Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover! (SOCIAL EXPERIMENT)

excuse me what's up man oh is it okay if we can sit over here I said hi thank you except Spanish no problem what's your name Jacob nice to meet you my name is mo yeah what are you doing here Mike what why you in front of this aw guitar plays music spot you play guitar yeah my you're gonna be a good time broke some of the rock and you're out here right now just trying to raise money to buy a new guitar they told you what I they told me exactly why I they told you they told you you had to leave because of the way you address what they said if I was gonna buy anything Wow you want to go inside by any chance and take a look at stuff yeah they'll let you in religion was going fine come on come on I can't believe it they would tell you that I'm inside yeah we'll go take a look at the stuff inside you said you liked the guitar right can't believe it they would tell you that what do you like it like any of these or that one looks like your last one yeah you like this one I yeah we need this one we want to I wanna say that's good to look okay let's go to the moon I have a lot more yet let's see what you but what do you think that it's good on inside the cousin I was amazing yeah what are you like this one you like this guitar yeah yeah you want it what it's not about wanting you let's get it from right now do you want it now no that's the don't worry about the price do you want it yeah all right come on gang it's good we'll get it for you come come with us to the register actually yeah come that was amazing honestly you did amazing men you guys serious right now yes isn't that's not a joke I hope you could do what you wanted to do with the guitar that you was raising money for I hope you accomplished what you wanted to accomplish three for you okay so it's 340 486 right I have 1 2 3 4 hits for this is a good time yeah yeah I soon you'll have the guitar if you get a rhythm it's all yours or like it looks just like my old one I hope I wish the best for you and uh you have a bright future ahead of you man thank you guys for watching this video I hope you guys really really enjoyed it as we wrap up our video we'd like to give a special thanks to the developers over at soul hunters a great mobile game and just like Jacob in the video was great potential on being discovered so although this is an action card collection game with over 80 million players in Asia 80 million players that's insane as we were looking for a sponsor that the games the developers of soul hunters were immediately willing to help just like us love games believes that no matter who you are you can become a legend it's a very very entertaining act we're very very addicted to the game and for everyone who does download so hunters we will follow them on Twitter all you guys have to do is screenshot that you have downloaded the app and we will both follow you on our Twitter's we can't wait til we speak to you guys and until next time we'll see you guys on the other side

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  1. I just don't know y the 58k people jst disliked this video ?🤔🤔 Not able to get the proper reason about this

  2. Cool dude.. Pls ignore those morons disliked your videos.. Heartless ppl only will dislike such a stuff..

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