Don McLean- American Pie (with Lyrics)

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             There was a
    place in Parma,  Ohio called Parmadale.
    It was a Children’s Village (orphanage) . It’s incarnation on September 23,
    1925 brought 35,000 humanitarians form throughout the world to witness the
    evolution then spread throughout the world 
    what would be called The Parmadale Model 
    of love,care and compassion  to
    heal human suffering replacing electro shock therapy, ice water submersion,
    lobotomies etc.  Directly it saved the
    lives of 40,000 orphans. But indirectly its title of The Most Important Place
    On Earth For The Healing of Human Suffering and its effect on the world saved
    hundreds of millions of lives.


            Parmadale is
    mostly demolished now.  My 2 year crusade
    came to a barbaric end to have Parmadale be the site of tv shows(one show for
    each cottage) dramatizing pet therapy where dogs and  cats would provide love, care and compassion
    like nuns did and it would be mostly adults  with some type of suffering and not orphans
    called Parmadale’s Resurection could have given the city of Parma and its
    school district each annually $234 million in its share of advertising profits
    and $ 4 billion yearly in advertising profits for humanitarian aid.


            Due to tv’s
    copy cat nature,there would most certainly had been more shows like Parmadale’s
    Resurrection(as a genre called social cause tv) with the same business model
    and humanitarian aid, which would have 
    brought forth enough advertising that in a few years, advertising
    profits not just tax dollars would provide all the funding needed so every
    student in the country and every resident could have the best education and
    services money can provide and provide for up to a trillion dollars in
    humanitarian aid providing funding  to
    heal  virtually all forms of human


    Mayor  Tim Degeeter who runs the Parma
    Community Improvement Corporation along with Derek Schaefer who is the
    executive director of West Creek Conservancy who co-own Parmadale barbarically
    decided that instead of keeping millions of people in the present and hundreds
    of millions of people  in the future from
    dying along with the unfathomable civic and educational benefits to every one
    of their residents,  they would spend $14
    million of various tax financed grant money to demolish Parmadale for a park in
    one of the nation’s worst climate, adding 2,000 dumpsters of debris to
    landfills, tearing down a 10 year old building that cost $10 million to add 60
    acres to kill deer, cats and hide dead bodies, where in it’s first of many
    grant proposals section 4.3 and 4.4 clearly state that demolition and a park
    will serve no economic or environmental 
    benefits to anyone anywhere.


             Instead of
    the city’s  advertising profits going to
    fix the 11,000 of its 32,000 houses that flood regularly or fix the potholes or
    provide homeless shelters for the homeless, etc. or provide such necessities as
    air conditioning in schools or the humanitarian contributions, finding cures
    for diseases to save millions or provide direct aid to save millions. We will
    have the world’s most expensive park to kill deer,cats and hide dead bodies ( a
    frequent concern for Parma police every time there is a missing person) because
    of Degeeter and Schaefer.


             The worst
    Mayor Degeeter and Executive Director 
    Schaefer stated in words and actions that they view a park in a city
    with already the world’s largest park is more important than millions of people
    dying and millions more(even their own residents) suffering.  Millions have died already since the decision
    to demolish whose lives would have been saved with Parmadales Resurrection.

           In addition to
    the advertising profits would have been the stories of orphans and present
    Parmadaleans inspiring and educating others and even raising funds within the
    advertising in ads specialized for the shows.

           It’s sick and
    pathetic that no one is even running against Degeeter in the upcoming election,
    nor has there been a single indication of any financial damage done to West
    Creek, nor any visible concern from anyone in Parma about the values they possess
    and their obsession towards parks over human suffering.



              I am calling
    on facebookers and youtubers throughout the world to incarnate in their
    hometowns a vision and creative brief that could stop the massive amounts of
    deaths brought on by Degeeter, Schaefer and the residents of Parma who have
    done nothing to get them out of office and position, by returning TV to its soap
    opera former glory in the place where everyone knew  your name and they were always glad you
    came-until people no longer came to spend money, but aimlessly walk around
    getting in the way of shoppers(politely called on videos mall walkers)  who got sick of it and left for the internet.
    Shopping  Malls.  Or in this first example or ideological
    prototype-Randall Park mall what historical videographer Dan Bell would calls
    the most infamous dead mall in history. What was for a short time the world’s
    largest mall in the world.


         Each dead mall
    would be transformed as was Landmark Mall for homeless people or those with
    other forms of human suffering where the small stores are apartments with the
    long since moved out anchors being an animal shelter where tenants could go and
    “take home” (aka walk down the mallway to their apartments) whenever they
    needed some pet therapy.  The other
    anchors, most malls had  4, would be mini
    Walmart style stores where those who are disabled could get the basics of life
    without having to go out. Another anchor perhaps a Belk or BonTons would become
    an emergency clinic for  tenants and  or pets.


             The massive
    parking lots(like was the massive field by Parmadale) that used to welcome the
    thousands of shoppers for their day of wonderful memories would become parks
    where dogs and cats frolic taking a break from their pet therapy assignments or
    luring the public to come and adopt.



           As with
    Parmadales Resurrection the shows would be about how pets help heal  human suffering with 5% of advertising profits
    going to the mall’s local school district, 5% going to the local government for
    services and the rest to animal welfare and whatever humanitarianism the owners
    feel most dedicated to.  Each show would
    be called for example Parmadales Resurrection: 
    Randall Park Mall, Parmadales Resurrection:  Rollling Acres, Parmadales Resurrection:
    Owings Mills, etc.


          As part of their
    heritage it would be a bit of black humor irony that each show is named in
    honor of a show that was crusaded for 2 years but never actually aired but
    found its own resurrection far away in Dead Malls throughout the country that
    the promoter learned about by brave urban explorers/videographers like Bell,
    Aces Adventures, Sal, Bright Sun Films and all the others that spend their own
    money preserving the history of these great places that brought joy and  of course money to hundreds of thousands
    before they are/ were either demolished or turned into Amazon Fulfillment


           Credit for this
    epiphany goes to Dan Bell for making a video suggestion to a mall owner to use
    his long since dead mall for apartments and to whoever proposed that what was
    for a brief time the world’s largest mall, RPM be transformed into some type of
    church, educational, social service facility Randall Park Mall, Bright Sun
    Films at the  6:11 mark. 



            Shopping malls
    might not have been places where 40,000 orphans lives were saved by nuns. But
    they were a source of pride and joy and economic stimulation that could be used
    for theatrical background as would have been stories of orphans. Viewers could
    learn of patrons who had their first kiss by the fountain .Which led to a
    marriage proposal later on in the food court then going to the dead mall staple
    GNC to try to find a cure for a sickness. Or more pleasant story of going to
    the other doomsday for a mall Bed, Bath and Beyond to get some blankets for the
    new babies arrival. Those same places now the sites of pet therapy curing those
    who would have otherwise died.


            Parma’s Parmadales Resurrection would
    have been but 13 shows, one for each cottage. 
    PR followed by the name of the mall for the shows name would have civic
    and humanitarian possibilities  in
    virtually every metropolitan area providing life enhancing to life saving
    benefit to virtually every person in the country, saving the tens of millions,
    maybe hundreds of millions of lives in the decades to come that Parma’s  Mayor and his Parma Community Improvement
    Corporation and West Creek Conservancy said in words and deeds that they don’t
    care die as long as Parma gets its park.

  2. Why do we have these bad songs in 2019 that all sound so similar why can’t we have more of this now
    Today is Feb 03, 2019…….. 60 yrs ago was the day “The music died” 😞

  3. The amount of people circlejerking themselves over this song is astounding. Yeah, it's a good song. No, you're not the only one here because it's just a good song. 89 million people have viewed this single video, you're not alone.

  4. Today is Feb 03, 2019…….. 60 yrs ago was the day “The music died” 😞
    Tyson Fury brought me here! #robbed

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  6. My stepfather loved this song as they would play it in Vietnam when he was stationed there. He passed away today and it's going to be hard hearing this song for a while.

  7. people be ready another version of this song on youtube on my music playlist just got banned in the USA so we are screwed

  8. wow, took me a while actually to find this video but I'm Italian and no clue who don McLean is, so I'm here for the original version of the madonna cover and now I prefer this one thousand times! I want to learn it all

  9. This song is beyond words, except of course for the very lyrics that comprise it. I don't have anything to say that hasn't been said before. I doubt anyone does. But I'll try my best to summarise briefly – here goes:
    I feel like the word 'genius' is thrown around a lot in the entertainment industry, and a lot of the time that word rings hollow. But this song really is just that, pure unadulterated genius.

    How's That?

  10. Wow. I've never heard this song before now, and I thought the American Pie line went "My, miss oh my, miss American Pie-aye." I had no idea the song was kinda depressing (but that's what I like about it).

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