Disturbed – Immortalized [Official Lyric Video]

31 thoughts on “Disturbed – Immortalized [Official Lyric Video]

  1. For all the hater's out there Get on this Band's Level I want to see u sing like this band if you can't Just stop the word abuse your not worth the Band's time the more you talk shit the more you just look stupid

  2. I typed "In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood" in Google and this appeared as a recommendation. Coincidence?

  3. I played this to my teddybear…

    He transformed in a true giant polar bear

    He ate me,now i am on heaven

  4. This band's journey is amazing from where they started to where they are today, actively creating new music, touring, it's amazing. Yet still, they are always being bashed by someone it seems. The critics don't like a certain album, they bash it. Then (now we find is the case with Evolution) some of the most loyal fans are bashing them. They are always getting called this and that. Here we are in 2019. Disturbed is the most dominant band keeping rock alive. Thanks Disturbed. You guys are AWESOME!

  5. fucking stupid but I liked this video some time ago, had to like it again that it shifted up in the playlist xd

  6. When the left, SJW's, feminists and media are cornered and swing dildos with as much training as a feral baboon on meth 😅🍺

  7. Songs today are just piss filling cups and ball fondling too the pleasure of millennials … thank jebus we still have old rock out there O/

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