"Dominicanish" The Dominican Writers Conference- Keynote Josefina Baez

my teachers my dance teachers have been okay [Applause] beeper so I wanted I wanted to invite you to something that I to do something to live but if the people were to do that outside but I'd be like if we can meet in silence if you would like you can uh close your eyes we are what you do with the torture right hand in the center center of the chest and they're left on top always standing up or bend those knees nice and wide we hold in mind and you want to see this exercise is our meditation practice it's a physical player now is yours and when you are undecided when you work with outside everything is vegetable vegetable refrigerator refrigerator or breath comes more comfortable Comfort ugly when is this state sir once in a while everything so seen some sing-sing asked perfect past today whenever you regular I am very very very very very very very very very very very much they're very very very very good I thought that I've never learned English only nobody I will not put my mouth like that no way how money never knowing God to pronounce one little phrase what must become another bristle of the mouth all twisted Joey oh they are basically wanting [Applause] Joe Vinita a daughter sister and knees cousin godmother bosina friend co-creator impulse on the booty laughter [Applause] my continued brayer for running as I now repeat what I said at the African literature Association literature needs literacy in Avenida 179 Street main row para la mia little eat there and to me needs sleepiness in all its complexities and dynamics we right reasons literature needs since its directly reflect to the self and social awareness and critical dialogue leading to viral changes with today's benefits literature with the polarity of voices I mean I mean even I'm I have been I have been burning since my teens I kept and I keep journals since I wrote poetry that morning – that rhymed like there was not environmentally not sorrow oh oh whatever was taught by my senses words ready he was convenient since TVs years will rub you with a particular of awkwardness that embraces a voice find in another Raymond true to my senses the main task was the grave structures were important specially to break them I'll homeschool my craft for life living a successful writer reading silence and the interdisciplinary dialogue has been borrowed from time to time I have to marry to be married from allegories transcending deeply haikus lists the themes include time and time in space and place those in betweens tax it is fashion to kiss a person is attend a citizen presence in every citizen president our the one writes about recurrent dreams cheapness grapples citations ethnography of the self and its community of clothes now searching for anything but being aware present conscious yes the man it's delivery went always hand in hand either out of literature to greet and meet every possibility genres were extended corrupted redefined Oh ten years into my writing I found the jebra that I have always been written heard so in each suit or in like a soothing his Jewish I love the script ekunji its association is at will and penny o is what so we see his research and delivered from a migrant theater he had a mother gave a body devoted to joy regardless yes chavita TT always regardless i have dialogue with many physical disciplines dance theatre biomechanics and archery from my based popular dance music my theatre school is really the friend adore distance the name salsa and the early early i learned to develop characters through stories and rhythm in human in that novel oh the operatives jazz Disney opened avenues and wanted John Bolton bless matter [Applause] phrasing vocals and consonant this was grant about regional accent something which can be expressed by mixing monosyllabic scene calling se street vendors my all-time fascination [Applause] street vendors my whole time fascination shake my rhythm of language exclusion and disability has been my two greatest assets that assisted me in shape we might create voices created by default the redundancy good no need to mention reasons and anecdotes trust me this one looking for the same brain and I reacted differently I own my nothingness our sins is territory in here I created a language for it you know the language I wanna hear it what is the language I create many okay the mini canister performance piece the performance piece the book the lecturers of the dialog I have to mention Carly middle who directed the performance piece Alex Guerrero who designed the first book Giovanni Savino a photographer filmmaker and I think he's my understudy but he knows every single word in the text the musicians are participated with me 10 years and it's not easy the editors who have published my commutative law game still woman Laura Garcia was the first who wrote when he the performance the text was completed but the performance was 15 minutes and every scholar every scholar who have dialogue in pieces journals and teaching every student of reader who have been herself himself and has seeming himself out herself in my text the producers the audience's you see the Mohicans is a tribal language with its multiplicity the medallas nonsense and sixth sense you see Dominicans is a tribal language is the center that the beta form of Asiya having blitz city higher eons don't be touching and greedy elevated in Allah now aspect in the land I belong to many communities our Aras communities from the different leagues commercial non-commercial in the published Oh I'll tell you if I don't write if you don't hear that I might go see a post about it don't worry I'm all right I'm all right I believe my art is the co-creation of community based on it's already week later Alegria this listener at practice for presidents a holistic abatement to the artists inner and outer crafts artistic creation of the spiritual practiced our idea so another people should summon that answer I said it I said it could be about sincerely see you chosen in a space that holds things that Co creates a safe space this is the only thing that I have done with the focus autonomy with a co-creator this is my only responsibility to create a safe space because I know that waiver is there can create lady I have been switching worse for silences writing silences I have fallen in men's rhythm shaping Rio's lovely singing and answer it lasts doubts and transformations I growing I became something for my respects [Applause] [Applause] my family I am NOT able my community of constant this as an independent artist I am sponsored their former contractor by those who respect love and take care of 160 millimeter ah who say missing trade receipt things yeah now even impeachment to them I have is gratitude if they can go think that we come in video thing against average with Mikasa you think people can have any ethnicity for Boris to use you a possibility para me his poetry okay mentally Irwin was the either borders love ours too big might work and society leader he's not breathing so I think I'm not he said neither we can take a job in Tarawa hey can we see there and look for the other sea grass I mean I will have an idea and I will go see neither I'm doing this exercise for theater and it's all of our party Quezada you know the producers are not higher with me and I'm going to continue my theater and all that you can come to my house and I will perform in her house thank you crazy stuff [Applause] things that I have been great little boy [Applause] you

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