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  1. Cou can't imagine how happy i am i finalllllyyy found vid on how to glue kettle stitch paper block on linnen cloth

  2. That must be the American way of binding a book we do it slightly different
    Use a glue brush for starters and round the spine with a hammer to take the swelling out
    But the same results

  3. Is that a kettle stitch or modified kettle stitch you used on this book? The video plays so fast, I can't tell quite what you're doing.

  4. Nice video; but I would caution one thing: when you use a permanent marker to mark the sewing hole positions, it is as important as picking acid free materials for your work.
    Use the wrong pen and the solvents in the ink might be detrimental to your book over time.

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  6. While finding a lot is standard techniques or methods generally not used because they are more labor intensive than necessary I do like the tab cut chosen for the cornering. It is one I've not seen presented on other bookmaking videos and gives a far more satisfying edge.

  7. I have watched 100 of these. Can someone PLZ tell me the width between the spine board and the larger block? No one ever says. Is it 1/4 inch?

  8. There's a thing called paper grain. Here, it was disregarded, and the signatures were folded against the grain. This will cause the book to fail. You also need to check the grain of the boards as well. However, the tab corners were nicely done.

  9. Hi! I'm in the process of learning this beautiful art and this video is very very helpful. Amazing! Jimmy i love all your videos. You are so talented. Please continue sharing your skills with us! Thank you.

  10. I love how you can hear his wife come in and nag him occasionally.

    I bet that's something that hasn't changed since ancient times, too.

  11. How about some words? or even text explaining whats going on, and a whole lot less fast forwarding. Not a single part of the sewing could i make out how to do it. way to fast.. guess ill spend time on another youtuber that feels the need to explain.

  12. nice work. why dont you use a brush? would be easier. love the detailed sewing but the cover and attaching block and cover was a little bit messy.

  13. The best of everything is your hope that we can do this, without even can't see and understand what are you doing

  14. Wow, a book for men on the ever so famous subject of
    " What Men Know About Women "
    But seriously an eye opener into the world of book binding.

  15. you know whats really fun to do? Use a printing app that can print in signature mode for binding. print out a classic work of literature (something out of copyright and in the public domain), and bind an actual book. Nothing more satisfying than reading a classic from a book you bound yourself. Alternatively, use quality drawing or marker/watercolor paper and make your own sketch book. likewise, the inspiration of using something you made yourself will encourage your best effort each time you put pencil to paper.

  16. O man now i know how to make books look out world i get skills to use. Once I'm done i can write about it in the book i make!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😂

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