Determination of Water Content of Soil by Oven Drying Method

hello friends in this program of the series related to geotechnical engineering we shall demonstrate the determination of water content of a given soil by oven drying method the engineering behavior of a soil is largely influenced by presence of water and its quantity present in the voids of a soil therefore it is necessary to determine the quantity of water present in a soil deposit at a given location water content is expressed as the ratio of weight of water to the dry weight of solid particle in a given soil mass it is expressed as W is equal to W W / W D into 100% where W W is the weight of water and W D is the dry weight of solid particles now we shall demonstrate the determination of water content of a given soil by a one drying method as per Indian Standard Code – seven to zero part two the apparatus required for conducting this practical includes containers balanced with sensitivity to decimal 0 1 gram thermostatically-controlled o one desiccator desiccating agent and soil sample to start with the experiment first of all obtain a clean and dry container with lead with recorded number way the container with lead record the reading in the performer now take the required quantity of given soil specimen to determine the quantity of specimen we refer to Indian Standard Code to seven to zero part two as shown in the table if the size of particles is more than ninety percent passing for twenty five micron is see the minimum quantity of soil specimen to be taken for test is 25 gram and if it is passing to mmm is C then the minimum quantity of soil specimen to be taken for test is 50 grams the drier the soil the greater the quantity of soil specimen to be taken crumble the specimen gently with fingers and place it loosely in the container way the container with lid record the weight in the Performa now if the specimen in an o1 with lid removed and maintain the temperature of the oven at 110 degree plus minus 5 degree Celsius if the soil sample contains significant amount of gypsum or organic material the prescribed oven temperature should be between 60 degree to 90 degree Celsius keep the specimen in the oven for 24 hours take out the container with the dried specimen now place it in a desiccator for bringing the specimen to room temperature and to avoid the absorption of atmospheric moisture you record the weight weight of moisture that is difference of w2 and w3 weight of dry soil that is difference of W 3 and W 1 water content that is the ratio of weight of moisture and weight of dry soil so in this case the water content is seventeen point six four percent now repeat the procedure two more times with different samples and record the observations in the Performa the average of three determinations that is this this and this is seventeen point three one percent so friends you have seen that the water content of a given soil can be determined by oven drying method in the laboratory as per Indian standard procedure

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  1. Cool basic test video – BTW – I see a lot of hand written paperwork shuffling going on in most soils testing labs (this video is a great training about what the measurements and calculations are) BUT I all that data is collected by hand onto paper .. all this in spite of software like GeoSmart Labmate that exists for soils testing data collection that automatically takes the data from the electronic scales and processes it into a soils report. Engineers and even lab techs should be doing engineering instead of hand entering and hand calculation data and typing data into gINT and other boring log software. …

  2. I got the larger version in case I ever needed the internal volume. This thing is HUGE, and uses a lot of water.>>>    The instructions say to not leave water sitting in it after use. The temperature maintains very well and easily. I would have liked for there to be a delay start timer. All in all a great buy, had it for about 2 months now.

  3. Sir, what about determine the average of each container separately? It could be another possibility (suggestion).

  4. Great! What a clear video? Awesome. Perhaps there are different way, but the principle is the same. The same as plant grain if you do initial weight and final weight you'll may divide by initial. Some people don't talk about desiccator. If you don't have a container (Al container) you'll may let your to be cooled and then weigh.

  5. your videos are always very helpful
    but i have a suggestion/request that plz show and explain the proforma of experiments after or before the experiment

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