Developer Live Stream | New Content, Weapon Changes & Spider Changes

hello Lolo hey welcome to another developer livestream more 1.0 content because we have 128 slides 24 videos it's gonna be a busy day I have a certain subject topics for today obviously we still have some other live students plans for 1.0 so this is definitely not yet all you might even not believe that after show today obviously the people hunters will not be discuss today yet next week so yeah let's go right into it because we have a lot of stuff planned and I still want to go and go home before 10:00 maybe we can make it yeah okay well let's first off start a little bit toward what's happening on the Xbox realm yeah so we just did an xbox update today which is our first contact back called flows combat 1 so basically as we launched into the game preview we basically had a half the equipment that it was up to 500 ready available and the remaining of the equipment is being updated step-by-step so people for chance' cannot get used to it and I get it you have to learn it also on Xbox platform so this is the first of the packs there will be a couple more to come obviously and this is the closed common one which basically just enhances the game with a couple of variations that obviously some of the steam early access use is very familiar with already but for the Xbox crowd this is something obviously new and fresh so they get like the time now to play with them and then probably like in the next week or so we will do like the next drop and continuously increasing the Arsenal up to the level of eventually I think it's like something less than 10 so I'm not percent sure but they come at some of us combined sometimes you might also actually release Model X in one go so it's kind of mixed together a little bit but we're gonna start with close combat 1 which basically is it a bit early bayonet which is like 3 a bad version of the Vitaly rifle and you guys know a similar thing for the Romero 77 talent which is basically just an edit like melee option to the weapon and then we have the the famous Calvary saber like a fan favorite as well as the dusters now the dusters are interesting because obviously they give you a bit more options against specific whatevs right um the stamina shot also it can enhance the whole thing because obviously by just jacking a bone in you have a chance of like doing a lot of Millia tags in succession without having to worry about stamina being depleted it lasts like for a minute at this point and then we have Gator legs which is a trait and if you could get Alexa allows it you can move a little bit faster through water so you can you can kind of have a little bit less stamina consumption as you go through water okay just don't want to cover to keep the legs well but yeah that's so yeah a new content for Xbox and there will be more in the next games but let's go and take a look at what's gonna be in store for 1.0 in addition to the stuff you've already learned the last stream so first yes so we're talking about a lot of quality of life improvements are we talking about things like being able to that's also like a community request for quite a long time being able for example to buy different buttons for vaulting and jumping or for stopping to bleeds and interacting right so by default you would have to save button snaps as right now however you will be able to – now if you want have them in separate buttons to bind them but if or they are unbound but it's up to you to not for consumables but mostly for actions which are overlapping so whatever the moment multiple things on one button we now give an option to they also improved melee hit predictions this is something that you might have noticed obviously since we introduced the hit prediction system for shootings that melee always kind of felt a little bit lagging behind it was because it was really part of the system so there's like a new system now I kind of extends this to melee which gives you a much more quicker hit recognition so like striking instantly getting like the prediction telling you yes this was a hit or this very likely wasn't it without waiting for server validation and just makes everything a bit faster a bit more with more attack nicer in addition to that obviously controller yes yes controller support is coming obviously for PC including neck some of the improvements that we're doing for for Xbox are also obviously over time we want to update the Xbox controls so we've seen a lot of feedback we've already played with system with more get a couple additional systems cetera made a bit easier so eventually as we get closer to one point or an Xbox also we want to kind of improve those in rollers and then we have something new what could it be a tactical ping system what is that I already saw some people very excited to chat and I know I'm excited that showed first on the explain it and here I thought dr. whooping was the clever use of internet-based so basically what technical ping system means is that you have a different way of communicating with your teammate I'm not saying anything at all I'm confused though all right now you know way back so what it allows you to do is basically have nonverbal communication with your teammate so for a change you don't need to rely on the in-game voice if you for example play with a random you can actually use the ping system now the ping system has two different ways of using it one is to set a waypoint beacon which is just like if you tap the middle mouse button once that basically puts a beacon at that point which your teammate will be able to see like for like I think it's 10 15 seconds and so yeah it's it's not very intrusive but sometimes again get in your way obviously so what we also have is an alert ping so that's if you double tap the button in this case it will give you a more pronounced a bit more warning me additional beacon however that won't fade away very quickly so what you can usually do is you can use the normal technical pane to for example tell you like let's go over there or check this part out like something just like more used when you're not under pressure I think it's good especially because what I noticed is when you're playing with a random person it doesn't have a microphone the communication is not the greatest because you can't really say oh my god there's someone there like I was like playing when someone is like I wish I could just like let them know because my mic was marking that I'm there there's someone there it's yes so I definitely think it helped especially because it's still a way of like communicating without having to actually and you can use like the alert like double tap it in order to just really specifically like points on it like if you want to tell you tell your partner like okay he's up by that window right like he just used the alert one and it moves out of way very quickly so you can actually look at the window you can maybe see where the guy is sitting at so they have different purposes each and I think in complementation together with a chat and together with obviously your Indian voice it gives you another means of communication especially like for players who don't have like a completely 100% reliable teammate in like maybe a separate voice cone yeah if you guys hear some sound sometimes it ca see God bless because it does work in his room and it was really really hot so ignore the Woody Woodpecker Democrat today actually is okay yesterday was like a yes yesterday we wanted to die 38 degrees indoors 35 it felt like fucking 4050 yeah anyways what do we have elves we have new traits in store so at one point all we're gonna add a couple additional ones and obviously we have nice images for those and explain it first yeah so we first have silent killer I'll just make no or less sound on a movie attack so basically if you want to take that right what it does is it gives you a chance to kind of avoid your your effort zones so basically when you are like striking those will be a bit more muted and any after four variations I can do all of them [Laughter] so it gives you a chance that obviously if you equip this like if stealth is your thing you can now be a bit more effective in it obviously if you don't hit the grunts directly right if it doesn't kill it it might sell scream in might slow yell it might a grow and therefore that kind of undo what you were trying to do but if you successfully kill an AI you will be able to cannot get the same result as if you were doing a headshot Fox and were silenced pistol on them like you can take them out silently and gives you just a better option obviously you can still mess it up so it's up to the players skill to kind of make the best out of it poachers yeah so this one I'm kind of its kind of self expertise well it just means that whenever you have any of the alert or tokens near traps on you or you find like a bear trap in the world you have a chance to placing those a little bit more silently now this is interesting if you want to for example place them while you're maybe defending a boss arena you're banishing I won't defend a place you know other players around you can even with them maybe already being kinda close proximity other side of the doors that are still like set something up and can I prepare and have a chance to do that more effectively so it actually works as a trap yeah so this one actually goes very nicely together with the cat skin and the silent killer as being more of like an injury type of like moving around silently and focusing on the staff side so what this does is basically that if you vault if you cannot jump or if you also drop down so that you normally would here like that paints on cetera type stuff that those would happen a bit more silently so you can actually like maybe move around a little bit more easily and be able to avoid it one thing we want to add to this but it's we didn't put it in there because it's not hundred percent sure we will be able to deliver this 41.0 is that it would also affect letters so we might be able to use it to connect climb up a letter without the guys maybe on the inside of the building knowing that you're actually trying to go out on the roof so it just opens up a bit more maneuverability options and just sneaking around and flanking we've already very exciting some people saying that it's too Oh beep vigilance traps are highlighted and easier to spot and I do have to add their visible with with darkside yes so vigilant is basically a counter obviously to some of these mechanics so if you want to be a bit more aware of what happens around you like for example before you rush into like like a defender place vigilant helps you to within a very short range be able with dark side to spot that maybe at some one place let's say a trap on the other side of that window it's kind of highlighted in dark side for you so you can kinda see it but only in a very very short range but therefore you know for sure okay is it worth we D batching that door because maybe just like three bear traps on the other side so you can kind of pick your battles but you won't be able to just like look at a particular building from like 2030 meters and see trap trap trap trap okay take this tour it's only for short-range and how much I think it's roughly five to six meters or zani so you need to be really close to the window in order to get it in high in repeater so um we got a lot of feedback on on the headshot machine that is rifle so one thing we want to do for eight consistency and be balanced was to kind of bring the repeater rifle so the Winfield's in line with some of the other weapons when it comes to trades however what trying this out going hundred percent in the same direction felt a bit weird they felt a bit too restrictive so what's different with iron repeater compared to iron sharpshooter and iron Devastator for shotguns and bolt action rifles is that with iron repeater we have a different animation while staying in iron sights so you still aren't going to stay in 80's so with a bolt-action rifle it kind of wants a fire you pulled you out you do your your cycling you go back in with iron repeater it's a different animation as you are staying inside compared to if you have an repeater which is exactly like it is at the moment where you can keep on the sides if that makes sense I mean you can see about we have a video I think I'm scared because I like out of play some things and I don't wanna give away secrets let me just renew that here zero as you can see with this it is it is been different so it's a bit harder to kind of stay on the target you can still obviously rapid fire with this also you can say that the rate of fire in it is a little bit slower than normal while in hip like a solar a name that's the same speed as before it just means that sometimes as you can see that you need to realign a little bit between shots obviously like the skilled player will adapt it is very easily and still being able to do like a lot of effective fire but it has become a little bit more challenging than before where basically the whole thing was just completely staying inside and you could just follow up additional shots yeah I know a lot of people I know but just to be clear if you have to trade if you have I'm repeater it will be exactly like a normal life but you need to invest in the trade otherwise you get what you see um I can look it up I don't have it on my hat iein repeater is set to no I have all the information here everything I think it was rather early actually um it is happening at rank 18 not 1919 ranking 1990 make sense okay the next dauntless explosive can be diffused so what that means basically if someone throws dynamite at you and you have a good feeling that he didn't cook it for three seconds already so it blows up in your face you can approach it and you get like a little interaction prompt so if you if you don't press the use button you will basically disable that explosive you cannot there's no animation but there's a nice sound so basically if you if you have the waltz word you can run for it and try to see if you can disable it obviously only works for things that kind of have a fuse like obviously very easy on the chaos pump in the sticky bomb with a eight second fuses but for normal Dynamite's and frack bomb stuff it's like four seconds so if he's just if you saw him just throw it at you because you didn't have time to spam it as an easy way for you otherwise if it just comes right through the window it's up to you if you want to risk it but there's a chance for you to do that so maybe you can get out of a situation where otherwise it would be totally true it makes you curious how often have you guys drank this we have died a lot to expose us so how risky is it for people to go with this and actually try this because like it's a very high risk if you if you go up against a good player that knows how to how to prime their grenades properly right for you et cetera then it's gonna be very very hot but where it's most effective is if you're in a fight with the guard so you can know that he's there for its own average situation and you see my one point pour down I wouldn't roll roughly in the direction and maybe you can't really get away from it and obviously it's yes there's an edition of readability feedback we can talk about in a minute or two that will kind of support us from the explosive good question if you're stuck with a sticky bomb well your interactions stop leaving our stuff diffuse I think at the moment everything's stopping the bleeding has a high priority but this one is meant to be sitting even more on top because it's not the whole action right you don't need to like hold it for a second because it would be kind of weird if you see the from you press the button it's instantly it's done so we have some changes yes so they see that so far for the new ones that will come in 1.0 so you can see what we try to do is we kind of plug some holes where I like making sure that like certain gaps that like put some stuff or intercept etc was a bit more featured there's a bit more options available for that but we also have a couple of changes so balls here for example as you know like it's even with balls here it's still a pain to kind of find the throwing knives or the crossbow bolts and what we do now is if you go into the dark side you will be able to much clearer see this is gonna be a similar like highlighting as we've talked about for the vigilant's right which allows you to see the traps however this one is done basically with the longer range that's not just 5 6 meters it's like further other things like 20 meters at a moment so you can kind of see a little bit what's going on there's actually a pretty nice effect that if you manage to throw like a knife on a player or like a bolt of the player and they run around the corner technically you still see the highlight what you can you can use the detractor obviously this would not be forever because I mean there's the bleed and only the moment they stop the bleeding it drops on the ground but there's a bit of a secondary effect in there that allows you kind of like track a little bit and understand where they're moving so a bit of depth resilience yeah so Brazilians now gives a hundred rather than the 50 originally yes so we felt that and I think there was a lot of feedback going a similar direction from a community that's just a 50 usually ended you up dead anyways right like so you get tagged once with another shot and unless it was very far away with a weak weapon or hit you in the arm or whatever actually you probably got down again so resilience now is a bit more powerful it fulfils up to 100 hit points and therefore you might be able to survive one more tag etcetera it's a higher chance for you to get away so that like cops camping isn't a guaranteed thing obviously that also means the price has gone up a little bit for this one this is something in general we have balance the traits quite a bit so what you will see is once we had closer to to the to the one point or release and you have a chance to try this on test server that's different traits have now been changed in terms of how much they cost to unlock in terms of their points to to equip them we don't want to go for the entire list but maybe maybe some of the more prominent ones so dooba dooba do big changes here so for example the sniper once so everything which is what like steady hands the different scopes we have they all went down so and also they scaled a little bit before was I think like four points four or four or five points for all of them which was quite a bit up front cost not turn you down into a sniper so now for example steady hand unlocks with can be equipped with just two rather than five points steady aim with four rather than six so that you can all see the difference which means like the one for the pistol is a lot cheaper so it's much more of a consideration or to use it as a backup trattman you want to spend those points so you can have like a guns Deadeye with advantage in the same way the Scopes moves fuck somebody dies goldsmith went down from four to one marksman scope Smith went down from four to two and the sniper scope Smith went down from four to three so they kind of scale again with the efficiency and how awful the weapon is so like we've kind of applied that feedback from the community but also like a bit more common sense like how powerful certain traits actually are in the game often they're being used and kind of did a balancing pounce on that one again on a test server the later date you will be able to try them all out and then obviously the pitch notes would have to fall detail so I mean you guys have seen the previous screen but legendary contents obviously like the weapon skins the legendary skins that's worth the primary focus of us one point always like to kind of open up this whole new feature to be able but we still have a couple addition variations of weapons so you want to roll out so specifically once we edit recently so the Bourne have number three is getting a extended version now this looks interesting at first it's like this is a magazine you can just like pull out etc it's a modern weapon no it's not because there's actually a trade off for this actually rather interesting for this one as you know like the normal bornholm has like a five round capacity so you can open up a little flap on the side and you can insert this this clip of five rounds so it's a bit of an awkward reloading procedure based on this being a prototype weapon at the time that obviously never really became very very very famous unpopular however with the extended version now is that you cannot reload this by inserting a clip this is bolted shut instead it has been kind of I could take anything cut around with and can are expanded so now the weapon holds eight rounds but the only way to reload these rounds is if you top them up so you will not be able to just like fast reload like eight rounds or even five rounds in one go the only way you can get ammunition into this gun is by just putting one round after another in which means a little bit slower reload compared the regular bonum but more capacity so it's a trade-off yes so in this case you can see enough enough extra capacity but is doing it one by one so in combat it might take a bit to actually top-up so you're not as flexible as just see like Armour is coming from me so maybe I can only put it around alright it's the first one where we have more yes so the LaBella also gets a bit of attention so we've added a talent version of the Lebel we don't have a video about everyone because it's rather straightforward so it works similar to like the Romero teller window telling in terms of giving you a heavy melee attack slash attack that you can use to kind of like eviscerate yeah so that was a hip it hinted at in some of the previous streams already so here's the confirmation it's a marksman variation of the Lebel rifle so again obviously that brings finally a second weapon using the marksman scope because the fart system has just been the de Winfield and kind of differentiates also a little bit from the from the from the Mosin sniper rifle in terms of having not as far range but it's more of a mid range sniper but it means the billable being a lone bullet long long long ammo a rifle I mean taxed by the punch so you can kill things admit range whether effectively with us so yeah that's like three additional barriers yeah we have we do have a video of this one yes it's a bit of a new thing here is this a bit of an unusual look I mean the scope is kind of attached a little bit to the side of the weapons so you can obviously insert ammunitions to be different than the Mosin Nagant loading mechanism so at first I guess there will be changes to the house bond but we have more before yeah so we have one changes something we've discussed or talked about last time is the dynamic third system that's coming to the game and actually if you do it scopes a little bit because the more in using the weapons on the ground the dirty they get yes so the the scopes basically our separate mechanic to this but it takes it kind of linked together so let's first talk about the dynamic dirt system so we talked about is doing the legendary weapon stream we had last week that weapons are being bought in a not so dirty way you still buy them that can a secondhand so they'd never be fully pristine and this is by legendary which obviously has been polished nicely for you as you purchased it and then on you depending on your use so linked to the fact that you get down that's the important part so just moving through five six missions with the same gun without getting killed once will not have an effect on the directness of the weapon what has an effect on the dirtiness is getting downed which means someone either picks up your weapon contraband which is always a bit dirty that way so or you getting revived by a partner afterwards means your weapon is now a bit dirtier this has zero effect on gameplay so this is just a cosmetic thing so actually some people might argue a dirty weapon is much nicer for camouflage I want my weapons to dirty so please tell me and revive me because I want that but it also gives you a chance obviously inside the menu to kind of clean the weapon again and then just restore the pristine looks you can even get a weapon you buy and in the store in a rather clean shape but not fully clean like this here for example like more like this you can completely clean it up if that's your thing it's additional small little feature and just mostly for convenience there is no real gameplay benefits or disadvantages for having them so yeah and then the second part and just mentioned out I think we can go to next actually just do a little talk about the contraband daily then we also have some changes to antidote in stamina so first off we're introducing weak versions of each of those so that means you have like just like little utility shirts like both a week and a regular one and we've also kind of like changed the time of how long they're effective so we did a recent change with the antidote where we said the antidote shots is it's like a full match like one hour time and that's still the case for the now golden-colored regular antidote shot and we do have a week version which is lasting for six minutes so that's basically just enough for a boss fight or some nice encounter obviously just like maybe healthy shots it's much cheaper as a weak version while the big one obviously has a more lasting effect for intermesh now the same is true for stamina where the full-blown stamina shot now has been increased to ten minutes so this is a drastic change before it was just one minute now the weak shot has two one minute on it and I think the price tag on the week one is roughly same as the previous one was so there is a better version of which is the regular which gives you ten minutes of stamina and and that means like it's gonna be a very powerful choice for me likud because I mean in ten minutes you can do quite a lot of damage with millions printing etc so it's very powerful but obviously also very expensive yes the poison – changes yes we talked about those little bits in one of the favorites no no no let's look I never expected high form to appear so on poison what we changed is primarily how effective it is as a blocker so at the moment I think and you use higher like a poison bombed on hive it's on life sorry huh huh it's I think like around minute or two minutes then the class participates like now as I think five to six minutes so it's a much longer time it works much more efficiently as a blocker for example – can I get a specific area or to place it for example inside a boss arena I've said or for boss to continuously be affected by running through at around essence the spider which doesn't mean also when you walk into the poison cloud it's gonna be a lot more powerful so it does more damage and for this to be really meaningful we actually did one change to poison in general which is unless update we cannot reduce it from 20 seconds to 10 seconds and we brought it back reported back up to 15 seconds so poison is just a little bit longer so we in a meeting halfway in between what we did not change however is the trade if I ever come on straight which still remains at the five seconds so that still keeps the change from the last time so if you don't have the trade you can be poisoned for 15 seconds if you have to trade you'll be poisoned for five seconds so the trade slot becomes miss retain then we have the hive pump now the hive pump had one actually multiple issues but one very big one which was that it wasn't really friendly to roar and while that comes with the nature of it that the whole thing is kind of like like wasps wasps you can release and they can fire back the problem was it was too likely to happen so you would throw it to a window he would jump in the guy might have already moved out of way before the swarm even started to attack and out of sudden swarm sees you comes back at you so like it was a high chance for misfires basically where it came back and what we've done is we've kind of made sure that the moment you throw it it instantly searches for target that is not you so you have a bit of a grace period still so that it chooses other targets you but these other targets don't hurry have a chance to move away from it like I saw before this one actually becomes like active and searches so you see a fat much faster response now of the hive bomb chasing its initial target and like the second problem the high form had is that even if it managed to do a kill finally well usually the line of stem of the swarm was still not up which means the swarm would now come find a new target but if most part that was unfortunately you so again I can exactly same thing like so it committee it's only it's on a perfection change so you and your teammate are both equally protected now with tank change it as well so hive swarms in general have received an update and that is primarily that if they have successfully killed the swamp dissipates completely so if you manage to kill the run first guy this one is gone so you don't need to worry about its lingering around and possibly like coming back actually like haunting you and the second change is that that was one of the problems we had initially when we set up the hive bomb there is a counter to it so hi swamp comes at you and you can see the cheeky hunter that the water has through it you can actually milli the swamps you can actually do attacks against it in order to make it dissipate faster disappear this is more effective if you can just be funny so you can you can do this more effectively if your swattin was like for example like a bus dock or like like a slash attack something which just like an area like you know swatter but it's not so effectively for example like a step attack like a bayonet so in this case actually the bayonet is a bit as a disadvantage of getting the cloud-like away and it takes a little bit like longer but actually regular buttstock is pretty nice just like swatting them away and getting getting some some freedom obviously they might so poison you they might still not slopey be a bit annoying but at least you can do something against them for example if you're trapped inside the same room with the thing and you do really don't want to run out because then you get killed sniped whatsoever so that means in general though that not only the hive bombed but also other things using the hive swarm yeah I've changed and we're gonna talk about those a little bit further down the line weapon changes so yeah I'm with one point oh I mentioned it in one of the previous dreams we want to kind of bring some of the weapons up more on a more competitive level than they are currently so this is for example the nagging precision and again Deadeye which are on their own not really bad but also not really good so there's always a better option I mean yes you can have a wind field on the medium slow technically with the position but yeah so what we've been doing is we've looked specifically at the accuracy they provides with a shoulder stock and I like giving you a bit of a chance to into a tool to normalize so they have more tighter spread now and we have also change to fire right now the fire rating it can be explained by if you have them in your in your shoulder stock like it's a bit easier maybe to work the hammer right I mean is it really I don't know that's our take on it or justify why both then again precision did I are just a bit more faster not really as fast as the officer and again would be but somewhere in between so there is another another advantage of using them you can kind of spam a little bit more maybe get a few more shots downrange also like the animation is a bit more stabilized to actually have a higher chance to kind of keep the target inside and that obviously turns the Deadeye into a very interesting kind of like faster shooting like slower like short range sniper pistol so then we have differentiate weapons what could that mean so let's choose one example we just talked about the ngons that stick with them against so the regular ngons has I think 21 rounds extra ammunition what we've done is we've sent a similar weapon like the Nagant officer which is I would argue superior in many ways at least has more advantages than drawbacks so definitely feels like a step up is now differentiated by having a little bit less extra ammo so that the the bass version in this case of the nagging sticks was 21 or maybe I figured he might even have gone up a little bit well the officer version is a little bit lower so there's a bit of difference similar thing is happening for the wind field for example where the wind field C just has a bit more extra ammunition now then then the full-blown wind field so just it's an additional variable for balancing or we can say that like some of the weapons that feel if they're like the better version of something similar actually have a bit of so this is actually a pretty big change even though it doesn't read as much as that now what we have at the moment in life is that both the slash attacks so like things from a machete for example or Talon cause bleeding but also the piercing attacks now for example that means a bayonet step or that means like the the heavy attack from a knife now with piercing no longer causing bleeding that means you have to kind of choose which attack you do on the knife for example the regular tech is a slash attack it's got a rather weak but it does the bleeding damage and the heavy attack is a step it's much more of a puncture right more like a bullet which also don't cause bleeding in mechanics well like the actual slash I mean it cuts like a building with a big open wound and therefore has this additional bleeding mechanic yes eventually where the bomb lands yes so it's just to have these two melee attacks be a bit more different and feel a bit more different if their own take and also makes it easier for example you might have noticed that in the shop when we had like different like ammunition type tags etc is sometimes a bit misleading information because obviously like the Nitro Express rifle for example has piercing as an attribute obviously doesn't do bleeding right like so rather than adding that to the Nitro we've kind of decided that there should be more of a difference between piercing and slash melee so rending and piercing are different yes so unfortunately for one point or we can't go the full way of what we wanted to do which is giving you a flipside that has to wait a little bit longer but we've kind of looked at the zoom a little bit and in general how it feels and made it actually a bit closer to some of the other scopes so it's a bit it's just a bit more useful and also it is now affected by try which means if I have to study ain't right like it kind of like stabilizers over those and that graph to ten seconds or so so you can use it actually to effectively line up a shot it's still a minor change but it's all adds a little bit boost to the aperture size in general and especially the additional zoom actually makes us feel like a pretty low cost simple sniper scope you can have the nature of bleeding and burning and poison and then we have third person channels for weapons yes that's something yes I mean as soon as you know at the moment if you look at your own shadow sometimes you see a floating pistol weapon etc so that was better and not having anything but now we have the real deal so a minor thing but actually something we're pretty proud of that I finally have that so you see your shadow reflecting so yeah shadows all right we have more more I mean we are only at slide I wish if we can tell how many videos that we have so far to three hands five years laughs you do any so this is a little bit to go okay so aim helper yes so this is more of a visual change so we don't I think yeah we can watch those back-to-back so we have the email improvements in the effect of burning things yes so aim helper it's just a visual change we slope polishing this a little bit more so we would want to make sure that it works a little bit better still against the bright background but over just a graphics adjustments etcetera so it doesn't look like the d-bag a debug lion cannot draw actually have a bit more artwork there and then there's this other thing here it's like you actually see the fuse burning in your hands so that if you have for example a fire bomb or dynamite I can show this one again as you can see on your own arms there the moment you recognize that actually there is a proper effect on it now which means you were much easier see and that's what I meant earlier about improvements also only on the explosive side you see much easier when someone is prepping some explosive to throw against you like here especially obviously at nighttime and therefore have a chance to react better today I mean it's fine all right now then we have a big one what an attraction ReWalk notice this is our own tape because it's the Crytek properity system and attraction week we can just like a move on to the first video yeah I don't know so I'm gonna pause this a little bit in between so basically what we've been doing is we've looked at what penetration of projectiles and made sure that everything feels a bit more consistent so I mean some of the bullets from our error are not the most efficient bullets right like so even something like a Mosin Nagant he was using very different bullets at that time then they were in later for example world wars et cetera right like a munition has improved with like smokeless cartridges and spits around projectiles it's so much what this bullshit you can talk about it for ages so it's all fine however what does this mean for game playing for balance and that's the important part what we've been doing is we wanted to make sure that the weapons feel Ferrum so that actually cover becomes a bit more relevant for you so we've kind of looked at the different projectile types so that compact me and what you will see in a second is basically how the different bullet hips go through so am I gonna start with the compact balloons which in are actually rather weak I mean it's a pistol cartridge you can look fat from a rifle here in this case very small very like limited power very limited reach what you will see here is how these shots actually behave over distance now explain in a second what all these different colors is that specific Crytek cheat mode confirmed so what you can see here is basically that every time the bullet has kind of hit an obstacle it checks whether it can penetrate that obstacle or not so in the case of those two yellow ones is that you can hit the wood and the projector at did this at this distance particularly is allowed to go through it so this is powerful enough like I mean projectors lose power over distance in order to to penetrate this but obviously the damage behind the wall is actually weaker so that means it kind of degrades the more you try to penetrate also like a compact pistol can make hand trade like two or so sheets of wood but that's about it but what you can see here as well is that if you go a little bit further that actually there is this this pinkish-purple hit and that actually is also hitting just a different normal fence however it's like six seven meters further away and it seems like this already stopped the bullet so the takeaway here is that if you shoot with a comput bullet in a very long distance even a regular fence might not provide protection so as you can see and maybe if you take a look to the right side of the screen where you see the forest in background behind the hut there's like another fence in the far distance that one if you would shoot from this current position very likely would also give you one of those purple ones which means no penetration happens so it means anything with compact bullets isn't really that effective of reaching through cover and hitting an enemy behind at a certain distance what you can also see is that on the left side there is a metal sheet obviously aligned up against the wall here and that instantly stops it because compact bullets don't go through any of the metal sheets this is the same as is currently on life but is a nice demonstration here so again one shot made it to the second wall but didn't penetrate further and then this one here went very far with a little bit off and obviously it didn't penetrate the tree here as well so yeah that's how it's for compact bullets now let's have a look at the long bullets obviously rifle cartridges more powerful much more punch and what we've been doing to those because they have been already pretty powerful we actually came them a little bit what you will see here is actually how and to what extent we've reduced the capacity to actually penetrate thick objects now the first thing is that what is absolutely zero obstacle for so you can see without any problem are you penetrating into multiple layers of wood you can usually shoot through entire hats I mean with the big church here watchable in the background very likely you would not be able to penetrate the whole thing but it will definitely reach the inside at a weaker capacity now this is also something we change which is different on life the long bullets actually for the first penetration don't lose any damage this is different now at one point oh where they have been slightly reused so the chance to for example kill some over there with a good body shot instantly is a bit more reduced was it still hurts quite a bit and you can still down them depending where you hit them but it's less of an issue yeah and as you can see here in the front with a brick wall you won't be able to shoot through brick walls with long bullets with the base long bullets that is so in this case I mean we're talking about like two or three layers of brick here so quite over actually think wall but that bullet is not powerful enough to to go through this type of obstacle so as you can see here again it's like stone walls specifically so if you move around look around crematorium for example provide much more accident cover in order to stop these long bullets but also as you know on a road map we have ammunition types for most one point already so obviously this is also setting a bit of foundation so that we have a room to kind of expand on is moving forward with different ammunition types that then maybe restore some of these attributes moving forward so yeah then let's look at shotguns so as you can see here we've had the discussion before proper one no penetration which means at this distance the son of Spencer would not have a chance to get any talk or Specter venture to actually hit like a guy that you know is on the other side for that you would need to get a little bit closer and then as you can see it now it starts penetrating here again on the sides a second shot and you will see as we use our evil cheat mode again as you can see here is that depending on the range actually like you have a chance to go through but on the on the one on the furthest on the bottom the one shot you can see like actually half of the pellets actually got stopped by by those hate hate balls like haystacks there and neither of any of those that went through the wall was able to penetrate into into the actual barn right so if you want to shoot with a shotgun you have to do the close-range is that your rather effective so we've opted a little bit with how effective it can shoot through woods like you might have remembered some situation we'll be trying to for example shoot like another player with a shotgun at close ranges of the compounds just because those proxies the walls were a bit too thick there even though they were clearly made on a simple wood the shotgun would fail to penetrate that was inconsistent was hard to guess like when does it work that is a bit more reliable now so usually if it's a wooden wall you can sort this through this one wooden wall but you won't be able to reach a lot further and you have to be really really close someone actually keep penetrate through multiple hunters know the only weapon that can do that at the moment is the Nitro Express so then we have think one more I am so as you can see here just for a bit like didn't do in the inside we get the flag perch that's deaf only sorry yeah alright then the last one is and that's actually also pretty big change trees in general so what we had as a limitation in the past was that we couldn't be differentiate between different materials so the trees may we're made out of wood but also those fences or the walls were made out of water so if you wanted to allow you to shoot through a specific type of wall systemically you would also be able to shoot through a tree that was in a similar thickness now that created issues where sometimes weak bullets or even like some plum bullets were just way too powerful hitting enemies behind walls and also behind trees now bullets can go through trees hmm that's possible if you have a high-powered large caliber thing like a small tree is usually non obstacle for tree but I think massive tree usually is now all we've tried to do here is let me just show you it on a compact point of the stack that the proxies have been optimized in general you won't be able to shoot like with small little bullets through a tree in any case and the big ones only through very very small ones so like the one we saw on the far right that very soon well that's maybe where long board would go through but any of those trees around here it would not so trees have to come with I have a cover again obviously if you have a natural express or if you kind of like CT at the arm dangly cetera right I mean they can say hit you it's all based on thickness so at the very very side of a tree where it's like to finish for you to penetrate you still have a small chance to do that but systemically for the most part rays are now pretty good I was thinking this tree went down for a second I never I was pressing F but is because he died I was like what is going on okay all right so that's it for what penetration changes again once we get closer to or to the 1.0 and the test over time you'll be able to try it on and test or give us feedback etc okay almost looks like we're trying to release like a full game or something we actually didn't update for Xbox today gavel tactics make sure you check it out we showed you the beginning of the stream but if you check your Xbox it's there yes also speaking of Xbox there's a change we've done today as well if you want to try out Xbox purchase it we have increased the time you can demo the game okay so you have two hours now to kind of try game give it a try get a feel for it before the free trial runs okay Weber players cannot be moving all right so this is actually a again based on community feedback so we've done some changes in the last update where we said like you can't burn player and it was the first step we said we're gonna evaluate if you want to extend this to the Arsenal as well and the big feedback we got the first yes please expand it to the Auslan so we did and that means if you burn a guy and even if the weapons have rolled down and sloped or whatever there's the link to the guy so if you burn him and he has to shiny like or just like a good weapon that you would like to use because you run out of ammunition or because situation requires a change you can't do that because of Birnam so this is a bit of a container so um they are like I think like a dozen or so very small changes that are kind of linked to this and this is mostly about optimizations with some of the animations that we've seen for example a logic change example would be the revolvers so as you know that if you have a remote for six shots and you fire one two or three shots in order for you to reload you would need to spin the drum again to the position with the first empty rounder so that as you go through the loop you kind of like reload them in sequence or we do this at the moment by magically spinning a drum and it always lands actly if that round chamber that you want to change out now that is perfectly good and fine but in addition to that is that if you abort or reload so if you don't finish the reload so we don't have full six rounds but it doesn't matter when you start shooting you would need to do the same thing and this is what we've added so basically if you now stop reloading halfway through it has to own the out do a quick spin as well in order to get the first ready round again ready to fire so it just completes the sequence that means that the revolvers just have a bit more time if you abort but it's not that much just means they follow a similar logic as focused on with the other weapons were depending if you do a partial reload or if you if you empty the weapon completely sometimes the timings just slightly change so Weber brand retail speaks now during tuned to more realistic values for the air yes 95 1895 so what does means is basically that again in in mind having that we want to increase additional like a traditional ammunition types moving forward we made sure that some of the weapons Sakuni have are no longer bound by the projectile so this is the biggest change at a moment the biggest what we have right now is a long bullet has a certain speed if you look on the on the tool tip of the longbow tells you something like 800 meters a second or something I die and the medium and the compact etcetera they all have the same speed what we've been doing and we're gonna show that a little bit we talked about a UI improvements in future stream about like how these stats are now more represented and one thing that they can already give away for that is that you will see for each of the weapons the exact m/s muzzle velocity so like the bullets basically travel speed so that gives us a chance now to actually go away from the flat-out okay don't bullet is always like this come back but is always like that to have actually more differences between weapons based on the realistic attributes of what they would normally do so as such some of the projectiles have been increased some of them have been reduced in speed again if you really entered you can just so to begin pain here or any any gun encyclopedia of your trust and look up numbers etc very likely if you look at bullets from the era you get close to the numbers that will be in the game okay for the most part but but all of that will be then revealed properly in the changelog on the test server for you to trial that means to some of the weapons that you might be very familiar with actually might be a bit slower which means actually the range effective range is reduced some of the other weapons actually might receive a little over boost which means actually bit easier to hit over distance because the bullet takes less time to travel there so Nathan blue pixel is asking about a sunray you can just I must say since it's really hot now it's been doing it more often yeah because it would happen every once in a while but it's literate I mean I'm not allowed even to touch my agency and I'm not gonna drive because it works at first today even heat is bearable so it's all good we have like a guy singlet beckoned with a little drum and he's basically did this green wall I just can't fix a sees your ears they don't see that wing warrant I know I think you can't see but it's there alright then let's go to the next point I totally lost my that's my train of thought slightly reduced idle Bryce way on weapons when it just sound say yes so this is basically again optimization kind of make the game a little a little bit nicer so some of the weapons feel like they have a bit too much weapon bobbing going on as you stand stall I use use the sides like you're inside the scope cetera so over we can reducing a little bit more to just make the weapons a little bit easier to use for especially like newer players yeah but overall the challenge is still gonna be the same and we very much still probably have the amongst the largest ways of games out there when it comes to them so it's it's part of our balancing formula and it's a very important for skilled player to be able to manage this way but yeah not you know a little bit make it a little bit bearable on some of the weapons specifically like rivals is that are aware actually if it's a good too harsh and then we come to the crack Scouts and contraband only which means Queen scopes we got a video for that okay so by default all of the scopes no longer have correct lenses it's something we've given away like in the last video um which means basically it's a bit easier to to shoot I mean well clean is clean is you just like this is a running theme of today's streams like we always couldn't spoil the next thing so that means if you just buy a weapon like a sniper scope a sniper rifle whatsoever it will be having a normal proper lens and you will be able to just moment look through it obviously will still be a little bit dirty etc won't be completely however if you pick up for example it's not the player so therefore you get a contraband weapon or if you play quickly we will find contraband weapons there you will still have the correct scopes and that's the differentiating factor between them so if you invest into a sniper rifle you got it even if if you get down and they someone takes you back up you still have your regular one however if someone takes it from you he will now have a cracked skull so well the reason we know that what it is and we actually also know where videos are otherwise it would be really hard if we have to give the name of rent randomly the things like we tweet we just can't become like be patient enough as well like we want to cedar I'm actually curious because nobody in Jana's mention it of where there was something that's not in the game before and nobody has seen it well no they can see it but next week so you're not gonna mention it no but I just wanted to point out there was something they didn't say never mentioned see no you made him curious good job there all right then we move on to the next points okay then we have exploding barrels and fire yes these three points here are actually pretty interesting because they'll I think most of them at least kind of like mangled together a little bit so we're gonna take them one at a time so we've changed the rules for exploding barrels and how you can make them instantly explode so one thing we've been doing is we've taken away the option for bullets to do that at all so before it was like or could Leon life-long bullets or shotguns in close range they could instantly detonate a barrel yeah while the other bullets will always just hit it on fire now all the bullets all the basic bullets intend basic bullets will only do this by setting it on fire however there is another change in here which is that fire is now instantly detonating it so what it means is as you can see in the video maybe you show the first one if you know you is for example is a load trap which has like like pyrotechnics which means this kind of fire okay so you place it right next to the oil spill and the barrel the moment the trigger systemically it goes up in flames instantly now there is a second example you can use for this look there's a second one here which is the flare pistol so all of a sudden the flare pistol has a pretty good use thereof instantly detonating so I press was really helpful to light on our brands yes see yes yes yes but now you can do more things so that's difference now that not only will you be able to just use your your your Mosin Nagant or or your your uppercut to instantly blow up the browser next to players so it contains those long bullet weapons a little bit so they just follow the same goals of the other bullets so you have a second follow-up shot however everything which has a fuse be that you throw like the fire bomb directly on a barrel instead it blows up you throw a flare on the barrel ends it blows up so fire becomes an instant thing and that is just very important see that's the drumstick again alright so then we have another improvement here which is if you throw dynamite through fire it doesn't blow up instantly anymore so as you might have noticed or probably felt perceived on your own account multiple times Lucy hunters over it is that you try to throw dynamite through fire instantly blows up and very often you're close to the fire which means you instantly blow up um this has changed so that there is a bit of a delay it still triggers the dynamite it's so triggers the fuse so as you can see it wasn't the full four seconds was just like a half a second to a second later so there's a small delay so as you throw it at least there's a high chance that wild might have blow up blow up so very quickly at least it is simpler on yourself the fire or go out there on the enemy self the fire so in this case as you can see right one first and now one problem that has also been happening is this where you threw it past the lantern and it would normally blow up directly in your face up there unintentionally like who would expect that would be the case now at least it just kind of like glances at sets the land on fire but continues then for like another second or so to blow up so and I did it in like an addition like we got like safety feature to kind of make it a little bit easier I died so many times so yeah that's that's just important for us that with 1.0 we kind of like try to to wrap up a couple of these like long lasting problems we're just like certain certain systemic things in the game kind of worked against the play a little bit too much and that with this way we make a bit more consistent a bit easier and less become less of a problem especially if it might result in player no hunters on fire don't ignite anything so the only enemy that does that is the emulator once you've triggered them but we tried this out actually in the beginning where we had like the player do it like a fire damage around him so you could kind of hug enemies the problem was that you would try to run away from something like it too close to this barrel or just run over an oil spill and all hell breaks loose and actually gets you killed very often so it was it felt very punishing by restrictive so that's why we said at least what the upper body is maybe burning but the legs not so yeah so what you can see here it's very very subtle so there will be another video in a bit we've improved model flashes we've improved gun smoke so as you can see very thinly there if you look at the tip of the barrel after the shot you see smoke rising up which is actually a pretty cool feature much more immersive so with the pistols like just a bit of a particle pass yeah it's subtle enough that it doesn't really affect you when you aim down the sights like this doesn't completely like lucky of you cetera but in general it feels just so much nicer the gun smoking everywhere you can think just chill no no no no so you have just visual improvements and it just it feels more like you actually have one of those like revolver six shooters smoking just it fits me really good yeah well changes so we have this thing sewn you think we did not record a video and time for this one so we're not going to show this one today we might do this maybe the data stream or worst case you will have to see it first time on the test server so good man now the poison barrel what does it do we talked about the hive improvements earlier and the poison bearer is basically a mix of the poison boy and a hive bomb so I think of it as a third barrel we needed better doesn't ignite right it just breaks apart and reveals the filthy things inside like and when it shatters and that can shatter from even a crossbow ball like so like people can use different weapons gonna trigger them well normally like an explosive pair of the bolt will just stick in there and that's it it basically releases a hive swarm and that one goes searching for the closest threat so this is kind of interesting for you to – like you said when players are close by in order to kind of like steer things up a little bit the poison Barrett has a lesser chance to be spawned into the worlds than the other two types it's some of the places I should rather an interesting option on top of that it also has a bit often poison radios a small poison cloud on it this is not the five-minute lasting one as for the proper grades think of it closer to focus on what the spider is doing when you're explaining around but it so becomes a bit of an arid and another thing that you don't wanna nestle walk through but like technically what you can also do is you throw like a decoy of some sort you George or Dei close to it you again throw like another decoy in a barrel of barrel chatters all the grunts get poisoned they take them out silently so this is another option for you where the barrel is around to maybe kill groups of enemies from the II oxide without actually making too much noise and then we have a bunch of map changes so we start with the Stillwater Bayou map um so this one here is catfish you might be very familiar with this area here with the the the stacks etc the wood locks now we've gonna clean this up a little bit so level design went through and can identify these paths so we have a lot of telemetry of like where our players very likely to go where user choke point so that's why in the previous streams also they've continuously been up to optimizing the map set remaining stuff that span has been showing around is really really awesome of like seeing kinda where people are going and based on what we learn from that we've done like another pass here and as you can see like you don't have to like kind of manage to get over the wood anymore you can kind of move around a little bit more than perhaps that's been opened up a little bit as I gonna go through it in a little bit more you see like that overall everything has been cleaned up a little bit different options you can have actually a firefighters around etc there's a different angle from the same compound here so this is what is currently on life isn't see lots of water and we've kind of clean this up a little bit to give you a bit more cover options different ways for you to approach get around have some shelter as you as I try to push towards a compound get up the ramp for example so things have moved around a little bit as you can see also we've taken away the water a little bit closer around the tree so do you have that is safe safe spots that if water devil is chasing you you might actually get I can see it on the right side there I actually have a chance to kind like move around a little bits to one of these little like islands basically and to get around there that's the same compound on from the south side again you have two big open lake very characteristic for this what is this Bayou area down there and again we've kind of cleaned up a little bit so we've we've made sure that we've kinda cluttered some of the areas but also again pull the water back a little bit so you can more easily move between these islands and just have a nicer overview and don't really rely on Gator legs you know to even have a chance to traverse this area then this is on the east side of the same compound again you can kind of notice the little pier thingy that extends out there sometimes you can be found again small things here which can end up a little bit put a bit more like like yeah kind of receded water a bit put to put that there are little bits and give you a bit more cleaner ways now this is closer to the the catfish main area the main building as you can see here at the moment it's like Cod lots of like corners you can see like next to the letter on the left side up there it's always been like a couple boxes you could easily hide in this corner so it was a bit awkward and very often can't disrupt with the flow of playing so we kind of clean things up a little bit here so as you can see the letter is not flat there yeah it's a bit more covers you can actually get up the letter without being shot through the door everything has been kind of cleaned up so far you can see actually in the far distance the one from the very first screenshot with a wood looks how we can open the path left and right of it and kind of change the windows a little bit more so it's it's basically just like making sure that like it becomes better 45 opposition but also one which has fair are ways of getting close to it so yeah then this is actually if you move from catfish closer to slaughterhouse as soon as you if you had a very long road on the right side you often have one half like to the exits you can go to the extraction vehicle and this building here was always a bit of a of a weird one right like it never really felt like it was really giving you much over of a thing but usually with just one pass that he said it was hard to see proper fights around this area so what we've been doing is we've kind of like opened this area up a little bit more out giving you like another cut through the lake area repositional building some walls having one of the watchtowers there yeah like so you can see that cuz it allows it you can go up on the roof so you can use that maybe to kinda even do long-range shooting against the compound or any enemies that move around there so it gives you a lot of different options of moving around the world and just flanking cetera me like a dog okay so it's the previous one this is the how we do it woman OH in general as you can see also like with the trees and distance if it kind of cleared up a little bit we took out some of the trees where they really didn't add much just like to make sure there's more clear of firing sectors but obviously still enough cover there for you to move around especially now over the changes to how trees provide you cover then we have another change here so this is the north east side of the same compound again one of the areas you are very familiar with as usually being very water devil infested and here again the same island approach of just like making sure that some of the water goes a little bit back giving you a chance to hop between the islands and just move around this a little bit more easily without completely blocking of the entire area it's at a flank of a protein compound in case what that was will be spawning here then we're moving to the southwest so this is a gator house as you can see here this is basically the back of the screen shot as it gets against the edge of the map right it seemed like Devin wrench and the phone for this nice yeah yeah and as you select a little treehouse you're right in the front were very often you can find a clue so what we've been doing here is we've added additional cover etc make sure there's a bit more concealment as you go to an away from this so it doesn't become such a easy way to prey on players from from a distance overall again with the trees and the distance as you can see we can kind of like like group them pack them together a little bit differently just make sure there is like different lines of fire a bit actually more reliable cover as well so this is the same compound just from the other side so this is like looking from the devant what the van direction at at Gator has as you can see here just field of cleanup again the same island concept giving you a couple of points in between like this area here for example was rarely populated like you would you would find very few players actually crossing the water here most would either take all right or a fire far left swing so now we have like an additional option kind of pushing Redfoo like to the center there and kind of responding to like for example experts on either side or or depending on how enemies or what else is at what restaurant then we move on to the long-range wrench so as you can see here the the the the boss building at the bomb now what we've done here is we kind of clean up the place a little bit so before you couldn't really go on the roofs that easily like it was a letter in the far back on the center you could kind of reach little gap in the center you can see the hate behind it like to get in sneak inside and drop down over all the roofs were very much like torn open which means it was very easy to throw grenades for the top inside this area which was very frustrating so what we've been doing is we've kind of like closed the arrows down a little bit made sure that like there's clearer paths nest breaks and cracks in the wall that kind of like see you through whatever everything it's more streamlined and focused you see there's a window added up there now there's an additional letter so it is a different way for getting up on the roof so overall just increase increasing accessibility and option for place to kind of move around to combo and have interesting fights and that's just the outside of this compound we have a couple more shots from different angles and the inside also so this is same thing just in this case looking from the northeastern direction as you can see here again the roofs has been kind of cleaned up we've actually added a little window up there and in the top Center as you can see that it was just a gap now it is he here when someone climbs up there and opens it to maybe throw something inside you here you have a chance to respond to it etc just everything becomes a bit more readable yeah otherwise this one has two changes then here this is the long long boss arena same treatment here Z as you've seen like these are the windows we had that is little portholes like almost like like these Kemp or thoughts room from from a furniture they were always wearing oh right so you could always you always need to crouch next to them and they would kind of like a bit awkward to kind of look down look through you could really get away quickly so what we've been doing is we've been reshaping this so the windows have been raised up a little bit so actually they are now from a stand you can look around more easily and we've actually added access into the barn through this little roof gate weight here is you select a little bigger window we have an A Center you can use to kind of walk through it inside like in the old version it wasn't possible there was just a gap through exposes through so we kind of close this this wall in order to make these like grenade spam into the compound situations a bit less likely to happen but on the same side we can edit one more entrance into this area obviously you can I hear them when they move over the metal sheets right so it's not like the the most covert way probably of doing it but it just kind of like makes it more interesting to fight around this place now this is looking from the north to the south for the same building so the other side basically as you can see here we've kind of like done the same treatment when the windows a little bit higher now bit more cleanup around the corner on the far left side where we have this latest is this kind of half destroyed wrecked stagecoach bandwagon thingy so it's a bit here now it's easier to see we can a bar the windows up there so that you can actually like like like move around a little bit more easier and have just clear up half's overall so it's more of a cleanup then a complete redesign in this case now this is the inside of the of the big barn in same place so basically go back so inside inside the park here on the right on the right side yeah so basically they reflect a big double doors on the far right where you see the fire yeah and so this is basically this corridor as you go inside so this is how it looks at the moment and what Kim is up a little bit so now you have a letter actually going up this is like well before you could just drop down you also have a chance out of this area for this wall and before there was like this crouched hides like entrance into the boss arena which was giving you like maybe it was very vulnerable right to go for this one because you can limit it just the trucks through and use decay like ketchup now it's a proper door which means you can bar it from the inside if it's a barb or otherwise at least you can clearly breach it or if it's breached you can run through it yeah it really was it really was hard to push into the boss arena if they knew we were coming from this direction so yeah that looks all a bit more cleaned up and and just a little bit nicer I'm a turnip isn't sure about the rules of the store I think it's one of those dolls that is always part but it could be maybe that sometimes it's open and the time person sure if so at least mean it adds a bit more playability and sometimes it works better than others so then we're gonna move on to to the mill in the far north very very very typical compounds very very clear sides of like line line line of sites that was worked like easy to kind of move on the roof see cetera but there was still certain dead ends and and a bit of awkwardness inside this compound so we've clean this up a little bit as well so level designers kind of went in and made sure that it is this more looping back type of things but you can go back inside from different areas so as you can see here that they can't extend that exactly so it not all of a sudden you don't have a dead end up there anymore like there was a bit of a problem right you climb up the leather inside and unless I'm gonna sit in here with a shotgun you need to find this really weird angle in order to get them out of there unless you find like any explosives or whatever like a fire bomb on you so now at least there is an additional way of getting through also like some of the cracks have been closed some of the of the wood panels are closer now so you can't see through the small cracks then easily there's no places where this is possible but overall you can now loop around get to this it's it just helps the flow of moving around this this is area a little bit more exactly that's the other side of this one as you know here's what we have the letter leading up and then it was a bit of a debt and otherwise up there so sometimes you have some really awkward fights when you were in the inside which is very easy to offend able the other guys try to get up there and they get pushed back and it's ended up very often to be not really an area you could be easily in control of so again here level design went in identified some of these areas opened up like a little window so you can see like the shutters the green chatters you can open those up for window which means you can actually go inside the building from this area as well it just makes everything a bit cleaner plus as you can see below there is like an additional entrance into the boss arena it's barred but it gives you one more option to maybe blow this open use a sledgehammer cut it wait force your way in from multiple directions and makes it a bit harder to defend from the inside yeah this same component again this is basically the front door now here some minor adjustments for example in this case what we've been doing is you can see inside the big door there you see the letter in the background like things have been moved around all to accommodate for the window you see there that you can reach from the outside with a great chatter if you open it yeah and we kind of move the the door a little bit more into the center so that the two doorways to one if you move for the big gate and then turn the right and this one are no too close together so at the moment you can basically throw one coins in a bump and seal them both off together almost though it becomes a little bit harder to kind of control the space so yeah um still adds at milliner as you can see here lots of windows right like the whole place has lots of openness in it however it's just perceived because actually usually from the other side they were barred or the ones on the top floor they were kind of like pointless because they were halfway across the stairs etc so it was a bit overkill so again level design can identify it some of the more important ones and we designed this place so in the stead of having four windows up there we actually have like huge trees going actually closer you know someone shoots the glass you can close the shutters and the ones on the bottom floor on the far right side actually have been clearly clearly ported up because I mean you couldn't see through many ways right just give you the good feeling as if you could but now we can more clearly understand where could a sniper for example be sitting and you can kind of like identify that and it just in general have have a clearer language of what to expect at this particular compound yeah so yeah then we move on to slaughterhouse so this is the the living quarters at slaughterhouse again one of those areas which especially if you if you play quick play a lot might turn out to be a pretty hard place to get a player again if they are the Walsman carrier which is under the roof basically the little room where sometimes you have to kill we spit of a dead ends the one on the left side on basically under the roof so what we've done here is can edit like a second entrance into this so you have a letter leading up you can now destroy the window which means it actually falls away into this from multiple directions so it becomes less easy to camp this area and just basically make sure that it's more of a nicer flow around the building with different options rather than then just going into one staircase basically and then you can lock the placed on almost completely from one side while not having to worry about people pushing in from the other side so there's more and we know at Stillwater we have so so many I wonder which how far you are currently I think we're we're probably like 2/3 to throw them all right I started to drink sometimes in between but I think we'll we'll manage all right so Stillwater what did we do here um similar treatment as we've explained for some of the other compounds and just like opening up new pathways closing so some of the open roofs or or like the closing on the cracks in the walls so with this one again we kind of barred up some of the sites so it's less likely for you to snipe people and shoot inside etc so it's more of a cover function or ever will also open up additional paths so like here we see with a letter leading up and then another entrance into the into the upper floor of the of the lung barn you just have a chance to kind of like move around flank around and in general be a bit more clever about you move around this compound not not this one I think it's very hard to get to the same and if you would walk through window I think you come down before yeah but there's there's other doc pants like in other areas where you can actually end up inside and if you don't kill the docs before well this is I mean these changes are gonna come to both PC and Xbox just to give some information is a stylist or someone who add I can't wait to be on Xbox it is already on Xbox game preview but at the moment everything is planned for 1.0 so that means for both Xbox and PC yeah currently Xbox game preview is on the level of update 5.0 yes and has an addition to map updates from 6.0 as for this tutorial and then moving forward step by step we also want to make sure that the versions kind of align and that means everything we talked about here for 1.0 eventually also will catch up catch up and find it's way too much alright so different angles same building in still water stone so with the changes you see like the the roof section has been changed a little bit so you can get up there and inside some of the roof parts of your barn up a little bit more yeah well – stuff from this angle but you can see like as you can now climb up these these haystacks there make sure to get access on the roof from this side on the other side you have to use the letter we just show before yeah so yeah I'm still still water so the living quarters on the water again one of those areas I think there's no player displayed hunt that didn't get lost at least once inside his body yeah first you cut lost quite a lot now what did we do to change the spelling up a little bit so first off we kind of like opened up more options to get on the upper floor so there's like a letter edits on the outside so you can climb up there you can also after you've climbed up the letter move left on the roof drop down on this little balcony thingy there and they can go into like through the window inside there as well so just different options but that wasn't really the biggest problem we had with this building right actually yeah I think we're gonna talk about it first uh first this one and then we go back to the other building so this is the backside of the same building as you can see with the neighboring buildings there they were always kind of bit of a separated thing there was this little like little wooden bridge connecting at least further out in the middle building but one thing was missing skidding you and chance to get onto the middle roof by different means than the building in the background so now what we've added is like a little letter it allows it you can go up from the smallest of the buildings then go over to the other one and then cross over so there's a completely different path that if you climb up here you can move across the roofs to the other building and attacking from the ground yeah so going back into into the living quarters buildings so the inside as you know people had some finding issues they're navigating this was wasn't it very very very nice so we've kind of clean this up a little bit so what you see now is actually more connecting doorways the two buildings have joined together to become actually one more easily connected building you don't need to navigate this maze at the back to get them to the other side you actually have the room speak connector it's much clearer and that means this area here will become much more of a center point for fighting moving around especially with the other roof axis from the previous rows so as you can see this is maybe like interesting show this is like the top-down view whether we like the the roof being removed so as you can see here like holes how weird it was to go through now it's so much nicer as you can actually move around you have the doors connecting each of the main buildings and so no matter what of the main entrances you take you can kind of get to any place of the building a much much nicer no-mind so basically now this was the previous one we had like this is where the wall and then this one is the new one where one one since that set of like stairs was removed but we added more doors to kind of connect the rooms and yeah you can have you little little fights now a bit more clear in this one without completely random runs not knowing where you're the guys that gets much clearer it's easier to fight all right that's so far for Stillwater okay we actually take short break is I really want to get some more water in case to rest room so we can do it real quick be right back and we are back again Thank You freshwater and then to bladder okay so we also have a bunch of lovely changes for Lawson Delta Jets all right so um as you know lost Delta a little more often I can open or more open map and so less water more grass fields etc but this also means much easier to track players and find them etc so with a couple of the previous updates we've kind of like identified some of the areas where we wanted to kind of make sure people also have a fair chance of kind of moving around a bit more less detectable and we've continued with that so as part of it like some of the some of the more exposed areas have received like additional like like trees and bushes etc this um they're not just like wildly placed and there's actually so that we still have these open corridors of line of sight so again similar approaches with the islands in the Bayou but it's more like pockets you can move between so while it looks a lot more like densely populated actually it's just one example to make sure that you can't like easily shoot everybody coming from this direction but I need to move into a nice place for exactly get a high ground etc in order to continue doing that so actually this was around ardent parish that was indeed in northern wrote or perish which is like on the sentries side of the map um so here we have the Arsenal which basically with very iconic railroad and the watchtowers and what we've been doing in here is actually not outside but actually the building you see in the center so the building so far is very typical for this area here we have lots of letters and everything was a bit sometimes awkward to move around because obviously does give away your position yeah so very off we've kinda like moved in and actually change them into the next heir cases so it's much easier to navigate there are still obviously letters in the area but it's more for the extra where so just making sure with the stairs that it's it's easier to kind of move up and down and have a nice of fights rather than like only having one way of getting up there without using letter and then that possibly being camped everything is a bit more fluid is a bit nicer to move around this is like the top flow of the same area here now staircase leading up and making a bit more elegance actually move to and fro then hear words compounds to the east of that we basically have a Bradley brick Bradley's brick works we have like the long barn building that is on the west side of the compound and over here similar treatment has been seen on folk some of the mountain range is we can include some of the roof sections out we can have board up the walls a little bit more where again we had a crouch entrance on the on the south side on the far left with the walls pillars we don't have a proper door so getting in and out moving around spinning much clearer and it's a little bit harder to kind of like snipe from this building from the inside of this building into the compound to the right through all these small little cracks etc everything is a bit there we go everything is a bit more water then same compound that's the the little building we have next to the gate that license linear the extent of war to the south side slightly also view here this building as well was almost a bunker in some way or another and that was a bit of a problem because it was kind of occupying the flow of blocking people to effectively from entering the component less they want to detour quite drastically so here again we kind of changed some of these typical buckets almost let's at all that proper windows give you new ways of entering the building and board I think up a little bit more it's the opposite side of the same building as you can see like you have like another way of actually if you go to this intermediate roof there on the right side you can throw some explosives or whatever or shoot inside from that thing before was completely boarded up and on the far left side actually thank you yeah exactly so like there's like additional power thingy so if you put the generator on this area also get smoke Lehrer and for the safety of the player we talked about the the dog kennels before this one actually had the problem that with a ramp in the background you might actually yeah but actually just walk on it and then fall inside now we boiled up a little bit so safety inspection was hazardous and so we've just boarded up a little bit so it's not as easy to accidentally fall in and get even so this is some of the northern areas will be selected typical grasslands and here again like using more fences using a bit more in a clever way the trees and the bushes where needed in order to break line of sight where it's really a bit too far from however you can see it kind of helped a little bit to kind of ward things up and make sure people are more funneled again and have nicer interactions and angles to shoot at each other here is hemlock and the far southeast again the compound that was very busy very noisy we can try to clear things up a little bit here as well making it more interesting to fight because of all of the hanging like tans was was just it was very hard it was it was very very weird to connect fight around this place very often you would just overlook the enemy at this particular point so again we kind of made the center bit more solid put it the wall around all these all the heights hang in there for drying and just make sure that you can move around this with a more clear understanding of like where to expect contact and maybe where you would be safe so it's a different angle again the roof can extends it's like not just here here actually can move underneath there as well but again clear windows doors you set where everything is a bit more cleaned up nice or less busy then we're going to Lawson station so the big tower at Lawson station I mean as you can see like the elevator we added there last updates lots of open spaces again like you lots of lots of cracks missing missing wood planks etc everything was a bit busy again we've kind of moved it more into a structured format so it's more reliable cover and shelter so from the outside it's more of a clean up thingy but the inside has changed quite a bit as well so this is the top floor as you can see if the elevator door on the far back and you had like the staircase around the corner moving down and then on the right-hand side this is where the connection so dislike whatever you call it things metal coll thingy buckets conveyor slide that could be a cultured yeah and now this place has been cleaned up a little bit the staircase has been redecorated and everything is a bit not a metal ship yes thank you very much and so as you as you move around this top floor everything looks a little bit more interesting nicer more meaningful in terms of what the purpose of the building is also as you come up from the metal cold sure thing either you can also can directly move down the staircase so there's a nicer flow in general if you move between buildings all right then here we have the railroad tracks again heading on spaces along the southern southern side moving to the southwest of compounds very open space it was very hard for example for for like mounted carriers to kind of push out of this area not getting ambushed – long distance etc so again in the clever way using trees kind of breaking out of sight creating these little cover islands in between so that depending on your angle you can see different other exposed but also concealed areas and just made the whole thing a bit more easier to navigate and like more reliably feel secure for you if you move in a clever way same here as well this is in the center as you mean see this intersection between between like like on the ABC the swamp area on the center west side it's like blossom station being ahead of you very open very exposed again like keeping the line of sight pretty much the same but making sure that some of the cover in between is a bit more pronounced it's a bit easier to read and actually more efficient also to cover you stone well exposes your face across the road so they go from either to island but at least whenever you are there it's more reliable working as cover for you same thing here same swamp area close Bunyan kind of like that's maybe a bit hard to see here you know if you do it fast you see that the building in the background staying the same so the new one again providing a bit more cover in this particular case the right-hand side so keeping it exposed to the left side general allowing you to kind of move through this area you can focus on the left side but you can be rather safe against the right side until you push all these line of like hedges and bushes or trees there yeah all right then this is the the next one it's basically one of the six out of prison will have two bigger compounds that actually had more dead ends in it again especially the top floor and what we've done here is can edit again letters closed some of the of the gaps especially on the ground floor so you can't as easily throw grenades inside again the change primarily intended to allow it to move around circle around have like a figure of eight like and I'm moving between different buildings and chasing each other's tails basically as you try to get the drop on the enemy different angle here same procedure same running theme you see like the gaps between the wooden planks can be sealed up but different options being added like the window you can evolve into and can I go through now this time I spot something but so here following all the same procedure and the roof axis as you can see with it with the three chimney is now on the left side with a new version actually it has a bit more cover so as you drop off the window you're a bit more protected towards what's on the other side allowing you to can I use this as you push up them from yeah then we are continuing how much have you electronics representing to Vienna but we still have one two three four five six seven videos all right AI improvements themself what do we have in store for women over here yeah so emulator extra receives only very little changes because we're actually rather happy with him however what we don't like so much about him in a moment is especially lightning quick play for example or against new players how he can challenge you because you have to understand one thing with the emulator he is the one AI you can't outrun even with the hellhounds you can manage it because you can go indoors cetera this guy just bad was in the doors and some keeps him coming and he is especially like moving around as though as a bipedal a lot more able to follow you and move inside in no areas now what we want to do with this guys actually make sure that you can bring him down a bit more reliably so he takes less shots of the body to bring down but actually he takes a thing in specific the bullet types maybe Odin ditional headshot even to bring down so it's about normalization rather than making a weaker in general it's about making sure that if you just have a weak pistol for example and just hammer at his body you can still bring him down by force you don't have to score the perfect headshots but for those people who actually think that he's a bit too easy right now and actually usually go for that it's a torture uppercut headshots against this guy depending on the weapon you have you might need like a third headshot now and won't be able to do it in twos but just general firepower against him is more little bit as well like so with the body damage changes means like melee also over is a bit more effective against them so what you can do with this is that if you get one on your face and he is just that kind of like hammering at you even if you don't have falls down you know fully prepared for this file you can still kind of more easily wear him down so it doesn't become as relying on the perfect hit combo but actually you man he's gonna probably hit you is that her right but it's not as as exhausting in order to bring one down so everything is a bit easier but otherwise he still same challenges before but we hope that specifically newer players or players play quick play without having it weapons just have an easier time against I do seem like people ask about the Safari because I don't know if we have change will be change something for that because I do know a lot of people feel all night I mean yes so the system we have is basically a random system right thank so we tell them these amount of specials is what we would like to kind of populate in this compound as people get close to activate it and then it can a Pixum but sometimes in pink just like a lot of emulators versus let's say a lot of hives or whatever else but one thing we're gonna do for 1.0 something will be already testing locally but this look kind of like turning and treating it is actually like the composition of those may be reduce in compared to like the grants some compounds might be more affected in others it's more of attuning balancing Placid evolution is going through in order to find like a good ratio that sometimes like it doesn't feel too overwhelming encountering specials in general which obviously the emulator can be very very challenging if you have more than one at one area and they all trigger and they can come on you all right our changes also again a smaller set of changes basically the armor you wouldn't think it but he actually learned he learned from the emulator yeah very smart so what he can do now is actually he can better indoors as well so he is basically paid attention and seen that what the emulator can do and he can do that as well so if you lock a door he will kind of like try to better through just in the same way obviously he's look prefers like an opening right so he might detour a little bit in order to get through an open area if he sees it but in case you want to just like close it all in front of him you might fool the normal grunts I mean ain't gonna for the armored he's also mute right now [Laughter] can also shoot nitro bullets so in general in general this guy is rather it's the same dude from a behavior point of view but better indoors that's the new thing he learned and he does it very well I wonder what else you can learn in the future so on the grunts similar story minor changes primarily but the grunts on that goes for actually all of the bipedal AI they do have learned to taunt so they they kind of kind of let out their frustration anger if they can't get to you so if you for example climb up somewhere close the door etcetera and they kind of like they don't just like stand there like look at you they actually go like where I want to kill you I want to eat you and because of that the grunts you will see that the most I think you'll see them just kind of like taunting and just like go like I want to really eat you now the other thing they have learned is that um right now it's very easy to trick them and then goes for all of the bipedal enemies so there is a small little wooden barrel or box or whatever just climbing on that even if it means the guy would easily be able to reach you it would basically mean nope I cannot navigate to this place I cannot attack this place I will just stay there so but only will they taunt but also you will be frustrated they were actually they will actually reach out and try to attack you if they would have a chance to actually reach you so you might need to climb a little bit higher now to be really on the safe side I've changes so again this is mostly on the systemic nature we're doing changes to the to the hype swarm and that we've mentioned before effects the hive bomb but also the new poison barrel but the – self also obviously benefits here it's like that hives or the hive swarms can be defeated which means if you just Mele against them enough times you can also disperse them and pay them like like much faster so you don't necessarily have to always find the hive in order to shut out the swarm immunity feckner well obviously if you want to like avoid having continuous warm speaks and towards you obviously need to find rhetoric recast while she does it in a moment as well but the rule yeah but if you like then a new one will be sent after yeah so it's basically you just try to her homing missile so we should show fire another homing missile so apart from that it's mostly consistency with her like the hives swarms also less likely to clip through walls now for example so everything should be a little bit more manageable so if you close the door the swarm has less of a chance to kind of find a way inside it's not hundred percent guaranteed because I mean these buildings are kind of open expose but for the most part II should be more safe now and be able to use more common sense things that close you can do or to avoid the things actually following you yeah all right whatever changes again we're talking about mostly for one point of bringing things together like consistency as well as balancing for the water Devils we've been doing it as kind of looking at what is the most problematic part I mean the idea of rim still remaining the same there a obstacle right they will deny a certain area make it harder for you to fight your way through this like so you might need to consider an alternate path or invest into like emanation or just engaging with them in some way in order to lobby to force through now for water devil that means we've kind of tailored and change the reaction radius a little bit so it doesn't sense the place entering water that far out and if they do it's much easier to counter them um however if you just move around the area it's also more likely for them to to reappear in other area so there's a different situation again it's mostly on a balancing side it's something that it's best seen by just then once we have it ready go on and try it out but it feels a bit fairer and then we'll like it take less damage sorry to take more damage so so it's easier with any weapon you have to kind of like at least stun them or get them get them away for the moment obviously you still need to invest by using ammunition to do so I love to check they're like what a devil now for waffles you out of the water that one has a gun one of them must use your gun my earth Devils confirm all right so that's that part and then we have hello changes so this is what we have the first video I think yeah how also got smarter so this is so far so good what are you doing they're actually going underneath fences now so reevaluate your your tactics for how to rid of them because while they won't be able to jump over fences and not that smart yet at least so this is like obviously systemic which means whatever whatever like areas you go through sometimes hopping over the fence was like enough to trick them because they would need to move like 2030 meters around but if there's like another like different like gap to crouch underneath they won't take advantage of it now yeah not smarter all right then we have to meet a changer so this is where we're getting into the bigger changes actually so the meteor has seen a much stronger design iteration which has changed its behavior quite drastically so what we've tried to do is make sure that he works much better as chokepoint defender where he's gonna like covering an area the problem is that since he doesn't really have a hat and therefore is kind of robbed of a number of his senses it's harder for him to fulfill the role of a gatekeeper now for this obviously he is relying on the leeches to symbiotic like insects oh can I live inside him and that are also moving around the area and they kind of designate targets for him so we've kind of revamped this mechanic a little bit made a bit clearer and the primary reason here was to make sure that these leeches actually fan out spread out a lot more and become much more effective sensors for him maybe just show the first video and see it says you can see here innkeeper like if someone did you deal with them if you wanna go through and you see these lis just moving around now you can use decoys for example to turn back the specter and they are also much more receptive to in this case gunfire so they common search for you they have a very short side range but their audible range is rather big so this case obviously they couldn't really sense you there but they work closely closely investigating so they move a lot faster now they're a lot more aggressive every time you kill one obviously because it's a big relationship meter we get angry and the moment they get close enough and they alert him then he'll comfortable position and try to strike at you obviously you can see you could kind of the disengage with him but overall you have to be a lot more mindful of the leeches now they also have a much nicer distribution so they would have to spread around the area a lot better but the Vella tech they can be kind I tried to see we can use like to eliminate leeches far but then lock them off the census in store menu pick up another change here is that the meatheads senses when some someone poisoned is nearby so that opens up all sorts of options obviously like mess with other players so for portfolio for the mean slingers out there probably opens up new opportunities but the main thing is that if you get poisoned either because a leech has poisoned you or maybe because someone threw a poison bomb or high form at you or whatever systemically he might be on to you much much much faster so I think he has like roughly 20 meters or so of sentencing range for poison so if you get attacked by – and there's a mean around he might actually also be accurate from that one so that's rather interesting so this is just a second clip you can see from the top down position just to show a little bit more like how the leeches are kind of moving around the area moving with so they always try to effect for much like the perimeter around him in sensory net basically that's that hopefully catches the prey so that he can and move in and slaughter it use some decoys and the leeches kind of like kind of like it to get attracted ood so you can use that to in tactical ways you can kind of draw the leeches to a specific place maybe kill him over the firebomb quickly then therefore he is blind for the moment as a responder leeches and or you can just use that fiction we can get them away from from you like a flu so that you can actually quickly get the crew while they're distracted and actually give the meter be so overall there's a lot more interaction with the different weapons they have he basically has different different attack types for them as well so depending on whether he has like the big hook or the claw like some of them do a little bit more a little bit less damage or cause bleeding or not so always have a lookout for what weapon he actually has I remember this gunsmith messing with me like that alright so that's so far for the normally I cast let's talk about the bosses yeah so we have two boxes that we're changing or change which is the assassin and spider yes obviously it's because we already did some changes for example to the butcher and where we gave them the rage mode and such yeah then you can be normalized so that it shouldn't be down to the player thinking or this is the easiest of the bosses always go for him it should be about against which boss possibly do I have the best equipment or or which is the one I enjoyed the most playing rather than which one is the easiest which one can I explore the viewers or quickly get rid of the fastest so trying to normalize across them and faster baseline has been the changes we've been doing to the butcher as well as the new assassin so it's mostly about what we did to in order to elevate the spider on a similar level but also obviously across all of them to kind of balance by doing couple changes here there it's top of the spider she's having a frenzy mode so if you know the French women from the future thanks to much damage it goes basically depressor and the same thing actually it happens here so it's always comes down to understanding when is it when you should attack her and when is it when you should be more evasive and frontal Voyager I think so and when she actually successful so now becomes aggressive now this is when you wanna run the same thing with a butcher when you don't want to stand by the distance maybe this department can try to hammer and just gives you over all like different pacing of understanding when to attack why not attack the boss overall despite all was just a bit more aggressive so you should have lot less downtime where she moves around you trying to follow her all the time it's more that there's a continuous attacking sequence against you but obviously the same rules apply also if the spider is jumping at you and you hit her actually she does knock you really back like so you basically don't take any damage from it it's kinda like you can defeat a deity attack mid-air so there's also obviously counter ways for the spider we still in the tuning process or specifically that that frenzied mob when she's on to you when she's attacking we might still do some work with it with the speeds etc to give you a fair chance to moving away similar to what we did on the butcher but the idea is that there's a similar pacing of now is your turn to attack now is the boss's turn to attack and it's kind of like finding the right moments in between when you want to deal damage or when you want to run also doing friends just like with the butcher the boss takes less damage so it was also like no incentive to for you to kind of talk to the hammer at her while she's chasing your partner for example so basically as you Tunis fighter we try different things out right and this one was actually pretty funny so we want to show to you so we tried experimenting with the speeds but sometimes we get a little bit ahead of ourselves so this wasn't really meant to be like that but it was actually pretty funny moment where during testing the spider was really trying really really hard to get to you really so yeah we're having some times we are also having fun moments so that was actually rather unexpected and interesting and yeah game death can be fun so assassin changes we're off to the last one yes two videos okay so the assassin has to receive just a loop of chewy so primarily it's about the kill now this is basically the frenzied mode off the SS following the same rules better this is what you want to kind of get ripped off pieces these these cones were that quickly the thing is like before it was just like happening once now it's a phase which means he's doing this you want to see when is it shows you that insect screen effect that you normally know from the clones also when he doesn't degrade so if you can like use melee attack etc against the assassin order to to kind of like force them back into the swarm state so that he then finds a new place for you to attack to attack you from if you do that it's gonna be bugs on your screen for a moment can disorient in you it's usually it's usually not enough for you to really have like a strong impact on your vision unlike the clones which do this for much more last intervals they can explode in your face they're basically just covering you with bugs all around and then making it easy for the actual assassin to strike at you this one is more of an immersive effect a little bit to make you feel a bit more connected and actually that the guy bursts into insects and if you took close while you get insects all over you okay that was it for this long yes I think we've made this right yeah we made it this is it so to do that I mean we'll just put it on the screen to give a recap of some of the things that we have seen today it is a lot but tactical thing for example is something I feel many people mentioned which means you can now paint in the game where you can if you're playing with a partner doesn't have a microphone for example my friend network radio same language to still give you know some hints to you know there's an enemy there or whatever come on you're a blue communication is that yeah but to play yes and also we have a large weapon I mean metal tuned just right a lot of weapon changes actually let's mention it as well so for all the Xbox players we've released the first content update for Xbox game preview so you can get a couple of the weapons that some of the PC players might already be familiar with now also on Xbox as you play game preview these packs will be released over the next weeks more more and that means some of these packs will become available rather soon this is the first one close combat one introduces competition many weapons to stamina shot as well as a new trait Decatur legs yes for the 1.0 changes improvements you can find things like folding and sprinting now individually yeah obviously the ping system your engines do we've got some new traits once we're being silent just yeah it's basically just a few of those which are mostly about maneuvering and repeater is a bigger change because in this case it is a change in how you use repeater rifle so the windfield rifle if you don't have the trade there's a different animation we kind of like are being moved a little bit off targets yeah but you actually is to stay in line like in in your iron sights and 80s unlike for example the old action rifle etc but it's all means you have to learn a little bit kind of like keeping the target on side if you have to trade everything is like it is at the moment confused that's actually I'm really curious how many people are going to try the the dauntless way you have to go in and you can turn off a and how many people will actually succeed maybe we should do like a mini contest for this I think there will be some changes to existing trade so we using dark side more in order to reveal for example the the fired like a crossbow bolts or the throw knives separate debate to easier retrieve them and resilience gives you a bit more health pack so it becomes more of a competitive choice and we also had one more change here which was that's the vigilance trade which is a new ones right here allows you to see traps again also using dark side then the weapon changes we've got three new weapon well variance means variances because they extended for the bore name which will individually refill the blood obviously accident bob talon which is obviously a little about marksman but the sniper over that talent yeah telling familiy marksmen for snipers which obviously comes with those new fancy scopes that are if you haven't dropped it and where I've got them contraband not so we have a dirt system this coming as well which you can see here in this gift I really like how this made so they can o'clock up no gameplay relevance just aesthetic and they can clean them up between missions as well if you find a contraband weapon from like if you pick some up someone's weapon up for example would be dirtier and what we've also done is alongside made sure that if you have a contraband weapon that the scopes kind of are only they're correct so if you buy a sniper weapon it has clean pristine is good like lenses nothing cracked in there nothing dirty but if you pick it up from a dead guy for example if you found in a quick play that's when the contraband rule comes and that's when it will be correct as it is right now unless and if you buy the weapons that are not already clean they can they used wear so like this is like perfect we're look but like what you see is the next step this is more like how you get handed them like so like this so some 400 just like tightens this is weapon you're gonna get it at you buy it from from from from from the retailer and obviously you can always clean it up if you want to but you can also just play with it is is yeah weak versions of stamina indeed or changes also increasing the time so these demeanor shots goes up from one minute to 10 minutes while the weak shot is basically like the one we currently have like one minute and then we have the weak version of the antidotes which is like six minutes compared to 60 minutes for the one we currently have at the moment again difference in price etc so you can pick the one we like the most – changes but the hive bomb will now swarm not towards you even if you throw it it will not go to you or your partner and it will go also you able to Mele it or yeah you can counter it so this weighs on you because you can so basically a bit more grace period so obviously eventually if you move around too much you're on this area it will also attack you but it's much easier much more likely to instantly go after the target so they can't get away that easily plus important point here's also that after the hive bomp has killed it dissipates so it won't become a threat to you offer actually kill the guy who wanted to go I mean minor stuff something you guys can go through as well on your own nothing really not too much there we also have like improvements visually to aim hoppers like effects on the fuser so that if you set something on fire like at five bottl or like that I might your hunter will be eliminated a little bit which means it's easier for other people to see what you're about to do well attraction that's actually well I mean it will probably be too much of watched videos now just watch on watch the replay yeah we keep important part here main thing is that the trees give you much more cover and long bullets don't really go for brick walls that easily anymore so cover becomes more of a thing again exactly again not a list of weapon changes nothing really too important we talked to what effect scopes otherwise watch the stream and you see all the details in the videos I think to them and it will all be interesting as well like I was really afraid that we might give me too much information and it's all good so excluding barrels of fires so barrels do not longer directly get light because red police unless you have fire because I'll be vibrance ignites so should shoot a flare pistol owns barrel instant blows up but no longer works like that for example shotgun shells are closed for long bullets at distance they followed the same rule as the other projectile so I set it on fire first and then it blows up off the second and if you were to throw a grenade pass for example your explosive 3 max to fire or through fire it will no longer blow up it's like it's more delayed so it hopefully doesn't blow up in your face it will eventually blow up but hopefully on the other side of the fire not on your side yeah and general visual polish for for likes visual polish for like muzzle flashes and seeing back to smoke all of the barrels all looks really really really nice stuff there yeah so will changes I mean just poses problems are there new type of barrels it's a lot of scream did he mention I haven't talked about each of them imagine if you had to do that just yet I had to like rename all of them like one I mean you can see it here it's like stream stream prep is like oh it's really fun it's a lot of like numbering and sorting and to get an idea so so we had improvements the animator is a little less less less powerful but harder to feel yeah armor changes the artists smarter his submission doors also smashing Doris like the grunt he's now angrier so he don'ts when he can treat you exactly but there will be places where if you sat on something they can still reach it even though you weren't able before a nil like you know slap you slap your feet back under my son still hungry that was the massive it's like Rumble ever it's like so I've changed his dad's because the way the hive swarms have changed they now can be dissipating if you hit them a few times and yes there's obviously the hive benefits from that change as well where devil spawns Abaddon yeah bit a bit fair a bit fairer and how he egg rolls and how you can defeat them is it weaker all smart boys now and they can crawl under well not crawling offences they could just go on offenses that have like the way you would need to crawl under they can just move through they will not jump fences but they would go underneath so it means you're not always exactly bigger change in this one so the the leeches become more aggressive as his sensors they spread out more they alert better in in addition to that if you get poisoned that's a smell the meathead likes very much and it goes after you with the next twenty or so meters so also opportunity for people to shoot you with poison stuff in order to make meatheads finish you off yes last ones the spider changes the spider doesn't attack yeah I go so in French more great she won't like harm to you and just yeah always think about like the the butcher in this case find the right moment when you want to attack and when you want to run same thing for a spider with a frenzy mode it has its moments where it can actually hunt in you the hunter becomes the hunted and then we also have some assassin changes goes in the same direction where basically the cloning becomes a bit more of a frenzied mode for him so he will do more summoning of clones and then during that time its when you really what do you want to don't want to be focused on him but actually try to maybe stay away from the clones etc until he has calmed down again the normal technique resumes exactly and that was pretty much it there was a 1.0 some questions but I know you guys are truly a lot of questions the things they probably forgot like two-thirds of it already it is a lot and next week there's gonna be another stream obviously in the week after I'm not gonna give away yet when we're talking about next week unless I actually already shared it another country brought this I think you did well just I hope like me that you don't remember what I said let me see do we have inclusive features for deaf players that can sense direction so well we don't really have anything specific for deaf players although yeah we talked about some of that stuff this is unfortunate thing which will happen for 41.0 but we do have accessibility of on our list and there a couple more things you would like to do there yeah at the moment we have no plans for preface hold on okay I know a lot of people were asking for the ETA we're not giving anything yet yeah it's gonna be soon we'll share more about that and it will go for some tests I know a lot of people are worried like when wouldn't you die you know prestige because you know when you get the the prestige of words and if you words of level and then I'm it like many or a night let's say 90 a blood line level and we say okay we're done and you lose all those many levels I'm pretty sure that we will do a good warning so people know that they should proceed yeah keep keep in mind like with every release we've done so far there's always going to be a test or a period right so it's not going to happen from one day to another so yes there will receive rights you can see in a per new stream so definitely that's actually true yeah yeah performance changes yes there will be ongoing performance changes as well I mean obviously we're also working on the Xbox version of the game and like changes we were doing an optimization between four they're always also benefit the PC version so things like moving around give-and-take between changes between different branches so expect also to receive further smaller updates here and there for performance on PC I see a lot of people are asking for things that are not talked about day oh here with a new a I changed a boss change I am looking to the mo do you think it creates a conflict with the new changes and postures and the reduction and more do you think it creates a confident I don't I don't think so because I don't think the last point is true we don't really change them are we actually giving a little bit more emanation to some of the weapons same types for example Winfield Winfield see the wind if you'll see actually just gets a little bit more emanation compare the other so there's more of a difference between them but it's all really taking away a lot if so it's only a few bullets to normalize them but for the most part I mean we just also introduced like an ammo box there are enough things in there and other changes to it I don't make it necessary tougher they just mean that they become easily to understand which is obviously good for new players that they don't get completely overwhelmed but also fairer to fight like so if you are clever if you understand that AI and you can you can be very a more efficient against don't understand the weak spots for example and I think that overall balances each other out quite nicely yeah your stats will be white with the level progress just a boredom extent it's still benefit from blue rubber it does benefit from black rubber the only difference is that you can't open the side to put a new magazine and just get five arounds in one go you have to chop up all round so if someone it's like an interrupting you you might only have those few rounds you put on I know that there's something that we talked about before but I just wanted to point out the we have talked about like we're investigating to remove the outer aim we actually working very actively on that one as well so so xbox will receive further updates on the preview right and we actually have done quite a lot of changes already for all the aim assist other controls are working getting your bit more granularity exposing certain features for what you can do what you can tweak how you can customize this so I mean basically game preview is like early access on Xbox so I so job viously the game takes its first steps and it grows from there so there will be more updates and expect until we release Xbox 1.0 that there will be a major change to all of that yeah based on the feedback etc exactly the stage of dirtiness for weapons we Bynum whose shop is like the mouth it's not completely clean it's it's yeah it's I think actually if you take a look at the weapons at the moment they basically have a middle value summer right it doesn't change it's not dynamic but it's the same system underneath so technically we can already say put more or less in there kind of grows or shrinks based on how the parameters we said but think of it like that if you have a completely clean weapon and you have the ones you currently have on life the weapons you buy from the shop are somewhere between those except for the legendary weapons which will always be completely clean because someone is really polishing up for you because legendary exactly I see grabbing down are you doing something to make the shadow do you think with the weapon it's not a pressing problem look at my shadow and see my weapon fly rinse a little in with that is actually something that we talked about yeah we watched a sprint and watched a video it's very nice there's no floating weapons anymore we have proper third party we're very happy about us even though it's a very minor feature I mean it's really good does weapon cleaning cost blood bones yes is something we talked about in a stream so this is where we're also like for little convenience features like that things that don't really in play like the new currency will be used for but again it's cosmetic and you could also argue that the weapon is completely dirty actually it might even be better for camouflage right so give and take and you can just earn them without having exactly so you can earn demand mmm anything related to the things shown in the screen oh yeah I'm looking for questions oh sorry how does it depend traction damage effect headshots well basically it works like this already right now even with a without doing any changes to it so I have a base damage on the weapon the projectile as it travels depending on the projector type ya know is just air damage over distance a compact boy loses the ammo or like it's damaged much faster than for example on bullet that means in without any penetration hitting a guy to further distance means it's a weaker hit on top of that obviously comes the fact that the player has different hit body locations and they kind of multiply that damage that arrives depending on the one on the area let's focus on why headshot is illegal because of this is a high multiplayer or that compared to film the legs and the arms now an important point here is that by going through walls additional damage is being deducted so depending again on the bullet and depending on the number of penetrations your doing more more of that initial damage also kind of lost so in combination if you multiply all of this together and obstruct me etc you arrive at a specific point less than the damage you receive so if you're further further away from a wall shoot to the wall there's a higher chance to get might survive ahead show that if you closer to the wall vice-versa it comes down to like a type of projectile wall type etc it's it's a hundreds of variables that kind of affect us across the entire weapon arsenal so it's we had done we can't really explain this like in too much detail give you all the answers but the system is very flexible it comes to them that's actually at one point that we did not put on the on the actual update changeless but I think is important to talk about alongside this which is I mentioned like for example the limbs doing less damage than the arms now one thing what we found out is that especially if the guy is moving with a weapon in front the weapon never was a problem the shock would just go through the weapon right it wasn't a real part but the problem was that the arms very often shielded so one change we are also doing 41.0 is that if you're shooting at the upper torso of an enemy and the arm is in the way but you would hit the torso underneath or either lower torso or upper torso which are different zones you would actually get the hit counted for the respective torso location so only if the arm is on the side and you will hit the arm only there but actually there's nothing behind it would it be an arm shot so it's just optimization and the weapon balancing etc is taken into account so it's it's not that much of an issue from a balancing point of view just means that it is a bit less rng in the way you shoot up at all so you have more reliable chance of doing damage don't you think this fight is going to be easier now I mean she doesn't hide so much anymore you can just much easier burst her down but she also is more lethal and actually does more damage against you so it's a different take I mean you can also just go in with a stamina shot enemy Emelia weapon try to to like like Malita butcher but you will receive damage against you while doing that now the thing is about normalization like if you can do it like a very easy way of killing one boss but you can't do it for the other boss you might actually gravitate more it's that easy a boss right because it means shorter fight which means less exposure to other teams possibly attacking you and our goal is standardizing normalizing between the bosses so all of them become more interesting because of the different gameplay but not because of the different difficulty I will do like three more questions there's one I will just answer is normally they look of monster what what sorry reset yes yes how do wind field changes effective marksmen and the aperture is basically on the on the on a marksman you already have that right you we go out between shots completely because it's a sniper scope role so that can I kick them that's the same thing as if you take a Mosin again for example the basic moves in a gun is affected by iron Sharpshooter the trade which is for iron sights and then we have for the moseyin sniper version the sniper scope Smith which deals with that so the similar way the marksman version is affected by the marksman trait well and repeater is affecting primarily the iron sights now interesting thing here is that obviously aperture sight is an iron sight so the aperture sight actually is affected by our repeater rather than its own trade okay okay okay let's do one one good question see Crytek can you explain diffusing system let's take that one so that basically means the new dauntless trait so just to repeat like the daughters train if you have it on your hunter means that if you get close to an explosive you get a little interaction prompt like press F to disable explosive and unless the guy who's rude was very good in priming a grenade so don't giving you a chance to get there in time what you can do is you can press the button and goes out and you have to fuse this this explosive is then gone there is no useful you can't pick it up or doing anything with it it's just gone but you have kind of this diffused that situation and basically avoid it possibly getting killed in the somebody tied care area you couldn't win any given time anyways so just makes grenade spam less reliable in camping situations where you just want to like throw it inside boss arenas there's a higher chance for people obviously unless you are very good in cooking grenades yeah in order to or to counter it but there's always a risk you never know if the guy actually timed it perfectly that's actually what I want to know does dollars affect government dauntless does not affect the bomb plans I think but then again the bomb plans projectile is only really a projectile when you miss however as you might know that we have bull war as its rate which gives you 25 cents I think 25 reduction off explosive damage that also means if you have bulwark on you the bomb plants if you have fallen off at least cannot insta kill you Wow you end up with very little health you can you can do that and interesting part here's when we talk some of these traits obviously they have received pricing updates so upgrade point cost etcetera have been adjusted based on use etcetera so you see some of these trades that might have been a bit too expensive or bit too cheap actually go up or down in crisis and something and you will be able to see on the test server yeah well I'm still a election watch you live for two and a half hours nice next week we're just gonna go again but another news tomorrow we have a broadcaster versus daddy then again it's gonna be with the following people so we have some new people I invited and yet someone who came in later it's because we had some people that personally could make it so we're gonna have my key games and skates dangerous Dan graefenburg road oh I hope I pronounced that correctly I'm gonna have miss pixels again who doing the last things and then we're gonna have some depth I don't know who exactly is playing thanks oppressor products see that tomorrow we'll be streaming from 4 p.m. until 6:00 so I'll post another announcement for you guys to see it as well and then yeah hopefully we'll get some good games also keep in mind steam summer sale yes that is correct seem summer sale it's going on right now and we have a discount so if you missed your chance to grab it during the free weekend you've tried it out I really like to game because I know there were some people that were like oh no I played and they didn't have a but chest bite I would say bite now because it's a good sale yeah go for it yeah your friends if you have any more questions definitely join our discord its discord GG / mound showdown will answer all more detailed questions there and I know that we have a lovely community we love the lottery as well that will happily help you with anything for the game yes absolutely thank you happy day bye guys Oh

23 thoughts on “Developer Live Stream | New Content, Weapon Changes & Spider Changes

  1. Great game BUT, the last FOUR times a friend and I have played this on Xbox he has had the game crash on him, losing his hunter and basically left him so annoyed that he doesn’t want to play this any more… and ideas on patches or fixes for unexpected game crashes on Xbox?

  2. Really against tactical ping… Might as well go play Apex legends. Communicating was one of the biggest things in this game but i guess dumbing it down appeals to the masses….

  3. Here's a wild maybe dumb idea : Make a 5 v 5 game mode , map is split in two , have monsters and bosses on your half as allies . The goal : capture a bomb from center of the map and plant in enemy territory to win. loool i know .

  4. yeah some customization of weapons , clothes , anything…should be very epic. Or some maps …
    Alredy good game , very good 😉

  5. Wow, the chat was quite a shitshow during that live…I read about helmets or traits to reduce HS dmg for a whopping 50%, the very original dudes whining for a squad mode, the usual reckless dude who got killed by someone because he wasn't careful enough and got ambushed (but is certain it was a guy camping since 30 minutes at that exact spot waiting for him) so he find reasonable to increase even more the bullshit anti camping mechanics that made the clue hunting phase boring because now you just have to listen if you have to be careful or not…
    And the best, people complaining about new content even if they complained before because not enough content xD

  6. amazing Crytek, you guys have been a gaming company always on my radar, you guys don't mess around!!! Keep em coming!

  7. No Vulkan version ?!?! The most important negative of your game and you didn't implement it to fix the terrible cryengine cpu cores optimization

  8. Keep up the good work and remember to do quite a lot of pre-release marketing, because this is seriously one of the most underdog games of all time.

  9. When will there be CryCash integration? And have you lowered the entry level difficulty, like getting stomped by high level players isnt very fun.

  10. Please give some trait for solo players. That can be inclusive for solos – so if you take one of those traits you can play this hunter only solo play from now on.
    My ideas: – splitting health on 2 50% bars to make them more resistant,
    – make it less appearing in Dark Vision Bust

  11. there is a weird mechanic or bug where water devils will disappear. i have stepped into water and triggered them, then left and had them completely disappear. had the same thing happen where i shot one once then the water devil disappeared and two other in same body of water disappeared.

  12. 1:50:50 i have had plenty of hives go through solid walls do they not do that anymore. especially important to know for hive bombs. what will hives go through and what will they not

  13. Please consider adding friends only/private lobby for closed games for teams of friends to compete against each other or fill with friends first, then open it up to search for random players to fill up the game after, currently being only able to play with one friend feels limiting to the games potential. 4 or 5 two man teams of friends in a bounty game would be great. Cheers.

  14. You guys should try making an Outlaw mode where it's set at 1 vs 2. Whoever is the 1/Outlaw has a bonus bounty on their head while the other 2 track you down while hunting. If the Outlaw wins either by killing the other 2 or by extracting from the map their bounty increases in value
    which then resets the bounty on the Outlaws death. Just a thought.

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