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today's video we're going to talk about dynamic content in TV this episode is made possible by DV kake.com check out their huge selection of TV themes layouts and plugins the link to that is in the description below alright so dynamic content is really really awesome so I want to start by explaining how this works because it can be a bit confusing if you haven't used an ami content before and of course this is a brand new feature so how it works is it collects data from the database okay so let's say you have a page and you want a your page title to be displayed on a particular part of your website you can use dynamic content to do that so each and every page that you create will have that page title automatically inserted every time you create a brand new page so this is very powerful because if you set your page template right you don't have to actually go into the Divi Builder and start creating or start adding all this content because it'll be just pulled from the database right away so these are the advantages of dynamic content now this can be taken even a step further if you use external plugins like the advanced custom field plugins where a plug-in which you can actually create your own custom posts and your custom content which you can pull from the data possess web so the advantages of this plug-in is you define what you want to pull from the database after you've created it so what I'm going to do is this video is going to be split into two parts so this first part is wherever I just go into DV show you where everything is and how you can apply it and then in part two this is where we get to build advanced pages which allow you to build awesome looking websites now you may underestimate the power of dynamic content but you know what this is what design agencies and advanced web WordPress users actually use to create dynamic websites so these are websites which when you add your content after defining it it will just change every time you add those pages on and sometimes you don't even have to the Divi Builder after you've created the first template so let me show you quickly how this actually works and where to find this dynamic content in Divi so right here I have a website so let's start off by creating a brand new page so you gonna come over here and click on add new so I'm gonna call this page D content okay I'm gonna click on use Divi builder and then we're gonna go straight to the visual builder because I prefer using the visual builder when I create my pages alright so what I'm gonna do here just to make things easier I'm just gonna go to build from scratch and then I could show you how this works so let's start off with three columns so here let's add a text module okay so how do you see where this dynamic content is so what you want to do is to come over here to this area and whenever you see this icon here that means that you can connect these two dynamic content and in fact if you leave your mouse over here for a while you can see that it says use dynamic content so what you want to do now is to click this and then define what contents you want to pull from the database right so if I click here you can see here there is quite a few options these page title in fact this – this is an example if I go into page title you'll notice that the content is our page title and this is what it has pulled automatically now what will happen is if I save this page and I create a page title whatever page I'm going to create automatically is going to have the name of the page each time I create a brand new page so this is what we mean by dynamic content because we don't have to go in and type that name over and over again okay so let's let's try another one I'm just going to save this I'm gonna come over here and this time we're going to add an image okay so I'm gonna select my image here so what you want to do next here is to click on link because you want to tell Divi where you want this image to link so I'm gonna click here on this icon again and then I can choose now where you want this to link so this can to the page linked to actual page all this can link to the home page now don't be confused here I have custom fields this is what I created for the next tutorial so just ignore this for now so yes this is where you can link your image that you gained to adhere so every time you create a page and you have an image that is where it will link because you'll have defined it defined it here okay so I'm just gonna close this for now and let's look at other fields that we can add so again here I'm gonna go for let's try something different here so let's go with in fact let's go with text right so here I can also link to something totally different so we have over buyer we have site title site tagline we have current date so if in fact if I choose that this will show my current date so let's say this could be part of our design our current date will be showing on this page template every time we created so the also cool thing here that we could do is before the date here we can actually add something before it so we could say today's date is okay so now that date is defined there so this is how we can add it we can also add something after so I'm just gonna leave it as it is right now and then save now here's the power of Divi so usually when we when we use dynamic content without a page builder like Divi the difficulty there is we can't go in and customize it easily but now because we've incorporated this in TV it makes it easy for you to customize so we can actually go in here and define your font size and so on so let's go ahead and do that so if I click here on design this will be like pretty much any any type of design that we've done that we normally do so we come here into the text we can Center it we can make it all caps as you can see here it has changed but of course I don't want to do that here I'm just gonna increase the text size maybe to about let's say 18 we can add some letter spacing if you want so pretty much this is all the changes that we you that we're used to every time we use divvy but the beauty is we are actually making these customizations to the payer to the text or the contents that we are pulling dynamically okay so I'm just gonna make this semi bold and then over here you can actually change your your font like that okay can even had you can even add background colors and so on so what I'm going to do next here is I'm gonna do something quickly whereby our page is going to be able to pull our image featured image that we define when we add content onto the page so let's go ahead and do that so I'm just gonna save this page okay so we can save this design so what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna click on edit page okay so what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna add a featured image and some excerpts over here so I'm gonna first of all come here to my fixed image and I'm gonna add my image and I'm gonna go with this one right here click on set featured image and then for my exits what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come over here to lorem – and add my dummy text because I'm too lazy to type okay so that's my except I'm gonna come over here and paste it okay so let's say this is how you create your page all you do is you add accept and also the featured image okay so I'm gonna click update and then over here now if we go into our builder by clicking on used if a builder we can now define that content so I'm just going to delete this image here click this plus button we're gonna add a text module and define that exit okay so I'm gonna click here and then I'm gonna select page exit okay now we can see that it has pulled that information great so I'm gonna go ahead and save that next what we're gonna do is we are going to add our image so I'm going to click here on this plus button to add our module so I'm gonna select my image delete that and then I'm going to click this icon here and then we're gonna select our featured image as our image that's gonna come over here great so now that we have that can even go ahead here and link that so let's say we want to linked it to page link or we can link it to our home link but in this case I'm just leave it as it is now if you want this to open in a lightbox you can also go ahead and set that to open in a lightbox great so now that we have that page we're gonna save so the next stage now is let's say you want to save this as your template what will happen is all you'd need to do when you create a brand new page is to add your exit and also your your featured image and then that page will automatically be populated with this content because this is what we've defined in this template and this now this content now is being pulled from the database so this is how we use dynamic content in Divi it's really really powerful so now in the next video what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you how to use dynamic content using a plugin called advanced custom fields this is a very very powerful plugin you can actually design pretty much any type of fields that you want so it could be maybe a a website to do with let's say cars it could be maybe pets or whatever it is but you have now the power to define those fields that you want to pull from the database once you've done that all this will be populated automatically ok so I know you may not have explained this quite well but if you still have any questions regarding this please leave your questions in the comments in the comments box below this episode has been made possible by dvk comm check RV a huge selection of DV themes layouts and plugins the link to that is in the description below alright so that's what I have for you in today's video in the next video I'll be doing a follow-up of this this is where now we get to build a more beautiful looking pages using dynamic content until next time thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video

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  1. Thank you for these, I’ve tried using custom fields before but it was complicated with the coding and the child themes. I’m excited that I can use this directly in Divi!

  2. Thank you for the content and instruction. Please I beg you to correct your microphone and its terrible echo. Your Microphone is a Shure SM7B the world's leading microphone and it sounds like it cost you $5 not $400.

  3. I'm using a corporate instance of WordPress, so I don't have the ability to add and remove plug-ins. We DO have the latest divi builder. Am I able to grab a category post count using dynamic content somehow?

  4. Hi Mak,

    I purchased Divi after watching one of your video training. But didnt get access to your course yet. can you tell me how can I get it.



  5. Hi Mak! Do you know why I don’t see ACT fields in my projects? Maybe cause I still have Classic Editor instead of guttemberg? Any idea please?? 🙏🙏

  6. He Mak, can you make a tutorial on how to make Divi Tabs module's tabs controller slidable horizontally on all devices

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