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I'm supposed to be recording sorry I was crying on Twitch oh my god yes it's not gonna save shame I can't stand the cares about that obnoxious we're talking about point stop it Yuri now she's close to this nobody would cry if she killed herself turns in screaming oh my god her eyeball burst yeah it's pretty good with the foot visit you know things happen fucking do anything the background is hurrying it's a static why is it it's just all words it's literally just all right here what the fuck is going on it's like you can see mark the junk at the bottom to you before it's ready I bought it today something just happened and it was really creepy and it went fully really quickly so ranking video what is it first or something no it's just how it is for some reason did the patient speak you like that yes it needs to be like a bunch of folders but I don't have two folders I don't know where they are Poosh I haven't budged over there okay yay Yuri Yuri Yuri you crazy or you crazy or stop stop it everybody said you sneeze like this for ten minutes [Laughter] you do everything you just read there's no point in trying to do anything it's you fault that she's so unlikable King anytime she'll just bring my time Monica all these problems which is good hearing inner to Nestor for someone because you just think of you for no one just – man just mantra the fucking game you said it just Michael this is Monica so I picked Monica next I never watched the AB gameplay walkthrough which is whenever I get to the point where I finished it this is really cute this goddamn shit off my screen thank you we even trust myself I'm reading it over and over I'll give myself a pipette so your skin oil interest my bloodstream oh I know I know what it says and I remember it was but I'm over it so this is a code it has blood up Jerry stop it do you think the music is cute now Shania you think three's excute now oh my gosh he glitched optic think the music too cute now bitch stare at the dot to reveal a special message if you guys are looking at me through my camera get the fuck off my camera I love not ah thanks I love you too fucking hate this game Deena Viner should put up inside okay they think this is funny do you think this is really fucking funny with my mouth let my mouth go home no it won't let me pick anybody else fix it for Monica it's just not no damage to me I know person in my story look my pretty nice well let me take three Mary it just made me pick Monica anything even report it made me pick Monica instead of URI I was gonna be Gary earth not Sookie last Cassie following euphoria Oh cuz it's insane okay this is her name Cassie but little did she know that Berlin again be fucking all far away the trials tribulations no difference I'm sorry Matt Sookie and Yuri my mouth my Carson little is freaking out oh my you're you're scaring everybody I'm still super I'm I'm dead-ass like I was gonna pick Yuri this is a picture Wow oh my picture into goddamn recording it you're in the fucking bar sorry Fiore I forgot her name because she killed herself for the beginning of the game that's when I first thing what the fuck is that I'm gonna stay with you today now the music is it it's say worry when she hung herself yo Yuri I don't want you I'm sorry what should you watch or whatever one more step looks in the very bones home you know all I do is fucking watch Chinese and I mean they are good yeah you know she's gonna she's gonna she's gonna stab herself I said yes no Yuri I said yes I said yes I said yes Yuri I said yes I said yes I said yes when you for your neck please oh yeah with each video everybody like in this because it's really confusing me she just fucking stabbed herself in the heart on the spot and giving me a bunch of text I can't read can skip this yep oh shit speaking rip okay was a shortage well mr. another earth it's the it's like this green is orange now for church I'm just sitting here with her fucking dad on my damn screen I know what's happening she's dying and her eyes are going out her eyes her eyes were purple I mean she means she slowly going your ear is dead now okay let's delete it what the fuck is she doing why's Monica Monica deleted them Monica what the hell are you doing Monica don't you dare reset my fucking god damn oh my you bitch yes I can hear you yes oh she knows I watched a video on the students that I'm streaming on OBS I'm gonna OBS like right now welcome to a literature club of course we already know each other because we're in the same class last year ah geez don't you dare fucking take my name for my god damn computer I'm literally gonna yell I owe you an explanation about that whole thing very what ernest renan seems just gonna kill yourself I'm sorry you had to see that boat also the same thing happen would say you're a cautious benefit you heard that maybe now has an inhale yeah yeah because she was anticipating nobody does either we need their files house hoping would be enough for me just to try making this one microphone as possible but for some reason nothing worked with it's sure that I made a few mistakes here in the air since I'm not worried then a few changes to the game but no matter what I did you need them fall in love with you I thought emergency or any more different prevent her from confessing to you amplifying URIs but not soaking what so he didn't do anything it's torture it's more than that and I don't blame me if you don't fully understand because no matter how highly populated teacher you are you'll never be able to understand one thing it's the pain of knowing palpable and then this really nice dude you don't even have a girl sorry man this game is creepy Mitch you're scaring the shit out of me okay open playing doki-doki Sarah fucking I survived you seen the certain agreement or she's somewhere and she needs to stop I really don't want to go out with me with like what she's asking me to go out with her hey this is so who the fuck do you know I'm playing on Steam how do you know that they do it you can't play this game on Steam you can overcome personal mastery it's name is no I do not want to lose your fucking poem pinning my hand I find my strength I search in Dover to find me one by one and only love together let us dismantle the crumbling world and write a novel our own fantasies with the flick of a pendulum in the lost finds her way in the world infinite choices she holds a special date after all not all good times come to end you're watching the video in his discipline on Johnny because I thought if somebody from kpop group feels like Johnny is are you doing anyone with anything else the only piece of fucking jumps in his burrow we're recording this aren't you how the hell does she miss my how the fuck does she know but do you mind telling your friend it's a little bit rude for them to start recording me without any warning what are you ready do what you got to do home just do it okay I thought you actually I can't do anything no I did not Camaro name on my computer ad what put me with warnings that I'm loved it mother piss my pants I don't want to look into your eyes bro I rather not with the teal goddamn motherfucking head Oh Faraj she stays like this for a couple of minutes fuck yeah honey just stop just stop this isn't cute this isn't funny [Applause] [Laughter] oh that's the way jackets for all right [Applause] oh it was the other game that makes you type in your own your real computer name like you could type in like the your person the name or like I didn't mean it's only been accepted your name that's on your laptop oh well just really fucking weird I forgot this in doesn't till tonight oh yeah we're adding a fake kiss you did not he brought the fucking by watchin videos at distances so fucking funny room I'm sorry it's a fast world no I'm sorry I'm fine the hell's wrong great you're being cheap rope that fucking bite in like 50 [Applause] she knows I'm on Steam and I was fuckin recording oh my god this is true I'm so lovable there's the love avril lavigne point-blank period action I still do – off sitting there standing because you're being really fucking weird I don't know if you look every week to make a man I'm black ass bhiku start making this Megatron somebody foe let's just take my goddamn left off even Seiko I only got two tickets what the a pitch location on the super game – don't either future Club how about a joke but if he tell me once I play the service to see if they changing the other thing because not it means [Applause] f-86s atwitter Martin Martin Oh God speaking it's when I get falls within a llama cool they're gonna kill fast I'm watching you for you I can't exit the game I wish I don't get shit bro has another show I'm so stupid up with my crab in the way of a fucking a crab it's a toy crab up than having survived 85 years you know hindering dangers playing with Frankie grounding Hey hey babe is everything okay yes the set of my team yes I've recorded it shit she won't let me save the game she said there's no point in saving anymore don't worry I'm not going anywhere god damn it I hope me then lashes you this episode you for it because she will fetch another seizure startling light spelling lights sorry every once she's a pop star all right so some more variations oh god you got yourself yeah Shanaya Shanaya don't you fucking can you hear me yeah okay I found out how to delete it Wow okay okay I have to go Bernstein this is running right-click properties Mickey files Brow's up front goodbye Monica fucking or get the fuck out of my fucking goddamn game I'm tired of seeing you bye bitch bye oh shit she's going I believe it I deleted it Johnny Johnny what's happening to me I'm doing this it hurts I'm not helping you Monica did you delete me I sure have yeah I sure did look I'm trying to watch euphoria and you need to get out of my game okay maybe I just wanted to see you again goodbye baby girl Johnny you completely truly make me sick I know she's still fucking talking baby girl peaches no I do it because you were getting really something oh thank god Jesus Christianity God [Applause] she's pregnant – I did a growing for his pregnant is he doing adjuster and then we leave this cartoon here them okay okay so there's not happy hey why did you delete me what did I do my name is Nina fuckin I'm practicing piano and stuff it's the game it's the ending scenes what so Texas the images are presented [Applause] what happened everyone say this is missing the correct game time confuse confuse I'm trying to fix this band game Oh Monica did it what okay so the game kept clean air or corrupt game files and I was like what the fuck is going on I don't have any mods I don't have anything in the game and it says if you've seen the credits you have reached the end of the game this error is fake in which significant okay continuing it says in which is significant is significant significant files that Monica is the air all proper game files connect the game or in this father if I know is enough skin in the game and also share isn't enough spirit again your future will first want even more for my first whistle be all existing good to go again so happy yes I cried like 50 million times I finished the damn game okay but it also says that but there's different endings I'm not going through that shit again happy birthday bitch I feel bad I feel bad because I because I was supposed to get this special ending but I would have to go through the whole game again and then like do specific things and like you already know I'm too pussy to do that shit for two more fucking hours yeah no I'm not doing that for two more hours it was a good game I'm a replay it again I will replay it again when I can piss and not feel scared to go pee so anyways yes bitch I was crying for my mom I was running out across always line up spirit so that is the end of this game shit we can play the hood now and yes this was fucking recording say goodbye I people anyways this is the most fucking disturbing game of playing in my life i streamed half of it on accident then recorded happen it on yeah whatever anyways and then I'm never oh my gosh it was too scary

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