Destiny's Child – The Writing's On The Wall Full Album

48 thoughts on “Destiny's Child – The Writing's On The Wall Full Album

  1. I remember being like 8 and listening to this on my disman acting like I been through what they were singing about in these songs

  2. This is their best album!!!! I wish the others members could have led songs. Say My Name is the best song from Destiny’s Child.

  3. To this day I still strongly believe "So Good", "Hey Ladies" & the massively slept on Missy Elliott-produced "Confessions" should have been released as singles too. Wasn't upset with the songs they chose for radio they were PERFECT! But had the aforementioned tracks been selected as well, there's no telling how much of a successful storm this album would've caused on the Top 200. Iconic in every form, you have a nice mixture of slow jams mixed in with futuristic poppin' R&B which is my absolute fave. Love the beats to this classic disc along with the int'l bonus track "Get on the Bus" [Prod. by Timbaland & Missy]

  4. I got pregnant🀦 of this CD bye my first boyfriend and now he's my husband took me back so many memories and now I'm 40πŸ‘Œ

  5. Finally got the album and listened to it over the weekend and it was awesome. I love them more as a quartet, the harmonies!! I have all of DC albums and this was their BEST in my opinion

  6. haha as a kid I never understood the Godfather reference as the intro to this album. Just listening to it today 19 years later with older ears, and it's hilarious and fantastic!

  7. So good is literally it's name β™‘
    Bills bills bills is forever a bop β™‘
    Confessions is nice
    Bug-a-boo is TOO good β™‘
    Temptation is so niceeee β™‘
    Now that she's gone is nice
    Where'd you go cool
    Hey ladies is nice
    If you leave is nice
    Jumpin' jumpin' is hot
    Say my name is a classic
    She can't love you is nice
    Stay is nice
    Sweet sixteen is nice
    Amazing grace was beautiful

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