DNA Tru Lyricist – Lock and Load "LYRICS"

18 thoughts on “DNA Tru Lyricist – Lock and Load "LYRICS"

  1. just heard illest choppers 2. honestly the only good verses were yours and kaoz. everyone else was terrible

  2. Damn this is really good, this is one of the first different songs that like like besides the darkside and lightspeed/underground choppers, this was really good, i think you should make more of these songs, you're really good at lyricism

  3. ازعجتني بذي الاغنية كل شوي يغير الفيديو ويرسلها 😢
    يبي يسوقها عليه يحسب الي مو فاهم انجليزي ما يميز بين الاغاني 😉

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