DIY Book Folding – Man Vs. Youtube #7

What’s up everybody Rob here and you’re watching Man versus YouTube Book folding? Book sculpture? Book art? Are you even aware that this is happening? That this is going on? I didn’t even know they made books anymore I thought everything was on Audible Well a bunch of you have been suggesting it Uh, but really on top of all that My best friend is getting married in Florida this weekend I am his best man And I wanted to make this kinda maybe like a cool little book for him And I saw this project and I was like “sweet” This would be awesome Anyways, it’s a little cheesy but that’s this f*cking weeks project Step one Find some books I don’t know Borders is closed I went to Goodwill’s antique section and and picked up a few of their heaviest titles Death Beam Armageddon Twilight And the Steve Job’s book Classics Then I started watching all the book folding YouTube videos There are a lot of them They are very confusing “Fold them back first” “here” “Just look for me” “I’m just showing you…” You have to do a bunch of photoshop sh*t And a ton of different calculations and I don’t know Folding techniques? Am I the only one whose brain just like shuts down when people start talking about this? I feel like I’m and idiot “I’m not gonna come across now to fold it” “No I’m not” “I wanted to show” “How to do the hard folds” I honestly skipped the first half of this tutorial and just bought a template from somebody The best part is that they have one of Florida Which totally fit with the occasion Done Consider it bought It’s got all the fold line on top All the lines Everything printed out this should be pretty easy Now I will use the Steve Job’s book as it was large enough to fit the design and it had the right amount of pages This particular image takes 450 pages to create So I had to do a little math and I got the spot where I had to start First, you have to line it, uh and leave a fold at the top of your page Uh, that way so everything lines up straight The instructions were a little vague But essentially You slip this piece of paper into the book and you fold back each of the pages according to the width of the lines So you just fold this side down and then you fold this side down And then you just fold like, like there’s no tomorrow Hey you know maybe there is no tomorrow I don’t know The robot apocalypse is gonna happen any day now Ugh Florida Am I right? Fun fact I was born and raised In Miami, Florida Got out of there as soon as I could Have you seen the most recent headlines? “Florida Man Turns Himself In For Murdering Imaginary Friend” Look at the sadness on his face Flordia man claims to be the first person to vape semen And probably like my my most favorite This guy claims that he was dancing on this police car to ward off vampires Alright, back to the project I have successfully completed Florida Alright, you ready to see this? So am I Duh dum dah duh Huh Eh, well I guess that you can see it Pretty shotty workmanship, that’s for damn sure What I couldn’t have folded these any better? Jesus Well that’s not going to the wedding And why isn’t it even? It’s completly uneven One side of the book has all the pages the other doesn’t any of the pages I feel like it was supposed to be bigger Uh, I I definately didn’t fold 450 pages So I did something wrong I just don’t know what And Steve I see you over there Just stop judging me Well, I saw another technique where this guy, uh just drew the design onto the book? So I busted out the book Death Beam Uh, written by this guy I drew a pretty simple image and folded along the ink marks that I made on the pages This made things go by a lot faster However, I was using the entire book as the image so it took a little eh it took a lot of time All of this just took a really long time And now for the reveal Duh dah duh dah Nope That does not look like the intended object That technique is out the window Garbage These are immediately going into the the garbage Yeah I know It looks like a backwards Texas Steve Thanks Dick I mean really Who reads books anymore anyways? Fact You never have to read ever again Have you ever been to They read all of the books to you Oh but I like turning the pages and I like the way it feels Get over it They’re closing all of the libraries The robots will soon be taking over and they will not give a sh*t about your precious, little book collection They’re heavy They’re a wase of f*cking space You wanna hear something else a little bit nuts Audible .com is sponsoring this episode What? Somebody was crazy enough to give me money to talk about the robot apocalypse I have honestly never done a sponsorship before but I use Audible everyday so so I was like “why not?” So if you want to support the channel and want me to make more content go over to /Czar Sign up and you’ll get a free audio book right off the bat In all actuality I’m really serious about the robot apocalypse In my brain It goes Dinosaurs human beings robots that’s it And this is getting real weird but if you wanna read something real crazy read Ray Kurzwells’ “The Singularity is Near” I already checked It’s available on Audiable Read that have your mind blown open and get back to me on the Terminator robot apocalypse Until then

100 thoughts on “DIY Book Folding – Man Vs. Youtube #7

  1. I love reading books and to me it's not about turning the pages or somethin' like that.To me it is the enjoyment of seeing how creative people can be and the accomplishment when I read a heavy book,or just how you expand your own dictionary.I know that a lot of people hate reading,but this is just my opinion.

  2. Did you just say that books are a waste of space? Well I think you are a waste of space, as well as a waste of perfectly good carbon, oxygen, and natural recources. also, your brain isn't a waste of space, because there is almost no brain to waste space with!

  3. I don't get why people are worried about robots taking over literally just throw a cup of water on them and they malfunction and you're done

  4. Correction to myself my second fav movie my first ones harry potter go slytherin and dramione (Draco malfoy and Hermione granger)

  5. Umm so I take one look at these thumbnail and I'm like

    how the hell is someone supposed to read that

  6. I realize I'm 3 years late but libraries are awesome and you can use overdrive to borrow ebooks and audio books FOR FREE WITH YOUR LIBRARY NUMBER or an equivalent resource from your local library. K bye.

  7. Who else realised the news article said that the Florida mans name was Geoff Gaylord 😂
    Edit: The time stamp is 2:31

  8. I feel like this would’ve been easier if he positioned the book properly for the shots, like if he made the middle finger book more closed

  9. He said he did not know they still made books there are books in the backround and corrine has alot of books around the house

  10. I know where you went wrong with the map pattern… you didn't fold the the white section of the image… you only folded the black section…. whats why you only used half the book…. think of the black and white bars as a dot-to-dot image.

  11. My brother pushed my imaginary friend off an imaginary cliff 5 times a day and he still didn't die but then I stopped believing in him and emotionally killed him

  12. Me too! I was born and raised in Miami! Home sweet home! I live in Colorado now! Ha! No wonder I love you guys sense of humor and channel!

  13. I usually only use audio books while crafting. I read when I'm like at the doctor's office because it's the only time I have peace and quiet where I live.

  14. Oi Rob! You better be getting better and stronger or so help me god I may need to keep watching your old stuff.

    No pressure, I'm glad you're alive. I've faced tough times, you've been one of the vile individuals that has kept me smiling through. I just want to take this opportunity to support through your weaknesses.

    Middle finger that reaper b******d! ✌️

  15. The first book; 250 pages needed. Look how many pages you have and take 250 devided in 2= 125 pages. Start from the middle and count 125 pages on each side 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟💚

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