Disneyland Fight. What the hell happened?

alright guys you know couple hours ago I posted this video right here and you can see the original in its entirety as well right here in this video I'm gonna break down what's actually going on a lot of you have already seen this video plenty of times and what I was really upset about was the security why is the security taking so long to get out there in a place like Disneyland that should be equipped with some of the best security in the world with the type of money they have and the type of security that I've seen there I mean they've got guys looking out like you know FBI agents at the front gate and you can totally see these guys but when you get inside you you just think man my kids are around and this stuff just keeps going on and on and it right here you could see that these people they're all related to each other somehow or another this isn't just some random incident with two strangers you could see that this man right here has beaten what seems to appear to be his possible brother-in-law or his you know girlfriend or his sister's boyfriend excuse me and there's just some dispute going on here kids involved everything you can also see that he's hit his own girl in this video in the previous videos so in in this footage you can see that this family is so dysfunctional that this is just such an isolated incident now I know a lot of people are trying to make this about race do not make this about race all right we know that there's dysfunctional families out there this has nothing to do with race this just has to be being a garbage human being that's what this is all about right here to hit a woman and to sit there and hit her because you think she hit your mom and she accidentally didn't you know hit her mom while she was trying to break up a fight I mean there's so much crap going on in here it's just it's undeniably not good it's disgusting behavior and that's the breakdown of this video so that's what's really going on it's not an isolated incident or anything like that these people are just trash in general you know I mean you know and that comes in all races man so I see a lot of comments in the earlier videos please don't make it about because these are just you know just a family having problems major problems that they need to go get some some serious help and that guys should be locked up honestly all of them involved should be locked up there's absolutely no reason to be acting like that in public and once again I I'm just really upset that security failed look still no security bystanders are coming in and trying to break this up themselves and this guy's just heated I mean this could just escalate to even a worse situation and there you go look hitting his I don't know whose girlfriend is this but they're all related that's guy I think that's his girl for hitting his mom or something man this is just absolutely confusing and like I said where's security Security's not found anywhere you can't see anybody and you have this guy coming in and you can tell he he watches a little bit of a UFC mixed martial arts fan there and utilizing that sort of choke back there let him go but this is just a situation that is escalated too far and now here is security see it took that long to break this up now people say these types of things don't happen at Disneyland and that's fine and that's dandy and that's great but don't you think they should be prepared for situations like this with cameras everywhere these are the types of things that they train for so on this isn't this is just wrong man security failed us on this and bunch of traumatized kids I don't even know if the kid in there got hurt so much commotion absolutely disgusting behavior so once again these are family members like I said this is an isolated incident where you know two strangers just bumped into each other anything these are all family members and it's just absolutely disgusting behavior and if you want to watch the original video you can check my previous videos and see it there with the actual sound and make sure to subscribe I've got playing mixed martial arts fights and other things

23 thoughts on “Disneyland Fight. What the hell happened?

  1. Ticket prices are outrageous at least they should have better security!! The first security got there zipping up his pants?

  2. Ya.. When 200 blacks runs through a shopping mall robbing and harassing everyone, it is just security we should blame:)
    Blame the police and security always…

  3. One Female Security Officer can be found at 2:26 she wants nothing to do with the assaulter instead calls in backup and alerts the staff of the incident.

  4. Everyone of them should just lose their kids. Adopt them out to good homes.
    All men in this video neutered, and all the women spayed.
    Ban them all from having any pets of any kind for life too.

  5. You say you shouldn't make this about race, but you know, it kind of is about race. There are a lot of videos of people behaving badly on YouTube, and it's amazing how often those people are black. One the other hand, how many videos are there of Asians behaving like this? We are constantly told that this isn't something we are supposed to notice, but it's hard to avoid noticing.

  6. Security didn’t do shit, paying customers had to take the guy down, security didn’t even approach him, he just walked away. They were afraid no training whatsoever

  7. It's especially sad cause they're family and fighting like this…

    Like sure, a lot of families will have fights over petty shit.. but to have it escalate to this point, it's an extremely unhealthy dynamic.

  8. i mean why is everyone complained about how long it takes security. they came around 3:00 min which in a place as big a disneyland they could of been on the other side of the park 3 min aint that bad

  9. Ppl that does video like this and acts like they don’t have family issues are discusting to if not more discusting

  10. Was hoping for an actual "what happened" but it's just commentary on what we already knew.

    Maybe some listen-pause watch-pause explanations of what lead up to it and whatever

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  12. I'm so negative this was funny I kept watchin it…but on the flipside I'm glad nobody got hurt and kudos for the person who yoked his a** out to the ground

  13. Then the lady dramatically fakes her fall. You can actually see her BIG ASS, actually slowly and cautiously falls to the ground. SMH.

  14. Security at Disneyland? Really? Does anyone know the real reason why it took so long for them to respond? Anyone? No? Ok…. I'll tell you why. First of all, they don't very paid much. Second, they're too busy worried about shoplifters cause they know their damn prices are sky high. Third, because it's a joke. Who takes a person seriously when they show up with a badge in the shape of Mickey Mouse Ears? NO-ONE!!! And if these idiots were "family" and their hitting each other like this, oohhh…. "Mickey Mouse" wouldn't stand a chance unless he's with "Goofy".



    Oh Mickey, you're so fine
    You're so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey,
    Hey Mickey

  15. I don’t know which was worse to watch? The gay hood rat family bitch slapping each other around OR the Circus Clowns from Disneyland’s security team.

  16. Fat mama should have taught her boy to treat a woman with respect!!! Good job mom you let your son beat on woman who can defend themselves and possible hurt children fuck some people are a waste of oxygen

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