Doki Doki Literature Club!: Robobabes – PART 2 – Game Grumps

Hey, I’m Grump
I’m not so Grump And we’re the Game Grumps [Arin] Hey welcome back
[Dan] Welcome back, Arin [Dan] Excuse me, today the part of Monika will be played by Arin because he can do the ‘I AM FRIEND ARIN’ voice better. [Arin] “It’s great to see you again, FriendArin.” [Arin] Monica smiles sweetly, it’s all- and it looks like they’re almost the same person drawn from that angle… [Danny laughs] Yeah! Wow. [Arin] We do know each other-… well. We rarely talked, but we were in the same class last year. [Arin] She would say things like [Robotic voice] “PROCESSING”
[Both laugh] [Dan] I like to imagine that like, her hair just stays like that all the time.
[Arin laughs] [Arin] [High pitched voice] I use a lot of gel!
[Danny laughs] [Dan] [Robotic voice] Much gel and motor oil was required. [Arin] “Monika was probably the most popular girl in class; smart, beautiful, athletic…” and smart! [Arin] “Basically, completely out of my league.” [Arin] “So, having her smile at me so genuinely feels a little…” [Arin] “Y-You too, Monika…” [Dan] “Come sit down, Friend Arin, we made room for you at the table so you can sit next to me or Monika…” I’ll get the cupcakes… Hey! I made them, I’ll get them! Sorry, I got a little too excited– finger pyramid of evil contemplation. Then, how about I make some tea as well? The girls have a few desks arranged to form a table. As Sayori mentioned, It’s been widened so that there’s one space next to Monica, and one space next to Sayori. -Choose your fate for the next 30 years of your life!
-Natsuki and Yuri walk over to the corner of the room Where Natsuki grabs a wrapped tray and Yuri opens the closet. Still feeling awkward, I take a seat next to Sayori. -You just have to imagine all this is happening cause God knows we didn’t animate it! -Natsuki proudly marches back to the table, tray in hand. Okay, are you ready? [Dan stumbling on his words] [Dan] Three, two, one– Hide and Seek! [Both scream] Uwaaaah! Natsuki lifts the foil off the tray to reveal a dozen white fluffy cupcakes decorated to look like little cats. The whiskers are drawn with icing and little pieces of chocolate were used to make ears. Just trust me! That’s what they look like. -Sooo cuuuuute~! -I had no idea you are so good at baking, Natsuki. Ehehehheeh, well you know… [Dan interrupts] Does she have a tiny green tooth all of a sudden? Why- why? [Arin laughs] She really does, does she?
-Why is that? -Just hurry and take one. Sayori grabs one first, then Monika, I follow, then Natsuki, then this guy named Fred. [Danny laughs] -I’ll eat one of these cupcakes once I’m done eating this single pea attached to the top of my mouth. -I just can’t get rid of it!
-It’s delicious… -Sayori talks with her mouth full and has already managed to get icing on her face. Ooh, scandalous! [Dan under his breath]
-Just show it, show it, draw it.. -I turned the cupcake around in my fingers, looking for the best angle to take a bite… -Oh my God, this is riveting. [Sarcastic] -Natsuki is quiet. I can’t help but notice her sneaking glances in my direction. Is she waiting for me to take a bite? I finally bite down… The icing– [Strange burping from Arin followed by Dan laughing] The icing is sweet and full of flavor–I wonder if she made it herself. -It’s clearly poisoned! -This is really good. Thank you, Natsuki. W-Why are you thanking me? It’s not like I…! Haven’t heard this somewhere before, heheheh… …Made them for you or anything. It’s a meme, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the meme.
-Oh, I didn’t. -“It’s not like I like you, or anything.”
-Ohhh… -Very typical “tsundere” thing to say. -Yeah, thing that you’re about to betray the fact that you super-like the person? -Yeah.
-Totally. eh!? Thought you technically did Sayuri said well maybe, but not, for you know, dummy alright, alright I give up I give up on Natsuki’s weird logic and dismiss the conversation, Yuri returns to the table carrying a tea set she carefully placed a teacup in front of each of us before setting down the Tea pot next to the cupcake tray you keep a whole tea set in this classroom. That’s you, sorry you sorry Arin: oh that’s me haha Don’t worry the teachers gave us mission. Sorry I did an impression of you Just sec ago. was it accurate? after all doesn’t a hot cup of tea help you enjoy a good book I guess. why do kind of one of my nips show through this jacket, but definitely not the other one I think it’s just how it’s shaded Oh in that case Dan looks like a fucking creeper now, cool. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha don’t let yourself get intimidated. insert human laughter. Yuri’s just trying to impress you Eh, that’s not Insulted, Yuri looks away. What’s over here? Meant that you know. I believe you, heh, nooot Well, tea and reading may not be a pastime for me, but I at least enjoyed tea. I’m glad Are you? Yuri faintly smiles to yourself and relief. Oh thank god. Monica raises an eyebrow then smiles at me or at least What the equivalent of smiling would be. yeah, she definitely has the robot look to her, doesn’t she? So, what made you consider the literature club? my programming tells me that if I start a sentence with “so” it seems more human. Seems more hUman I was afraid of this question something tells me I shouldn’t tell Monica that I was practically dragged here by Sayori. Wellll, I haven’t joined the club’s yeah, and Sayori seems really happy here, so… heh That’s ok don’t be embarrassed We’ll make sure you feel right at home, ok As president of the literature Club, it is my duty to make the club fun and exciting for everyone Monica I’m surprised the club is set up in to make incredible logical sense Mm-hmm oh sorry, I thought you’d be talking longer. oh, no problem. Was like this is a perfect opportunity to get sip of my soda. Oh shit No, you took the sip loudly though. So it covers a lot. Okay, okay? Everyone at home will be like oh he’s sipping soda Oh, so like do they hate each other and get a good narrative there totally How come you decided to start your own Club? You could probably be a board member for any of the major clubs. Weren’t you a leader of the debate club last year? Weren’t you a leader of the robots Anonymous club last year? I know not of what you speak Ahahahaha. She hisses in her watch, he knows too much He can see Well, you know to be honest. I can’t stand all of the politics around the major clubs It feels like nothing but arguing about the budget and publicity and how to prepare for events. See Democrats and Republicans I’d much rather take something. I personally enjoy personally enjoy enjoy, is that the word enjoy enjoy proper word and make something special out of it and if it encourages others to get into literature than I am fulfilling that dream that dream I Am 8.5% pleased with my statement Monika really is a great leader. Look at the hands touching do you see that underneath the word? woah, dude. hello. I also nod in agreement Then I’m surprised there aren’t more people in the club yet It must be hard to start a new club. you could put it that way. There is a difficulty of 86.8 percent Not many people are very interest- Not many humans are very interested in pulling out all the effort to start something brand new especially when it is something that doesn’t grab your attention, like literature. I read this last book in *eight* minutes. You have to work hard to convince people that you’re both fun and worthwhile. I really read the book in eight seconds, but I said minutes to make me seem more human But it makes school events like the festival that much more important. I’m confident that we can all really grow this club before we graduate Right everyone, yeah! We’ll do our best You know it! Everyone, Oh. Everyone enthusiastically agrees, such different girls all interested in the same goal. This is my fucking dream 4G I’m looking at right now Oh my god. Monica must have worked really hard to find these three wouldn’t it be a 5g if you were involved maybe that’s why where they were all so delighted by the idea of a new member joining. I didn’t even think of myself being involved. I just thought of them going at it, and I would watch on VHS though I still VHS? Yeah, I’ve rent I-I rent VHS’ from my local pornographic shop Do you have a problem with that? I still use my VHS tape recorder. Yeah? I-I, When was the last time the word tape recorder was uttered (I-I put) by humanity? I took a picture of Me for Instagram with my blockbuster membership card and it got like 60,000 likes of everyone being like “Oh my God.” that It was like it was like Indiana Jones movies where he’s like, “that belongs in a museum” You know like, suddenly people were like “Oh my God a relic from another time!” Yeah, that word. I haven’t heard that in years. It’s so funny. Though. I still don’t really know if I can keep up with their level of enthusiasm about literature They seem really excited about literature. “So FriendArin, What kind of things do you like to read?” well Considering how little I’ve read these past few years. I don’t really have a good way of answering that Manga, I mutter quietly to myself half joking Natsuki’s head suddenly perks up. “It looks like she wants to say something, but she she keeps quiet.” “MANGA IS THE DEVIL’S WORK!” Not much of a reader I guess. Well that can change What am I saying? “I’m just really glad to be here staring at your clubs- I mean joining your club.” I spoke about thinking after seeing you’re a sad smile. Anyway. What about you Yuri? Well, let’s see Manga mostly. yeah Yuri traces the rim of our teacup with their finger My favorites are usually novels that build deep and complex fantasy worlds The level of creativity and craftsmanship behind them is amazing to me. Twilight mostly. You ever read Clifford the Big Red Dog? I tell you a good story in such a foreign world is equally impressive You ever read Clifford goes to school Those are all foreign world for him Yuri, yuri goes on completely passionate about her reading She seems so reserved and timid since the moment I walk But it’s obvious by the way her eyes light up that she finds her comfort in the world of books not people But you know I like a lot of things Like Clifford makes a friend Stories with deep psychological elements usually immerse me as well Is it amazing how a writer can so deliberately take advantage of your own lack of imagination to completely, throw you for a loop? Just like in Clifford to the revenge Wasn’t expecting that one anywhere, I’ve been reading a lot of horror lately Book once I desperately grasp something I can relate to at the minimum level It was where the wild pigs are it’s about these monsters on an island at this rate You’re a might as well be having a conversation with a rock Anyway, I’m gonna go write my Clifford exonic fanfiction Next time on big boobs oh yeah next time. I gave grabs well really get to the heart of things system intense plot. Yeah well

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  1. Dan didnt even think of it being a 5g he just wants to watch 🤣🤣🤣 btw yes I am rewatching this I've run out of shit to watch

  2. Me, watching the series for the first time: hahahahahahaha Clifford the big red dog

    Me, the second time watching: dear god Clifford. Oh boy were they confused. 😂

  3. Dan/Yuri: “You keep a whole tea set in this classroom? That’s you sorry.”
    Lmao 😂 this playthrough never gets old

  4. If you have captions on at 11:50 they say next time on Game Grumps but is says
    “Next time on big boobs”
    Me: okay then…

  5. "Blockbuster?" takes a long drag of a cigarette "that's a name I haven't heard in a long time"


  7. on that part where arin said "she would say things like: processing" i was drinking coke… long story short it all came out of my nose immedeatly and i had an astma attack right after. Tx for the hospital bills

  8. I put on captions and it said next time on big boobs instead of next time on game grumps
    Im literally dying from suffocation

  9. I want someone to animate this episode and when arin does monika’s voice he just goes all robot mode

  10. It’s funny to hear dan saying, “Yeah!! Let’s do it!” It’s only funny though if you know what happens later in the game

  11. Dan: This is my dream fourgy I'm looking at right now!
    Everyone realizing that all the Doki's are in school :

  12. 11:04 "Isn't it amazing how a writer can so deliberately take advantage of your own lack of imagination to completely throw you for a loop?"

    team salvato you sons of bitches.

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