DNA Tru Lyricist – Undaground Choppers 6 -LYRICS-

32 thoughts on “DNA Tru Lyricist – Undaground Choppers 6 -LYRICS-

  1. that last part of the rap makes me keep on repeating this verse. I hope you are last so we have something go like to finish on

  2. Damn, I have always wished to be part of the Underground Choppers but now I really want to be in the sixth one, please can I be in it?

  3. hey man, i have just uploaded 2 covers of this: one in normal speed (the one I was supposed to have uploaded a couple days ago but didn't get around to recording) and one on 125% speed. it would mean a lot of you could check them out, but I know youre a busy man. anyways, thanks for the dope verse! you already know my opinion on it, so no point getting into it 😛

  4. Jesus fucking Christ, this one is your fastest in the UC series and also one of your best (I will compare to the other ones)

    UC2: Pretty nice
    UC3: Nice tongue twisting in there. "There you go, thing I'm gay, 'cuz I mentioned a rainbow" PERFECT!
    UC4: On a side it's slightly worse than UC3, but it's still pretty awesome
    UC5: Decent. The worst is still pretty decent.
    UC6: This is some UC4-or-better shit! I think UC3 is the only one of yours that is better.

  5. How long did it take you to perfect this verse? You seem to have tried to be faster than normal like in UC2. Maybe im wrong but thats what i think lol

  6. This is just the sickest fuckin shit… god damn DNA, you've got me so hype for this track I can't even explain it

  7. Holy fuck this was gassed, as soon as 0:29 hit the gun fingers came out, DNA is a different breed of human.

  8. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 after this lyrical slaughter of the beat, I am now extreamly hyped for UC6. Thanks for making me impatient xDD keep up the good shit, man!

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