DON'T Hire A Resume Writer! Do This Instead…

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  1. After more than 20 years in professional staffing, recruiting, talent acquisition, client services plus close to five years in personal development study, I’d be remiss if I didn’t add a comment here.

    The video presents an interesting perspective. Thank you for sharing. Now I’d love to share mine. My perspective is that resume writers are indeed needed simply because the world’s population is somewhere in the neighborhood of 7.7 billion as of 2019 according to the most recent United Nations estimates elaborated by Worldometers (simply recognizing a global economy).

    You’re entitled to your opinion. I am doubtful that you’re authorized to speak on behalf of every working individual on the planet.

    I am learning how to exercise caution in using words like “never” and habitually generalizing which is making me super sensitive to broad statements like yours.

    Each one of the 7.7 billion supposedly making up the world’s population is an individual with very unique, skills, gifts, talents, education, experiences, careers, goals, accomplishments, desired objectives and choices.

    Some will embrace learning how to write their own resume and some others will rather hire and pay a professional to write one for them and yet still others may never need or want one (i.e., entrepreneurs, members of royal families, billionaire benefactors, etc.).

    I realize that you’re simply promoting your business. I wish you much continued success! Bravo on making the transition to working for yourself and offering some type of service to humanity. Perhaps moving forward, you can be just a little more supportive (conscientious marketing) of those of us who are simply doing the same.

    Enjoy this absolutely amazing day!

  2. OMG! What a scam! And the sad thing is, you actually have a few good tips in some of your videos… NOT this one! This is nothing more than a pitch for your own services, and who in their right mind is going to pay someone they've NEVER heard of $29/month, and for what? So you can hire more staff just so you can say that you're outfit is growing? PLEASE! I hope this video opens peoples' eyes to what you're REALLY about. You're a shark that has simply jumped out of the sea and into the swimming pool.

  3. I need major help. i was only a 45% match even though i put key words in from the job listing. it always says stuff about my resume i didnt even put in. I applied hoping they wouldnt use a scan but i never got a call. i assume this is why. Could you transform my resume quick?

  4. How can an “expert” in such a narrative, say absolutely nothing about ATS software (Applicant Tracking System) used by the international recruitment industry? 🤦🏼‍♂️

  5. I'm a resume writer and I tell my clients this all the time! I'm writing the resume to get a job not to please you and then they become upset with me that I'm not doing the resume they like to do it! smh

  6. This sounds a lot like a product pitch, with a website which costs money to operate… However, it's been recorded in 360p.

  7. So every OTHER resume writer is terrible except you? And in 2017 you should have addressed the role of ATS software in recruitment. Recruiters no longer "scan", they have software to do it for them.

  8. Anyone else notice that the title of the piece is “Don’t hire a résumé writer but the ad that plays just before the video starts is for a résumé writing service?

  9. I don't think i'm still using the right font for my resume and cover letter still getting rejected right and left . I know how to play video games but they still don't consider that experience what do you called it .

  10. how in the world am I supposed land the dream job as video game tester if I don't ever the experience .?

  11. I've never seen a certified professional résumé writer use "fancy" fonts. A graphic designer selling résumé templates on Etsy or Creative Market? Sure. But I've never seen that from a certified professional résumé writer charging hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I don't understand the mindset that someone with a professionally written résumé will "need a lot of stuff" since many of the higher priced résumé writers work with executives who are expected to have that and often hire professionals to write speeches and bios, Perhaps a company with a recruiter who rebuffs a candidate who has a professional written résumé isn't a good fit for a professional who has invested in their career search experience.

  12. So… you say don't ever hire anyone to write my resume, yet I have to pay you to subscribe so you will let me write my own?

  13. Forget the resuma all together. Just look them in the eye and sell yourself. Resumes are lies in words.

  14. Hello! J.T Thank you for your tips. I am following your tips which are great. I have matched my resume from 80-100% & got several calls. Though I am not getting any successful job offer letter. My question is I have noticed I didn't hear or either rejected from some company where my resume matched over 90%. Wjy is this happening? or How can I fix these issues?

    Best Meraj

  15. Hi J.T., One of your subscribers, who also just happens to be one of my dearest friends, forwarded me several of your videos. Let me begin by saying wow…..YOU are amazing! I’ve learned so much from your videos and have already begun to put the knowledge and expertise you shared, to good use. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for those looking for not just any job; but the right job. Your positive can do attitude / teaching is inspiring and has me energized. Keep up the good work and happy to report, I am now one of your newest subscribers.

  16. I recently wrote this post all about why resume writers are worth what they charge. People can't see their own accomplishments or articulate them in a compelling way. Resume writers don't just make things fancy. They work for results – otherwise they would be out of business fast.

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