friends 1,000 words are there abouts are at my disposal tonight 1,000 words for 100,000 who can say 1 million crimes crimes which the wall street rulers of our country have committed against our to need good neighbors to the south of the Nelson Rockefeller Committee for the Coordination of inter-american cultural relations of commercial and cultural relations to be exact you will note that the commercial relations come first Rockefeller and Culture Rockefeller say that name over to yourself think what it means to the colonial and semi-colonial peoples of the world then try to say the word culture in the same breath Rockefeller and Latin American culture a Libyan novelist who is just one Latin American Prize novel contest conducted by the publishing house of terror and Reinhart oh by the war leaders as to the so-called democratic goal an aim of this world against the background of Hitler's treatment of the Jews the Negroes plight in this country is what even labor baiting Westbrook Pegler quaintly calls and embarrassment to the efforts of the war leaders throughout the heart into living reality we need to see it as the anti-lynching bill and anti-poll tax bills passed by the Congress of the United States we need to see Congress guarantee the right of labor to organize to bargain collectively to strike in defense of our hard-won standards of living when they deem it necessary we are being told to wait half an ounce this ideology the names of the two warring camps free trade that is the right of powerful nations to exploit weak nations is the battle private lives that need Roosevelt's grandiose for freedom and holy Fox is more naive and simple desire just to win the wall that is to help brick and keep what she has won through conquest the entire military spec by a committee spies upon Negroes who are seeking for an extension of democracy at home the Chinese people would do well to inspect all Trojan horses from Washington and inquire and to the health of other people who have had a good stiff dose of American aid such as Negros Mexicans and so forth I cry of America today as for peace the cry of the common people in the world today is for peace the Soviet Union and its leaders stand today as living testimony to the profound hatred of war and the sincere love of peace that resides in the hearts of the common people of the world here is a nation here is one nation that old it's very existence to the fact that it's common people dared lift their voices for peace writers artists educators [Applause] with German and friends I want to apologize for not having been here sooner and my tardiness is by no means an evidence of that because of the fear of hitlerism we must do many things such as sacrifice the peace and liberties of the American people in order to guarantee for the masters of the Congress and of the white house imperialist spoils and greater profits it seems to me that

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