DO's & DON'T's Of Authors Requesting Book Reviews From Booktubers/Bloggers

I really wish I didn't have to make this video but such as life hey guys my name is just Mina and welcome back to my channel in today's video I will um what's the term that the young young uns say they spill the tea well I don't have tea I have some coffee but it the same in today's video I want to give some tips and some do's and specifically don'ts of contacting book tubers bloggers etc for them to review your book if you're not also watching this and you're not sure of how to go about requesting these reviews I want to help you I want to tell you what I expect as a booktuber as a blogger what I expect from authors sending me an email about their book and I also want to tell you the mistakes to avoid the mistakes that made me immediately just ignore the email or just laugh aloud because really so this is what this video is going to be about I hope you enjoy so I've been doing this booktube slash author tube thing for about a year now and ever since I first started I've been getting emails from hopeful authors and cool requests for me to review their books and that's perfectly fine I say on my channel that I'm very open to receiving these inquiries but I will only reply if I'm interested in reading your book because I barely have enough time to read the books that I want to read myself and I would only want to review your book if it's really something I would have picked up anyway you know what I mean because I feel like them that's that's honest I don't want to review something to my viewers that I wouldn't have picked up myself or that I wouldn't be interested in so but yeah so authors are free to email me and ask me what I think if I'm interested in reviewing the book or not that's fine what's not fine is how some of these authors go about doing that the first rule I want to talk about is really very basic email business etiquette it really should be in general email etiquette and yet you'd be surprised how many people get this wrong and that first rule is spell my name right that I don't know why I have to say this but seriously spell my name right I have gotten so many emails where the person spelled my name really oddly even though in every single one of my videos I introduce myself to you I make it a point to introduce myself to you in the beginning of every single one of my videos specifically because maybe my name looks a bit weird to you and you're not sure how you would go about spelling it so that's why I make it easy to you my name is yes Mina yes that is an i it's not an L seriously who spells their name with a lowercase L who and then there's the ones that make up different spellings or worse still they don't address me at all or they put like a very generic introduction your dear mrs. blah blah dear mr. mrs. or to whom it may concern don't do that I put myself on the internet to try to build you know a connection between myself and the viewers and I expect you as the author asking me for a review so also be personable because I'm a person you're a person let's be people you know you spell it wrong or if you don't address me at all then that just tells me that you didn't do your research you don't know who you're emailing or you've never watched a single one of my videos you just saw my channel at some point you saw my subscriber count and then you decided yeah I'll just I'll just email her and the million other youtubers and not bother looking into them at all okay second point moving on from you spelling hopefully my name right is introduce yourself you don't need to say a lot just tell me your name who you are and how you found me it really is as simple as that these emails don't have to be very long just tell me that you found my channel and you watch some of my videos maybe so you know that I review similar books to the one you wrote and then you just wanted to contact me and in the hope and hope that I would find your book interesting and give it to read and then obviously leave a review on my channel and all my different social medias that can be done in one sentence or less really and the mistake I see authors make is not introducing themselves at all not mentioning why they're contacting me and where they found me and do they even know who I am and a lot of these emails I feel like they have no clue who I am they just probably think I'm someone that will give them a free review which is not how this works I don't need you to have seen every single one of my videos and mention this very vague reference in my video that I posted two years ago I just want to know that you know what kind of books I like that you know I have a YouTube channel and that you think the book you wrote might interest me that's it the next point is of course to introduce your book you know what is the product that you want me to review that is your book you can do this in quite a few ways I don't need you to necessarily query me as you would do an agent write a full synopsis and to you know explain why your book is this and that but I would like to know a little bit about your book just so I can make an idea of whether it's something I'm interested or not you know just obviously the name of the book the genre of the book what is the main plot of the book the main character again it doesn't have to be too long just a couple of lines just so I can get a feel for what your book really is and again the mistake I see so many authors do is not telling me anything zero about their book you're asking me to review what exactly I can't reply to every single email that wonders whether I would give them a review without mentioning anything about their book and what they're writing they're just like I would like to know if you would be interesting in reviewing my book end of email what is your book but what am i what am i reviewing what why why can't you spend the extra minute to write a couple of lines of what your book is how can you ask me to review something that I don't know what it is no links to the book note nothing please don't do this and another mistake I see some people make it's one of the ones that I just laughed aloud so much and it made me question humanity don't boast about your book this is a sales pitch you're trying to get me to be interested in your book so that I can read it and hopefully review it on my channel you are essentially doing the same job that the blurb on the back of the book is doing that's what you need to do that's what you need to write in my in the email don't tell me that your book is the most important book that you've ever written and that it can save humanity and that if I don't read it in 30 days I will die and my whole family will perish or something I kid you not I wish I was joking I literally BCCI I really wanted to find this email because it's one of the first ones I think I ever received after starting my author Tube channel but I couldn't I couldn't find it to screenshot it for you but I kid you not okay you can't make this stuff up this is I you cannot make this stuff up someone said that their book is the most important piece of literature that they've has ever been written and that humanity you know is they're so lucky to have this person's book it exists and I'm like okay that is a fantastic way to make me not want to read your book if you tell me if the best book in the world the next step I would recommend after giving me a short synopsis of your book is if your book is already published on Amazon or on Goodreads just just drop me a link so I can look a bit more into it you know that way I can see the cover of your book you know the real blurb maybe any review that it's already gotten and linked to your book up on Amazon or anywhere else is very very helpful for me to figure out if it's something that I want to read and now the don'ts of that point don't don't just send me your book what as usual pass me didn't express herself to the best of my ability so I'm gonna try to reiterate my point here if you send me the docx file of your manuscript if you attach that doc X file to this email that you're sending me and I'm not interested in reading the book because I didn't express interest I didn't I didn't accept your request it makes me feel guilty it makes me feel guilty that I have your book in my inbox it's a much more polite way to do it where you offer such the opportunity for me to read and review a book and then leave it up to me to either accept or decline that offer but once you once you send the book to me it makes me feel guilt that is their and that I know I don't have the time or the interest in reading it and yet it's there you know and also if you send me the doc X version like if you send me your manuscript I'm not you know the mobi file or you know it's also a little bit weird because I read books on my Kindle and so I read them the mobi file but if you send it to me in a manuscript but that feels more like I'm critiquing your book instead of reading it as a reader and that also feels a bit inauthentic to me I want to read it as I would read any other book and that would be on my Kindle or obviously in physical form paperback or hardback so it's not that I don't appreciate you sending me your book I think that's awesome then you're actually willing to just send it to me but it defeats the purpose I think in my opinion because it removes that extra layer of I'm interested and so I'm accepting that you send it to me and because it's there I just feel guilty that it's there I hope this makes sense I don't I don't want to sound really mean about it that's just how I feel I'm gonna go now editing this weird video by eye what do you expect me to do now you sent me it's there I can read it if I want sure but I'm not interested I don't want to be harsh but but please don't just send me your book and then expect me to read it over here just because it's there you sent it to me I have it now so do something with it on a similar note don't ask me to buy your book I can't I wish I was making this stuff up I got so many emails asking that if I was interested in the book then here is the link to purchase the book this this is a business email but you have to think about it as a business we're exchanging business you may you offer me a free book in exchange for my honest review that I then post to my somewhat large audience that might be interested in purchasing your book I am offering a service to you and you're offering a free product to me if I'm interested to review it you don't ask me to buy your book first and the last thing you should – in this email is you know to just say some nice for well of taking me for the time and the possible consideration of reading and reviewing your book you're not just just standard pleasantries that you would write to any email okay so I think I went over enough of how this email should be structured again it's not that difficult I can share some examples of some really good emails that have been sent from from authors that have made me ask for the book or obviously if the email is good but I'm not interested in the book I'm not gonna say yes but just I can I can definitely share some examples of good emails that have been sent so a look in the description below I might post a link to the blog post of this video and in that blog post I can write I can offer some examples of some some successful emails that have been sent just so you can get an idea of what your email might look like and now let's get into some more please don't do this don't ask me to edit your book for you I have received emails from people asking me to review their book but they just finished their book and they know it's not very good and it has a lot of spelling errors and Oh would you also be able to edit it while you're reading it you know it's just an extra thing I'm not offering editing services another tip please don't send booktubers books in genres that they've never talked about before you know I specifically stayed on my channel the kind of genres the kind of books that I'm interested in reading which all the kind of books I talked about on my channel all the time please don't send me something I've never mentioned before my life that I'm interested in I've received emails from people writing poetry from people writing children's book like picture books from people writing erotica from people writing religious books I don't I've never talked about any of those things on my channel and also why would you want that why would you want to send your book to someone who's never read that genre you won't be getting a good review then you need to send it to people who know about the genre that you're writing in who love the genre that you're writing it don't format your email in weird ways again this is such a such a standard thing I feel like but I don't know if you're trying to catch someone's attention by just making it in really weird colors and strange format saying it just makes it impossible to read and I'm not gonna finish reading what you wrote there because it's really hard to read okay and the final point I want to mention and again I cannot stress how important this is and I will make an entirely separate video about this because if you've done everything I said if you wrote a really simple standard email that is in my journal and that sounds like it could be something that I would be genuinely interested in and then I click on that Amazon link or Goodreads link and your cover looks like it took two seconds to make in a word art about ten years ago I'm sorry I'm sorry but you you you're in your book could be the best book the most important book that humanity will need if your cover looks like paint or I'm not gonna request it people do judge books by their cover and the cover is your absolute most important sales pitch absolutely the first breaking point please take some time on your covers please hire a cover designer you're obviously obviously not a designer because of that some people have an eye to these things and some people might be able to create their own covers but most people I guarantee you cannot please hire a cover designer it is the number one thing that people will see about your book on on Amazon on Goodreads a great cover can ensure that click and I atrocious cover can it doesn't matter how good your blurb is how good your title is how good your book is please please invest in a good cover design for yourself for your book for your author career I think I've said all I needed to say I apologize if this was a bit over rent I want to read your book if you've written a great book and you think I'm interested in it I want to see it I want to read it but please do yourself a favor and do it right don't make a half-ass job I know when you do that I'm not gonna request it do your research know who you're emailing know why you're emailing them just be polite and respectful and you don't need to do anything extra to catch my attention please don't think of it like that think I think I'm done I haven't spilt any t / coffee but I've definitely drank all of it and now I'm a bit hyper so yeah I hope that this video was helpful if you're an author and if you're not I hope this was entertaining that's it for me today guys I hope you have a great day and I'll see you next time with the new video bye you you

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  1. Thank you so much for this, Iasmina! It was super helpful and entertaining. I could relate to what you were talking about as I have wondered myself, "How does anyone write such horrible emails?! Seriously?!" These tips were extremely helpful as I have just discovered the concept of booktubers.

  2. OMG yes! I have no idea why my name is always spelled wrong on emails, especially since my name is in my email. It drives me nuts and is one of my biggest pet peeves.

  3. I love every video you make. Keep up the good work! Thank you for giving us that beautiful smile of yours 🙂

  4. Lololol! Was it Onision who said that his book would save the world 😂😂😂. These are hilarious! 💜Bassy

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