Disturbing/Eerie BGM from Doki Doki Literature Club!

46 thoughts on “Disturbing/Eerie BGM from Doki Doki Literature Club!

  1. 10000 views ?
    i'm glad i help some ppl

    EDIT : 100000 views ???
    That was a good idea to upload it since so many person wanted to find it

  2. 0:40 Something distrubing its should recreate about how yuri cutting, Guys can see a background red and its look kinda little bit move, or sayori hanging. THat my opinions..

  3. Welcome to the comment section! Here, we have cookies 🍪 and warm milk🥛/tea🍵 for you and we can talk about your PTSD uwu

  4. 4:30 Now that sound sounds like… A broken record right? I think the "wind noises or breathing noises" are the pressoure put on due to Yuri stabbing herself in the Stomach and heart. I think its the pressure put on Yuri. This is what she was hearing as she was "Dead" Atleast thats how I see it.
    5:14 Natsuki gets corrupted from Monika, Where she is trying to say something, but as she speaks it sounds like Scrathing sounds… (Again, only my theory)
    7:05 due to that you stay with Yuri the whole weekend, WHo is playing Piano? Monika. She told us that she is learning Piano. the Xylophone matches with Natsuki. They play together. They… Know what happend to you. The low tone might be ambiemt, sometimes I think its like Yuris heartbeat but I could be wrong.
    12:50 As you say "Natsuki or Yuri" Monika doesnt want you to take this option so I get a feeling like "DO YOU REALLY WANT THIS?" "ARE YOU SURE?" As the music gets funky. I feel its like Yuri and Natsuki struggling for hope to still live on.
    13:45 I dont know where It could be that highpitched…. I actually dont know where. It feels like the original music of hugging Sayori. But corrupted.
    14:24 Yuri breathing, and confessing to you. Her feelings. Her love. Her DESPPERATE FEELINGS OF DEATH
    15:32 I think this is the raw sound of 4:30– Without music

  5. I actually really like the 13:40 theme, the way it occured got me, but now that i listen to it normally its actually a cool, medieval-like theme, and it fits Yuri's fantasy obsession, but pretty much all these others make me uneasy D:

    *who cares about that obnoxious brat*

  6. gotta say that the second track when you can hear sayori’s neck ripping from the rope is downright horrifying .. also the yuri tracks

  7. split ur brain, imagine this entire game and what Nina's father did to her in Fullmetal Alchemist, congratulations ure a suicidal

  8. I’m forcefully triggering my fight or flight instincts and giving myself the worst anxiety ever because I need to get over my fears >;C

  9. 0:42 thank you Team salvato for that detailed Sound of sayoris neck flesh streching and tearing by the dead weight it now hast to carry while her throte slowly bleeds in 😀

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