Doki Doki Literature Club!: Sad Sayori – PART 14 – Game Grumps

Arin: Hey, I’m grump Dan: I’m not so grump Both: And we’re the Game Grumps Arin: Hey welcome back.
Dan: Welcome back to Game Grumps. Arin (FriendArin): The conversation trails off.
Dan: Alright. Arin (FriendArin): I just told to Sayori that I would *cough* (Normal voice) I just told Sayori that I would ditch Yuri if She asked me to walk home cuz I want to walk home with Sayori. Dan: Yeah. Arin (FriendArin): It’s kind of a weird thing for Sayori to care so much about but I want to respect her and keep her happy too Then again the festival is only a few days away who knows what will happen in that time.
Dan: Hanukkah the festival of lights (Dan laughs) Arin: What’s my next poem, here you go for it Dan: Uh, blanket. Pout. (Arin laughs) Kitty. (Arin laughs) Arin: Kit-ty. Dan: Nibble. Arin: Oops. Dan: Oooh climax. (Somberly) Tears. Arin: Sayori likes that one. Dan: Unrestrained. Sparkle. Arin: Oh sparkle is nice. Dan: Heavensent. Arin: Jesus, is that even a word? Dan: Chocolate.. NO POOF! Dan: DAMNIT. Arin: Oh damn it, I’m sorry! Dan: Milk! (Both laugh) Arin: To make up for the poof! (Dan laughs) Dan: Eeeemail (laughter) Dan: DANCE Arin: EEMAIL Dan: DAAANCE Ugghhh Vaariance. Arin: You got it.
Dan: Maarshmalloow. (Arin laughs) Suuiciiide. Arin: Oh god dude! Dan: Bouncy. Arin: B-bouncy? Dan: Bouncy. Arin: Oh bouncy. Dan: Yeah, And jumpy. Arin: Done Dan: Ope, and Boooop. Arin: Boop. Dan: What a great poem. Arin: It’s a super good poem. Dan: Thank you. Arin (Monika): Aw man Dan (Robot voice): That is what you humans say, is it not? Arin (Monika): I’m the last one here again. Don’t worry I just walked in too. – Oh! That was me (FriendArin). Dan (Yuri): Were you practicing piano again? Arin (Monika): Yeah. (robotic laughter) Dan (Yuri): You must have a lot of determination Starting this club and now picking up piano Arin (Monika): Well, maybe not determination… Dan: But I can pick up a piano (Laughter) And throw it 50 feet Arin (Monika): But I guess passion, remember that the club wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all of you And I’m super happy that you’re all willing to help out for the festival too Arin (Natsuki): Ah I can’t wait for the festival,
It’s gonna be great! Arin (Monika): Eh? Weren’t you complaining about it yesterday Natsuki? Arin (Natsuki): Well yeah… I’m not talking about our part of the festival. But its a whole day Of school we get to play and eat all kinds of delicious food! Arin (FriendArin): Sound a bit like Sayori all of a sudden Arin (Monika, should be Natsuki) Monika. Do they usually have fried squid? Arin: Oh… [garbled] I’m getting my voices confused here [laughter] Arin (Monika): Wait wait a second… Nat-Natsuki?
Dan (Robot voice): My incredible intellect is capable of handling both the sides of this conversation. Arin (Monika): Squid? That’s a pretty specific thing to look forward to. Arin (Natsuki): Oh come on. Are you saying you don’t like squid you of all people Arin (Monika): Eh I didn’t say I don’t like it.
Dan (Robot voice) I’m sure if I had taste buds. It would be delicious. Arin (Monika): Besides what do you mean of you–bah of all people Arin (Natsuki): Because it’s right in your name Mon-ika.
Dan: Oh my god. Arin (Monika): Eh? That’s not how you say my name at all. Also that joke means no sense in translation. Arin (Natsuki): Eh?
Arin (Monika): Ah never mind. Let’s just focus on our own event for now okay Arin (Natsuki) Eh-heh. Fine, fine. Your reactions aren’t as fun as Yuri’s or Sayori’s anyway. Dan(Yuri): Excuse me.
Arin (FriendArin) Where is Sayori anyway? Oh there you are. Sayori is sitting at a desk in the corner of the room looking down at nothing. I walk over to her. Hey Sayori. I waved my hand in front of her face
Dan (Sayori) Eh? Arin (FriendArin): You’re spacing out again.
Dan (Sayori): I’m still spacing out AHHHH! Arin (High pitched): I can’t breathe in space!
Dan (Sayori) I can see forever! Dan (Sayori): Heh sorry. Don’t mind me. You can go talk to everyone else.
Arin (FriendArin) Huh is everything alright? Dan (Sayori): Of course. Arin: eh Dan (Sayori) Why wouldn’t it be?
Arin (FriendArin): Just feels like you’re a little off, sorry for assuming–saying things. Dan (Sayori): Jeez you worry too much about me. I’m fine see. Arin (FriendArin): Sayori shows me a big smile. Dan (Sayori): Don’t let me distract you from having fun with everyone.
Arin (FriendArin): Well alright. If you say so I worriedly glance at Sayori before turning back toward everyone else, But the conversation is already dispersed with everyone back at their usual activities. Maybe I should ask Monika if she’s noticed anything about Sayori recently. Since they’ve been preparing for the festival They must be spending a lot of time together. I timidly approach Monica who’s shuffling through some papers at her desk. Arin: I wasn’t studying humans! (Dan laughs) Arin (Monika): FriendArin! What’s up? Dan: Like you say.
Arin (FriendArin): This might sound like a little strange But have you noticed anything up with Sayori recently? Arin (Monika) Anything up with her? In what way do you mean? Her brains smell especially appetizing.
Arin (FriendArin): Maybe I’m reading into it a little Too much, but she seems a bit downcast today
Dan: Why would a robot need to eat brains? (Both laugh) Arin: I dunno just the narrative I’ve created
Dan: Fair enough. I mean We’ve been going with it for hours now.
Arin: I mean the Matrix has you know to goop-ify humans. (Dan laughs) Arin (FriendArin): Oh you think so? I can’t say I’ve noticed anything about her, then again I am a robot–I mean Dan: Mm
Arin (Monika) An empathetic human. Dan: Mm. Arin (Monika, should be FriendArin): Monica peers across the room at Sayori who was idly dragging a rubber eraser up and down her desk. Arin (Monika): Maybe there is something in her mind. Maybe it has gone rotten. But I’m sp–(Dan laughs) I’m surprised I’m not the one asking you FriendArin, you certainly know her a lot better than I do. Arin (FriendArin): Yeah, but she’s never really liked this. You know she’s always talked to me about things that bother this time when I asked her She’s really dismissive. Sorry, I know it’s not your problem. I just wanted to ask if you knew anything, so I’ll drop it now Arin (Monika): No. No. It’s important to me, too. I mean I’m also Friends (Dan laughs) with Her and I also care about the well-being being of my club members you know. Maybe I’ll try talking to her myself Arin (FriendArin): Eh you sure about that? Seemed like she wanted to be left alone. Arin (Monika): Are you sure maybe she just has a hard time bringing it up with the person of interest? Arin (FriendArin): Person of interest? What do you mean by that? Arin (Monika): I’m saying that maybe the thing on her mind is you FriendArin? (Dan gasps)
Arin (FriendArin): Me? How on earth did you come to that conclusion? Arini (Monika): Well, I probably shouldn’t say too much, but Sayori talks about you more than anything else you know? Arin (FriendArin): Eh?! Arin (Monika): She’s been so much happier every time you–every since you’ve joined the club. It’s like an extra light was turned on inside of her.
Dan: Cooking her brains to a delicious simmering boil Arin (Monika): Mmm. You can smell it from here.
(Dan laughs) Arin (FriendArin): What? No way! Sayori’s Always like that. She’s always been full of sunshine. It’s not any different now that it has always been. (Robotic laughter) Arin (Monika): You are so funny, FriendArin. Have you thought that maybe you’ve always seen her as so cheerful because that’s just how she is when she’s around you? Arin (FriendArin) Eh!
Arin (Monika): Ah, I’ve said too much. I’m sorry. What do I know anyway? Stupid robot! Stupid stupid!–I mean stupid human. Stupid extra stupid! I didn’t mean to jump to conclusions, so you should just forget about what I said I’ll try to talk to her so try not to think about it for now. Arin (FriendArin): Alright.
Arin (Monika, supposed to be FriendArin) Monika smiles meaningfu– Arin (FriendArin): Monika smiles meaningful, I know She said to forget about it, but I already know that I won’t be able to get her words out of my head. Monika stands up from her desk and walks– Dan: And jetpacks across the room (Arin laughs) [robotic noises] (Both laugh)
Arin (Monika): Sayori. (Both laugh) Arin (FriendArin) Mo–I watch her kneel down next to Sayori And gently talk to her. But she keeps–she’s keeping her voice so quiet that I can’t hear from here. I sigh and sit myself down. I know Sayori told me not to worry about her and have fun with everyone else But that’s impossible to do what she’s behaving like this. Exactly how much do I care about her that I’m letting this weigh me down so much? Now It feels like I’m the one behaving out of the ordinary, but there’s nothing I could do besides wait for Monica. Arin (Natsuki): Hey, you!
Arin (FriendArin): Eh? Arin (Natsuki) You just said everything out fucking loud. Dan: Uhhh!
Arin (FriendArin): I look up to see Natsuki next to me. Arin (FriendArin): Yeah, you said that too. Arin (Natsuki): Are you–are you just gonna sit there and keep staring at nothing? There isn’t much time so– Arin (FriendArin): Sorry I didn’t mean to make you worry or anything. Arin (Natsuki): It’s not like I’m worried! I was just– Arin (FriendArin): Natsuki glances down at her side.
Arin (Natsuki): My side looks really good today! (Dan laughs) Arin (FriendArin): She’s holding a volume of manga in her hand. That’s right, something just came up for a minute, but we can get started now. Dan: Yeah, nonspecific-we-can’t-get-sued manga.
Arin (FriendArin): I won’t make you wait any longer. Arin (Natsuki): Jeez, now you made me feel like a jerk. If something’s bothering you can just tell me leave you alone. I will I mean Assuming you didn’t feel like talking about it or anything.
Arin (FriendArin): She’s practically mumbles that last part. No I’m probably making it seem like a bigger deal than it is. Also I don’t care about you.
Dan: Huh. Arin (FriendArin): I’ve just been thinking about Sayori, that’s all.
Arin (Natsuki): S-Sayori!? Thinking about her? Arin (FriendArin): Yeah, she seems pretty down today. She didn’t want to admit it to me So I can’t help but wonder if something happened to her. Arin (Natsuki): Oh.. Dan: Like we fucked last night and–(Both laugh)
Dan (Sayori): What?? Arin (FriendArin): And she said it really hurt and I don’t know like, She’s acting weird just fucking weird. Natsuki exhales. Arin (Natsuki): Well first of all you should really work on your phrasing. But anyway, You’re her best friend right? Dan: Sorry. We made love last night (Arin laughs) Arin (FriendArin): Yeah, I guess so. Arin (Natsuki): Yeah Then, in that case I think you should trust her a little more if she needed someone you would be the first person she’d go to right? Arin (FriendArin): Well, I guess it’s true.
Arin (Natsuki) I mean some people just have those days You know you can’t always avoid it. If anything she probably doesn’t want you to worry about her because it’s not important. Arin (Natsuki, should be FriendArin) Yeah that’s kind of what she said to me. Dan: That’s you.
Arin (FriendArin): Oh, that’s how what you said to me. Maybe it’s not right for me to go against her wishes Arin (Natsuki): Exactly if she needs you to worry about her. It’ll be a lot more obvious Arin (FriendArin): Yeah… I should’ve thought that from the start.
Arin (Natsuki, should be FriendArin): Natsuki– Arin (FriendArin): Natsuki fiddles with a book she’s holding in her hands. Arin (Natsuki): She.. She really means a lot to you, doesn’t she? Arin (FriendArin): Uh..
Dan (High pitched whisper): That bitch. (Arin laughs) Arin (FriendArin): Don’t get the wrong idea or anything. We’ve just been friends for a long time It’s normal to be worried about your friend
Dan: We sleep together all the time We’re committed in a relationship.
Arin: My vagina has touched her penis (Dan laughs) Wait hold on I said that wrong. Wait hold on! Dan: The robot’s like, have I had it wrong this whole time (Arin laughs) Arin (Monika): It is her brains that I am looking forward to. (Dan laughs) Arin (FriendArin): I mean you were worried about me so-
Arin (Natsuki): I was not! Jeez if you’re fine Then let’s hurry and get started already.
Arin (FriendArin): Yeah, yeah, yeah. I pull the first volume of Parfait Girls out from my bag. Natsuki takes it from my hands and quickly turns it over presumably to check for wrinkles. Hey, I’m not that careless I handle manga all the time you know.
Dan: Every time I make a salad (Arin laughs) Arin (Natsuki): I just wanted to make sure. Do you do the crisscross cuts where they come out like little squares? Dan: Yeah, mango squares.
Arin (Natsuki): Can you blame me for being paranoid? I don’t give people my manga every day you know and you’re always eating potatoes and you have potatoes in your sack, so I thought Potatoes would be crushing it all day. Dan (High pitched): Wait a minute this isn’t my manga at all. This is–
(Both) potato! (Both laugh) Arin (Natsuki): You just wrote the title of the manga on the potato! (Both laugh) Dan (High pitched): You sneaky son of a bitch!
Arin (Natsuki): What the hell is going on?! (Both laugh) Arin: She looks around, Monika’s a potato. (Dan laughs)
Arin (Natsuki): WHAT! (Both laugh) Dan: Oh my fucking God, next time on Game Grumps
Arin: Next time on Game Grumps. Dan: We’ll see you then babies. Arin: Find out what happens next.
Dan: This is fun. (Both laugh quietly) Arin (Natsuki): All about potatoes for you isn’t it.
Dan: Yea

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  1. Holy crap, I figured out something cool. Stare at Monika's eyes, and move your head down, than up. Keep staring and her eyes while you do that. HER EYES CHANGE COLORS, HOLY MOLY, SHE'S ACTUALLY A ROBOT

  2. These long story type games is fantastic. It's like watching a slow motion train derailment and its brilliant with the boys at the helm

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  5. “Chocolate, no POOF! Damnit!”
    “Oh damnit, I’m sorry.”
    “To make up for the poof!”

    edit: This is why I love the Grumps.

  6. * turns up volume to hear the voices at the end better *
    * playlist auto-plays the next episode *
    H E Y I M G R U M P

  7. Natsuki x Monika fan fiction XD

    Monika : hello natsuki insert human laughter
    Natsuki : m-Monika I’m a Android too…
    Monika : …
    Natsuki : monika I love you…
    Monika : yay thanks natsuki
    Natsuki : MANGA IS LITERATURE!!!!!!!!!!
    Monika : shuttttttingggggg doooowwwwwnnnnn

  8. Yuri :You must have a lot of determination …So you can save in undertale
    Monika: what is undertale? Not determination, passion.
    Yuri: you can't save your game with that…

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  11. Textbox: “Monika stands up from her desk and walks to where Sayori is sitting.”

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