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there is so much information available about content marketing but at the same time your clients understand so little about it so how are you supposed to sell a premium service to a client that doesn't understand at the service let's talk about that in today's video hey it's alizée Calhoun with coveted consultant and I've met some people that are really passionate about content marketing and I'm assuming that's you but there's a real rub between your level of passion and the level of passion that your client has to buy content marketing services so how do we close that gap well let's be honest about this is that what they do not want is content marketing they want what they believe content marketing can get them your job is to translate that is to show them that content marketing can in fact get them what they want in the growth of their business let's try to connect those dots with a few examples here's a classic deliverable for content marketing writing blog content well before you go out and start writing content for clients let's be sure on what the process is for delivering the highest level content possible so you want to you want to display your services as an order steps right show your client the flight path to getting to the end result that they actually want acknowledge where they are acknowledge the major milestones show them the end result the end result that they're after has to have some measurable objective metrics in other words once we get through with this process we know what we're going to end up and we're all ok with that so whether it could just just be a number of content pieces or it could be some level of traffic or lights or shares or other engagement you can measure however you choose it's your company but however as we work this process we all need to know what we're working towards now let's work it backwards so you've got to you've got the measurable content you understand that part of the process going backwards you can't measure anything if you're not if it hasn't been scheduled and published right it's got to be available somewhere you can't publish it if it's not drafted and approved and you can't draft and approve anything until you build the actual ideas your jobs inside your company is to give your client an efficient method for finding the very best ideas now I just spitballing things on a wall but help it helping them find the right ideas for their business you've got to have a process for creating content and getting it approved quickly and efficiently you need your own process for how to schedule and publish show them an editorial calendar and help them chart out how to how to get that content scheduled in in the right way and then now you and the client could sit together and measure those those object those objective measurements but without this sense of process then the client doesn't know what's happening when and if you don't have yourself organized enough you can't move them through the stages and that's frustrating for it for everybody another example let's say that your clients after reach I mean they just want a 10 X a 100 X they want their content in even more places and so how might you bring that to life well first you need to have some objective measurements here right how are we going to measure reach there's many ways of doing it how are you and the client going to measure reach now you can work backwards so you got to distribute that content in certain places what is that process how do you get that content actually out to the right places is it already published so this pre published content or you creating content to be published or is it is it repurposed from old or from new or from others what is this process of actually getting the content available to be distributed and then prior to that we gotta gather the right content so again is this content that we're making that they're making or is it coming from hard drives from different people etc should it be pulled into a Google Drive or a Dropbox how are we gathering the actual content show your client the process that gets them the 10x reach make sure that you are organized internally to deliver on each of these stages so your client can can appreciate you as a professional that you are if you structure this then there is the difference between being an average consultant and being a special content marketing company hey yes I'll say again and I really hope you enjoyed that video I realize that things can look really simple and clean and neat and easy when they're laid out on a whiteboard but trying to apply these things inside your business can have their own level of frustration so what do you do now what are your next steps well if you want to watch another video you can if you want to subscribe to the channel you probably should but if you're over the information and you want help packaging and selling your unique consulting services there's a program that I have and you can get information on that program via a free training available right now on this page somewhere so again thank you for your time for watching this video and I look forward to seeing you in the next one

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