the designs and we fused them and we blended our language Amim and that the Kino the world angel Congress I'm not really familiar with the angel stuff was worse that then you know as a scientist I I don't really you know scientists split on this the idea that consciousness is inside your head it's called the neurobiological approach and the neurobiological basically says that your sense of awareness your consciousness is produced by biology in the brain okay but that has a major fault and the MRI scans can tell you what the brain is doing when you're having an experience of see happiness or enjoyment of a piece of music so the neurobiological approach can tell you what the brain is doing but it can't ever tell you how that feels hmm so I'm growing band of philosophers scientists doctors engineers and endorsing what eco an idealist approach it means that rather than consciousness being inside your head it's actually everywhere and it just feels like you're here and the reason it feels like you're in a body is because you've had a lifetime of knowing that if I my finger hurts so therefore that every experience we have reinforces the belief that this is me and it's only when people have you known your death experiences in the experience themselves at one with the universe that hence to us it may be that some would accurate model so coming back to angels the way I interpret and understand that is the that your sense of consciousness your being is literally everywhere in the whole universe at the same time but it feels like it's here so I can't be the only one in the whole universe so other forms of consciousness must exist perhaps very definite just like there's unable of humans and animals and insects of different sizes so maybe there's other forms of consciousness of different shapes and sizes and intelligence and so what I think of as really just other forms of consciousness that probably exist with what's inside your head is fascinating because you said before like you reverse at one end of the scale with science uh-huh an end to the other so it's quite fascinating that you are sat in the middle so what we what Delft 2d Penta to things like that but as fascinating because I mean I am like he obviously come flick a German background ah I was never any like instantly rekey or insolent that and in I had same a few years ago I got few years ago last year I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and Evan Harmandir and my nosh sent me for Ricky and I was like no nobody really and she's like you system you to avoid a hill your heads are a human goon for Ricky and I was a big thing I'll go and I went a newer golfer at like this were twice twice a month ago now and it's as growing I think it's amazing I don't understand all but I think it's a lot of us get a lot of serious scientific attention I shall did a lot of research more than they fight quite recently there was a publication I really taught premier aged oncology Journal and looking at research and to Reiki for children mmm and her going through their treatment it was like it was a stem-cell treatment and what the Reiki dead is a massively reduced if pain I mean the pain they were having and that was a control trial and it's been quite a few things like talking about how that you know having a Reiki the most the research has been done on pain not because it wouldn't help other things but only because science tends to start small and the the taste the water worth a couple ideas and then once they've proven that then the gotta Berger & Berger things but certainly at the moment is getting a lot of attention and that that's what I mean by I'm quite comfortable setting in both camps because I I've got friends that live over there so it's peaking I've got friends that live over there and I'm very comfortable in the middle but most people know me as the the sign side of things but I I do can I flip between the two but depending on the company that I'm in you but I just with class pension is putting the sports and stuff like that but you were a sports coach as well yeah yeah actually when I was a scientist I was an athletics coach I was an amateur athlete myself I was a long jumper right and then I was worth a club called sea Harriers in Manchester yeah and then I became a coach and team manager so I was a manager of the under-20 men's team of the whole club and I was also a long jump triple jump coach it was great fun absolutely loved it so I mean at that point in time that year had you delved into the main body connection at now I had started to you know I found a Paul McKenna okay and I used to listen to that all the time to enhance my wanna my own ability I go ah Paul McKenna Buch said I as thank you I can thank you son [Laughter] stop eating chaps you know it was really good I fight that was he that was my first gonna and I suppose can i main body can a book that i forgot was actually my mom's book she had that my bottled up it was it was called ultimately and he was just planting little subconscious beliefs and and I noticed how much my performance has improved and I did it religiously as I instructed on the tape and I noticed how much my own performance and proof so quickly and that happened about the same time that I was looking at clinical trial data for a placebo effect that was exposing the placebo effect more than it really or the other would so I started investigating in my own time the main body connection so when I worked for a company called Astra Zeneca and a lot in my time then I spent in the library researching a how does a placebo fair what can there was very little data at the time and many my colleagues would see us just the placebo effect and dismiss it and I was seen but it's not just the placebo effect because people are getting better in the analysis we are doing a definite lots of different depending on what tests you're doing the definite from people in drug the zebra versus control a control group versus placebo and they said are they're not getting better they just think they're getting better and I said but they can't just be thinking they're getting better so that one of the first things I discovered when I was still working in Astra Zeneca was and was a research showing that see when a person gets a placebo for pain but they think it's a painkiller but they get placebo their brain produces its own natural reaction of morphine so morphine is called an opiate so the brain has in natural versions and they're called rather than natural opiates they're called endogenous opiates endogenous really just means that they're endogenous to your body this is where they've always been your body but your brain produces them because you believe that this is a painkiller so it's a state of mind a state of consciousness a belief that it's lovely fettling at home with your brain chemistry and so I was learning that and then challenging some of my senior colleagues who were just school not busy at the conversation I thought this is amazing and so listen to these I completely forgotten until you asked oh you talked about this that at that time I was listening to help the therapy tapes called ultimate but at the same time well I was an athletics coach and so I started teaching some with the guys that would open to it visualization techniques and innovation lies in yourself becoming better you know not to brag Arinze I don't mean it so nice but but we won a heck of lot of medals in our long jump scores and we were we reached the final of three consecutive British Championships a men's team and but my particular group did really really well and I was working intensely you know with with them using a lot of aspects of the mind-body connection that was my first ever experience of using it to coach and really effective do you think the wife you talked about the placebo effect there and if people believe something that's gonna have that positive effect on their body do you think it what's the opposite way as well I'm thanking that you'd like a nice all of us I get diagnosed with bowel cancer people they love that diagnosis not you class don't what I'm not saying no but you know what I mean can have a negative effect on the body so the placebo effect is the positive aspect of belief but yeah sometimes call it the placebo effect has an e an evil twin right and it's called the nocebo effect no SIBO so why see boy that comes from the latin i shall please okay let you better not see boy i shall harm and what the noisy boy effect does is when i believe that this i'm gonna feel like there's somebody feel we are i believe this isn't going to work and then our own beliefs also fettle at home with our brain chemistry and generally a symptoms of or the appearance of i don't really believe that a negative belief can make you l right I think and what we know from the placebo effect is it tends to take a lot of work you know placebo effect will federal around with your brain chemistry but it takes prolonged effort it takes maybe visualization effort for the mind to then have a significant impact on the body it's a belief itself in the moment can be transient but if you keep believing something you can have a bug in effect so you don't have to worry about having negative thoughts because the the moment to the effect of a negative belief is transient as short-lived and it would take a lot of effort of repeated visualization effort of visualizing yourself unwell I thank to to I shall have an effect I'm I'm only saying this because people something's worried about having a negative thought and there's nothing to be worried about being stressed there's nothing to worry about a negative thought it actually takes effort to have a more prolonged negative effect and most people don't put that effort and but you can put effort into the positive safe through visualization techniques like if you visualize something repeatedly your brain processes that as if it's really happening there's a fear what you're imagining is real brain can't even tell the difference between whether you're eating or imagining eating yeah you know imagining eating activates a little circuit in the brain that says I've know eaten so therefore I am full and it suppresses your appetite okay it's based on some recent research only to try that was out tap to me [Laughter] – doesn't email for you arrived is quite funny just class nice book about and when classic diet had his diagnosis and I say only I had a bad patch with my mental health and the things that I died and like my both I give you an ass that I stopped reading can i self-help books yeah and I was doing the simple things it was part from yours it was a sample thanks Berta seriously get your boots a little book of kindness and books yeah boots like that where you can just dappin and it was like nuggets watching in comedy mmm that belly corn laughing that type of stuff water for me you were to see I was a horse but I was sitting watching thanks perfect some vegetable it was like a little the Thunder I look at the TV programs but I was sitting watching the Thunder it was at the programs were getting darker and darker and Inlet my friend gave me a book and it was a reasons to love and it was like a guy that who tried to kill herself oh my god it's a clear book to stay alive I was things like that I was finding myself but I'd wait and create that because the aim constant negative thought it was more it seemed to be every time I was before I was good aim for Saturday my surgeon would get behind with Manoj and it would say anybody discuss all the horror stories that could happen my Saturday they were do it in the Frady and then they would leave me ponder Freddy Silas onions – I mean I just sat and it was like I'd be like an emotional wreck all weekend then we kept mango rate so that not but see no that's the nest needs to happen and in it Bullock but ninja bullet I'm so sorry cuz it's afraid egg in your next appointment but oh my god and it was ever afraid it and I'm not please if we do our instinct or something and as for happening I feel constantly like I was going Rahm Denis me that's an S and that's the point we are massaging laughs no but with my last point source at my hands and my ears when he was talking to me he's at us to me I was no actually no I don't know I don't want to hear anything you say anymore I was there because stress doesn't help you know cuz stress suppresses the immune system he's another thing one of the best things you can do is laugh because laughter itself has a very powerful enhancing effect in the immune system what was some of the recent research and laughter suggest that laughter actually improves the efficiency well it raises the activity level of the immune system even against things like cancer cells and other you know saying so literally it pumps the immune system up there any of course how that feels it's the weather see how a person feels at any one time has a physiological effect I mean when you feel stressed it's the feelings of stress not a situation itself because to said the same situation can be experienced definitely by two different people you can be both stuck in traffic acaba and I card you and your best pal and your best pals feeling totally stressed though I'm never gonna make it I hate being late etc because of how you feel lots of stress hormones being produced in the brain and body but yeah you know the other one in the car is slick you know what don't lead back here nothing you can do about it so it's the same situation but they're not feeling stress so there's no stress hormones in your brain and body so therefore what we know in science is it's how you feel mm-hmm as feelings of stress that generate stress hormones but if you became to someone in the other hand and that feels nice scientists now refer to as elevation overall feeling of niceness they're not Bluff men or gratitude or something warm that being kind produces but that feeling also has physiological effects it creates hormone changes in the body but also when you laugh that feeling of laughter generates a multiple definite effects one of them those effect is enhancing the efficiency of the immune system feeling in love does something unique as well it also Federal's about with hormone levels in the body so how you feel is what you can direct through your mind you can think about certain things in a way to generate protect your feelings and those feelings have physiological effect so it's helpful to laugh like I'm enjoying the show because we've laughed quite a bit mm-hmm and that makes you feel good but it also has beneficial effects and it'll be having beneficial effects and the people listening and watching as well just by joining us in some of the laughter that the laughing thing at that that was in hospital with him I remember lying in the bed at Stowe game on it was something like that and I took I was sitting why I'm watching her and in I'd obviously forgot where I'd been sliced open so haha look at the document easily or is this really fun absolutely laughing but it was funny that the program but when I go I try to know the experiences I watch like a lawyer comedy it just totally get funny podcasts funny things it does so that you can pull a tight I don't watch the news that until they're still watching it I don't watch the news just I choose very carefully walking soon yeah Misha I'm putting as much positive content and my mind as possible I love Caden this challenge so I actually tried this was random acts of kindness I tried it with class and I can pull it was glued up what did you do that obviously obviously it random act of kindness is a person should north and so Christ loves me and I'd bought him in his way from you'll vote Joe and I was doing oh say so I just finished my work so they're my what caught my Brooks and posted posted it through the layer box and left the door nuts and chapter door and ran away but no no I don't think anyone he didn't even gain of Amazon's were leftists off fear and was walking out the gate his mom looked is there I don't care what ultimate chain and you listen to it does not help you Don Umbro [Laughter] [Laughter] I love not we they do not smell great though they were growing just think there's a fat guy Badawi to seven days is out I see the rules I just create the world challenge it used to be 21 days but most people but you know it could be quite a challenge so I made it seven days and what you've got to do is at least one act of kindness every day for seven days now you can do the same thing twice in two different days but it only counts towards your less than the fortunate meaning like you can see okay it's Monday off start on Monday I'll make someone a cup of tea well you don't think I'll make someone a cup of tea in Tuesday as well it doesn't count and the Tuesday because you've already done at once it's got to be seven different hour say okay hey and at least one of them has to be completely anonymous so no one must see you plant and Donuts running away no but that's so you can try it doesn't mean you have to succeed but at least you you can intend attending to be anonymous and also one of the acts has to push you out of your comfort zone oh so in other words don't just stick safety like make a cup of tea you know hold the door open you know help that PSMA that IT problem etc things that you can say that easy so at least one of them you let it have to push yourself a little bit you know stretch almost like you've got to stretch the muscle a little bit to get the act of kindness and I think we should try and get that the last night of the show challenge yeah and see with Jay that did really good so I'll have this is a V segment I will chop mice up and we'll have people I'm no packing my brain what I could do fill in my seven example or something they'd see the more difficult one well we'll see the difficulty level depends on oil on the pier so I'll give you go here's an example right so I was and I was an America I'll just I think a specific example so I I was over an America I was shooting a segment for CBS Sunday morning it was an American a Sunday morning show and it was all about kindness and and one of the things I noticed when I was a venture cargo and we were filming it it was freezing cold and I was there the first weekend and or the first choose the weddings I think in December it was it was Wendy the cop they don't call it the Windy City for nothing a small tech reason and I just got a new jacket that supposed to be went perfect it doesn't work you know I said that didn't work in Chicago his freezing the whole thing but you know I felt sorry for the number of homeless people certainly on the street corners and and you know what many of them had some of them are so many about a few of them had a lot of saying that said I'm not begging for money please I'm just hungry mmm it's not about the money I'm just hungry and so what I started doing on the day that I was the last one sat finish mint have you know had the rest of the day that I was flying back the next morning the rest of the day every time I passed a homeless person I went into a shop and bought food I didn't entertain start oh I went to get myself a coffee and I was having every pastry in of it because I was quite hungry and it was nice I've thought of this coffee still warm when I was holding it in my hands and I saw this homeless person please I'm just I'm not looking for money and just hungry and I looked at the thing that I was eating actually had a PhD but also like a rule like a rule thing a rap thing and my coffee and I looked at the person and I just I just handed them the coffee the rap and the pastry and in bought myself one halfway down the road and I saw this young girl she must have been about 15 something can assemble her and she looked really sad and all that and her and I thought well there's my second coffee I just gave her I gave him a coffee and I take my bike my samachar and I gave it to her and there for the rest of the day I just did that but that was out of my comfort zone because some things I I find it a wee bit difficult wonder than what other people think of you yeah you know people someone watching me doing this you know and it's all about you know people have different degrees of comfort with been feeling self-conscious and I think that for me was a little bit my comfort zone but what I was meaning by stretching yourself is once you stretch a muscle it becomes easier mm-hmm and so after doing it two or three times it became really easy and so further I probably done it I don't know 10 15 times over the rest of that day you know and and it wasn't I wasn't trying I wasn't doing that so that I could no tell people and a podcast about it wasn't for that at all I was just doing it felt that the right thing at the time but it was an example I was offering it with what it was about my comfort zone because I didn't really know you know should I go over and offer them football the person be offended you and I didn't really know but I just did it anyway in a sell-off laughing you do yes I don't mean to pack you up in your story but you'd already taking a bite if your pastry and you're all know so that's no it's a lovely thing to do you know a good example is just is to try and get that supposed to say it the challenge we should say it that's all yeah everyone's context definite everyone's level everyone's levels are definite of what they're comfortable with so you're looking for something about the stretch for you yeah personally that might not necessarily be a stretch for someone else or it might be too much of a stretch for the more persons you've got a judge for yourself nothing fine as well for me I am I'm a over think I'm a terrible over thinking that type of thing would be relevant for me I'm always worried but other people people who think you know again people don't think that you know I'm a DG and stuff like that and we do this and people think this hype are confident and the Vergil but it's it's not the keys everybody's got the mask of the thing that they do and funnily enough part of my warm-up routine from a div a warm-up routine for DJ I do the pose the Superman as I know I thank Norway key that you used to hear the people with the talk that the you said last night that maybe like Bon Jovi David danced away late Bon Jovi before they went onstage and then went onstage so we'd go because it was a newborn jewel who used to act click make Jagger or the Haines stitch and it because he thought make Jagger was the ultimate rock star a name when he went on stage super behind the stage about jaggedy things then he would go and he felt palmtops he felt he was the biggest rock star not these things do actually have an effect I thought I helped to coach our young could became a Scottish sprinter a lot of well I one of my jobs when I was writing my first book I took a job as a chemistry lecturer so I talked with my PhDs in chemistry so I taught chemistry and ecology and we bought a maths but principle of chemistry and one of the classes one of the I just mentioned one day that I used to be an athletics coach and one of the young lads asked Sid why I'm a aspiring sprinter try get one I really would love to be a proper international last week and he said she'd give me any tips oh I thought Tom about visualization and he started to do it he was getting really good and and and I realized how's personality you know some people you have to approach using the main body connection in different ways depending on your context of your life and your personality so why I suggested to him he was a huge fan now this was back in 2000 I Eve 2004 2005 the world record holder for the 100 metres which was has event with Maurice Greene and I said to him so what you need to do is I want you to visualize every day several times a day even just for a half a minute at the time visualize yourself on the starting blocks and 100 meters but more for yourself into Maurice Queens body so imagine your how does your calf's feel as Maurice Queen how does your hamstrings and your thighs feel how are your shoulders feeling right now as Maurice Greene and I want you to really be endless starting box on your imagination Maurice cream and I caught it Tim research that shows if you visualize lifting for example then research use your muscles laterally get stronger and there's lots and lots of research on that because when you imagine something like that it alters the brain circuits is obviously really happening if you keep doing it repetitively that literally changes the brain circuits it's called neural plasticity and what that change in brain circuits does is it physical impacts and muscles so technique now used extensively to speed up rehabilitation from people who had a stroke and so so back then I said to him so I want you to be more is getting on your imagination and then imagine the start of pestle Singh go and I want you to run in your imagination but feel your pack up your legs feel that speed and your shoulders and your breathing your stomach as Maurice Greene anyway and one season he came from a just over 12 seconds to ten point nine Wow 100 meters you know that some banks massive jump 100 meters and that's mostly where all he did definitely from what he done the previous year was just literally be that person in relentlessly visualized the muscles moving with different power and strength and therefore being able to do to do more than it was really just it my way of of suggesting how he and to virtually used visualization because it wasn't some good you know wasn't so good at thinking about classic visualization I'll just visualize doing X Y and Zed he lets it had to be in that body elect Mike Jagger like one jovi being Mac Jagger and so we see it now with self-esteem work and self-confidence what when people stand like Wonder Woman or Superman and just two minutes of that massively drop stress hormone levels but at the same time massively elevates hormones that are associated with self belief in self confidence so there's literally physical effect depending on how you stand and hold your body I use that before every cake you won't you fortunately if you watch my personal trainers and stuff a lawyer they move with their hands and their hips yeah because it's the they're obviously when if you're more powerful they're trained in some day they should feel a really really good from themself as well that's funny because I watch people on the telly and stuff like that no I remember before for example necklace Todd and took over and just her body language and stuff like that she looked like she was a leader laid ready to take that that hot seat there from Alex Salmond he was cannot you saw his body language is slow she's like yeah we out pal yeah that kind of things I do what more no I suppose just one chef more a weed of these things and yeah you look out from that's a law of attraction isn't it yeah you know you once you're a weird of something absolutely yeah no it's fascinating you could use that back in a thing for the gym I've been it I've totally changed stuff for the German I work at the certain aspects of it like I've totally believe in li the visualization things like Vicki they I dunno actually suggest totally different paths for people to go and try I do it the school that you couldn't do it wink because I was always drummed by a marginal quote he was a world champion bodybuilder I had the dietician had a like a huge fitness he was trying on new different things but after harming me I've been finding my own I find no sense October I've been failing them I wouldn't feet gradually becoming more likes even your same with people thing accordance to what people think no I just couldn't give a show they can they'll just I just pass can because I'm failing myself get a lot better with her and it's all gonna walk more dorm getting to me a lot more exciting new people with yourself and stuff for that because we started at sport cash because it was just going to help to us yeah there was something for us support positive energy enter class was fed up talking about cancer and a you know I had more can see their their mental health issues and we just wanted to port positive energy into something and not taking her but I know she again but with a lot last of them guess like mmm bucket last guess we wanted to get you on there and that was one of her bucket list guess guess the gate so etc I always when I come here second stubborn it was startling wasn't it you that one wasn't stolen uh-huh add a few sterling and Dunblane it was like a 2d one was it I noosed oh yeah new sterling right it was an A+ Scotland Rick Lodge no it's a nice nude calendar sterling mm-hmm a retreat center Holistic Center he's a shaman shamanic teacher Steven teaching there for years so I sometimes have weekend maybe once a year I have a weekend residential know your food because my friend can mentor and then I'd been seen like I was desperate to go yet but I was had organized I think had organized the it was like and they eat for everybody in the German that and also can you actually know to optimal one things know yourself us but she was telling me all about it and how amazing it was and I was like an Amy whoa people he got a chance do you get your London e-version talk tonight [Laughter] he can fo your copies amazing amazing mind you come on you're just a guy to receive that diagnosis you know the motor neurons disease and things he's doing to turn that negative and a huge positive it least support nearly four million pounds so far and just things Lee he was talking about like a guy hadn't been in his house for like over a year nearly two years and west house foundation they put I still after his host and the over sudden his life completely changed he could go say he wasn't in his bed or a team but he was funny a totally tore us apart right an awful year we were lovely lovely guy Bert's sharpest attack oh I was like can you see my top Dottie and that's what always head or Inlet to take off he said number no let me tell the full story he just took his top off mrs. or nor you shave your chest you're funny so there's class and I walking a bit topless and I just adore this is Dodie I can't believe that's his Harmon da dubious house topless and your colon homophony know but it's goodness it's a get not opportunity to do to do these things and have an edit content stall adduction we spoke to a guy last week um and a mamey fire completely different again mm-hmm and all of a sudden talking to yourself did you know another week is Rumaki like yourself and booth Capaldi was top of the last and your instagrams soon couldn't sing gonna be up they were loose Capaldi's sure what can I be one on you absolutely no way when it would really have a lot of times you know a lot of things people think I know what I'm doing the same I do honestly God most the time I really I feel like I'm feeling around in the dark but it's just as people's perception it always looks like oh you do not like you're doing that you know what you're doing but most of the time I see a lot of the most of the time I don't really know how to do some of the things I do I have to figure them out on the way but it just doesn't look that way and a lot of the time I just have no idea even how to do you I hope to achieve something but I just cannot I just believe that if I get out or a belief something will happen if I keep thinking about that and that's what I feel I need to go then I believe that things often line up and you opportunity to present themselves at different times how does it feel for you about a guy from them Blaine a group gonna be village called Bank knock we place in central school and your sterling thing is that not weird a glance Catalina's the glance cuddly host yes this it's the newest castle in the UK and Atlas about 200 meters from my mom and dad's house alright I've got a few times it's lovely yeah I used to know not very well but I used to one of my my best mate when I was at school a he was at a different school from me a but he even best mate because we lived in the same village he was pals with the guy who owns glen scale whose family owned i'm the macaronis i don't know if he's still the one at the probably but he certainly he when he took over when he left school he transformed it and built the castle so how does that feel for you obviously the guy from bangkok and you shared the stage birth window you're going from that did you ever visualize a thing that's i here's a story I've not told really before what I don't think I remember I did my very first public speaking of it so I left the pharmaceutical industry my dream was to write books and to give talks and workshops and be an educator in my in my way and I didn't know what my way was really had no answer no idea and I was so nervous before my first day event I I never slept for like two or three days leaving – I mean I was exhausted when I did the event because I it's so been so nervous and scared thing what am i doing an ended up you know I spent a thousand pounds all in between advertising I advertised in the bag su 141 pounds a fortnight for advertising and I paid 300 pounds to hire the big issue conference centre I wanted to do something ethical morally good uh-huh through my things and I spent other money and leaflets and all that my sisters my sisters and I were folding up all these five hundred leaflets and my three sisters were given them out and the streets of Glasgow and stuff and I spent a thousand poems and I took in 40 you know and there's 13 people there nine of them are family and friends a three had come because one of my friends had met them in a cafe the week before and said eh why do you cut can you and fill out the numbers because they were quite interested and they said only if we don't have to pay and so only one person came on our 50% student that's good but the reason why I got so few people as because I was so struggling with confidence that only odd fell in the bag eschew IRA if you want to attend the seminar there's no phone number or email address it was send a check to buy my few books I was scared in case someone phoned me and asked me a challenging question I just didn't know what the subject well enough yeah so so I was broke you know sex month spent all my money on other events which I had to cancel because no one was common but I remember after the first day thinking you know I've just lost a thousand pounds I don't really have that much I only care about five grand when I left AstraZeneca and I thought this is not gonna last very long and I felt a bit kind of dejected I was walking away in my one my mom had caught me the same and I woke up with my auntie Jean and they were away in one card and I was and I remember thinking well this is a failure and then I suddenly thought we are minute I had the courage and the confidence to leave my job and follow my heart even if it doesn't work out at least I'm gonna be proud of myself for the rest of my life I'm gonna look back when I'm 90 and look back and think even if I failed at least I had the guts to do that and I would regret it if I didn't we always regret if I didn't I remember I was standing not far from the the by guess you conference center I remember icon I'm gonna make this work and I went I can do it and I remember I went pump my first sermon I can do it and in my mind's eye I got a flash it's so clear I was standing at a conference at ACCC in Glasgow and Wayne Dyer was coming off the stage and I was walking on with high fives like that now I completely forgot that until when two o'clock forward about 13 years I'm a conference called I can do wind out on the stage coming off dust and innovation and I'm next and I'd only mentioned us to my publisher he house five minutes earlier and they've been trying to get win get his attention to say can you high-five high-five doesn't work you're potato potato because Michelle India face didn't get wins attention but Michael they were trying to do I just have to mention mention you know I saw this 13 years ago went coming off the standardization some things the details of something you see in advance may change a little bit but they hope the context they the essence is there in the yes the confidence is gone I can do it and I popped my first thing to ask well 15 years ago I went dammit I even though I make a filthier I can do it and there was this amateur wind I'll high-five I'd completely forgotten how did that feel that must be pleasure but David Hamel and David Hamilton the headline act over Wayne Dyer support I win said to me he said so basically you know before we did two events I was right on after on the following week in London and he said so basically I'm your warm-up act is lady should lead with that and I thought I can tell him I told you to see it and I did and I can do it in London but you know I was gonna almost see punching myself by I I that struggle with confidence I still do to this extent people don't know they don't and I that time I remember I I nearly that panic attack it sadist it's the day actually I started writing my book I heart to me and the science of self-love because I had an anxiety attack the safely stage like that and it wasn't about confidence it was feeling really small I had nothing of value and I got a flashback of being at school when the teacher had reprimanded me for not bringing in ten pence and for a school trip and the reason I hadn't brought the money and it's because my mom and dad were so poor and I didn't want to ask my mom for money because I heard my mom crying the week before with talking to my dad about whether they were gonna have enough money to buy Christmas presents and and I couldn't possibly ask my mom money I was crying at the thought of my mom suffering the idea of not having enough money for us so I didn't bring my money in but the teacher didn't take it well and she reprimanded me give all the kids are yellow badge for bringing their money and I said what made me stand in the corner and said we'd have gone in the school trap David can stay here and I and my little sexual brain picked up that day that everyone else is special except for me because you only get a badge it's a special day don't you so my brain and my little child mind interpreted that they subconsciously I guess is everyone's special except for I mean I've been running that program trying to prove myself and and putting a mask on and inside really feeling small and feely and most of my life and it came to a head that time it's a to the stage you know I wonder what happened after high five had to happen but you know it doesn't anyway but prior to that two minutes before then I was literally feeling so small I wanted to cry and run away because that memory was coming up so oftentimes what people don't see is I still feel a lot of the time but that's we guy from bite knock from that tiny little village in central Scotland and a lot of the time I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing and a lot of the time I just one yet but nobody knows because you get used to you you still get used to the feeling that you forget that you're actually just winging it and and I don't know if that makes any sense I'm building an online membership site at the moment I've done it technically really well but I've been feeling it owned in the dark looking at what other people are doing no one to tell me by the way this is what you need to do I'm building it myself because I don't really know but a I do and I'm really pleased with how it looks but but a lot of the time I'm just forgetting things oh good to hear that suckers Lee I've got aspirations to do what talks and stuff for that and the same ucg fuel which is when you look for a quicker for the fatness conference or go and lessen it like other people do like the motivation taught stuff for that and like I'm like who the hell could do that and but then sometimes you see thinking you're like oh you've done things but it's good to heal it's something that yourself even but because it's very reassuring because some teams have been well although a team when I'm doing certain things or you just see all these before when Instagram and Facebook did he get to that leave wouldn't I'd love to get to that but a lot of people are the same I'm I'm talking here but my one experience but I know a lot of friends are very similar you are also feeling about in the dark and they and you just get used to it it can be quite inspirational hearing out the boys because I helps me when I hear other my friends saying that they don't really know what they're doing either I think that's what makes you really a Papa and the walk that you're doing you can see that you're a human being like again the story and you can abroad down it with your dog passed away but even things like your your victory dance and just cannot reach goofy and just in the moment for a mobile form one I like that one it when you are doing a meditation was running I think it was in Chelsea London and I was getting the group through this meditation there's a quantum field can a meditation and I would take them down and I was using my foreign my iPhone connected to the Bluetooth speakers for a musical track and I forgot to switch it to airplane mode so I'm getting him down and I said to the group you know at a place that's a point in space and time only consciousness resides and the thing is nobody could hide on silent but but when that happens the music cut so though that isn't the author Erika's some meditation tracks are looping tracks and I when I build my own meditation I I buy a small bit of music and I whip it so 30 minutes then I connect another three minutes so I wasn't about panicked and I was I was in a meditation and my for enjoying it was my mom and it was Mother's Day I knew she was falling to see thanks for the flowers at the range because I was in London I wanted to arrange to get the flowers on Mother's Day and I I canna panicked and you know when you panic you don't think clearly so instead of pressing end call I swiped it and answered what I done so for the same time I said you're at this point in space and time and then my mom's my mom's voice came through hello see like 50 people new audience that seemingly disembodied voice you know I throws you know people talk about the fight-or-flight response you know you fight your flight it's actually the fight flight or freeze and the part is the freeze but something is freeze and so and that's the moment where I were antifreeze and rather than pressing and cold I just had nothing and hoped that my mom's voice would stop so for the third time I went you had this point in space in time only consciousness resides and the next slide just killed it was like anybody and what was really funny is at the end I I said look I'm terribly sorry abut voice you know it was my mum phoning Mother's Day to say thanks for the flowers half the audience were devastated because most of the audience were psychics and mediums Oh Charles because I told the story previously I'd spent the night myself the night before at the college of psychic studies in London I had given a lecture they are dreading a book at the time called there's your life mapped out and I was exploring you know metaphysics and the brain the blame between science and can we sense the future as life happened for a reason to do your thoughts create your reality I did exploiting all that and that books I got an invitation to speak at the College of psychic Studies and I spent the night myself and I was every we bump and I was a hardly slept all makes I didn't know I was tea he said I'll stay the night of the college at the college you think it's on my son by which so I said well thanks very much I'll save me on a hotel I didn't know what I was the ordinary person I remember the we walked out for dinner and they brought me back to the College and they gave me a key and I said artists rain reception I don't there's no reception it's just you and I mean come on that's just me we only have staff during the day but it's fine that your room bedroom is in the fourth for the left on the ghost of the thought you did so the steers go to the thought then you have to take a lot of left so I walk up third floor in with us left it's a size of two coffins it's lightweight I know my heart is racing out to walk along the corridor in this tiny little box room that's the that's the guest bedroom and I was the only person this four-story town house in Kensington Nuri the all buildings nice way in the creek ever see just before I'm on the door actually when they left me at the door the president of the society they said okay please can you you know we have to see on sees every week please can you tell us if you get a visitation so the whole night I was absolutely trembling with fear all night and saw assignment I told that story at the start of the day just making light of the fact here as I grew in mine and I was scared of times ever done myself doing this meditation the timing was literally spectacular I mean you could you could even make that story up amazing I was probably I was pocket-sized I even though she knows this is how it is watch that other thing I've got two things we're going to get through right so well firstly we had my ties me and get me all about baskets Hey oh great and so story about what's special cannabis is that this LTP plastic okay I had one of the imagine 20 they used to walk around James and add weight and invested the money of him a name it was Gary and in connect every time two balls next Lawrence it's a life coach or one washer ones classic he's got a ball when he's got like affirmations and positive what's on the other ones a glass ones is a the Japanese crystals dice got when I I there a fortune yeah Xperia I've got to reroute okay I'll just set to the middle one I don't know experiment years ago that was modeling work Massaro a motor that he used a technique called dark field microscopy when you shine a light through crystals and he found the crystals vary depending on the Watts that you're using and the way that it works is is you have a subconscious of subconscious impression of what that what represents okay and so that what effects your you know your energy your consciousness but at the same time you know we have an electromagnetic field emanate from the heart you just can't see it but you can measure it with a magnetometer so if you could measure that with a magnetometer and get it put through software that would visualize it and what you would see is a torus coming out of the heart so like a big in a circular shape and coming out there and coming out your back and and the the electromagnetic field from your heart is several thousand times stronger than the one from your brain and so what you would see is as a back circular magnetic field just like as if you were holding a magnet and you see that's called lines of force so you've got a a bar magnet and you've got the North and the South if you put iron filings what you'll see is lines of force so what you would see if you could computer software when this magnetometer you would see like lines of force coming out your heart so so my interpretation of that is your perception of a word love or anger for example your perception alters the e/m field from your heart and it absolutely does because you field effort they call it modulus it's modulated by your emotional state if you feel happy it's a love for example the the field from your hearts are much bigger than if you feel anger or a regret or P or fear or something at shrinks right and so if you could see it on a screen that's exactly what you would see so my III dead dicks for similar experiment to Massaro immortal but I didn't have a dark field microscope but I knew that my perception of what a wad meant would affect the magnetic field for my heart and I so my hypothesis was to what extent will that being us a chemist and I've trained PhD chemist so I knew that the magnetic field a impacting water would alter the arrangement or some of the properties of the water to what extent I didn't know and so I wanted to test that biologically so not just by visualizing crystals so I I what I I that a similar experiment I wrote lot of words on a little bottles and I used a syringe and I measured exactly exact quantities of water and I watered three thousand seeds of crest in several parts and it took me eight hours to May after seven days I covered them all and let them all grow for seven days and I measured with a ruler a pair of calipers three thousand seats of Chris that is eight hours of my life I will never get back but here's the thing the what the crystals that had sorry the the seats had been watered worth positive what's that love and happy were significantly taller than the sprouts had been watered with once it said fear or regret or any anything negative and the difference is about twenty twenty-five percent you know the biggest difference actually was with quartz crystal and the reason that I did a quartz crystal experiment as well I grown up and a part two underneath the I ground up finally and put underneath the bottle because quartz crystal is highly paramagnetic and paramagnetic means it will act like a lens you know a lens can focus light but some part of magnetic will focus the Earth's magnetic field and because my hypothesis about this was about the magnetic field from your heart it was having an effect then I I wanted something else that would that would focus or alter that magnetic field so I chose quartz crystal because I was my hypothesis was it to do with magnetic fields from the heart and so what I got was about thirty to forty percent acceleration of the seed growth using quartz crystal did you do things like math just if you don't kurios she's cured even of a problem I didn't publish it well I did actually I put the graph in the appendix of my very first book as to thought the currents I put the graph at the back but I never intended on publishing it it was really I do a lot of experiments the curiosities the Lords of lot of experiments do you do them at home you must not really understand in part [Laughter] we experiments for I remember when I worked in the pharmaceutical industry I was doing I'd read research on how a you mind a focused intention could alter random number generators they called random our energies and it was receptive began at Princeton University it was called the peer group and Princeton engineering anomalies research group and they had done all these experiments were they found that the state of a person's consciousness could interact with mechanical devices and so they created extremely sensitive like 10,000 bets pair per second and they wondered if the randomness of that would be altered by a person's state of consciousness so there are all these experiments and to be honest the data is absolutely clear it was verified by the top statisticians there's the only people are skeptical and that's the people are skeptical but people in the fields the matter is settle this is a factually this is factually correct and so I replicated those experiments myself using my own technology which was a shuffled deck of playing cards but I did that so many times hundreds of times that I replicated the results that Dean Radin is that he does a lot of this research the Institute of noetic Sciences I replicate someone whose research is the earlier research using shuffled decks of playing cards but I got exactly the same results I didn't have the computing equipment here to create that as fast just reading my own curiosity that's been growing it's been so good to talk to you so much really appreciate 40s talk yeah and where can people find you online dr. David Hamilton kong-kong yeah and that links to my social media of Instagram and Facebook I'm David Hamilton PhD and when will your own lane things be a membership is going live end of June not long not long at all I've almost finished I've got all the videos filmed all the lesson transcripts all the PDF lesson or what sheets I've got all the audio is ready it's all done design touches to the the membership site because you have to it's a monthly subscription thing and so you live every month doing a class and it's CUNY for members and then every month they get there's a core trainings different subjects there and then I also supply every month I do another shorter video just for the members there's a new bet of how signs blending science and life skills spirituality I'll teach you basically sounds good that's me I'll check that efficiently yeah okay even though dr. David Hamilton calm yeah well thanks for more thank you thank you thank you thank you you you

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