Developing Creativity in Students | Changes required in the Indian Education System

25 thoughts on “Developing Creativity in Students | Changes required in the Indian Education System

  1. Thank you everyone for your wonderful feedback and suggestions. As with every keynote speech and video, a little bit always remains unsaid. The plastic bottle example that I have used in this video as an example of Divergent Thinking can be used for a very interesting purpose: one that is lighting up the shanties of many slum dwellers across the developing world.
    Here is the video, that I suggest that you should all watch as a continuation of the idea presented in this video and also to demonstrate the point that when our brain is stretched by its creative imagination, it can do wonders.
    Lighting up Lives:

  2. Sir aap India ke education minister ko ye sunaye Sach me aaj MA pass ek application nahi likh pate.
    Apne yha innovation hai hi nahi sir aap. Pure govt me ye msg de

  3. Jb s uss insaan s pyar ki huu bs uske baree m soxhtii hu mere s kuch nhi ho pata na carrier p focus na kuch bs mrne k sochtii huu ek baar toh poision try bhi ki but bchh gyii

  4. Sir I love some one but usne mujhe chod diyaa ab mai kya kruu mrne kaa soxhtii huu hmesa socide

  5. Today's adminstration of schools ordered to force to write down the syllabus accordingly , thanks for these thoughts

  6. Sir learnt a very powerful lesson tonight… It's always a treat to watch and listen to your videos.. Looking forward for more in days to come… God Bless sir…

  7. Hlo sir I doing IELTS but I'm very weak in my reading and writing so will you give me suggestions how can I improve those are thing

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