DIY Low Price Guarantee – Build or Buy "The Writer's Haven" Tiny House Cabin – Clearance Sale

today I have a 12 by 14 writers Haven this writers Haven is for season so it's been insulated and protected for the weather on a chilly day like today we've got it all set up with our 21 insulation in the floor and also in the roof our 13 in the walls those walls are four inches thick the floor and the ceiling are six inches thick so it's got this wine you can see that we have the shingle protectors on there for transportation this building is on the scratch and dent list meaning that it as for some reason been kicked to the side now the reason why this one particular reason is because it has been shipped out about four hours away and has come back the reason is because the person did not make their payments on the rent-to-own agreement so it is back here in the yard and that's why you see the shingle protectors it just arrived back here last week you can see that the previous owner tried painting the screen door there let's get this nice insulated steel 15 light bar that is a 300 by 6 8 door so it's a full sized door walking in the air and also in the temperature this building has been a setup with a day desk so the desk is set up for the regular statement that's part of the feature there it's got a solid service MDO solid surface there for writing it's got a several windows which have all been upgraded to insulated thermopane knots a sliding 4×2 with a fixed sixteen by twenty one above it take a look at the interior which has been done and black pine this is an eastern white pine which has been killed and dried and you can see that the valleys there have all been finally set for the mill work there it comes with the little coat rack here and the daybed so if you get tired of writing you can sit down take a nap over here the rondell which is the stained glass window has been removed and replaced with the opening 8 sided octagon window and night here is the four by twos window now I am five foot six and I can stand up in here very comfortably six foot people can do that as well this roof doesn't look very steeply on a 12 12 pitch the entire inside space is 8 by 12 so 96 square feet and it has this humming grew 2 by 6 flooring that's an inch and a half thick that's a red pine nice dense material for the flooring so again this building is on scratch and dead if you'd like to take advantage of it there is only one available first-come first-serve you can find that on our website of the website Jamaica cottage shop calm and take a look at the clearance tab if you have any additional questions give a designer a call toll-free 866 – nine seven three seven six zero and they can answer any questions for you the roofing is architectural black asphalt and the siding has been upgraded to a shiplap pine with the rough side out the inside has the smooth side facing out and the building sets down on skids and it also features a natural hemlock skinned post here on the porch appreciate you watching my videos folks and please hit the subscribe button to see a lot more videos just like this one you

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  1. I work at Lowe's Hadley Massachusetts i have all materials necessary to build anything let me know

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