Disturbed – Voices (Lyrics in the Description)

49 thoughts on “Disturbed – Voices (Lyrics in the Description)

  1. jeez…i forgot about disturbed for about a year now….i feel fucking retarded on a count of i have 5000 posters of them in my room…really really glad i decided to listen to them again 😀

  2. 6 the number of dislikes and number of days they will be split up when they realize they are too bad ass to quit so soon

  3. I love this song. very beast. In the chorus it sounds kinda like it says, Are you breathing no? Did the weed get to you. haha.
    I know it dont say that though

  4. »»This song makes me feel so good when i listen to it hay …but deep inside me it make me feel so very warm and comfortable …id give u 2thumbs up if i could(>^,^)>««

  5. @SSJCheeks Maybe somebody didn't like his comment lol, although I don't see whats wrong with what he said.

  6. @OrcaKingblaze Well theres a new Rock Band pack of Disturbed being released this Tuesday, featuring Voices, the Game, and Meaning of Life. Epic-sauce

  7. i showed this song in class as
    " my personal bible"
    i was kiked from the class and got 3 detintions…… it was so worth it

  8. i dont understand the wispering before the song ends but do u think u could make a clean video were theres no whispering?

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