DNA Tru Lyricist – A Year of Pain "Lyrics Video" -Broken Love Rap-

okay David I just need to ask you one question and I just can keep some text yes you're a pain it's a shame don't know what the fuck to do pour my heart out stop on my brain rejection who the fuck are you I'm giving up I don't care my soul will smell will shut engage just it means a goddamn thing when you're not around and I try so hard to fly all but every little bit of love giving it still hear my song fuck with headphones on I don't hear that doorbell ringing sex is pointless all these chicks I don't have no connection with I rather have sex with my goddamn self just me my hand my dick my spit boys throwing it all down the drain like what you can't even fuck no more I'm sick of this shit but Danny life and that's why I don't give a fuck no more put a mask on my face to block whole rapid knife and live on my log don't make yourself look like a fool this game don't attempt to give a no call cuz you never give a fuck you know she never will when they came to you she never was real you saw more in addition saw in herself she says I need help but she read the pot bills and hang with his loose pants secondhand dick on to the next s how she lives but ain't much change still going to the same thing brand new day different guys saying shit so what to us bitch you get what you give in you get every little let me give you a dick ain't no shit like me let alone love you like I did I'm the best that you came across club that you found but you're just getting handled it do it all down left me behind like a piece of trash but I'm still a treasure waiting to be found I've been waiting for you for a goddamn dear but you telling me to grow up and stop being selfish but I am grown up I'm a 31 year old man trying to fix this shit what is so wrong with loving me back what is so wrong with it in the same fucking our brains out ain't no shame in the game tournament back gonna keep back if you wanna slow slow you wanna talk talk if you wanna do whatever you do is fine but wasting the one thing we can't get back is eternal damnation wasting time and again repay you

8 thoughts on “DNA Tru Lyricist – A Year of Pain "Lyrics Video" -Broken Love Rap-

  1. Very dope… I like the delivery in this… Can't get back wasted time 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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