Dodo Modern poets 27/6/20189 open mic 1

I will welcome everyone to last oh then will entice show before we take a break if it's not being to this venue before just to let you know there are 12 others thought the show will be starting now our venue we've been here before you a purpose but here is Bob Dylan who played in this very room in 1962 when it's a photo by Martin Carthy apparently just turned up a lot new said would you like to do a song while we sit now but obviously by the second half the juices start flowing same three songs in the face pop pop tart charges but would ask you to Lisa Kelly read you from her first collection you start with the Torah over my talent is so like stop this is a poem which is in the current Chelsea issue of the formal papers meditation when Anne Carson gets excited and really warms a subject she tends to drop the short lines she started with and moved towards longer ones this may not always be the case but it's particularly noticeable in the glass essay the 1995 poem where she confronts her breakup with a lover and it's time for her to visit her mother who lives alone on a moor in the north on top of that and is obsessed with Emily Bronte who created his death but never had friends and is also due to go see a demented father I think of all this a stefaned I tried to deal with our sofa whose covers have managed to get themselves filthy in the ten years they've got Yuri ated in our possession we didn't watch much TV but lots of people sat there and consumed coffee red wine pasta tomato sauce and other sources while enjoying the good life and perhaps high-toned conversation and what else somebody's resplendent real quarters man it's sufficient force to reach down to one caster so it's wheel is snapped off I visit the nearest wicks where the cost is displayed coming backs of cellophane and falls and our implausibly cheap the sofa has now attained a sort of cleanliness but where did we buy it and what is his name what do we do with the bill that brochure the passionately address it is time to take a deep breath think of Emily and her soul and was the other self who Mutoh if we find the leaf at five not far from where it should have been it may open up all manner of possibility in our lives a shame for because well X million years ago I spent quite a long time working for from the University of Westminster in the support of communication which in those days were never a part of those days was just around the corner in writing how Street and a few years Aroha I wrote this poem and which invokes that magnificent Street so I really have to take it up again it was called the University of Westminster in those days and I worked in the squirrel communication but our work there was always the Polytechnic the Polytechnic last night I dreamed again I was at writing half Street its quadrangle of corridors plain white walls imitation honey parquet floors lack of real common rooms and the abiding triangle of disciplines always colliding media pundits with their love of wars for control photographers whirring around in the door between science and reflection we film boffins sliding from image to story then back again such anguish discourse were the times very prism but shared respect for shame helped us sustain cohabiting with internal schism for two decades it's called golden boy the curse of power which stands or privilege and codes with living champagne rich Brook and democracy resumed her reign which Elizabeth rich golden boy he's a jackanapes Atchafalaya relentless in his blond ambition for Tory fillies and love a cat with a cavalier disdain for contrition he loves to bask in their additions glow the fools epitome of a clever chaplain the ideals savile for today's video but beneath those looks nasty Christ he has caught its of beastly Jones crypto fascists from Faraj to ban all of them using more heart than charm seizing the day by swan during millions his past lies behind it more lies ahead his days filled with sunshine hours with dread [Applause] it's called conspiracy theory there is an international conspiracy to prevent the spread of my poetry I know it is not possible to defeat my work on his literary merits so the mainstream media have conspired against me publishing more of the usual right-wing dribble to brainwash the people while ignoring me completely but still everyday people stop me in the street and they say state of it we love your poetry we agree with everything you're saying whatever it is so I persist defiant in the face of George Soros Rupert Murdoch and the Catholic Church in league with the bankers Tom Patterson and the BBC and now every time I write a stanza they swoop to silence me metaphorically but really it's not about me it's about the poetry the people need poetry by me my next collection will be published as soon as the conspiracy has been defeated [Applause] there's a real wind at our windows as a cold moon in the sky it's hard to sit through a news night without feeling the urge to cry it's an orgy of destruction a smorgasbord of shame but it used to be so different or at least not quite the same remember when we used to think we might see better days remember when we knew a guy who saw the world threeways the light that shines out from his teeth is glinting through the crowd a new dawn is upon us it's time to bring him back bring back Blair supply-side training schemes and endogenous growth bring back Blair more cash for the NHS and a palpable sense of hope bring back Blair education education education bring back Blair for a stylish confident forward-looking nation and bring back Jeff from Byker Grove and also match from neighbors bring back tax incentives to encourage prudent savers then bring back Flintoff ashes bring back beckham in a sarong bring back widespread agreement that racism is wrong bring back Big Brother house this is Davina please do not swear bring back sleeper bring back duty bring back member ring back Blair so what if he loved Murdoch so what if he knocked gods so what if he thought socialists were out of dates and odds bring back teenage pregnancies bring back smoking in cafes bring back Berlusconi Cliff Richard and Daffy bring back Peter Mandelson lurking in the dark bring back old Ron Davis chasing badgers around the park bring back Blair he said we were at our best when we were older bring back Blair he felt the hand of history on his shoulder bring back Blair with compassion that could shake away your breath bring back Blair we were only 45 minutes away from death bring back Blair he came to earth to set derivatives traders free bring back Blair his teeth shine oats shine a for all to see and bring back Jeff from Byker Grove and also Mads from neighbors bring back tax incentives to encourage prudent savers of bring back flintoff sashes bring back Beckham in a sarong bring back widespread agreements the racism is wrong bring back Big Brother house this is Davina please do not swear bring back bring back bring back menswear [Laughter] now this release which is not a poem it's unlike you but as a walk around little phrases pop into my head I'll make it most of them nothing must make something out of that and then I just end up with a load of so it's just called connection are you going to buy that mattress then I think I'll sleep on it I went to an Irish music arts party the other night that sounds a bit weird yeah but the crack was fantastic someone tries to sell this one day old baby a personal perception insurance plan the baby goes to look like that was born yesterday the universe is full of discarded afternoons I went to that pub that's always empty all right what's it called again the nobody in in some cheap stations it says on the escalator dogs must be carried up this escalator what happens if you don't have a dog I put my semen on the chair it was a Satsuma you can lead a horse to water but you can't pull the wool of the garden path is a factory that makes too many worktops counterproductive I've got a new job what's that then I'm working down the sewers what's it like big really to avoid misunderstandings we all live our lives three minutes in advance and how do we know that somebody from the future hasn't already invented time travel and is actually in this room right now please gamble responsibly isn't hyperbole totally amazing superb and brilliance instructions to open see inside what's the collective man for collective man what do you think of blood pencils pointless hello I live in Essex ready no burning on crunch see this knife it's cutting edge I think I would enjoy being a hedonist miss greetings I am a traveler from your distant future miss busy John McEnroe's says that the brightest star in the northern hemisphere you cannot be serious these lives on sugar so why isn't East diabetic whenever I say Irie or audio or a jerk I get cross I've got irritable bowel syndrome my friend Walter was terribly depressed but instead of going to see him last night I decided to be the fourth person in a game of cards yes I chose bridge over troubled water how can you hold your head up and sleep at night iris recognition hello iris do theoretical physicists actually exist but we will throw down our weapons our machines of hate and death and we will take up our instruments and we will play them and we will win nonsense this one called the curse of certainty and it's soon clear what this is about you say there is of God I save I find this bod where's your evidence what's the provenance of your assertion you say you have faith I say it's belief you agreed that's a relief so let's progress no stress to the next stage of our debates we could be up quite late you say a human race alone in space needs a protector a director of events an unseen vector in the history of things I say it's a mystery this history but let's not get hysterical and go all political and invent the deity and the lady and banish gaiety and fun from all that's done in the name of the father the son and the holy moley our Father who hid our mother bastards be thy name you say you need saving I say actually what I'm craving is freedom from bigotry you know faith is not obligatory it's a choice so let me have my voice don't think for me or ignore me or bore me with your chanting and misogynistic ranting I'm not your sycophants you say he works in mysterious ways I say does that include gays in Uganda two guys kissing will get locked up for something missing oh yes love and compassion have they gone out of fashion in your broad church you say you have a mission that I say you sound like a politician except that your certainty extends for all eternity forever and ever to the end of time well that's fine I'll make up my own mind without a holy text to vex and perplex me with its rules and direction to achieve perfection which is after all only certainty in disguise why don't we I realize it's hard but try this give your blessing to someone and whose life involves cross-dressing for example that's just a sample is this a mathema harder than boolean algebra if so there's still a long way to go but if you can open your heart that's a start and we can peek through the curtain and both be a little less right welcome so a few haiku which I think you may not think are iku because they seem to be quiet about people but here they are I'm reading them twice once of the head once with a heart so so quickly kind of books that so you know second chance to listen Ugly Duckling growing out of dad's shoes into mums ugly duckling growing out of dads shoes into mums demonic you so you really do sort of thinking all in one line froth on my coffee sipping dreams froth on my coffee sipping dreams and that's all going back to childhood vanilla wind his granny baking in the kitchen vanilla wind his granny baking in kitchen sunrise through a dragonfly swing morning coffee sunrise through a dragonfly swing morning coffee and the last one is quite serious and I know a few people heard it already but shouldn't be kind to me is dead the witch is dead sweet scented chips of this perfume garden hugged walls and foliage honeysuckle blossoms pays homage to delight pageantry of flowers adorns the stony pathway while the birds and squirrels dance even a thousand Garland's my love cannot match the wafts of a alone into the temple of the heart my beloved comes kissing my soul with infinity's plenitude I feel the magic of the scent of an enchantment stabbing my cool with arrow of joy steeped in of all intense immensity the moonlight kisses my cheeks I become dazed absorbed in a river of supernal light my heart is burning with love Mico full of intensity from the fire of thy place I gaze at the crescent moon it's adorable sweetness like pure white snow hugging the serenity of my existence reach down and kiss me I suddenly ascend to the deathless joy of emptiness no timeless timeless timeless is this moment my eagle bird dances in an ocean of sheer delight I can skate into a ball of light nestling in the golden coverage of dialogues and become I wonder what's the color of time since I have exhausted words to compose yet another ballad of your peerless Beauty perhaps it conceals a new horizon a pageantry of speed tres tapestries on scene by man to give solace to the agony of longing and my delicate heart sweet mystery I wish to guess that the tint of the unspoken weave a tabernacle of love in the soul so powerful that I her my love used to the nightingales for they remind me of your eloquence those dainty lips that alluring blur adorned and would ban artists for President of India Angelou combined perhaps I can chisel Odin chisel as a choreography of tomorrow travel back in unknown territory to recreate new worlds perhaps there's a fear unknown to others where a choice can never be raised only ceaselessly replenished my sweetheart I feel like a boxer down in the second round yet knowing somehow I will rise again your insurance your dazzling or of incandescent light is my strength and my salvation I wonder was the color of time per house is there that I can be astonished my pen unresponsive in this sacrament of the present moment and my tongue shall be sealed with fragrances as I was to the melody of silence the acute lips whispering river symphonies in my soul [Applause] [Applause]

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