Dodo Modern poets 27/6/20189: Lisa Kelly part 2

[Applause] which is pro remain papers very good and I've had one actually I'm the thing to know about that is they do pay for publication so if you want to send their poems to the new European which is the party sections edited by rioni box there's the daughter that made a lot and it what is responsible for doesn't mention his name and I have seen and I have seen the river of flame stopping the air like a tiger and I have seen it flash orange and black and I've known the river bed crack and I have known black sites dates died in Kentucky and I've heard our leaders speak in bubbles of methane and I've heard that people forsake their claim to land for the promise approvals and I have feared of troubles water that runs black oranges that growing lungs oranges the group black troubles that run in water and I feared of lumps there claimed to people for the promise of land and I have heard that leaders will sink in bubbles of methane and I've heard our bubbles speak and I have known black site taste died in the river bed and I have known Kentucky crack and I've seen in flash orange and black stalking the earth like a tiger but I've seen the river a flame that came my watched a video of fracking and you can literally see the gas coming up and my next poem is we write a lot about action and what we should be doing and this is really about my inaction and what I didn't do wavering winding back from the last tube I see a girl on the curve in open-toed heels poured into an off-white dress in this cold leaning into an open window drunk pouring her heart out and I go pass I hear the policeman from the squat comfort of his seat shout carry on like that you'll be in the back of my van so I stop turn and think whether I should go up to her calm her down ask him to lay off but instead I stand there tipsy from the half bottle of wine a bystander and in that falls the girl is joined by another girl who screams at the policeman suddenly police cars are pulling up sirens screaming police spill out dressed in thick uniforms not stumbling just purposefully hurting girls into the back of the van which speeds off the police get back into their car slam doors rev up drive off and there is nothing more to do except go home wonder what might have happened if I protested soberly directly so one of the sections in my book is called orientation which you know is a map term but also to me because I'm deaf in my left ear from four months as a child single-sided deafness which means that anybody standing rush on or over here to my left it's difficult to hear what they are what they are saying so it has its own peculiarities in terms of deafness but also as I grow older I find that my as well as my hearing loss I've got memory loss so there is a joke embedded in here hairy loss half heard now half remembered what was it I thought you said as I Bank my brain for the word I know begins with but the sense of something on the tip of my tongue which lurks behind bottom team as lips purse but gone fishing empty speech bones the Christmas cracker joke you told what did the fish say when he swam into a warm has an inbuilt sinker if not the right line hooking codswallop all manner of red herrings as I bang my head against a brick wall and hit upon it was not bur but duh dah I was lucky enough to be able to Mike and Carl didn't see me I was on a roundabout in fact I remember quite clearly its slowed down I was halfway across and I'm just suddenly started speeding up I knew I was going to be hit and I was and this poem deals with that clavicle snaps one it's interesting to try and work out what I was thinking and the closest I get is how will this end I'd like to think I thought profoundly as I momentarily flew that there was no Icarus moment no aspiration to ascend to I can't lift my arm to take off my jumper the paramedic finds scissors you don't mind if I cut it off she divests me of sudden blurbs pulls down my website me pants and helps me step into made rice bad hair I had in my carrier I think I fallen in love three why do people say you're lucky it could have been a lot worse why do I reply I was lucky I was wearing a helmet the debruce like an addled dandelion above my left grow to dents on the shell yes I was lucky I was wearing a helmet for in the back of the ambulance a policeman asks the paramedic over my head are her injuries life-changing Jacques says no but I imagine how someone would feel about an overheard affirmative a blow without warning five the collision incident information form comes through the post asking me to take options most appropriate for the offender one charged before a court to offered a driver improvement course three warned as to driving contact full take no further action five leave form on sofa six I remember David Cronenberg's film crash and suggest we try our positions despite my sling a rather because of it I say it's about trust terminates in and he touches my shoulder which is tender trust like pain is overrated my right of way the cars plus seven cracked in the family dynamic appear somehow the pieces must fit back together the better than good as new the center cannot hold anything beyond a cup of tea but we are learning the art kansui the Japanese tradition of requiring of repairing broken pots with gold paint I want an artist to paint the leaf on my shoulder and growing towards my left breast like Daphne I am turning tree hunted down not by Apollo than a Renault at the climax a wooden limb brushstrokes reveal a green mortality all the buildings where you think they're big enough to enough take off had enough space and suddenly there's a planning application to to go to go down so that's about that basement excavation one I had a vision and it was inward downward if you like deeper than my thoughts and it stretched from my tax avoidance to Darrin kuyou and it told me dig dig dig I am no Diogenes sleeping in a ceramic jar but the earth oh the dirt dirt of sweet evacuation in my bowels are young emptying out the center of the earth and worm castings to create space for a balton vacuum have you seen my wishlist my architect of gloom static types of diamonds hanging over gold tiles Mammon and Mammon laid static nights of Ferraris revving up columns of static speed I will not stop cannot be blocked bathrooms ballroom gun rooms shimmy shoot may I invite you to a pre-screening of pandemonium all the devil's star play Persephone come shuck oysters forks nails down author lives in backs of Armagnac and crunch on bones spit out feet no napkin to cover eyes here there is no shame pig we come to purge [Applause] David Floyd max official PR Marie Rose me Norman Lyon John early 8 knock round and Warren Williams Lisa coming back here because over the years and we'll be back on the 26th of September thank you Mike the beaches in the

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