Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen (Original Promo Restored) (With Lyrics) (1982) (HD)

“Come on Eileen” “Come On Eileen” Poor Old Johnny Ray Sounded Sad Upon The Radio Broke A Million Hearts In Mono Ooh Our Mothers Cried Sang Along, Who’d Blame Them You’re Grown ( So Grown Up ) So Grown Now I Must Say More Than Ever Come On Eileen Too Ra, Loo Ra, Too Ra, Loo Rye Ay We Can Sing Just Like Our Fathers Come On Eileen Oh I Swear ( What He Means ) At This Moment You Mean Everything You In That Dress My Thoughts ( I Confess ) Verge On Dirty Ah, Come On Eileen Come On Eileen These People Round Here Wear Beaten Down Eyes Sunk In Smoke Dried Faces So Resigned To What Their Fate Is But Never ( No Never ) No Not Us ( No Never ) We Are Far Too Young And Clever ( Remember ) Too Ra, Loo Ra, Too Ra, Loo Rye, Ay Eileen I’ll Hum This Tune Forever Come On Eileen, Whoa I Swear (What He Means) Ah C’mon Let’s Take Off Everything That Pretty Red Dress Eileen ( Tell Him Yes ) Ah, Come On Let’s Ah, Come On Eileen That Pretty Red Dress Eileen ( Tell Him Yes ) Ah C’mon Let’s Ah, Come On Eileen Please ( Come On Eileen Ta Loo Rye Ay ) ( Come on Eileen Ta Loo Rye Ay ) Now You Are Grown Now You Have Shown Oh… Eileen Said You’ve grown So Grown Now I Must Say More Than Ever Things Round Here Will Change I Said… Too Ra, Loo Ra, Too Ra, Loo Rye, Ay Come On Eileen Whoa I Swear (What He Means) At This Moment You Mean Everything You In That Dress My Thoughts I Confess Verge On Dirty Ah, Come On Eileen Come On Eileen Whoa I Swear ( What He Means ) At This Moment You Mean Everything You In That Dress Whoa, My Thoughts I Confess Well… They’re Dirty Come On Eileen Come On Eileen Whoa Ho Ho Whoa Ho Ho, Hoa Ah C’mon, C’mon…

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  1. In case you were wondering this was filmed at Elephant & Castle in South London. Address of the Newsagents shown is: 151 Brook Drive, Kennington, London SE11 4TG. The derelict building shown later with the band in windows etc is round the corner at Hollyoak Road. This street has been gentrified and is very different now, but Brook Drive itself looks much like it did in the video. A lot of the land around Elephant and Walworth Road had bombed-out plots in the 70s/80s, as shown in the video, but these have now all been built over. Great to see some 80s South London here, takes me back!

  2. Scene in front of the corner shop is at Brook Dr and Hayles St (now Brook Dr Mini Market).
    Final scene they’re walking down Brook Drive from the corner of Sullivan Road, Lambeth. ⭐️
    You can still see number 106 on Google Streetview.

  3. I like this song but this brother looks like he has to much sugar in his tank because of his looks and the clothes that he was wearing even though it was the 80's where they had their own style. And on a side note I have a you tube channel type in Russell Mills May 22, 2017.

  4. Absolutely love this song. Grew up listening to it then danced away to it in Branigans in Romford. The place would go wild when this would come on

  5. Jesus Christ!!! Justin Hawkins from the darkness sounds so like to this main voice! for some moment today in my car thought was a tune from the darkness 😂😂

  6. I just came back from London and my wife & I visited this location where they filmed the video. We walked around the neighborhood for about an hour and made our own little video documenting our visit. I got a tattoo of a violin with the words "Too Rye Ay" etched on the violin. The guy that did my tattoo is Dennis Cockell at Diamond Jack's tattoo shop in Soho. He has also tattoo'd Brian Setzer & The Stray Cats, The Sex Pistols & More. Anyways I loved visiting this location and I love my new tattoo. This is my favorite 80s song!!!

  7. Apart from Abbey Road….never has such an iconic moment been created than the moment Dexy and his band of runners appear on the street corner.

  8. What is the secret of this Daimond of a song?? Maybe the violin?? Come on ?? Ooooooh I know……when he sings "Come on" he gives me hope!!!

  9. Just heard this song and thought how much we love it o love you my soulmate my rock I miss you always and forever fell asleep in my arms nearly a year ago after nearly eighteen years together I miss you desperately darling I love you always and forever 💔

  10. there's a song of cure who sound like this, someone know what i mean? please give me the title of the robert smith's song thanks

  11. I've always thought the high pitched lyrics at the beginning and near the middle of the song sounded more like "We're going to Hardees!" than "Come on Eileen."

  12. I know the band got very tired of this song, and i understand it. It's a blessing and a curse. I remember an interview where the singer said he doesn't even remember the lyrics and wants nothing to do with that song. But….. from a fan's perspective, it's gold. This is one of those songs that i watch regularly. It's a good recording, everything fit just right, and most of all, it makes me feel good.

  13. When I was little I used to think John Travolta from Grease sang this song. The singer sounds a little like him. Just close your eyes and picture Travolta on Grease lightning with his friends singing this song.

  14. I'm on my early 20's and I just discovered this song on Spotify… I just can't get enough of it.
    Love the song, the melody and the video ❤️

  15. coño no cabe duda que los ochentas fue la mejor epoca musicalmente hablando, no la musica de ahora que es una completa BASURA….

  16. When you read the Lyrics, this song is far deeper than anyone could have imagined. The Johnny Ray theme is talking about a blue caller Crooner, who got out of poverty,in the States by singing, so he was beloved by Northern English women. The fact the song is about making your girl's life better, was the shock.

  17. I was 3 when this came out, and it was my favourite song. I only know this because my parents tell me I used to dance around the house to it. But I take it to mean I had a pretty damn good taste in music from a young age.

  18. Was sind das unvergessliche zeiten….!!! Einer der ersten clips die ich im tv gesehen habe, dieses lied bleibt für immer in meinem herz!❤️❤️❤️

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