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hello and welcome to Todd's plus my name is Martin / ENIAC in this new episode of the digital publishing series I'm going to show you how to work with buttons and create interactivity in your InDesign CC documents what I would like to create is a simple portfolio or slideshow and we are going to show three different images and switching between them by using three different buttons so we will start from scratch and create a new document I'm going to choose intent digital publishing and I have the orientation set to landscape and the page size set to iPad and I'm going to click on OK and I am going to go to Bridge and select three photographs that I took and I'm going to drag and drop them into InDesign I can click and drag and press right arrow twice and then I can paste them in and I can even hold down space just to make them a little bit bigger something like that will work just fine and that I have now the three photos pasted in and I just need to create the buttons for them but it's good to know that whenever you want to manipulate and show and hi different images with the buttons then the images themselves should be turned into buttons as well so that's what I'm going to do but let me just make these images bigger I'm going to put them on top of each other and I'm going to make them bigger so I just hold down command and shift together and I make the frames bigger something like that now let's just have a look at them I'm going to move them on the side put one here and just align them and put another one on the other side so we can see all of them and I would like to create the buttons below these images so they will be all placed in the center once we are ready with them but first of all we have to turn them into buttons as I said so for that I'm going to open the buttons and forms and here while having the image selected I can click on convert to button option so now this became a button and let me just call this Venice because that's where I took this photo I'm going to select the other image and just drag it in so you can see it I turn that also into a button and I'm going to call this Dolomites also in Italy in the mountains and I'm going to drag this one in and I'm going to turn this as well into a button and let's just call this Spain set so we have all the three buttons ready I'm going to zoom out a bit and move these images on my pasteboard so we have all three set up as buttons and we have the names on them now we can actually create the navigation buttons so for that I'm going to use the type tool and I'm going to create a frame and I just type in the same names so I'm going to type in Venice and I will make the text bigger that's it that's my first button then there will be another one I'm going to type in dolomite make it a little bit more space for this yeah and then the third button and let me just type in Spain so we have these three names and I'm going to double click on the corner points just to get rid of any unnecessary part of the text or text frame and now I'm going to turn these as well into buttons so again I can either click on this icon here or I can choose button from the type that also turns it into a button and you can tell whenever a frame or any object in your InDesign document is turned into an interactive element because you will see dashed line around it so this frame here already turned into the interactive element button and that that indicated that is indicated with the dashed line but now I have to add an action – this button and what I would like to add as an action is to show/hide buttons and forms so I'm going to select that and it immediately tells me that what are the available objects or buttons that I can show or hide and because Venice is the only image that is available on the page that's why that's the only option here but as soon as I move any of these images closer and I go back to Venice let me just select it again now I can see Spain as well in the list so what I need to do is first of all let's just call this button Venice button and and then do the same thing with the other text frames so we're going to set this as well up as a button and I'm going to call it Dolomites button enter and set the action for this also to show/hide buttons and frames do the same thing with Spain once again I'm going to choose button and type in Spain button and choose the action as show/hide buttons and forms and by the way why we are here in this list you can see that we have quite a lot of actions we can assign to buttons in InDesign and some of them are available for Swift files which are mainly good for animations and some of them are available for PDF interactive PDFs only and some of them are available for both of them so these on the top are available for both Swift and PDF these are Swift only and these are PDF only options or actions so it's just good to know that but the shuhite buttons and forms action is actually available for both of these file exports so now that we have everything set up I need to zoom out a bit and just move the other image in as well and I can even put them now on top of each other in case it's not a problem at all I can select all three of them and then I can just arrange them or align them I can go to the window menu and choose object lay out a line and then set align objects in the center and then also align it to the page and then align it to the center so now everything is fine maybe these buttons can also be aligned a little bit so I'm just going to go back to the same option so object line and I want to equally spaced them out so distribute the objects and distribute the horizontal centers now they are a little bit too far from each other because I've had the align to page option on so I'm just going to set that to align to selection and then use it again now they are equally spaced out and I just move them a little bit further to the right and maybe the images can go down a bit okay now let's have a closer look at this I'm going to press W just to see it without frames and also I make sure that for these image frames I don't have any strokes added so it will look like that and let's have a look at the action so I'm going to select Venice and it already has an action so I can decide what I would like to see whenever this button is pressed so I would like to see Venice so I'm going to set an eye icon for that and I can set up and known visibility or a hit hiding option or hiding action for the Spain image and the Dolomites image I will do the same with the Dolomites button so I'm going to hide Venice hide Spain and I would like to see it Dolomites and then the same with Spain I would like to see that but don't see Venice and Dolomites so the actions are set up properly and we can already test this out by simply clicking on this icon here at the bottom of the buttons and forms panel the preview spread and will give us a swift preview where we can click on these buttons and we can see how it works already so that's already a very useful way to work with images set up as buttons and also buttons set up for the actions to switch between them but we can also create a bit more interactivity or make it visually more interesting by adding effects to these buttons here so I would like to see a rollover effect all I need to do is just simply click on rollover and that will add that state for the button and when I want to edit the contents of this button I just need to double click and then I can select the text and I can change the text color to red for example now I can do the same thing with the other button again go back to the buttons options select the button add rollover state make sure that's selected and then double click double click again and select and choose red RGB red we have RGB colors by the way that's also good to just notice that we have RGB color space because we chose the intent to be Digital Publishing all these things are all really interrelated in InDesign so it's good to know what we are doing select Spain and roll over state and then double click and double click again select and add the red color okay now that we have everything set up let's have a look again with the preview so I choose this icon here at the bottom preview spread and we can resize this panel just so we can see a little bit more of this whole interactive menu so we have the Venice the luma Heights and Spain we can see that there is the rollover effect and when I click I can easily switch between them now what if I would like to have a description also showing up with the images we can also do that and the best way to do it is to include the description in the image buttons so in the image button elements like this one is the Spain if I double click on this that means I'm inside the button and if I use the type tool and I create something here I can type in the name of the place it I took this photo in guadalest it's a beautiful place in Spain and maybe I just type in mountains and lake in guadalest I'm going to make this a little bit bigger something like that so now this description is added to the image and if I go back one step you can see that actually this is not part of the button yet the only way we can add it into the button is not just simply by double clicking on the button image but we have to paste it into it so I need to go to edit and paste into now this will be part of the button and if I double click on the button element I can move it around if I want to I can reposition it but when I double click outside it's all part of the button and if we want to test it once again let's just have a look at the preview and when we switch from Venice to Spain we will see that the text will also appear and when I go to any so Dolomites that description disappears and it will only appear for Spain so that's just another useful thing to know that you can combine several elements images text and whatever you need into one button but make sure that you always use the paste in to option or you can also use the layers panel where you can find the buttons and make sure that everything is grouped together and then it will stay inside the same button and of course if you want after this point you can always stylize the images or the background or add paragraph styles to the fonts but all the actions are set up so from this point the interactivity is sorted you just need to deal with the images in the following episodes of the digital publishing series we will explore more options with the buttons and we will use them for more complex actions I hope you found this tutorial useful and make sure you give the buttons a try thanks a lot for your attention and see you next time here on task bus

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  2. Does this feature work on folio preview? I've tried it but it doesn't work for me…. it works on SWF preview though. 

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