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hello and welcome to one of the many videos our publishing basics series I'm Chris rudder furred president of Christian faith publishing with office locations in downtown Meadville Pennsylvania and Toronto Ontario today I'll be explaining the several ways in which your book would be distributed by Christian faith publishing if you choose to make us your publisher and how you earn money off of those sales to begin with let's break the discussion down into two groups ebooks and hardcopy books the current market share is about 50/50 with half of all book purchasers still preferring old-fashioned hardcopy books and the other half preferring ebooks to read on their digital devices like iPads Kindles and nooks eBook distribution and finance is quite simple the hardcopy versions of your book is converted into an e-book for each of the various ebook platforms the Kindle for Amazon the iPad and iPhone for Apple and the Nook for Barnes & Noble because Christian faith publishing is an accredited and authorized reseller and book vendor with all the companies the digital edition of your book is then placed for sale on each vendors platform and purchasers simply click a button to have the book delivered instantly to their device the financial part of this transaction is pretty simple as well the digital vendor like Apple or Amazon takes a 30% share of the sales price in return for selling the book on their platform and the entirety of the remaining money passes through to the author asuma book is available on Apple iBooks for 995 when a customer purchases that book Apple will receive a 30% fee roughly $3 for selling that book and the remainder of the money roughly $7 will pass through to you the author you would compensate Christian faith publishing a mere 50 cents of that 7 dollars leaving you almost 6 dollars and 50 cents for each book soul hardcopy distribution and finances equally as simple the largest wholesale distributor of books in the world is a company known as Ingram Ingram also has a specialty Christian subsidiary known as Spring Arbor Christian faith publishing is a member of the Ingram and Spring Arbor Network this we have the ability to sell our authors hardcopy books through the entire network which includes essentially all big and small bookstores throughout North America as well as through Amazon's worldwide print distribution marketplace so once we list one of our authors books in the Ingram and Spring Arbor catalog that book is essentially available at any bookstore in North America and through Amazon around the world it is up to each individual bookstore as to whether they will carry your book in stock or instead make it available for order but one thing is for sure your book will be available everywhere the financial part of this transaction is also simple all publishers must extend a 50 to 55 percent wholesale discount to Ingram in order for Ingram to agree to distribute a book if your hardcopy book has a suggested retail price of 14.95 we would receive roughly $7 from Ingram for that book after paying the print costs for that book to the printer let's assume 2 dollars and 50 cent print cost roughly 4 dollars and 50 Cent's passes through to you the author as with ebooks you would compensate Christian faith publishing only 50 cents leaving you an almost $4 profit per hardcopy book the best part yet is that Christian faith publishing is not entitled to our 50 cent per book share until you the author recovers everything you may have invested in the project with us Oh

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  1. 0 out 10 stars – They won't publish a fictional book about a preacher and pastor running a sex slave trade in their basement.

  2. Would you send me the information on submitting a manuscript. All previous info deleted. Thank you.

    God bless!

  3. You are just a publishing company. You do not verify any stories. You do not verify "Christianity" of your publications. How are you any different from any other publishing company?

  4. I(BilI OLLILA) Writng this book has been a lifelong journey of mine-having walked my steps with the graces of my lord and savior Jesus the Christ with simultaneous guidance from St. Francis. Thanks for the opportunity from CFP. It will be a GREAT experience whether or not its a go for publication. GOOD Day to all!!! LETS GO!!!!

  5. thank you for taking the time to inform us of how this area of publishing works. your video is user friendly. God bless

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