Dodo Modern poets 27/6/20189 open mic 2

we're gonna start with is about gardening if you have the money why not spend it creating your very own miniature totalitarian state in your very own garden surrounded secure your territory with hedges trimmed into regular rectangular configurations install wrought iron gates to control all migration only allow grass to grow in designated zones and nowhere else ensure each blade of cut grass is exactly cut to a uniform length and that everyone is of the same species and color astroturf is not an acceptable substitute because it would not involve making living things submit to your will right other selected purebred plants are precisely equal intervals in borders that are made in accurate geometrical shapes only squares parallelograms will use fire iron chemical and biological means to eradicate all intrusive plants insects invertebrates and other creatures install automatic security lights and video to enhance surveillance the sky may still be unruly and the weather unpredictable but just ignore them and gloat over your new horticultural order okay this is a true story it's called the Lucas plan and I hope it's more or less self-explanatory okay factories in Wilson Birmingham are not where you go unless you got paid to build parts for bombers and tax well this is where these were made and those who made those weapons knew what the things they made could do to men and women like them but then again you must sell what you can sell to pay for food and a roof as well a system that sets a workers price isn't ever kind or nice and in the case of Lucas aerospace compassion had no place in such calculations so redundancies were the fix applied in 1976 and yet the workers unions would not comply with can still work they said and they asked why they could not now make machines not intended to kill a bird we could design the blades that turn but with the wind to make clean power devise car engines that make fewer fumes we could be building kidney machines be saving lives not taking and none of this with just world dreams because they built the prototypes of socially useful technology but management refused to see and only words and sympathy came from labour and the T you see so it all amounted to a mite of being but one that son still remember to remind us what we could have seen instead of planetary destruction driven by greed a world where workers control their work and produced for human need no writing around office and this is called Orpheus and it mixes up a bit it mixes up a bit often barking leg babies office when he gets out of jail he won't go and pay on the nitrate on pizzas an obvious when he gets out of jail he won't compel you know Turing he'll go straight to town make her see sense her name's I read in Greek it means peace but she'll say no did she see him Dylan not sure in the smoke the dim the toss of frills and feathers and flawless high kicks which garter was hers oh it she'll snap look round look round I tell you I can have my tip if what I wanted she'll jerk the thumb it's that way to the river go and cool off he will goodnight goodnight his head will sing this is know what this is my name it's it's it's in the voice of a former neighbor of mine who used to hear it's counting to a thousand if I've told you once I've told you a thousand times she says she said she says okay please do this don't do that don't do anything don't not do anything don't just stand there doing nothing oh it's after the way she says but doesn't tell me what the way is that I'm in because I would try I haven't you got anything to say for yourself she says and it isn't in question she isn't looking for yes or no let alone to hear me count ten fir over and over not to say something we'd regret and so on up to a thousand I'll read a poem about the Greenes family to China that broke out 60 years ago in 1959 our readers in Chinese first and ladies in English is called cooking secret he's your mom and central fan Yong Yong visual who go through heat on there are media don't shoot talking shoe on weiu me years ago wrong No I'm talking to Felicia as you soon you to be hard and tough keep firewall singing it like a cult stop it mom sip some bark soup you have it your son tell me off when he's back don't tell him villagers say all the trees are bare grass rooms gone and Buddha clay finished I am I think a fair ascendant one of three ways some are civilized some can be silent and some have a lot to say and this is all this final notice word speedlights viewed like ham from a slicing machine hysterical pouch and ever so it mean we had been in love we had planned to elope and now she was reading myself horoscope she said you are just a one drunken rake so slow to give and eager to take you are cold aloof and ever so grim and your foreplay consists of yourself you treated me like an old Miley rag then behaved in bed like an old rotting stag your broke my trust in the whole human race and for you in my future there isn't a place I'm tired of your lives and your blatant deceiving you leave your keys in the hall when you're leaving now with anger like that there is no way back so I put my possessions in a plastic bin sack she opened the front door and shouted just leave there was no hope at all for the last-minute reprieve no sign of sorrow as I cooked away I think she had nothing more left to say my numbers deleted from her mobile phone I've joined an army of singles out here all alone I'm cold and dejected no carrier home or weld but I have to continue to play the cards I'm dealt three years ago there was a little boy washed up on the shores of the Mediterranean called Allen caddy most people have forgotten about him now but it was three years ago it was at the time there's a few lines in it I call it collateral damage robbed in Neptune's cradle for his final hours now discarded on the beach no mourners friends or flowers just another nameless person a lifeless broken Reed deposited like jetsam freeing terror and man is grieved somewhere this little body a mother's arms didn't fold as a dog chief Ellie foundered caused by the owners must for gold it is called collateral damage this child would own a stain his rights root another casualty hope the Warlord's can explain will fighters claim a victory do they care who they betray why do the gods milk wine sauce only does he listen when they pray still the refugees cross water knowing is dangerous and wide and we have a compassion bypass two bodies washed out by the tide we all came out of Africa this is just a repeat as our meddling they're caused havoc or could it be the heat we have level nothing from the past if anything we're matter still a case of blow you Jack and that's a story a heads up about the search of the nature of truth its core visions are classroom very happy heroes are born and all heroes die legends are consecrated to last forever and jury in faint clouds of a certain memory the English landscape was an arcane heart the abbey of Glastonbury the third resting place of King Arthur the once and future king the riving we pause to consider the abbey ruins absorbing history rather than reading well-presented rhymes that Visitor Centre guidebooks September air of sweet afternoon our autumn minds drift into Twilight slow fade and gazed faraway valleys and a way to marry all helped by Joseph bayar legend of Avalon walked these Somerset Levels companion by boyhood Jesus there is truth in trees and rocks and mountains rivers run sure crossed these tangible lands but truth in legends by drops of water trickles impure through ancestral grounds the vanity Bennett Benedictine abbey monks so conventional wisdom tells fake the grave that we now see inspiring England's dreamers to dream what dreams spinning pilgrims heads with threads so to you away away a trembling a free solder murmur on skin feel something ethereal is planted here in unconstraint shimmer or garden of wonder come closer deeper we wander now by the chapel the sacred plants the Glastonbury thorn its mescaline purple Zira desk by Athena's the only girls here and in Jerusalem mr. thorn living proof of an ancient visit of Jesus and Joseph of Arimathaea did they walk the hillsides of this English landscape was Jerusalem ever built it here Tuscan skies of tampura blues doves of della Francesca who was home to the high ground and behold across his grave can it be here like alpha Lord of Avalon the once and future king disturbing the peace scientist an archaeologist is surveying the unforgiving ground his radar technology is no better than the Spade is he afraid of the ghosts to be found the half moon greater all companion by the first bright star of evening am always surprised by the daytime moon the delight of the duty of the sky how does the moon wane how did the stars appear explain it any way you choose it won't change what I see direct insight is universal stars rise before its the archaeologist steps aside with an indignant glance was our discussion too mystical he's fixed in his beliefs so amid others in hope that we can summon miracles over town chanting resonates a twist inside the chemistry of the brain and then a drop of psychedelic across the morphic field triggers a most fundamental change I am I am I am I am alive I can see everything now all that ever is echoes my voices echo all that ever was echoes like memories echo oh cloud enfold synesthesia behold words become solid and the cause of sound recollect recollections once lost remembers gone are now found the sunlight streams flow in psychic reflections that combine with ripples in time and visions of dark ages lost long long ago efficient here in my mind I see the real world extended transfigured in words are ruined a be remade magenta strands whisper infused in unraveling light and his holy name King Arthur I can see the walls that fell centuries ago I can see the ghosts of the remains I see all the visual echoes and I walk over ancient ramparts I see Roman soldiers marching I see echoes of Centurions I see them all advancing advancing in time and I see the one who wears a Celtic cross leader the legend a great bear of a man I see him the once and future king all poets defy their attempts to debunk this story and deserve our ancient memory those words once whispered when the unforgiving ground this land breathes upon its history for is there anyone who dares to say that they themselves have seen King Arthur advancing travilana here beside his Queen and is there anyone anyone who dares to say that they themselves have seen the holy Lamb of God on England's Pleasant pastures a thunderous noise comes from waterfall up the rocky side steps invite me to climb a railing gives a happy old sharp with cold but this rift drops from the glacier both through trees that cling the summer sunshine and flickers I mustn't be defeated the way grows steep I won't allow a defeat my sense is almost none by the dinning falls tumbling and scouring rocks hidden from sunshine I keep on going it's not that hard to climb turning a corner a cliff closes in from a boat buffeted by the wind I shudder with cold my body aches caught in a cloud so cold need to turn back but that would spell defeat to run away from the force that towers above stooped keeping steady along the waterfall on the path shift from rock I keep on climbing chaired by glimpses of blue sky sunshine it's a day for walking for hills or bathed in Sun inside this gorge is icy cold I stopped to catch my breath on I climb could not turn back I shout against defeat voice drowning in the clan of the Falls water surging over boulders from a bow no one can see me from below or above where trees and bushes bask in brilliant sunshine the harsh way twists and turns with the waterfall rolling from potassium and blue with cold the noise envelops the steepness defeats me I will become one if I am doing well such a climbing I stayed the course will not forget this clamber up the zigzag sides of the split rock above a dark tunnel appears I still the echo of defeat continued through darkness into sunshine the effort warming me not so cold see a flight of steps of the source of the waterfall a fall worthy of the effort of the climb I feel so cold but light filters from above I blink in the sunshine undefeated in the playground she runs a hit on the path her father jogging along signed her feet never trip she is running into freedom into the future into joy no one is curbing her spirit she explores in and out of the tower looking down on the world nothing can stop her wide smile the adults far below sit on seats and floor waiting to be needed the time comes to leave to run towards tea to let go of the balloon sailing high into the sky yes I'm not but I do enjoy reading my wife's poetry two of her poems are in this anthology which was edited by chuckle Bakshi who suddenly died a few weeks ago so I'm reading the two poems the first one is set in the my rhythm and blues club in Twickenham it's called pink fluff a bit of pink fluff tied round a long blonde ponytail of gold ring piercing her nose small tattoo Rose mad at Titus this catwalk from Ingo struts from the gloom catching the spotlight through the tobacco smoke gaudy gorgeous pulling the beery gaze of Rizla guy's old as her dad rhythm and blues thumps out its rumpus on the makeshift stage everyone moves swings loose forgets the day as the nightclub rocks and the beat hold sway was to Richmond this one's called Red Hat back dashing to work taking a shortcut over which with green bird song puts spring in my step a gentleman catches my eye in cream trousers and Panama with a red banner he stops to view the list of buildings don't theatres Georgian terraces Magnolia film Garvey's then leaves on his stick to catch breath nearer now and clearer his face is pale no smile for me as he struggles to make progress on home ground the morning stroll taxing his strength I think of my father in his final months wearing a checked cap for protection from the Sun this bright day the man with the red hat bond gives me pause I'll stop rushing quite so fast – me too

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